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Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk animation project confirmed
« on: October 11, 2010, 09:19:06 AM »
That's last week's issue, #20. As you can see written under it, it was released on October 8. Episode 316 will be published in issue #21, released on October 22.
in the pink circle there are numbers:
kinda weird that according to your post those numbers mean "next issue release date + current issue number" instead of "current issue release date + current issue number". Still that makes more sense considering twitter news. Oh well, FALSE ALARM  :guts:.

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk animation project confirmed
« on: October 11, 2010, 09:04:48 AM »
Okay then. Something more official:
Look at the top-left image of next YA issue. First page doesnt have any "ベルセルク" in it. Could that mean there wouldnt be any Berserk news inside?

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk animation project confirmed
« on: October 11, 2010, 08:51:19 AM »
According to the information I've found (maybe illegal), YA 22 oct doesnt contain any berserk news.

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk animation project confirmed
« on: October 07, 2010, 01:02:19 PM »
But a polished CG version. Okay i will try to make it easier to understand with some images etc. give me some time walther
I was hoping to see your reply on this one, oh well. I'll just list my own issues with CG SK then:
- perfectly polished helmet looks out-of-place. It's the similar impression that I get when watching some WW2 movies where all soldiers on the battlefield have perfectly clean ironed clothes. It just doesnt seem right.
- his eyes. Looks like some Terminator2 with those 2 lamps in his head. And shouldn't those eyes NOT be red? According to statues and drawings i've found, SK eyes have only red outline, but otherwise have a white glow.

