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Character Cove / Changes in Casca
« on: August 26, 2010, 01:21:34 PM »
This is my first thread, so constructive criticism is appreciated.

The thing I anticipate most in the story of berserk is the return of the sane Casca. :casca:
Over time, Casca has gone through many changes, both physically and most certainly emotionally/mentally.

I'll start off with her physical appearance:


Her face changes from short and round with thick eyebrows to a slightly thinner more womanly face. But I didn't realize that she loses muscle as well. So if she were to come back to her normal self, I wonder if she will mention how weak she has gotten. Will she retain her swordsmanship?


Miura also draws the younger Casca to look more like the current Casca in volume 28. (thinner face & eyebrows) pretty interesting!

And now for the mental changes.

Casca is a very dynamic character (a roller coaster of emotions if you will). Casca goes from being an annoying tomboy (who idealizes :griffnotevil:), to a girl who gets in touch with her womanly side :guts: (and becomes lovable), to being reduced to the mentality of a child :???:. (who currently sees Guts as an evil being from hell who intends to rape her every minute of the day) I skipped a bunch of the smaller changes, such as the love she grew for her demon-child. Already she has had many changes in her personality.

A critical moment that lies ahead in the story line is the awakening of Casca. What will she be like? Will she resent Guts? Will she start where she left off? Will she become some sort of emo? Will she cut her hair back to normal? Will she become a lesbian who hates all men? Will Guts grow a beard? Anything can happen, maybe she will stay childlike permanently (noooo!) or she could seek revenge on Griffith. I personally would love to see Casca get intimate with Guts again, but according to Skully, she might not want to be brought back (foreshadowing oOoOoOo..), and then Miura will laugh at seeing me weep for the old Casca (the lovable one).

So for now, I'm expecting the worst :sad: so I can be delightfully surprised later. :guts:

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