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I know its a long shot and that this is an extremely rare item, but a Black Swordsman Millennium Falcon version II edition (Mad Face) is the last figure I need for my collection.

I know I could probably find it on Yahoo Auctions Japan, but to be honest I feel better offering a fellow collector the money than buying it abroad.

If at all possible I'd like to get it either still sealed or cleanly opened.

(For example: using a razor knife to cut cleanly along the sides and bottom of the clear plastic so the figure can be taken out of the package and displayed or placed back into it for safe keeping.)

I would also like to confirm that all pieces like the shuriken and hands are included.

Thank you very much in advance, and please post or email picture(s) of the figure so I can confirm.  :guts:

P.S. - I've included 2 pictures below of the exact figure I'm looking for. (I had to be logged in to see them.)

[attachment deleted by admin]

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