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I noticed alot iof people seemed to have an issue with the dancing scene in the movie where Guts and Casca dance after the King toasts them.  It seemed sweet to me and seemed to add that they had developed some rapport with each other. Is because it was added in place of the Griffith assasination plot? I saw some commnetators mention how they thought it out of character for Gutys and Casca to dance. I know that in the mnaga no dancing happens because Griffith gets "killed" but had nothing terriable happened at the ball wouldn't have Guts and Casca spent more time with each other and perhaps danced? I don't see why this bothers some poeple on here when I thought is was cute.

We don't have a frame of reference that indicates that this wasn't just Griffith's own bias and insensitiveness. It could have also been a pretext on his part to ensure that his most loyal follower would both do the job properly and prevent any attempts at revenge, like what Corcas tried afterwards.

This was the middle ages though. Its not exactly known to be particularly progressive in terms of how women are viewed. Just look at the geneneral disdain and crap Casca in her role as a warrior gets from other men through out the GOlden age. I don't think Girffith was being particularly insenstive with his way of thinking that a woman's place was to serve a man with her body, even in a nonsexual way. I think you are making Griffith ouyt to be more sexist then he actually is. Especially since he allowed Caasca to be a warrior instead of a camp follower (whore) when he found her, so that indicates that Griffith does not share the same narrow view of women that others in that time least as far as far as how physically capable a woman could be. Actually have you noticed that both Guts and Griffith are remarkably unsexist in genenral compared to other men of their time?

That aside why would Griffith be insensitve toward Casca in this instance? She didn't do anything to warrant that like Corcus did. I didn't get the impression Griffith was upset with her, and I don't see why he would feel the need to test her loyality in doing her job or thwarting potentical revenge you think that Griffith feared that Casca would be among the people to try to get revenge on Guts?

I just got volume 6 of the golden age arc in the mail the other day and started reading it (really good volume by the way) and I am currently reading the section of the volume where Casca and Guts fall off the cliff and into the water and Guts dicovers that Casca has a fever and he tries to take care of her. It plays out almost exactly as it did in the movie and reading the manga version for the first time made me wonder, would Guts have gone to such lengths to care for any other memember of band in the same situation? I mean granted since the men in the band would be sick for a very different reason then what Caasca was suffering from (since they are men) but if Guts had been in the exact same situation with one of of his men, would he have gone as far as he to care for them as he did with Casca?

I mean, I know at this point in the story Guts has no feelings for Casca (except how annoying he finds her) so he did not go to such lengths for her because he was in love with her. But he still went pretty far considering he not really like her very much. would have he had done the same if one of the men would have dragged down a cliff and he found they could not scale back up it because they were sick with a fever? Or do think he would have been less inclined to go to such lengths for other hawks? Some how I don't see Guts stripping a fellow hawk memeber down to their skin and warming him with his body heat like he would have Casca.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: July 22, 2014, 05:57:12 PM »
Getting her true self back involves connecting to the part of her that knows Guts

I have a question. How the living hell would the elf king or guts be able to do that? I guess we are going under the assumption that Guts is going to (with the help of the elf king) pull a Schierke and dive into her mind, but when he is there, what iis he going to say or do? Would the act of entering into her mind be enough to jog enough of her self for her to even recoginize Guts? Or will it take more manipulation then that. Why id there an assumption that restoring her mind will involve her remembering Guts at all. Guts is not the reason she went insane. It is Griffith. Why do people assume that remembering Guts personly is going to (or should0 play a significant role in Casca returing? Wouldn't remembering the eclipse and the rape (the actual things that made her lose it) be the actual things that will factor into her remembering herself?

Also wityh all this taken into consideration, why it it a thing that some people specualate that she would side with Griffith or go running off to his side?

Another question, has any one considered twhat incentive the elf king has to even do any of this for Casca and Guts? Simply because he is able to does not mean he will really want to. I think Guts is going to jhave to make another devestating sarcifice for Casca's sake before all this is over...

Character Cove / Re: Guts' Eye
« on: July 22, 2014, 05:23:50 PM »
Why not go ahead and heal Guts' nose scar too?

are you trying to be funny here? Guts nose scar does not hinder him in any way. And even if he has gotten used to it it would probably be nice to have full depth perception again...also since his good eye is starting to be affected by the armor.

