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Berserk Miscellaneous / Overview of Berserk's episodic releases
« on: May 27, 2018, 08:12:57 PM »
People seem more interested in Berserk's prepublication schedule than ever, so I figured I might as well share this resource I made for myself some years ago. I'll update it from time to time.

Two new Blu-rays are being released for the TV series, priced at ¥22,500 ($200) + tax each. The first one will cover episodes 13 to 18 and be released on July 21st. The second will do episodes 19 to 24 and will come out on September 21st.
More information about this here:

But who cares about these, right? The reason I made this thread is to showcase the illustrations Miura drew to go along with them.


Site & Forum News / Server caching issues
« on: May 01, 2017, 08:42:16 AM »
Hi everyone,

As some of you must have noticed, the site was down for a couple of days. It occurred following an issue where people were seeing pages showing them logged as other members. What was happening was actually that they were seeing cached pages that had been previously viewed by someone else. The reason this happened is that our hosting provider implemented a feature (without warning, of course) that basically broke all dynamic content on the server. Because it was so sudden it took us a while to switch servers and get things sorted out. Things should be back to normal now and performances should also be better than they used to.

Please report any anomaly you encounter in this thread, although keep in mind some things may be due to the local cache on your browser. We recommend that you empty your browser cache and delete your cookies to be sure there's no problem.

Current Episodes / Status of Berserk's Pre-publication
« on: September 19, 2016, 05:32:36 AM »
The current status of Berserk's Pre-publication is: Not this month

This thread is devoted to the schedule of the publication (in volume format) and episodic pre-publication (in Young Animal) of Berserk. All such talk should take place in this thread in order to avoid digressions in the individual episode threads. Those threads are reserved for literary discussion of each issue's content.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 12
« on: September 16, 2016, 12:58:41 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the twelfth and final episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 11
« on: September 09, 2016, 12:31:22 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the eleventh episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 10
« on: September 02, 2016, 12:50:58 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the tenth episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 9
« on: August 26, 2016, 12:08:01 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the ninth episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 7
« on: August 12, 2016, 01:49:57 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the seventh episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 6
« on: August 05, 2016, 01:43:17 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the sixth episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Berserk Miscellaneous / 2016 Berserk album from Susumu Hirasawa
« on: August 02, 2016, 11:50:49 AM »
Susumu Hirasawa just announced a new Berserk album called "Ash Crow". It will contain the songs he did for the 2016 TV series, previously released songs like Sign, Aria, Forces 2 or Zodd 2, as well as new versions of known songs (Forces 2016, Indra 2016, 冠毛種子の大群, Sign 3). It will be released on September 14.

The track list is as follows:

1.灰よ (TVアニメ「ベルセルク」劇中歌)
2.BERSERK-Forces 2016
3.Aria (劇場映画「ベルセルク 黄金時代篇」三部作 主題曲)
4.FORCES II (「ベルセルク 千年帝国の鷹篇 喪失花の章」ゲームサウンドトラック)
5.ZODDO II (「ベルセルク 千年帝国の鷹篇 喪失花の章」ゲームサウンドトラック)
6.冠毛種子の大群 (Large Chamber ver.)
7.INDRA 2016
8.Ash Crow (TVアニメ「ベルセルク」劇中歌)
9.Sign (「ベルセルク 千年帝国の鷹篇 聖魔戦記の章」 ゲームサウンドトラック)
11.Aria (カラオケ)
13.Ash Crow (カラオケ)

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 5
« on: July 29, 2016, 01:29:59 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the fifth episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 4
« on: July 22, 2016, 01:37:52 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the fourth episode of the 2016 TV series. If anyone still cares about this, they're free to post their thoughts, impressions and reviews.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 3
« on: July 15, 2016, 01:31:58 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the third episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 2
« on: July 08, 2016, 01:00:34 PM »
This is the official discussion thread for the second episode of the 2016 TV series. Post your thoughts, impressions and reviews as you see fit.

