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Creation Station / Re: Sonia Belmont -WIP
« on: October 16, 2010, 11:27:46 AM »
I dig the artwork, although in my opinion Lords of Shadow's storyline is not worth basing yourself on for background info.

Maybe, maybe not...but i always fancy a reboot. It's like a springboard for the imagination, you know?

EDIT: Alright, pic's finished. Check the original post!

Creation Station / Sonia Belmont reimagined - Castlevania
« on: October 15, 2010, 09:04:59 AM »
Hey folks, finished playing Lords of Shadow a while back, and i was in the mood for some dark gothic fantasy art. It's also been a while since i posted here, so here i am.

So I was wondering who would star in the next Lords of Shadow game while browsing the castlevania wiki, and it came to my attention that Sonia Belmont got the shaft canonically because Koji Igarashi felt that women in castlevania should stay in the kitchen be damsels in distress. This kinda sucked since she was the first belmont ever to defeat dracula, too.

But anyways, I tried to redo her character LoS style, but i wound up combining Shanoa and Gabriel since, well, the original Sonia design really kinda sucked.

UPDATE: It is finished!

Here's the first sketch:

here's the 1rst color pass. I based the hair off of Sharon Tate in Fearless Vampire Killers. At this point I'm not quite sure what to do now...might give her a weapon, might remove that sash:

Pass number three:

Pass number four, going with a more renaissance style here:

And here's my fanfic fan biography. Be warned: Spoilers for Lords of Shadow are inbound.


Sonia Fahrenheit-Belmont:

Born at Wygal in 1412 after her twin brother Adrian, to one Elizabeth Fahrenheit and begat by the Prince of Darkness known as Dracula, formerly Gabriel Belmont of the Brotherhood of light. Though procreation between a mortal and the undead should be impossible, Elizabeth was a master alchemist, and performed unnatural experiments upon her person to give the fallen Brother a family. Dracula, however, vanished to parts unknown, and would never know of the experiment. In 1426, Elizabeth was found guilty of Witchcraft by Inquisitor Pius and sentenced to be burned at the stake. Adrian and Sonia escaped, moving from village to village in Europe for three years until Sonia decided to settle down with a farmer named Mischa Totoyan. Adrian, meanwhile, had a strong wanderlust and would not stay. Sonia would spend the next ten years in domestic bliss, giving birth to a daughter she would name Pascha. Pius, however, had not given up the chase, and eventually captured her and her family.

He declared them all heretics, Sonia being an Abomination, Pascha for being the spawn of one, and Mischa for begetting one. To ensure their passage into hell without a chance for Purgatory, Pius branded their backs with the Mark of Judgment, and sentenced them to be burned. Pascha's pyre was the first to be lit, then Mischa's. Before Sonia could join them, A member from the Brotherhood of light known as Zobek, interfered on her behalf. Invoking a right of conscription, he drafted Sonia within the brotherhood, although he was obligated by church law to bind her with Dominus Sigils by carving them onto her skin. Pius pushed further, forcing silver shards in her abdomen to ensure she would never again be able to give birth...

Zobek promised Sonia that after thirty years of service to the brotherhood, he would undo the Sigils. However, after losing everything that mattered to her, she no longer really cared. Five years later, Sonia would hear murmurs of the return of the Prince of Darkness...and of his son. Believing this son to be none other than Adrian, she sets out to find him.

Sonia has been granted the Phantom Killer, the "soul" of the original Vampire Killer after it was torn in half in a disastrous attempt by Gabriel to combine his Light and Dark Talismans within it. While it constantly burns with eldritch energy, it otherwise matches the original Vampire Killer in functionality...with one exception: the "chain" is a tongue of manafire, and It can be shaped by the wielder's will into a blade of any size. While the Phantom Killer is the bane of life, its counterpart the World Killer is no less lethal, capable of sundering stone and steel while rendering its wielder invincible...

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 312
« on: February 26, 2010, 11:41:55 AM »
Well, Flora herself turned into a fire elemental. Isma could've been powerful enough to turn herself into some kind of sea sprite or water elemental. Of course, that leaves the matter of her age, but i couldn't address that without some serious fanwanking.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 312
« on: February 26, 2010, 06:15:54 AM »
Awww...Isidro's got himself a sweetheart! This being Berserk, though, it's only gonna end in heartbreak.

Gory, bloody, screaming heartbreak.

Anyhoo, i suspect Isma to be another magic user, specializing in water magic. She's got some knowledge of medicine (which wouldn't be of much use to her if she were a spirit) and she's got a charm on her door with four cardinal points. IIRC, that's common symbolism in all forms of magic.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 305
« on: June 10, 2009, 02:29:33 AM »
Holy shit, Berserk just got full blown high-fantasy!

Creation Station / Re: The Girls of 2009 Calendar
« on: January 08, 2009, 02:47:14 PM »
you lucky bastards.

