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Title: Volumes...Episodes...Chapters?
Post by: davedapunk on October 10, 2004, 07:57:12 PM
Can someone breifly explain these meaning? I know the Volumes and chapters....but what are the episodes?
Title: Re: Volumes...Episodes...Chapters?
Post by: Aazealh on October 10, 2004, 08:42:08 PM
The question should be: "what are arcs, chapters and episodes ?"

The order is: Arc>Chapter>Episode. The episodes are release in Young Animal and are usually made of approximatively 20 pages. The chapters are containing several episodes, and represent a continuity in the story (the Lost Children chapter for example). Finally, the arcs are made of several chapters (or just a lot of episodes if there's no chapter, like in the first 2 arcs), and define some era in Berserk (like the Golden Age, Guts and the Hawks, etc).

Here's a summary:

      Black Swordsman -> Revenge 08

      Revenge 09 -> Episode 094

   (Chapter of Lost Children)
      Episode 095 -> Episode 117

   (Chapter of the Binding Chain)
      Episode 118 -> Episode 125

   (Chapter of the Birth Festival)
      Episode 126 -> Episode 176

   (Chapter of the Record of the Holy Evil War)
      Episode 179 -> Episode 235

   #(Chapter of the Oblivion Herbs)#
      DreamCast Game: between Volume 22 and Volume 23

   (Chapter of Falconia)
      Episode 236 -> Episode XXX