Speculation Nation / What to expect in Elfhelm
« on: November 21, 2015, 04:54:05 PM »
I've been meaning to make a thread laying out speculation about what might happen in Elfhelm for years but never got around to it. I've said it many times over the years, but to me it's absolutely clear that the time spent in Elfhelm will be a turning point for Berserk, one from which Guts' band will emerge on a trajectory that will directly collide with Griffith and his allies. Anyway, now that it's just around the corner I figured it's about time I make this thread. Below are observations and speculations that have been floating in my head for a while. Feel free to comment on them or bring up your own.

1) Casca's return

No doubt the most important and most obvious thing about Elfhelm is that it will bring Casca's excruciatingly long period of darkness to an end. Guts undertook the journey for her sake in volume 22, and eventually learned from the Skull Knight in volume 28 that the destination might not just be a safe haven for her, but hold the key to her recovery. Now just to be clear, I fully believe that Casca will be cured in one way or another. After so long, I don't believe Miura would have the heart to deny it to us. But more importantly, it is by far the most interesting development possible for her, for the group at large and for the story in general.

It will provide heartwrenching drama with Guts, but also no doubt some of the warmest moments yet to be featured in the story. It will provide a good deal of humor as well (e.g. as the others watch her boss Guts around) and will dramatically change the dynamics of the group. So far, the leadership has been shared between people. Guts has been continuously delegating authority to others, like Schierke or Roderick, while in the end he really was the one in command and everyone knew it. But Casca has the potential to be a true and exceptional leader, and better yet she can do this without taking anything away from the other characters. Guts will still be his reckless self, Schierke will still be the authority on magic, and so on.

As a fighter, Casca will obviously have to evolve beyond what she was during the Golden Age arc. Elfhelm is the perfect opportunity for that, as it will likely house powerful relics on which she will be able to draw, and provide opportunities for honing existing (if rusty) skills and developing new ones.

Beyond that, Casca will make the eventual confrontation with Griffith all the more poignant and will make it sweeter by pitting not just Griffith's former top fighter against his empire of evil, but his former top commander and right-hand woman as well. Going back to her interaction with the group, her return will free Farnese from her former caretaking duties and allow her to further develop into the great person she's meant to be. Their relationship will of course also be interesting in its own regard as Farnese will have to face her delusions about Guts while also learning to deal with the "true" Casca, after months of having known her in a very different - yet very intimate - way.

2) Farnese's rise

Beyond greeting the new Casca, Farnese is in for a lot of change in Elfhelm. She will be surrounded by more astral beings than she ever has before and her magical training will likely greatly benefit from it. She might even learn from people other than Schierke. She's already graduated from being a simple assistant when she cast the protection of the four kings on the Sea Horse, and I believe she might branch into a more specialized form of magic from now on, gaining skills that won't just be replicas of what Schierke can muster.

Her mental state will also keep evolving and I expect her to gain in confidence as well as for a desire to redeem herself to emerge, beyond just wanting to become stronger. Aside from her feelings for Guts, she will have to deal with Roderick and determine whether she is interested in him or not. Last but not least comes Serpico, who's been shadowing her since the very beginning in a strange and unhealthy codependent relationship. That will have to change too, and perhaps it will be the most drastic change of them all so far. And, in a twist given their past, not necessarily for her.

3) Serpico's emancipation

Serpico is the character who's least evolved out of the core group. He has remained mostly static while Farnese grew, and now she's all but outgrown him. While a competent fighter, he's become almost a shadow of his former self, with no cause to fight for and no one to really serve and watch over anymore. He's the one who needs change the most, and Elfhelm provides the perfect avenue for that. He will need to find himself, to embrace his nature, to undergo the same transformation Farnese has over the years in order to reveal his true potential. He once reflected on how the wind element was so unlike him, but he might just prove himself wrong in the end. There also remains the matter of fixing himself a goal. Will the protection of Farnese suffice? We'll see matter, but I think that would be underwhelming.

4) Isidro's growth

Isidro has grown considerably since he was introduced in volume 18, but he still has a lot of untapped potential. He will stand to benefit from obtaining more equipment, developing more and better skills, and learning more about the himself and the world. Much like Serpico (and the rest of the group), Elfhelm will be a turning point after which merely tagging along won't do. Can he bring forth the means to match his ambition? Can he keep up and even catch up to the others when it comes to fighting big time opponents? He probably won't have the choice.

