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Berserk Merchandise / Re:New AOW Guts statue!!!(pics)
« on: May 22, 2004, 04:08:13 AM »
Well some of the AOW action figures are exactly the same as the statues...such as the Black Swordsman and the Femto action figures. So depending on your tastes...both are good for collecting.

Berserk Merchandise / Re:Guts' Taka no Dan sword for sale (ebay)
« on: May 22, 2004, 04:06:59 AM »
Any sword can be custom made but be wary of whom you deal with. There was someone in Japan who was making 6 foot long replicas of the Dragonslayer but the cost was around 1500 US dollars.

Berserk Merchandise / Re:rinkya
« on: May 22, 2004, 04:05:59 AM »
Unfortunately, the shipping and insurance costs from Japan are incredibly high. Through the m world shopping service, I remember once paying as much for shipping and insurance as I did for the items themselves...but not once did any item ever break or was undelivered, so it's pricey but well worth the cost to ensure delivery.

Berserk Merchandise / Re: Zodd the immortal Resin kit off Ebay
« on: May 22, 2004, 04:04:12 AM »
The resin kits can be every bit as good quality as the finished statue, with little variation. And the good thing about resin kits is that some of them are ONLY made as kits, non AOW, and therefore are unique, only found at animation shows. Good luck in putting yours together and definitely show us all a pic here.

There's someone who has already bought nearly the entire collection I have ...currently right now I have some items that are pending but this person gets first choice since he bought so much from me on and off ebay. Most of it is the really expensive hard to find stuff in the range of 500-1000-1500 US dollars.

Berserk Merchandise / Re:List of Art of War Statues
« on: May 22, 2004, 04:01:40 AM »
Hey Mike Mike

Thanks for trying to keep things updated here since I've obviously been slacking as moderator LOL. Well, AOW has totally been giving the runaround for its long-awaited releases on the list I have posted here.

Many items have been delayed, backordered, or have simply sold out due to overwhelming demand there in Japan. As soon as I get more news about them I'll post it here.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re:My problem
« on: April 07, 2004, 09:50:00 PM »
That was a hysterically funny set of drawings. But underneath the humor is a more serious and certainly darker tone. Open discussion with your brother is necessary. And of course just because someone gets turned on by gay or lesbian porn doesn't make them gay or lesbian.

Shootin' the Breeze / The dumbest excuse on Ebay
« on: April 07, 2004, 09:48:00 PM »
A long time ago I purchased my first AOW statue on ebay and got ripped off. Is that stupid or what? It was the Guts Hawk Soldier Toycom statue. I sent a check for the total amount, and hadn't heard from the guy on ebay. He supposedly owned a comic book store in Chicago called the Comic Box. I called Chicago info and there was no such listing.

Then he e mailed me saying that the reason he hadn't shipped the statue was because " his family was murdered and he was in the hospital with multiple stab wounds." I said, " Well, are you keeping the money I sent you for the bail? Are YOU the one who murdered your family?"  He had about 200 other auctions on ebay and he's sitting in the hospital with stab wounds? Maybe the money was to pay for his 'medical bill.'

Sheesh. The excuses you hear sometimes.


Shootin' the Breeze / Re:A terrible thing has happened
« on: April 07, 2004, 09:45:24 PM »
If it's a case of illness or death, I would think there would be.  Let me know how it all turns out.

My feelings have actually turned towards worrying about her because she's never failed to come through with items before, and because of her reputation in the professional toy world.  Not hearing ANYTHING AT ALL is the scary part.I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

Thanks for listening :)


Shootin' the Breeze / Re:A terrible thing has happened
« on: April 07, 2004, 08:08:08 AM »
Do you know her personally? If yes, fine, you know where to find her: If not, let me tell you, you were very rash to trust such amount of money to a nick on internet. Even if she was honest she could have died in a car accident for example.
Of course you can always take legal action against unknown persons, but I don't know what  the probability is that they are able to find her and even if they do if you have no receipt about the money that you gave her...
She wasn't a nick. She had established solid connections with the owners of AOW as well as about 5000 positive feedback on ebay, which might not mean that much.  The 'receipt' is the paypal transactions which specifically state how much money was spent and on what items. You can have items tracked for delivery from UPS and from Fedex. When a package was supposedly um... 'lost' in transit during one of my international transactions, all I did was call Fedex to prove that it HAD indeed been delivered to this person's home, and so they couldn't lie and say that I 'never delivered the goods.'

She has delivered half of what she said she did, why should I have disbelieved she wouldn't on the other half? With our communication skills and good business repoire, half the goods were delivered. It's actually the NEW statues that have been released from this January of 2004 and up to May 2004 that of course haven't been delivered, but I have heard not ONE word from her in the past few months, which is disturbing. I think something may have happened to her, as she came from a tumultuous sort of family.

do you think that woul keep you from jail? vandalism and arson will get your ass thrown into prision for a long enough time to crack your pride.