Manga Mausoleum / Manga character designs
« on: July 11, 2014, 08:46:12 PM »
I wanted to talk about the character designs of the manga and how it has changed over the span of the manga. And I just want to make a few observations. I am still prett6y early on in the manga reading but these are my observations.

One is Guts, I think how he is drawn has changed the most over the span of the series. I think he is being drawn in a way that makes him more like a typical hero then how he looked before. Guts had a rugged almost average joe kind of look to him when the series first started. I am not saying he is ugly (though I am sure  had grow into those ears of his when he was younger) But is was certainly not a pretty boy. I am impressed with how dedicated Miura is at drawing all of Guts scars (and he has quite a few) all the time. Other artists would not be as dedicated. Also I think his ears look less pointy a bit smaller.

Farnese I think Miura made her more plain looking over the course of the manga. I thought she was very pretty at first with her long hair and even after ward. Was this done to make Farnese look plainer on purpose so as not to out shine Casca?

As for Casca since she has lost hwer mind I notice She has gotten prettier and slimmer. In the manga when she was still a warrior she is boyish looking and kind of butch and no one opther then Guts thinks she is attractive (excepet random baddies who want to ream her). She had fairly tiny breasts and now it seems her boobs are bigger and more full then she was when she was a warrior. Also people tend to decribe her a being a beauty (like Luca) when she never seemed to be like that before. Actually when I saw the movies and some of the anime (especially the anime) they made her look so pretty. Why? Casca is supposed to be a butch warrior?


Character Cove / Re: Guts' Eye
« on: July 11, 2014, 08:18:15 PM »
do you think if fairy dust healed his eye so well it would retain it's shape and not shrivel up and die, that fairy dust from the great elf king might restore Guts eye sight completely when they reach skelling? This is something I have wondered if the fairies might be able to restore his eye sight along with Casca's mind.

Character Cove / Re: About Luca's troupe...
« on: July 11, 2014, 08:14:52 PM »
Luca is possiably the best female character in the series. I really liked her character, and I got the impression that she was only slightly older than the other prostitutes. They all look old enough to give birth. And Nina didn't seem like she was that much older than the other girls.

Charlotte may be petite but I guarantee you she'd been eating lots of healthy meals her whole life and had not dealt with much stress until - well, you know.

I would not say that being a noble/royal birth granted you a peaceful stress free life style. Look at the pressure Adonis was under by his father Julius. I would imagine that Charlotte had quite a bit of pressure on her from an early age to fullfill her own obligations brought on by her status.

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent [Review]
« on: July 11, 2014, 07:45:55 PM »
Because they're fucking idiots..? And who are these people, again?

um, in this very thread a few pages back there were complaints about how the rape scene was handeled in the movie and that it would cause more speculation that she enjoyed it. Some one on here even mentioned that they thought she had enjoyed it.

I recently rewatched this and I have to say, the hook up between Casca and Guts seemed so random. I guess I should say right now I am not a Guts and Casca relationship fan. I am not putting Casca down or anything but it sort of seemed forced that she swung over to Guts after being so hung up on Griffith. One minute she is bitching at him for ruining Griffith's life and even saying she regrets not being able to be his woman and then suddenly, because he stops her from killing herself, she wants to have sex with him? It just seemed like Casca decided she could not have Griffith so she settled for Guts in a weak emotional moment.

And Guts sudden passion for Casca seemed out of place as well.   :???:

I have seen some of you comment that it was better in the manga and that it is more intimate, and I have ask another question, is Guts supposed to be a virgin? When I read someone on here made some comment that he seemed awkward while making love to Casca and that he was a minute man, implying he is inexpereinced. I did not think that Guts was one, I mean the very first page of the first volume in the manga is Guts having sex. 

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Adonis...collateral damage?
« on: May 19, 2014, 10:49:24 PM »
Your comment here denotes a pretty serious lack of understanding of the characters involved, notably Guts

thats a little unfair  :sad:  I know that Guts is more than that but at the same time he does have penchant to charge and cut down his enemies. I was just thinking of how he ran up the stairwell of the dungeon rescuing Griffith and hacked his way though the gaurds, or how he killed 100 men by himself. My point was that Griffith sent him when he knew he is power house of a fighter rather than a stealth one like Judo. But you made a good point that he trusted Guts more.