This brings up the possibility of a time skip at some point in Elfhelm. It has been a long time since one happened, but the time is ripe for it. In fact, I would say that either one will happen around that time, or there won't be one till the end of the series. A time skip would benefit several characters: Isidro, Schierke, even Rickert. It would also allow character relationships and attributes to evolve off screen and bring the excitement of rediscovery. It would explain why we saw so much of Falconia and also provide an avenue for rediscovery. And it would make the group's return to the continent, a continent drastically changed from what they once knew, all the more riveting. Speaking of Rickert, it would give him and the Bakiraka time to strengthen their bond and form a serious fighting force. Lastly, being older would create more opportunities for Isidro and Schierke to move beyond their awkward faux rivalry into awkward romance.

5) Schierke's resolve

Much like Isidro, Schierke would greatly benefit from growing up. Aside from social awkwardness, her age has been holding her back. Elfhelm will also be a goldmine for her, a dream come true. She's not just coming home, she's walking into the chocolate factory. She will meet powerful astral beings, receive deep knowledge, obtain rare relics (staff upgrade? you heard it here first)... And maybe even meet other magic practioners, people who will help expand her abilities further. And who knows, she might even see her old mentor again, in some form... Another person she might learn from is Casca. The two of them are almost complete opposites: a shy girl who grew up loved and secluded and developed an affinity for the esoteric arts pitted against a peasant who fought her way out of a miserable life in a masculine world of violence and death. This is why they have to learn from each other, and I believe Casca has the potential to be a strong role model for her.

Schierke has grown into a really key player in Berserk's world but like the others, she's sort of just been along for the ride so far. She will have to resolve herself to fight for what she believes in, and not simply to avenge her master (a topic I'm sure Guts will have interesting things to tell to her about) but because it's the right thing to do. Will she be overwhelmed by their opponents, like she was in volume 24? Or will she vow to stand for what is good against the supremely evil? And can she reconcile her feelings about people with the fact they are more victims than perpetrators in the grand scheme of things?

6) Puck's triumph

I mentioned the stagnation of Serpico, but if one character had to be pointed out as getting less exposure, it would surely be Puck. Once the sole sidekick of Guts, he's had to make space for his growing group of companions and as a result it has sometimes seemed like he fell by the wayside. He's as present as ever, but his role has been mainly comedic for a while, making us nostalgic about the olden days. Again when it comes to Puck, if there ever was an opportunity for a change, it is definitely Elfhelm, his home and the destination he suggested to Guts in the first place. For all our familiarity with his character, Puck has mostly remained a mystery to us. We don't know his age (wait till you learn he's really 180 year old), we don't know for sure why (or how) he left Elfhelm in the first place, we don't know his status there (Troublemaker? Prince? Outcast? Prodigal son?)... We really don't know much of anything. I dare not believe it, but it would be a pleasing twist of fate if it was eventually learned that for all his elfin fickleness and mischievousness, Puck had found and stayed with Guts for a good reason.

She's a more minor character, but Elfhelm will also provide opportunities for Ivalera to be fleshed out. Generally speaking, we'll learn more about elves, about all the different kinds of elves, about their history, culture, nature, rapport to humankind and so forth. And that's not to mention all the other astral beings we might find dwelling there.

7) Azan's redemption

Azan has followed a strange path in the story. He's been back with the group for a while now, but has stubbornly refused to reveal his identity, nevermind that everyone knows it already. He still bears the guilt of what happened in Albion and that has to go away for him to truly integrate the group. Elfhelm holds the necessary ingredients for him to get back to the basics, not discarding his faith but reconsidering its nature (his ironclad morality and honor) so that he can once again stand proudly. He's the character that I believe might be the first to recognize the righteousness of opposing the God Hand, and will immediately embrace the cause. It will also be the occasion for him to get his hands on tools that befit the task at hand, and by that I mean that the earth element awaits him somewhere in there.

8) Roderick's choice

What will the future hold for Roderick? As much as certain things seem clear to me, his fate is amongst the least discernible. He's first and foremost a sailor, and the sea trip is reaching its end. I believe he and his men will remain on the island with the group, but continuing on after that will be another endeavor altogether, especially if the return trip does not involve a ship (and I don't think it will). Developing a deeper relationship with Farnese would help in that regard, by providing him an incentive for him to stick by her. However it remains to be seen what skill he would bring to the group: while a competent fighter, he's nothing special.