I don't think I'm going to fly to Japan and break windows there. It would cost me too much and I don't feel like sitting in a jail cell eating sushi, which I hate with a passion ;)

The one thing that really bothers me about it is the fact that this person has always been trustworthy.  Why would a person you've always trusted suddenly run away with your money?  I really wouldn't rule out the possibility of a sudden death.

Did you give them more money than usual?

Yes that's what I think may have happened. No, she delivered all the goods last year as promised, each statue and item showed up on time.  I fear the worst because she was going through some tough times...but I'm beside myself that she wouldn't at least let me know there'd be a delay in communications. Someone so far up on the ladder with the AOW people and the owners....well, let's just say she would really be doing them a disservice if she did choose to up and leave me in the cold.

If the case is she's dead, but you still want your money back or the merchandise, you can probably make a claim or bring a suit against her estate.  Though depending how how much money you invested, the suit itself can end up being much more especially since you would be suing someone out of the country.

Thanks for keeping this on topic and not tempting me to go use paintballs and break windows LOLOL. I'm going to do everything through paypal when I get back from work and see what recourse I do have. I'm pretty confident there will at least be some sympathy for me from Paypal.

It really sucks to get ripped off like that, I know. And its even worse when you think the person is trustworthy and that you're going to get something you really wanted. Personally, I really dont think Ill be using eBay for big purchases anymore, its just not worth the risk.

Well, I don't want to think the worst until I find out more from Paypal and perhaps from her family members... that she DID rip me off. Why would she  go through the trouble of delivering the goods to me  in the past and then suddenly stop? That makes no sense. I would have never trusted her with this amount of money had she not proven to me that she delivered things to me in the past in a timely and responsible manner.  B

Berserk Merchandise / Re:Berserk toys for you
« on: April 07, 2004, 08:03:04 AM »
Hello. I'm new to the world of Berserk, having just watched the fantastic Anime a few months ago.  I am very interested in the Femto figure you are selling.  How does $20 + s/h sound?
Also, can you please point me to any good sites for buying Berserk action figures and for obtaining a checklist as to which action figures have already been made?
Thank you very much,

Conan said go to ebay or do a general search on the net for Berserk action figures. However it's very hard to find certain ones, particularly the Zoddo action figure. I had to order my from a toy company in Malaysia called YZ toys, but they no longer have the toy in stock. Expect to pay 100 dollars for a Zoddo action figure and even more if it's the bloody version. These action figures don't always come cheaply.

It would have been easier to simply say that was the Guts Bloody DOLL. That doll sells for 120.00 on yahoo Japan.


I have been told by Toycom the best place to get them is Explosiontoys.  That being said, I have NEVER ordered from them and I am a self proclaimed Berserk action figure maniac! (Toycom used my review of the Guts Black Swordsman at Toy Fair 2003 as advertising!)


Your best bet is Ebay and/or internet searches.  If you have to, you can order from an overseas company and have them shipped to you, but shipping from Japan is a bit much IMO.  

If you do get the monster Zoddo Action figure, LMK where you get it...I was looking for it, but was actually disappointed when I finally saw it and didn't buy I wish I had... (get the one with wings if you can!)

THe only figure I am looking for at this moment is a Zoddo human form barring teeth and a Black Swordsman Millinium Falcon w/o cape and with extra arms/hands.

Good luck with your search and don't give up...if you love it, it's worth the wait!


There is no action figure of Zoddo the monster w/o wings.  That's the statue that has two versions, winged and without wings.

The Zoddo action figure human with bared teeth should be on explosion toys, but if it isn't, you can search around elsewhere on US toy companies.  There are two versions, bloody limited edition and regular edition, as with most statues and action figures.

I have an entire list on ebay of almost every single action figure except for the most recent Schierke and the Pucks ( limited night edition and regular edition) because they haven't arrived yet, but as soon as they do, they're up on auction. I just have too much stuff.


If you need an entire checklist of Berserk items, I have nearly every action figure except the new Schierke one up for sale on ebay.

Go to:

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re:An inspiration to Berserk
« on: April 07, 2004, 07:52:48 AM »
Well since this isn't about Berserk MERCHANDISE let me do my job and lock this ;)

Berserk Merchandise / Re:MY GOD HAND~~~~
« on: April 07, 2004, 07:51:38 AM »
Is there any way for non-japanese speaking people to use Yahoo! Japan or do you have to understand Japanese to use it? (Just want to know for future reference, not planning on buying anything right away.)

Go to the shopper service at

That's his e mail address. His name is Masato in case you need anything from yahoo Japan. Most sellers on there do not sell internationally so using the service is the best way you can go to obtain items.

I have an extra 12" Guts Black Swordsman "bloody" variant for sale.  

$250.oo or best offer takes it home.