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent [Review]
« on: May 19, 2014, 10:43:02 PM »
I had a hard time reading the manga rape scene, it is not erotic but it is disturbing and graphic as hell. I could not beleive how involved it is in the manga, I did notice however that Casca does say "no" and "stop" and "don't look" more often in the manga through out the rape scene and she is clearly crying in it...why do people say she enjoyed it again?  Also...the anime movie made it seem like it happened quickly, the manga seems agonizingly slow about it. maybe it is the still pictures vs the moving frames in the movie but it seemed like it the movie was pretty quick about. Actually I have to question if it was really necessary for Miura to go into that much graphic detail.

I actually hid my volume with the eclipse episodes. I do not want anyone to come by them and thumb through them anbd see what is in there. The whole thing was like something out of a tentacle hentia manga.

I actually think she would try to warm up toward Serpico and Roderick (assuming he sticks around after landing on the island) because I think, do to her position in the hawks she is more accustomed to interacting with men with a military back ground.

Casca is hateful toward men though because of what was done to her, are you saying that she would go back to being a "guys girl" when she gets restored?

Actually has anyone considered that Casca might resent all of Guts new friends? Casca gets jealous easily even in a platonic sense, she certainly resented Guts when he came into the picture and "took her place" at Griffith's side, what if she views Guts's new friends in the same manner. Since she has been gone they have been the ones that have helped him and Guts relies on Isidro and Serpico and Roderick in battle and tactics. He confides in Schierke and has a special bond with her Farnese has a crush on him. Could Casca resent all of them for "taking her place." I imagine Casca is going to feel humilated that all of them witnessed her in such a sorry regressed state do you think she would project that onto them? I imagine Casca is going feel like she has no niche among them and since she has been so disempowered for so long I think she might resent how useless she is compared to them.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: May 19, 2014, 10:10:26 PM »
Quote from: Aazealh
There's no such thing as the "dark realm" or the "dark abyss realm". As for Casca's condition being supernatureral... It could be, but nothing has alluded to it so far in the series. Rather, the fact she has flashbacks when confronted to similar situations and that she did manage to kill some bandits in volume 23 is more a hint that it's psychological in nature to me.

I have question, why does Casca only have flash backs of the demons attacking her when she is sexually assaulted instead of Femto? Femto is the one that actually raped Casca so why does she never have a flash back to that particular incident when she is being molested? Does this imply that the demons raped her too? Because i've always assumed Femto was the only one to actually rape her (I imagine she would be torn to pieces if the other demons got to her first). This has been confusing me.

Quote from: MrMehawk
The idea of Guts diving into her mind appeals to me. If not that, then something else that involves Guts. Don't make me feel like their connection does not have anything to do with bringing her back, I think their love for each other seems like the only chance and anything else would feel a little unsatisfying.

Except there is no connection between Guts and Casca at this point. Or rather it is one sided on Guts part. The story has put alot of emphasis on Casca being distrustful and hateful of Guts while she is insane, I can't imagine Miura has put so much emphasis on this aspect of their relationship arbitrarily. At this point they do not have connection.  :judo:

Quote from: Patou244
Some how think, due to their feelings for Guts that Farnese and Schierke would not be a benefit in a situation meant to restore the love of Guts's life. Schierke may have her emotions in check but Farnese is another story.

What are you implying here? that Farnese would some how try to sabotage Casca's healing if she were present because of her crush on Guts? I do not think Farnese is quite such a bitch as that to do that.

Quote from: Aazealh
I don't believe Guts has told them anything at this point, we'd have seen it otherwise.

Do you think Casca will end up being the one to actually tell them what has happened in their past? At the very least it might serve as a good conversation starter when Casca comes back... :ganishka:

Quote from: Aazealh
Sexual frustration upon seeing her exhibit a behavior that evoked her former self.

hm, are you sure that is all there was to it? To me it seemed like there was quite a bit of malice involved when Guts held her down and bit her breast. Think about that for a moment...he bit her breast, that is sign of serious degradation and annoyance toward the female form. it made me think that Guts deep down hates Casca especially if he would abuse her in such a sexualized manner, knowing she has been brutalized already by Femto.

Actually this whole incident where Guts attacks Casca after she kills the bandits is interesting. Is this the only time Casca acts like her old self? Before this incisdent happened there seemed to be all these subtle instances where the old Casca would peek out. Like during the conviction arc when Isidro dropped her and she performed some gymnastics on the cliff. Do you think Casca regressed even more into her self after Guts attacked her? When she had hold of that sword it was almost like she remembered she could defend herself and she wasn't helpless and she actually attacked Guts with it. I just find it interesting that Femto brutalizes her and she loses herself but she is still small glimpses of her old self still there. Guts assaults her and she stops even showing slight physical signs of herself like when she was dropped from the cliff. Did guts attack make her regress more?