Magnifico is another wild card, although a less interesting one. I expect him to eventually remain on Elfhelm, either having found the life there pleasant enough, or having been turned into a servant of sorts (or both at the same time), a fitting end for a man of his caliber.

9) Isma's fate

Isma and the merrows are another set of characters whose role in the story is difficult to assess. They're sea-based and most interesting in that element. Isma can walk on land, but her defining feature requires the presence of the sea. That leads me to believe that she may not stick around forever. Her people certainly won't, and choosing to stay behind would be surely be an agonizing choice. It is also not clear exactly how she could further develop from this moment on. That being said, she's charming enough as a character to be able to grow into something more, and her presence makes for an interesting proto-love triangle with Isidro and Schierke.

10) The Elf King's power

The King of the Flower Storm rules over Elfhelm. His power is legendary, and much of what's to come hinges on his ability and willingness to shelter, aid and educate our group of friends. He has, just by himself, the potential to make this part of the story more significant than what happened at Flora's mansion. Other than curing Casca, he may have an impact on the brand, on the Berserk's armor, on the beherit, on Guts' mental trauma and the Beast of Darkness... And on their knowledge of the world and what it underwent, on the God Hand and their plans, on the Skull Knight, on the Moonlight Boy... He might provide the group with a way back through magical means, and with clues as to how they should proceed against their enemies. Few characters in the story have had so many things depending on them... And then there's all the rest I haven't seen coming yet.

11) The Boy's role

The Moonlight Boy, so named after the episode in which he first appeared ("The Boy in the Moonlight"), might be the biggest wildcard in the whole story. There is a lot we have figured out about him (that he is Guts and Casca's child, that he now has intimate ties to Griffith), but at the same time there also is much we don't know. Elfhelm will be the opportunity for the group to learn more about him. The King of the Flower Storm should be able to help, as might the Skull Knight if he shows up there, and so on with other characters/locations/events we have yet to see. Of course, there will also be the matter of Casca's relationship with him once she is cured. Will she still instinctively know who he is? How will she react? Could she initially reject him? And what will be Guts' own reaction? Will he feel the need to redeem himself towards his son? Will he be conflicted if he learns of his entwining with Griffith? There is a lot of big character development waiting to happen here, and I think we may well be surprised by some of it. For one thing, the boy himself could be reason enough for the group to eventually leave Elfhelm on a final voyage to confront Griffith. Lastly, I wonder if his parents will get to give him a name.

12) Guts' rage

For once, I kept Guts for (almost) last. Many things hang in the balance for him, including most of what was mentioned for the other characters. His own problems are some of the most complex though. Using the Berserk's armor has taken a huge toll on his body, both because he's been getting badly wounded while fighting ever stronger enemies, and because he's been experiencing what the Skull Knight warned him about: slowly losing his senses because of its continuous effect. The armor has also worsened his mental problems (characterized by the Beast of Darkness) simply because of the way it works. By constantly fanning the flames of his rage and by threatening to overcome his consciousness at the slightest stimulus, it's made him a mortal danger to himself and to lose he loves whenever trouble arises. Elfhelm likely holds the keys for both of these problems, or at least ways to palliate them.

The Berserk's armor was created by dwarves, who are either a type of elves or at least a related type of astral creatures. Therefore it is quite likely someone in Elfhelm will know a thing or two about the armor and could help with it. The place is also known to be home to powerful magic users, and those could help mitigate the armor's effects like Flora did before she gave it to Guts. They could also help Schierke find ways to better exert damage control when the need arise. On the psychological side, Casca's restoration should help him deal with the trauma he's borne since the Eclipse. But the Elf King may also be able to aid him with that, not to mention other characters and developments.