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk animation project confirmed
« on: October 01, 2010, 05:10:53 PM »
as I understand it, the scene with Casca is when Casca and Guts fell in the river from a cliff, and then Guts carried her to the cave in the tree. And yea, her speaking really points to the scene being a part of something more serious than just test material.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: July 02, 2009, 06:50:33 PM »
Why not include a few spirits similar to those Schierke calls forth in this episode? That's my question.
Actually I'm waiting for them to appear :carcus:
But not all beings in the astral world are necessarily related to people's imagination.
Yes, but not the one you mentioned (imo). The being that play a specific role that fits too good in the general human interpretation of the world is very likely to be made by humans. For example can you imagine wheel-of-war (or w/e its name was) to be "born" in astral world without any humans on earth? The term "war" only has meaning for humans - there is no "war" in nature. That wheel would look like some stupid creature without humans and their ideals ;).
Like I told you earlier, we just saw the God Hand appear, and they aren't beings people just imagined.
In my opinion possibility of their appearance is based on where IoE is located. If the translation I have for volume 13 is correct, IoE was made by humans, not imagined, MADE. People wanted smth to be born but they didnt want to imagine it - so came the IoE, which in my opinion is the deepest part of the Spiritual World that the human consciousness can get to - the creature that was made by human wish alone (the usual process of imagination is: wish -> image, but this time its just wish, so its not an imagination). Thats why the God Hand appears when the human is so desperate he cant even imagine smth that would help him (Count: "not even God can help me.") and just WANTS to be helped - this allows him to call the God Hand (via Beherit though ;)). So even if IoE wasnt exactly imagined, it still was created with a specific puprose - to give people the "reasons to live" they wanted. So I dont see any problems with the God Hand getting closer (not appearing) to the corporeal world while the worlds are merging - they still are connected with the human consciousness via IoE. And considering that I use the Pontiff words as a depth-meter in Spiritual World, Ganishka was totally out of the human consciousness's scope in the Spiritual World. The main question is - was he deepear than IoE in the Spiritual World or not ;).
We know he went to the abyss, so if everything between there and the corporeal world is supposed to appear, then why aren't we shown more powerful entities aside from the God Hand?
Maybe that's why Miura took a break?  :ganishka:
It was only one episode that covered the merge process anyway. You talk like we've seen many volumes since then.
Hahaha yeah, of course. "It doesn't matter what's shown in the manga, I know better!"
"It doesn't matter what's said in the manga" is more correct. If someone would say "I'm holding an apple" while holding a sword - would you think he is holding an apple?
"I know better" -> "I can see myself whats happening". same example as above.
And when I point out that something contradicts what's in the manga it's simply because it's the case.
But your "contradictions" are always expressed like "it's not necessarily like that" which is not a contradiction. And like I said I base myself (my assumptions) on the things I see, then on the things I "hear" from Berserk characters, so if you say that I contradict to whats in manga then it should be something that _happened_ that proves me wrong, but IIRC you only provide someone's words. Othwerwise why not just provide some EVENT that happened in manga (not just reference to some "talk") that proves me wrong. Like if I say "Elves cant fly" you tell me the episode where we've seen them fly.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: July 02, 2009, 04:16:03 PM »
The translation is not wrong. It's correct to talk of "layers" for the varying depths of the astral world. And rather, we should simply talk of 3 different worlds (corporeal, astral, ideal), a bit like the Holy Trinity in a way. Three parts that form a whole.
may I ask what changed your mind? (no sarcasm or stuff like that here. I think i should add such notes after seeing how Walter reacted on my post  :serpico:)
I usually use the word "plane" for those things: Material Plane, Astral plane, Ideal plane. That's the term used in esoteric philosophies, but I figured you wouldnt want to use that word because "it's not from Berserk" ;), so I never mentioned it.
Please don't be a smartass. It falls flat and only serves to underline your bad faith.
What I tried to tell is that in my opinion its a correct approach to talk about manga with users from forum X by using the terms from the translation posted on that same forum. IIRC you said that the problem that arised because of the misunderstanding was on my part so I disagreed on that because I think the approach is Ok. You never called it simply "misunderstanding", you called it "my problem" so I never agreed with you ;).
Anyway, the problem I have with your original assumption is that you're relating Ganishka's trip, his newfound power and how "imaginable" he was to the extent the worlds are merging together when it might not be the case.
sure it might not be. I'm fine with that. I'm just making a guess (or even assumption based on assumption) that suits me and makes most sense to me atm. You probably wouldnt like such assumptions, so I think I'm not gonna post my thoughts here anymore (arguing over assumption is a boring waste of time), only obvious things perhaps ;).
For example, where are the four elemental kings of the world? Or the spirits we've seen Schierke summon?
Imo it depends on where they are in "people's minds". If people would believe (and tell stories) that its possible to go for a walk and suddenly meet all four elemental kings of the world (like its not smth unusual) ;), then I would expect them to be very close to reality like elves. And I'm not gonna go into details of why I think this way - this is the impression i got about Berserk wolrd while reading the manga so its hard to remember each event that made me think this way. Though I think I should note that my way of analysing events in Berserk assumes that "noone knows everything for sure", so I always think myself if the character really knows what he is talking about or if he can later say smth like "omg i was totally wrong". I like to _see_ and _judge_ (assume) myself whats happening and not just think inside the boundaries of some character's speech meaning. I think you do not read manga this way (actually I'm not sure anyone else does ;)), which could explain why you always say "we're not told that its like this".