Character Cove / Re: Each Character in one word
« on: May 19, 2014, 09:01:25 PM »
Guts: hero

Griffith: awsome

Casca: indecisive

Isidro: fodder

Schierke: amazing

Farnese: interesting

Serpico: mysterious

The God Hand: evil

Rickert: adorable

Roderick: hot

Judeau: loving

Pippin: gentle

Corkus: ass

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Did Farnese get through to Casca?
« on: May 19, 2014, 08:55:30 PM »
whoa, there was a show down between Casca and Farnese doan the line in the manga? What you all described sounds intense. I have not gotten this far yet in the manga, what volume and chapter is this in? Is it out by dark horse yet or do I have to rely on fan scanalations to see this?

I always assumed Farnese had a thing for Guts as early as the episodes where Guts kidnaps her and she sits on top of him naked, but I am still too earlier in my reading to see to much development other then for Farnese to make starry eyes at Guts. It's cute!  :farnese: Truth be told I always wondered what a restored Casca would make of Farnese (and schierke) crush on Guts. Casca is a very jealous person, and I always assumed that she would be the one to confront one of them on this issue. I am amazed Farnese did this. Is this foreshadowing that their is going to be a cat fight/conflict down the road with these two over Guts? I did not think Miura would put something like that into his story...seems kind out of place... :magni:

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Adonis...collateral damage?
« on: May 19, 2014, 08:43:49 PM »
You got that idea from the amazing "official Berserk wiki" didn't you?  :serpico:

no I didn't I thought of this on my own when I read the manga recently. And by your attitude on the site I am guessing that wiki is held with quit a bit of disdain around here?

as for the topic, I always imagined that Guts was sent instead of someone more appropiate (someone more stealthy) because of his habit of slautering everything in sight. Also (and I am going by the anime translation here) Griffith mentioned that he always considered his tendencies when he made his plans.

Manga Mausoleum / Adonis...collateral damage?
« on: May 16, 2014, 08:52:42 PM »
I was just reading the manga version of this and I was just wondering, when Griffith sent Guts to kill Julius did Griffith intend for him to be killed too along with his father or was Adonis trully just collateral damage? Griffith wanted Julius out of the way but did include his son as well, I know it was not offical but I think Julius intended for Adonis to marry Charlotte when he was older and Griffith was aiming to put himself as her suiter. So I was wondering did Griffith some how factor in Guts tendacies that he might have been killed as well? I mean Guts is headrly mister stealth guy. I assumed the reason Griffith sent Guts to kill Julius (instead of someone more nimble and stealth like) because he trusted him the most...but did he have an ulterior motive that Guts would probably kill anything that got in his way as well?

Anime Asylum / Re: Berserk Golden Age Arc III: Descent [Review]
« on: May 16, 2014, 08:33:46 PM »
Hi I'm Hot Chic thankyou for allowing me to become a memeber of this community, this is very first post on this forum.

I really have got to say that I have only been aware of Berserk for about four or five months and I got my introduction to Berserk through these movies, I have since then started watching the anime and reading the manga. I am about half way through the manga at this point and I will say that both are almost gross misrepresentations of the source material (but I enjoyed them both for their own merits), however when I was still new to Berserk and the movies were my only exposure I liked it and it captured my attention. the things that the veteren fans on here say the movies screwed up I was able to picvk up on for the most part. It at least made me want to look into the anime. But I will say one thing in regards to this movie that I have seen alot of people complain about is the rape scene of Casca and how it was supposedly eroticized in the movie. Maybe it is because the movie's version of the rape was my only version I was given at the time but I did not get the impression she was enjoying it. May it is up for interpertation but I did not get "oh yeah, I am getting off over here!"

I found this rape scene to be distubing and violent then erotic... probably because I was watching the scene without any prior reading of the manga. You have to understand, I was going into these movies blind, without ANY prior experience. And let me tell you when I first witnessed this sceneI was horrified...never did "erotic" or Casca possiably enjoying it enter my mind

If you saw eroticism and enjoyment in what was happening, that's your perspective. But with the constant shots between Griffith and Guts staring at each other, I saw horror, betrayal, contempt, rage and anguish....and this was my first viewing of this scene as a complete newbie to Berserk...and that is my two cents.

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