He will learn new things, will have time to rest and reassess his situation... Time to make up his mind about his goals and why he undertakes them. For one thing, if Casca is cured, he will have no reason to turn his back on revenge anymore. Yet I don't believe it will be a simple decision to make. From the distance between him and Griffith to the power his enemies have amassed, not to mention the need to convince his companions AND the complicated situation with Griffith and the Boy (What if killing Griffith kills the boy? Would he be willing to go that far? Would Casca?)... In truth I believe Guts' movitation for eventually going after Griffith won't just be revenge. He'll do it for that, but also because of bigger issues, and that'll gave him strength. While we're on the topic, there will have to be an incentive for them to leave Elfhelm. I don't think it'll happen too quickly or that they'll be in a hurry to leave. They deserve to rest. I think something will happen at some point that'll precipitate their departure. It could be an attack on Elfhelm, but I think a threat to the world at large (and to mankind, specifically, since that's what the God Hand is most concerned about) is almost sure to come up.

I haven't mentioned his fighting prowess because while there's always room for improvement, Guts is already so strong that it's become hard to see how he could possibly get stronger. I think finding a degree of serenity or at least getting better at keeping his darkest feelings at bay (something he's already started doing while on the ship) will help him fight better. I also think whatever help he gets with the armor will contribute towards that... Provided he keeps wearing the armor, a choice that will not be without consequences. Then there are always some gizmos he could acquire, things that could replace/replenish/complement Rickert's grenades for example.

But the biggest potential lies with the Dragon Slayer. Godot's masterpiece is without equal, at least in the human world. But Elfhelm is no human place. If it harbors beings capable of creating magical armors, it stands to reason they can work on swords as well. Now I don't mean that Guts will replace his trusty sword with a magic axe, because that's just not happening. But we learned through Schierke in volume 24 that all these years of killing evil creatures have imbued the Dragon Slayer with some astral properties. And we had the demonstration of those both during the fight against Slan and the one against Ganishka. Yet it feels rough and unshaped, unrefined. What if the greatest sword ever forged was reworked by the most skillful astral blacksmiths in existence? What if instead of merely being coated with that astral stuff, the sword was tempered with it? What if it was further honed with runes and spells? Such a weapon would be fit to take down anything... even a member of the God Hand.

13) The rest

Elfhelm itself is likely something Miura's spent a long time working on. Beyond learning about elves and the world (and enjoying what's sure to be amazing sceneries... and antics), we stand a good chance to learn about the past and the future. Like what happened a thousand years ago, and what the God Hand may be planning. What the relationship between mankind and the magical world once was, why it changed and why that matters. The Skull Knight himself is likely to play a role there. It's all but confirmed that he was once Emperor Gaiseric, and now could be the right time for him to reveal it. He will also have to explain what happened in Wyndham and why the world changed, as well as decide what he's going to do from now on. He's saved Guts' life on more than one occasion, but it may be time for their cooperation to move beyond that. Meanwhile, the God Hand are likely not going to lay dormant. We saw them when Fantasia came to be, but have had no glimpse of them ever since. Where are they? In Falconia, in the sinister dome that also house the apostles? Elsewhere in the world, seizing up their own land for themselves? Do they have physical forms of sorts now? And if danger were to come to Elfhelm, would it be from one of them?

Current Episodes / Episode 341
« on: October 20, 2015, 11:18:33 AM »
Title: Soaring escape

Pretty busy episode, as expected. Rakshas was planning to use Erika to put out the small fire remaining on this body, as we'd guessed. Daiba intervenes, using his main skill: animal charming. Who could have guessed he kept so many critters around! When I saw the first shot of the first snake, I almost believed for a split-second that he'd found and tamed another Kundalini somehow. Anyway, the snakes and rats distract Rakshas while Daiba helps the group escape (overcoming initial suspicion from the Bakiraka as he asks them to let him join). The Garuda plays a key role there, as expected, and the unknown of how they could all be carried away is answered in the simplest manner: there is not one, but three of them.

As Falconia residents start wondering what's happening, Daiba throws Luka a bag of diamonds to repay her for her kindness and they fly off... And Rakshas follows them in the air! Now don't go telling me that guy isn't versatile. Rickert takes care of it with a goddamn rocket launcher though :ganishka:, putting an end to the pursuit. As Rickert and the others fly off, he turns back at a lone figure watching them leave: Griffith. A shot reminiscent of when Guts left Vritannis for Elfhelm.

Of note: Griffith is himself despite the full moon, which adds to the mystery of the Moonlight Boy.