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: July 01, 2009, 12:00:46 PM »
to be basing yourself on wrong translations.
you've just called translation wrong  :???:
Anyway, we've all been using those words with specific meanings in mind, so if you barge in and attribute them other meanings without notifying anyone... Misunderstandings happen.
I do not read most of the threads here, and do not recall someone mentioning the word "layer" frequently and with a specific meaning, but considering that you think that using exact words from translation is a bad idea, I'm not sure you even have a solution for cases like these ;).
And seeing as both Walter and I posted before you did, I don't see the need for you to ignore what was said. It's not as if you actually posted before we did
I was writing my post for like 30 mins and when I pressed "submit" it warned me about new posts, but I've decided to leave the post the way it was before Walter's post, because thats what I've been thinking atm.
No, actually, they are a part of the astral world... Do you understand?
um, thats actualy what i said.
region of the Spiritual World is a part of the Spiritual World.
Yes, but not necessarily related to regions like the Qliphoth... Wow, is it that hard to get? :schierke:
my point of view makes more sense to me, idk what else can I say. If Spiritual World has both depth and regions then thinking that there is no interaction or relation between them is like thinking those things arent in one world. I see no reason to think that they are completely independent, but see a reason to think that there is some relation between them - they are both used to describe the Spiritual World.
But we're not told any details about this. You realize that, right?
Thats the point of assumption. If it was clearly stated in manga then what I say wouldnt be called "assumption".
Rough example: A = B, B = C
my position: assuming that A = C
your position: But we're not told anything about this  :guts:
Why insist on making an amalgam of those words and the notions that accompany them after you've been explained it isn't appropriate?
because at the time i was writing my post it was appropriate (based on the translation) and I got used to it?
Why not say that Ok, there are at least three worlds and at least two of them have been merging...
Because when someone continues to repeat that I'm wrong and I disagree on that, I'm trying to explain myself more without changing my point much.
you're blatantly contradicting the line of the character
After seeing that you interpret his words differently, I was trying to focus your attention on what his line meant in my opinion.
Basically, it's safe to assume that Ganishka went at the very bottom of the spiritual world (if not beyond)
hm, I like how you call your assumptions "safe" and my "wrong"  :guts:
anyway I dislike how you tend to repeat that I'm wrong/mistaking without providing much explanation. only manga can prove me wrong since I'm making assumptions, not statements, so at this point I've lost my interest in discussing this any further.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: June 30, 2009, 04:39:29 PM »
Regardless of the fact that translation is using the word "layer", it doesn't refer to the same thing here.
Yes, but it was you who decided to use the other meaning of that word when reading my post. Imo it was clear that I was using the same meaning as Schierke for that word. EDIT: noticed the Walter's post, but ill keep my reply the way it was before his post.
She says there are different areas in the astral world, each having its own Od and beckoning to similarly aligned creatures. At the time she doesn't provide any indication of a depth in relation to these areas
I can consider layer of the Spiritual World as a part of it, can I? Then we go to the Griffith's post: "...deeper part of the Spiritual World...". And there you have it - There is a depth measure in the Spiritual World. That's enough for me to assume that there can be different layers on the different depths of the Spiritual World. If that is not enough for you to assume that, then I see no point in continuing this part of the conversation.
He says that it happened because Ganishka transmutated twice as well as because SK's attack reached the deeper part of the astral world. Please be more careful as to the accuracy of your statements.
I dont think that the key here is that Ganishka transmutated twice, or that SK's attack can reach "deeper part of the Spiritual World" without proper target. Like it doesnt matter what Ganishka's new origins are, we can just grab some other creature from the same layer as elves, for example, an if it was transmutated twice then there will be absolutely the same effect after SK's slash - the worlds would start to merge just because you hit the elf. Doesnt sound very good to me ;).
Ever since Femto was incarnated.
Why pointing that out? I never said otherwise.
There's no way to know about that though. It's indeed just an assumption
Well almost everything I said that wasnt explicitly mentioned in manga is an assumption.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: June 30, 2009, 01:50:22 PM »
Quote from: Aazealh
On the contrary, I think it is very important. Your misunderstanding of the situation seems to come from this. And we're told there are just 3 worlds (which you call "layers"): corporeal, astral, ideal.
S: The astral world is made up of several layers, each has their own atmosphere.
now is that better?  :guts:


Femto: He has transmutated twice and the big slash reached the deeper part of the Spiritual World: these have caused the door to open.
Quote from: Aazealh
But the extent to which the worlds have merged isn't necessarily related to how "powerful" Ganishka was, nor to how deep he travelled.
You would probably say that its not a contradiction. Then what was your opinion based on to say what i quoted? Griffith clearly says that because Ganishka is from the bottom of the Spiritual World the door has been opened, the worlds began to merge. The world were already merging before Ganishka's explosion, so I assume that the deeper the layer of Spiritual World he reached the more it affected the worlds after his explosion.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: June 30, 2009, 11:22:05 AM »
I think what you mean to say is simply that some creatures dwell "deeper" than others in the astral world, which is true.
I think that's a source of confusion because they're not the same thing at all.
i tend to think a bit different, but nevermind, its not that important.
But the extent to which the worlds have merged isn't necessarily related to how "powerful" Ganishka was, nor to how deep he travelled. I don't think that line of reasoning is very pertinent.
Hmm, I got the exact opposite impression when reading that episode ;). So, you think that Ganishka's transformation didnt play an important role in making the worlds(layers) merge? Could the same thing happen if SK's slash would land on some random Apostle ? ;)