We have like TWO girls over at the Relicnews Forums, one of them is married, and neither of them are willing to pose for a calendar...

Video Games / Re: Game of the Year, 2008
« on: December 31, 2008, 11:25:18 AM »
I can't really vote for sins of a solar empire: i did artwork for it, so I'm biased :p

So i'm gonna nominate Dead Space instead for its well executed gameplay, excellent art direction and a good story that doesn't invade your fun (i'm looking at YOU, Metal Gear Solid 4!).

Fallout 3 was good, but considering that it doesn't go over the bar set by oblivion by a whole lot, and cheaply held on to the legacy of the last games by smacking all the previous villains together, it doesn't deserve GOTY.

it's also possible Slan and Idea's comments may have concerned the emotions, not the power.

or maybe not. Care to quote them in context?

Character Cove / Re: The ultimate mount showdown.
« on: December 29, 2008, 04:01:48 PM »
wait, when the hell did we start calling skull knight's horse "mister waffles"?...and WHY?

Speculation Nation / Re: Can Apostles Breed?
« on: November 29, 2008, 05:55:18 PM »
Of course, the rape played a major role in what the boy has become. However calling Femto a "second father" is inviting confusion for those who don't know the details of how things went down, and personally I always try to avoid that.

Ah. Gotcha.

Speculation Nation / Re: Can Apostles Breed?
« on: November 29, 2008, 05:33:30 PM »
Well, that depends on how you interpret the term: Obviously, had Femto not raped Casca, the child would've been normal, but we all know that the Demon Child owes its nature and premature birth to the fifth God Hand, making him a sort "second father".

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 300
« on: November 29, 2008, 04:46:23 PM »
i just knew episode 300 would be fittingly epic.

Speculation Nation / Can Apostles Breed?
« on: November 29, 2008, 04:15:24 PM »
A little while ago i posted a theory that the Senior Apostles in Griffith's army were BORN demons, explaining why they weren't as crazed or as sadistic as the more common ones. Farfetched, since there simply aren't any facts to back it up. When i reconsidered the point,  i came across a problem that piqued my curiosity:

Can Apostles breed?

They can definitely multiply, although the method by which this is achieved varies from apostle to apostle: The count could anoint with his own flesh, Rosine could set up cocoons, and the Egg apostle could infect.

But what about doing it the "old fashioned way"? Femto demonstrated that Demons still have fully functionning sex organs (although filled with demonic spunk). Wyald demonstrated the need to use them nearly constantly, even on the job, raising the question of how many bastards he might've left behind. Jill expressed concerns whether or not he failed cocooning would impact her future children. Trolls, while not apostles, were capable of impregnating the kidnapped women of Enoch, resulting in more trolls and setting a precedent for supernatural breeding.

Unfortunately, it looks as though Apostles themselves can only taint, not create: Femto himself could only taint an existing fetus, resulting in the "triple-conception" of the Demon Child. The previously stated examples all required pre-existing human hosts, as well. And Ganishka could have set up "rape racks", through which Apostles could be forced to mate with humans, but instead built the Daka factories, also requiring the corruption of a pre-conceived being.

Nevertheless, i think I'm missing some information, and i was hoping someone here could help me shed some light on the matter.

Character Cove / Re: Irvine's apostle form, and others in Griffith's army
« on: November 27, 2008, 02:16:19 AM »
If thats the case, why did Griffith have to live out his life as a human to become a God Hand?

I actually thought about this, if the greatest demon of them all had to be born a human, then my suggestion loses some validity...Plus, Griffith came out of the ordeal "sane"... although he's got the emotional depth and practicality of a psychopath, now.

Character Cove / Re: Irvine's apostle form, and others in Griffith's army
« on: November 27, 2008, 02:00:35 AM »
Here's a possibility (although i can't recall anything in the manga that proves or disproves it)

What if the Greater Apostles, such as Zodd, were born as such, and no sacrifice was required? It might explain why they're not as "insane" as the common apostle: Most who were granted the "gift" were wretched and weak, and the sudden rush of power immediately after the traumatic experience of sacrificing a loved one is enough to drive one over the edge. If the Greater Apostles always had that power, or if it emerged slowly as they aged, then they'd have to deal with the fact that they were never even human in the first place. With this in mind, you can see that each Senior Member of the new Hawks developed their own coping mechanisms: Zodd has his warrior's pride. Grunbeld has his warlust. Locus has the knight's code, and Irvine is fond of solitude in the wilds. Rakshas? well...i don't think he did too well.  :p

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 288
« on: July 28, 2007, 11:36:43 PM »
*adds "Prince of the Sea" to Roderick's Wikipedia entry.