It's obvious enough, but Young Animal pretty much confirms we will switch to Guts' side (in their words: "there will be a new development") in the next episode, as I had predicted. Before anyone asks, it will be published on November 27.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Star Wars: The Force Awakens
« on: November 28, 2014, 02:38:33 PM »
Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer:

I'm not excited.

This is a step-by-step tutorial intended to walk you through the registration to, the official online shop of Berserk's (and Young Animal's) publisher. Once registered, the process to buy and visualize a magazine is trivial and takes seconds at best, enabling a fan to support Miura directly (at very little cost) by purchasing the issues in which Berserk appears.

Well then, let us begin!

First off, head to You will see the page below (the homepage).

Next is to find the latest Young Animal issue. Save for a special occasion, it will have a chick on the cover (like all "young adults" magazines in Japan). If you have trouble finding it, search the page for "ヤングアニマル". That's the name in Japanese. Once you've found it, you'll notice it has two buttons undernearth the cover. The upper one means "to buy", the lower one is a preview of the magazine in the webbrowser, showing ten or so pages. Click the upper button.

You will be directed to a page asking you to log in or to register. Click on the right button to initiate the registration process (here's the link, in case you're having difficulties).

Enter a valid email address and click on the button to the right. In Japanese you read from right to left, and so the validation button is always to the right, and the "cancel" one is always to the left.

You will then see a confirmation screen asking you if that email address is the right one. Confirm by clicking on the button to the right.

You will then receive an email at the address you specified. It should be instantaneous. Click the link as shown in order to confirm your registration. Be warned, the link is only valid for 30 minutes. After that you will have to repeat the process.

Once you have clicked the link, you will be sent to a page with a form to fill. Fill it as shown above.

Regarding the secret question and answer: you have to choose a question, you can't leave it by default. You also have to input an answer in Hiragana. If that's beyond your ability, just use gibberish and keep it in a text file somewhere. Here are some hiragana you can use as a basis to create your answer: あまいうえおかつねめひへほむひも. Just select some, remove others, rearrange them, whatever.

Next is a recap of what you've just entered. Click the right button to proceed.

Congratulations, you've registered. Notice that you're logged in (top right corner). This is a page explaining you how the site works. Once you've purchased a magazine, the buttons turn from red and orange to green and blue. Green to download the issue, blue to view it online, in your web browser. There's also a recap of what method works on what device/OS. As you can see it's quite extensive.

Anyway, at this point you don't need to care about this page. You can just return to the homepage to purchase something, although you may as well first download the local software used to peruse what you buy. It's a program called "Book in the Box", edited by Sharp. The page to download it can be found at the bottom of that screen (right button), or you can just click here to get there.

The process is then straightforward: click on the button corresponding to what device you use (here we'll assume it's a PC using Windows) and the download will begin. I will explain how to install it at the end of this guide. For now, let's concentrate on buying the material we're interested in. Go back to the homepage, and repeat the first step.

Click on the red button.

This time, you're taken to this page. You can see previous issues of the magazine below, you can see the price of the magazine (a little under $3), the issue number, etc. On the right is a box with 5 options and a button below. Those are payment options. The one we care about is the second one from the start: クレジットカード決済. That's payment by credit card. Select it, then press the button below.

Here's an all-too-familiar screen. Enter your credit card info. First the number (no spaces, no nothing, just digits), then the month / year, and finally the "secret code", same as any other website. Check the box to have your credit card memorized into the system, so that next time you don't need to re-enter the number. Then click on the button to the right.

You will most likely be taken to a bank-specific protection system that'll ask you a secret question or send you a text with a number to input or something. Depends on the type of card you have. Then you'll come to this screen, once the transaction is successful. Congratulations! You've bought a magazine! You're a true supporter! If you don't see this screen, it means the transaction failed. Check with your bank.

Now there are two buttons here. The one on the right is to download what you've just bought to your Book in the Box software, so don't click it for now because it's not installed yet. First we'll check your online "book shelf". Click on the left button (or click here). Note that the book shelf is also accessible at all times through a button to the left of all pages.

Well, looks like you've got one Young Animal in there! Click on it.

Now you've got options. The green DL option is to download to Book in the Box, and the blue option is to view in the browser. For info, some browsers may not support this technology very well, so if you encounter problems, try another software.

If we return to the homepage, notice that the magazine now displays the green and blue options directly there as well.

