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Idk if Guts will calmly fight them, you know what I mean; how isn't he gonna be raging when he faces them? And I know it's an unlikely situation, but in my eyes it will be the most satisfying. What will probably happen is like SK and maybe even zodd will help guts out with the godhand (maybe the Rpg crew too but I don't think they'll last too long in another dimension/ hell).

If you guys want my honest to God opinion of what I think should happen/ want to happen its this:
To preserve the message of Guts keeping his humanity and not bow down to the temptations of the Beherit (which could happen but would be a load of horseshit with how the story is set up), he should just have a 5v1 battle with the Godhand with the berserker armor and any other thing Miura might give Guts to help him out. Like its his battle alone he shouldn't have anyone else helping him out. But I honestly think it's just gonna come down to Guts' rage being too much for them to handle (which is saying a lot after volume 3). He's gonna dig deep down inside and just let the Black Dog bowl and go berserk to beat the Godhand. I think it's how Guts should beat them after all the shit he went through.

Hey I ain't tryna start an argument with y'all just wanted to hear your guys thoughts on it. In my original post I also stated that guts could find a way to cut off their power so they would just be like any average being. Your thoughts on that?

You're acting like I'm supporting the argument of Guts using the beherit, all I'm saying is don't say that "Guts is never gonna use a Beherit bc that's against his morals" because there's a possibility that he just might. You guys are acting like it's impossible for Guts to do that. Imo it would be better for Guts to stay human and just go berserk and then beat the Godhand that way; but I'm also open to the fact that some crazy shit that could surpass the eclipse could happen, change Guts' view on everything and make him resort to doing that; even though that would be against the central message of the story it's still possible

I don't think I'm ignoring and don't understand the story.
I'm not saying that Guts would use a Beherit to gain power, all I'm trying to say here is that he could do it and still be himself and not be evil.
I am VERY aware how unlikely it is for Guts to do this, it was just something I thought was interesting after rereading what Slan said to Guts

This whole category is based off "ya never know bro" that's why it's called speculation.
I'm pretty confident I've laid out a pretty possible outcome/ way Guts could beat the Gohand singlehandedly

I'll try to keep it short and sweet this time.
Am I right or am I wrong about everyone not knowing what kind of situation Miura gonna think up, so Idek why you brought that up.
My end point is this:
Even if Guts became a demon/ apostle through the Beherit I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he said "Fuck you I'm still a human" so it's basically just a power boost for Guts to lessen the gap between him and Griffith.
And plus Guts went through A LOT more shit than volume 3 bro

I totally didn't notice I measured blood in lbs lmao I meant liters.
Okay let me counter your points here
You never know what sort of circumstances Guts and Casca is gonna be in. Maybe she wants Guts to sacrifice her to beat the living fuck outta Griffith for all of the evil he has commited. You're right about Guts already having immense power as it is, but after he gets a power boost from a Beherit who knows what kind of havoc and carnage he may be capable of.
And I never said Guts had a supernatural supply of blood. What I was saying is something to support my original statement that Guts can break free of the control of the Godhand IF he were ever to be in that kind of situation. Listen if Guts can persevere through having his bones crushed and most of his blood supply ran dry and then kill a giant dragon whose skin is "harder to break through than diamond" then he can surely take on the Godhand by himself.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Questions about the Count, Godhand and our humanity.
« on: November 09, 2016, 02:37:23 AM »
In my opinion, I don't think the Godhand lied to the Count. I honestly think that they granted his wishes intending for him to never experience sorrow of despair ever again.
Then comes Guts.
If the Godhand didn't lie to the Count, then that means one thing:
Guts has once again denied the destiny built for another (as he already has done) by the Godhand, proving once again that they do not have absolute power over everything, only over things that possess evil. Which means they have no power over what Guts does.
Is the Godhand more powerful than Guts?
Does the Godhand control Guts?
The Godhand aren't 5 gods, just a couple of dudes and dudette with immense demonic powers.

Walter I totally understand where you're coming from, but you just brought up something interesting.
What if Guts uses a crimson/ regular beherit to gain power to hopefully defeat Grififth. Of course that would mean that the Godhand would have supreme power over Guts, yes?
Guts was also supposed to die in the eclipse right? If not he would have surely been dead by all of the hungry demons that chase him relentlessly through the night.
It's also a miracle that Guts lived through his first time in the Berserker Armor, who knows how many pounds of blood he lost from that experience, surely no normal man could accomplish a feat such as that.
Berserk is a story of struggle and perseverance no matter what lays ahead of you. It would not surprise me at all if Guts fights and struggles (what Guts have been doing through the entire story) through their immense control and gain his own freedom. Then of course from there it's an uphill, losing battle that Guts has to fight to defeat all 5 of the Godhand, but isn't that what he's been doing all along?

I also agree with your statement that Slan is interested more with Guts' mind, emotions, psychology, etc than the physical side of Guts like his looks, body, physical feats, etc

That quote from slan is the sole reason why I started this whole conversation about Guts using a beherit

Character Cove / Re: Guts and Silat
« on: November 07, 2016, 03:03:06 PM »
Guts vs Silat is one of the most underrated fights in the series tbh

There ya go, looks like Guts gotta find a way to cut off the Godhand's power then

You never know what kind of shit Miura wants to pull bro. Berserk either gonna have an ending like that: Guts giving up everything to destroy Griffith
A happy ending for guts, defeating Griffith without having to sacrifice anyone

I knew it was unlikely for Guts to find another Crimson Beherit, however it could be likely that he could find a regular beherit like the one he already has to gain some power. Will it be enough? Probably not. Will the Godhand even let him use the Beherit? Probably not, unless they REALLY wanna see Guts and Griffith fight each other. What's probably gonna happen is that Guts and co would probably have to find a way to cut the Godhand connection to the Idea of Evil or like the physical world where they get all their power from. If he can do that, they'll be easy pickings

Who knows, Guts might find another Crimson Beherit and knowing it might be the only way he could match Griffith's power, sacrifice Casca only to have her memory recently restored. A true heartbreak

Gonna open up a new topic of speculation.
How do you guys think guts is going to beat the Godhand?
Is he gonna beat the Godhand?
Personally I think Guts might have to resort to using a Beherit to gain more immense power and beat them to the ground  :guts: :femto:

I'd say he surpassed Griffith during the 100 Man Battle

Character Cove / Re: POLL: Vote for Your 2 Favorite Characters
« on: November 06, 2016, 10:38:57 PM »
I went with Guts (obvious choice) and wyald (one of the rawest characters in the series

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