Email me for pics:

Did you get this from Yahoo Japan?How bloody is it? Post a pic here will ya? I've got a bloody variant for sale on ebay right now.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re:A terrible thing has happened
« on: April 02, 2004, 11:45:11 PM »
Jesus Christ, just how much money did you put into this shit?

Great avatar by the way ;)

A lot of money. When I get interested in something, I go crazy. What else can I say?

Speculation Nation / Re:why didnt Charlotte get pregnant?
« on: April 02, 2004, 07:58:14 PM »
i dont think they have abortion methods.

You don't get pregnant just by having sex alone. If that lil egg isn't ready to be fertilized at the right time of the month, then it isn't going to happen.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re:A terrible thing has happened
« on: April 02, 2004, 07:52:50 PM »
Woah that sucks. Well there's a chance that the seller may have died or maybe she somehow got into a coma but that's unlikely. :-\

If she doesn't give back my money, she WILL be dead or in a coma ;D

Shootin' the Breeze / Re:A terrible thing has happened
« on: April 02, 2004, 06:35:58 PM »
Berserk statues and ripoffs tend to go hand and hand (besides how overpriced they are in the first place), I got scammed out of about $300 bucks for a winged Zoddo from our very own Kenoh-Sama before he dissapeared. Then a year later contacted some business partner of his who didn't know the score and said it must be a mistake and I'd get it. He went away too. I still have all his contact information and will use it to hunt him down eventually. =)

As for ebay, it's never done me wrong as long as you're smart about it. It's better than "knowing people" like Kenoh and this connection of yours, that's just a recipe for shit like this.


The statues I purchased from her on ebay were delivered as promised. The items that are still not delivered unfortunately were done off ebay, but I have the paypal transactions. Since there are obviously no tracking records of anything being shipped or delivered in the time period, I'm sure I can use that as strong proof of being ripped off. I'm just sorely disappointed and then I'm starting to get really mad.

WAITING~~~~~but artofwar too slow,why no have

grunbeld apostle form~~? ??? if they make grunbeld

apostle form, i want say: do not give us small size

statue or actionfigure~~~

The Grunbeld statue is the human version, unfortunately not the apostle.

Berserk Merchandise / Re:MY GOD HAND~~~~
« on: April 02, 2004, 05:44:50 PM »
I... want... it. Now accepting donations.

LOL where do we make the contributions?;)

Sadly now the only way to get these wonderful sets and Berserk statues in general since TOYCOM has decided to stop releasing Berserk statues in the US ( not profitable for them apparently, and Explosiontoys' owners were the ones who courteously let me know that the reason why they removed all their statues from their site was because of that reason) . Now, people have to go through Yahoo Japan, the shopping service M World, or seek out statues on ebay. I've managed to sell a good deal on ebay because the statues are in high demand here and hard to find.

Berserk Merchandise / Re:Where can we buy this?
« on: April 02, 2004, 05:42:34 PM »
You can try my favorite toy source  

They have a large selection of McFarlane toys which are also readily available elsewhere. You might try doing a search on the internet for McFarlane toys.


Shootin' the Breeze / A terrible thing has happened
« on: April 02, 2004, 05:39:44 PM »
Well, I'm deeply worried.

As most of the SK members here know, I'm the mega-collector of Berserk statues. Currently I've been narrowing down this huge collection because there is simply no room for it, and have decided to keep a handful of the very rare statues as well as a few other items.

Something disturbing has happened as of late, and it's deeply troubling me because of the amount of money I've put into it. Most of you who go to the merchandise section are aware that I have two shopping services, one which is public ( the M World Service) and one that is private ( my personal shopper friend with the AOW connections).

She's always delivered the statues and goods to me so I had no reason to distrust her by paying her a lot of money ahead of time for the statues that will be released in the future.  

Unfortunately she has not been online, has not answered her e mails, and I have not been able to have any contact with her since the beginning of this year.  I have several thousand dollars worth of pending merchandise she was supposed to deliver, and now for the last few months, I have heard NOTHING from her. It's as though she really disappeared from the face of the earth.

Unfortunately Paypal has one of those 30 day time limits to get refunded back your money. I'm going to have to tell them that the statues and products I ordered ahead of time were preorders and products I could not receive within such a short time limit.

I'm just having a hard time understanding why someone who has been reliable would suddenly flake off on me. I'm going to hope a little longer, but I truly am beginning to wonder if this person has simply ripped me off. The sad thing is she had stellar feedback on ebay and she has delivered items to me in the past. Perhaps I was too trusting.

Worried...that's all I can say. Especially with that amount of money. I'm going to start to get really mad.

Currently I am collecting all my paypal information and getting ready to submit it and ask for a refund or file a lawsuit for goods that were not delivered. Still it's not a lot of consolation to know my money is out there and I haven't heard a thing from her in a long time.


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