Alright, so you can check YA directly from your browser, but what about the old school way, through a dedicated program on your computer? Well, let's install Book in the Box. As a reminder, the download page is here.

It will download a zip file that contains a directory. Extract that directory, then click on setup.exe.

Click the button to the right, marked (N) for "Next".

Check A for "Accept" and click N for "Next".

Choose the desired directory and click Next. The program will install for a short while, then show you a final screen. Click C for "Close" and you're done. A shortcut has been placed on your desktop, double-click it.

This screen will appear. It's a login/registration screen. Surprise, you need to register again! That's right, Book in the Box uses a different account from the Hakusensha online store. It's simple though, just follow what the pictures says. For the postal code, use this: 100-8994. Click on the red button (top one).

Your registration is complete! You'll receive an email with a unique ID that was attributed to you. Keep it, as it's used to log into the program.

Finally, go back to the website and click the green DL button.

The issue is immediately uploaded to Book in the Box (if the software isn't open, you'll be prompted to do so). Double-click it, and there you go!

As a conclusion, be aware that it's not just Young Animal that can be bought online. The first 34 volumes of Berserk are also available right here and can be purchased the same way.

Current Episodes / Episode 331
« on: October 10, 2012, 10:11:02 AM »
Title: 流星 - Shooting star

Brief summary: The merrows are guiding the ship to Skellig. The boy disappears. Schierke thinks the boy might be from Elfhelm, or that he might even be the King of the Flower Storm himself. There's also mention of a branch relating to the moon, which clearly refers to the 5th and 8th pictures of the preview. Branches, sure, but of what tree? Ganishka's? The Elf King's, if he's associated to a plant like Chich? Extremely interesting.

That at least can explain how the boy can travel seemingly anywhere he wants: the tree (whichever it is) is astral in nature and big enough that it goes through the full moon, like through a portal. And what about Schierke's guess? It makes sense from her point of view, but given what we know and the hints we've had, it seems wrong somehow. Unless the boy is a projection from the king himself and is meant to look like Guts & Casca's son would have on purpose, as a way to mend what has to be. Crazy theories.

In other news, Miura wants to move to a new place.

Current Episodes / Episode 329
« on: June 19, 2012, 09:58:22 AM »
Title: 遠い日の春花② - The Spring Flower of Days Long Passed (2)

Straight from Japan: the name of the elf is "チッチ", which I guess could be romanized as "Chicchi" among other things.

She's the spirit of flower and is excited that Guts is the first one to summon her. She exerts herself, using up all the leaves to cure him, but dies the next morning as a result.

So as expected, it seems the previous comment about Guts' feelings towards elves should be taken with a grain of salt. It seems he was rather traumatized by the event.

Video Games / Resident Evil: Revelations
« on: January 19, 2012, 11:32:15 PM »
Finished the Resident Evil Revelations demo. It's pretty short, but also pretty nice. Controls take some time getting used to (the Circle Pad Pro would probably help), but it's quite refreshing to be able to aim and move at the same time. The game's biggest asset is its graphics engine though, looks very good.

Current Episodes / Episode 326
« on: January 13, 2012, 09:14:30 AM »
Title: 声連(サイレン) - Siren

Berserk will be featured in YA #3, which will be released on January 27. It'll be on the cover and there'll be a poster as well (something by Miura on one side, something by Studio 4C on the other).

Site & Forum News / Speeding up the registration process
« on: September 25, 2011, 08:23:43 AM »
Due to the amount of spam we're getting these days the conventional registration process is being significantly slowed down. What this means for prospective new users is a delay that can go up to a month before their registration goes through. In order to speed up the process, we've set up an email address to which eager registrants can write and ask for access:

If you so desire, send us a short message there using the same email address you registered with and briefly introduce yourself. You will then be on the fast track for account approval!

Thank you for your understanding.

Current Episodes / Episode 325
« on: September 20, 2011, 06:29:52 AM »
Title: 人魚② - Merrow (2)

Isma's mom kind of reminds me of Luca with her hair in front of her eye like that. And it looks like the merrows are using some kind of soundwave to fight the Sea God. Guts is in very bad shape.

In other news, it looks like the next issue might not be out until the holidays (so yeah, that means a break).

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