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: June 29, 2009, 02:52:37 PM »
Ganishka's layer? Ultimate unknown? What are you referring to?
the "Ultimate unknown" line was in Pontific's (iirc) speach in 301.
- Even that knowledge is mere a child's play compared to the Ultimate Unknown.
I havent compared if translations on this forum match the one I've found for that episode, so maybe it was smth else.
Anyway it was just a reference to how people think about Ganishka ;). I've tried to make some assumptions like if Ganishka is something that people cant even imagine, then every mythical creature that appeared after his explosion resided on more "imaginable" layers, layers closer to reality than the layer that Ganishka supposedly went to right before transformating (what he calls the abyss of the evil world). I'm not saying that everything that was ever imagined has appeared in the world. I'm saying (making assumption) that only creatures that resided on the layers between real world and Ganishka's layer can appear now (though i like to think that all of them will appear). Meaning Idea of Evil still will not appear because if Griffith still had an advantage over Ganishka after his transformation (and Griffith's powers came from IoE) then IoE's layer is even deeper than Ganishka's, otherwise Ganishka would win (or at least would have a chance to win ;)).

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: June 27, 2009, 11:39:08 AM »
Don't you remember Zondark?
lol i totally forgot about him. yea with him in mind there is no doubt that generally it is possible for an Apostle to make minions out of humans.

I wonder if Miura would bring God-like creatures to the world now, considering that there could be people that believe in their God. I suppose the creatures that appeared now were those that resided in layers less or equal to Ganishka's layer ("the ultimate unknown"), so maybe some demigods are possible (not like Apostles).

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 306
« on: June 26, 2009, 01:53:17 PM »
turn willing humans into quasi-apostles, ala Mozgus, the Goat Heretic, Rosine's guardians etc.
Mozgus and Goat were transformed by that beherit-man, and I assumed that only he can do that because he is himself a beherit.
But considering Rosine's guardians... maybe ;)
though the transformation was way different (non-instant and via cocoon) and it seems they became 'brainless' and liked to kill each-other while playing, etc. So I guess no guarantee then that the one willing to become a "quasi-apostle" will still do what he intended to do once he will change into apostle.

Site & Forum News / Re: Writing Miura
« on: April 03, 2009, 05:35:20 PM »
Don't forget that we've already seen the Idea of Evil at the end of Episode 82 as well
oh yeah, you're right ;). but without 83 we dont know what he sees there, Griffith just says "God?...", soo as you said...
It just keeps the possibilities open for how it will be portrayed in the future.
which is good enough for me ;). it was kinda pessimistic autmosphere when you _know_ that its God (which can control fate and such) versus Guts, meaning that Guts cannot really do much to spoil his plans.

anyway, thanks for clearing this up.

Site & Forum News / Re: Writing Miura
« on: April 03, 2009, 05:07:35 PM »
I myself don’t know if the Idea of Evil will show up again in the manga or not.
do I understand this correctly that it is possible for the whole "Griffith->Femto->Griffith" theme to have another explanation that can even contradict to the "Idea of Evil" concept (since it was not present in the volume), meaning that its better to just forget about episode 83 and expect something new instead of IoE ;) ?

Site & Forum News / Re: Writing Miura
« on: March 18, 2009, 02:30:45 PM »
meh, too bad i was lazy to read _all_ Miura's interviews.
okay then i guess we cant ask him something that would help us estimate the time he spends on his work?

and still i dont think that this question is _least_ important. At least for me as a reader which had recently read all berserk episodes in two days - its kinda hard to wait for next episode without any information about it ;). i guess you're just used to waiting through all these years.

Site & Forum News / Re: Writing Miura
« on: March 18, 2009, 01:51:37 PM »
Reading this was irritating, even though I'm assuming you're not being serious.
well i'd say 40% serious ;)
i mean it could phrased in a very gentle way to ask him something like:
"what is the most tiresome in making berserk that takes a lot of motivation? developing the plot or implementing it (i.e. drawing)? after you have decided how will the series go on, how much time it usually takes to draw that?"

idk, something close to that.
when i was 14 i had a hobby drawing comic books, so i undestand that being rushed in things like these ruins the mood to make it (if that's what the "irritating" part was about).

Site & Forum News / Re: Writing Miura
« on: March 18, 2009, 01:12:20 PM »
any rough estimate on how much time should it take for a letter to arrive in Miura's mailbox ? ;)
and why was the most important question omitted: when can we expect the next berserk episode?

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