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Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk Musou (PS3, PS4, PC)
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:29:18 PM »
Thought I'd chime in on this as I've finished the game (on Hard) and completed Endless Eclipse as Guts. It's my first Musou experience, so I went in fully aware what to expect - lots and lots of mindless button mashing. This is true for the entirety of the story mode, which sucks, because the game actually gets somewhat difficult during the later stages of Endless Eclipse (layers 80-100), where the mobs finally start to swarm the player and attack for considerable damage.

Golden Age has measly boss fights with only Zodd and Wyald being somewhat fun. Luckily I managed to beat story mode Femto in a single try. I didn't even bother trying to get through his clusterfuck of projectiles, so I just ran about until I could do a death blow, rinse, repeat. Being low on health fills the frenzy meter very quickly. Endless Eclipse Femto is a different beast altogether. He won't summon any screaming heads that slow you down but is instead constantly spawning multiple slowly moving orbs that won't disappear on they own and stun you for 2-3 seconds on impact, amongst his other shenanigans. Definitely the hardest boss in the game. Funnily enough his one crucial weakness is throwing bombs, with every attack guaranteeing a knockdown for easy hits.

Snake Baron has his ridiculous stunlock combos and frenzy invulnerability periods. The Count unfortunately is a joke, getting easily stunlocked by Guts' basic combos so you can defeat him with ease. Mozgus, although not the hardest, is definitely my favourite boss, mainly because the entire mission in Tower of Conviction is engaging, plus the music. Speaking of the soundtrack, it is really solid with quite a few gems, my favourites being the Black Swordsman theme, Tower of Conviction theme, Mozgus theme, Ganishka's theme and the credits music, all excellent tracks.

Next up was Zodd again, which is more of the same as before. The Ogre and Kelpie pair is frustrating, with Kelpie's water projectiles being really hard to keep track of because of the environment, all the while the Ogre keeps cornering you, blocking the vision. Slan was good but her unavoidable wing attacks are annoying, not to mention the pestering Ogres who keep throwing logs at you. Grunbeld loves to spam his shield cannon during the first part of the battle but we're not given much time to fight him in our usual getup. Berserker armor absolutely demolishes his human and apostle forms. The sheer carnage you can cause by triggering the armor really makes the final stretch of the game more fun. The final boss, Ganishka, is solid. You need to be aware of his constant lightning attacks around him and his big attacks have long windups, so it's not hard to avoid them.

Regarding equipment, I was a bit confused about the enhancement/amalgamation system at first, so I didn't bother with it for the better part of the story. It only becomes necessary during the final levels of Endless Eclipse and if you want to farm items later on. The game doesn't give you the ability to pick whichever skills you want to keep during amalgamation until way later, which is dumb.
Tried out a few missions in the downloadable scenario pack and it definitely has hard content if you aren't geared up. There's one called "Berserk Musou" where you are given 20 minutes to kill as many enemies as possible. Eventually the game throws a Ganishka and transformed Berserker Armor Guts duo at you during every other wave. Managed to rack up almost 5000 kills in that mission alone.

Apologies if this got rambly. What I'd emphasize here is that for me, the game gradually picked up after the Eclipse, the missions were better and I was more inclined to get through the story. I was really doubting if I'd even finish it in the beginning but I kept on going and found myself actually enjoying the game.

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