I love it when characters get more fleshed out.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 284 (+ special preview)
« on: April 09, 2007, 01:49:36 PM »
i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw that post, but here he is. The Hague is back. That alone is enough a reason to stop lurking.

Well, back on the topic, and the speculation of a calm 20 years on a fantasy island, as presented by Fryman:

Well, that sounds well and good, and just about every character on board wouldn't mind such a long vacation (even Guts, though reluctantly). Well, every character save one: How do you think Isidro, an adventurous 12 year old might feel about 20 years of doing nothing, with the only company available being a swarm of elves as annoying as Puck and a bunch of tired old wizards and witches? He'd want to leave, bad. And, i suspect, so would Guts as soon as he's patched up.

Creation Station / Re: BERSERK: THE MOVIE! Posters
« on: May 20, 2006, 03:25:42 PM »
hm. i could paint one.

Speculation Nation / The Odic Scar: Slan's curse or gift?
« on: May 03, 2006, 02:53:31 PM »
We all remember Guts encountering Slann in the qlipoth. It is at that place that the devilish temptress, composed of Trollish intestines, left a terrible mark upon our tragic hero's spirit, seemingly as the unforeseen consequence of the marking of his flesh by her wings.

But I wonder, was her intention then to slowly kill him and regal herself on his death throes, or was the scar the true purpose of her visit?

I say this because that very scar may have some future "advantages" as it is possible that Guts' sensitivity or affinity to the Supernatural has increased considerably due to this wound. The first "benefit" from this is the Berserk armour's attunement to Guts' own inner beast, and its more recent absorbtion of Schierke's soul.

With this in mind, it is possible that Slann may be
assisting the demonslayer in her own strange way.

Any thoughts?

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 271
« on: April 07, 2006, 02:07:29 PM »

Oh!  He will pick up on Schierke's magic and become a Holy Swordsman - like T.G. Cid!


the fanboy in me screams "that would be such a cool game omg!"

Well, Serpico aside, there's two other characters that have yet to do anything against Daiba: Isidro is one, although i suppose he's done enough, and though Roderick isn't equipped to deal with the supernatural, it'd be nice to see him pull a trick. It's time they both stopped being spectators, their characters deserve better, i think.

Speculation Nation / Re: How to Kill Locus
« on: April 07, 2006, 01:57:35 PM »
well, the 5 dollar hammer comment got me to underestimate the toughness of corundum, so again, sorry for not being clear.

I guess i should perhaps explain my weird little logic a little better.

-Daemon says that guts should have no problem taking down locus, since he managed to crack  Grunbeld's corundum skin.
-I disagreed, based on Aaz's post on the properties of the mineral. While corundum is incredibly hard and tough, its resistance to blunt force is  only relatively weak, though still considerable. Steel, while not as hard, has much better resistance due to its flexibility...or so i assumed. Wrong? Probably. In any case, me saying "it's really not that resistant to blunt force" was a gross exaggeration.
-Hence, i come to the conlusion that Locus would be more difficult to take down than Grundbeld should his interior be flexible metal.

As for the possibility that Locus interior may not be wet, it is implied by his design. Usually, in nature or in artifice, an armour or carapace meant to protect a fragile interior has seams so as to permit movement. It's so common it's taken for granted, and when we see that trait on anything from a mech to a giant insect monster, we automatically assume that there are inner workings.  Locus' centaur form has none save for his visor, (which reveals nothing save for crackles of lightning), and yet he moves around unrestricted. This would imply the opposite.

Speculation Nation / Re: How to Kill Locus
« on: April 07, 2006, 05:27:25 AM »
sorry, i got from the discussion that we were assuming that locus had a metal interior, and now that i've reread it, is an odd conclusion to come to.

bah, sleep deprivation is not my friend.

as for my misconception on corundum:

Quote from: Aazealh
It's not exactly like that. Grunberd's body is made of Corundum, a very hard mineral (second hardest after diamond), meaning that it can only be scratched by itself or a diamond (well, there are exceptions though). However, mineral hardness differs from mineral fracture toughness, which is the capacity of a material to resist to fracture when suddenly stressed. While Corundum is also known for its excellent toughness among minerals, with enough force applied it can be cracked using steel, just like a diamond can be split with a $5 hammer.

Speculation Nation / Re: How to Kill Locus
« on: April 06, 2006, 09:33:05 PM »
that's corundum, and despite being only second to diamond in hardness, it's really not that resistant to blunt force, so berserker guts and his dragon slayer wouldn't have that much trouble cracking it. So, Something like solid steel might actually be impossible for him to cleave, for all we know.

Now, before you jump to the Mozgus counter-argument, keep in mind that the inquisitor's armour wasn't quite as thick as Grunbeld's, and that unlike Locus, he had a soft interior.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 271
« on: April 01, 2006, 11:42:08 PM »
here's a thought: what happens if Schierke can't get out? like, never ever?

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