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Berserk Merchandise / Casca Hawk Soldiers
« on: May 25, 2010, 04:05:09 PM »
I'm in a very good mood today b/c I found a rare gem on yahoo.  Anyways it was the Casca Hawk Soldiers figure and the guy was asking for $600 HKD ($1 USD = $7.81~ HKD at current exchange rates) and I even managed to get a discount down to $550 HKD so it was about ~$70 USD which I'm 100% certain was a steal.  When I picked up the statue I had told the store owner that I paid 800 Euros recently for the Guts 20th anniversary and he was surprised the figures went for so much overseas and outside of Hong Kong.  He told me he had regretted charging so little for this figure  :iva: He says he has more Berserk figures if I'm interested but may have to up the price a bit haha.  Anyways pictures will be uploaded this weekend when I try to make room in the shelf to display it.  Any feedback would be awesome regarding whether it was a steal, whether I paid too much or too little although I'm sure this was a bargain.  It was brand new never displayed (the guy owned a shop so I trust him + I inspected the figure beforehand) and only the box was a bit old.  Pictures to be upped in a few days.  I'll update the thread name when pics have been uploaded.

p.s and please don't go telling me about no crack rock edition this time  :mozgus:

here is the link guys:

unfortunately it is the limited edition (green one) so you guys are in luck and won't have to compete with me as I was willing to pay up to $2000 USD for it.  I'll just have to keep waiting for a brand new silver one =.=

Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I just wanted to know if I had overpaid for my Berserk Guts 20th Anniversary Bloodstained Armor (V3).  I tried VERY VERY HARD to look for a brand new one from yahoo japan as well as ebay but NOBODY would put this one up for sale.  Lucky for me I found a company in Belgium that had a brand new one in stock and I ordered it for 725 Euros (shipping included) and just the shipping was about 100 Euros as it is being shipped to Hong Kong.  I've asked around and it seems like I got a steal right? Some people told me they sold their pre-ordered one months ago when it was up for pre-orders @ AOW and it went for about $1200 USD? Please let me know I got a good deal and didn't get ripped off guys (^.^) Cheers~

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