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Shootin' the Breeze / Guess who's back Walter, yah Mofo! HAHAHA
« on: January 16, 2006, 05:55:32 PM »
AHHAHAHAHAHA.  :chomp: :chomp: :chomp: :chomp: :chomp: :chomp:

jp. Happy 2006 :P

Shootin' the Breeze / Lineage II NAOB and P2P Guild here...
« on: March 05, 2004, 09:05:13 PM »

General Overview
The Band of Hawks is a Lineage II North America Gaming Guild based on Kentaro Miura's epic manga series, Kenpu Denki Berserk. It is a guild that has a striking resemblence to the manga, that is that this guild as a whole has a dream to conquer and rule the Kingdom of Aden one day.

The Band of Hawks is an extremely organized guild that supports hundreds of members. Under our unique socio-political system, we will not only be able to achieve justice and order amongst our members, but will be able to take full advantage of the party/clan system that Lineage II has to offer.

Our insignia is represented by the Hawk. It is based on the same insignia that Kentaro Miura created. Perhaps the greatest feature of the Hawk is that it is amongst all other birds, a leader and a symbol of inspiration. It also symbolizes hope and determination. It is with these ideals that we will be able to achieve our status to become the rulers of Aden.

Play Style
Our guild is open to both casual and hardcore gamers. There is not limit cap on recruitment/enrollment. It is under this belief of open-acceptance that will maximize the full-potential of our guild. Socio-political ranks are accessible to both casual and hardcore gamers, however, the Hero Status will mainly be achievable to hardcore gamers that have a real desire to find their fullest character potentials in the game. If you are into role-playing, this guild will definately have plenty of room, stories and characters to make a lively setting. Those of you that enjoy pure hack and slash will enjoy the benefits of protection and priority. You cannot multi-clan. Furthermore, you only get one chance at being a member, if you choose to resign your position and role as a member, you forfeit all future relations with this guild.

In true honor of the original Band of Hawks depicted by Kentaro Miura, this guild will accept all races and classes. Furthermore, we will also house various gamestyles, including mercenaries, assassins, blacksmiths and merchants.

It is not our intention to be friends with everyone. Keeping this in mind, the number of alliances we choose to make and keep will be kept to a minimal. This will ensure the highest standard of gaming excitement achieveable under the Lineage II system. We are not player killers. We do however, take part in anti-player killing activities, and we will hunt reds. Again, this is done to ensure fun without the cost of sacrificing experience/karma.

War measures are executed at the highest level of preparation, dedication and motivation. All seige battles will be descriptive in battle tactics and dispatchment.

Law & Punishment
If at anytime an individual in the guild takes part in mischievous acts, they will be brought forth into our court to be tried. The Farseer and Acting Leader will be judge, with a jury consisting of the Tribunal. The accused will have to provide his/her own legal support. This will be done in the Court Room in the BBS, everything will be documented. Decisions are final and there are no appeals.

Socio-political Hierarchy

Well, I'm the founder and so, the farseer. The creation of the clan will be self-maintained by the government formed and elected by its members. I will just overlook the clans activities and provide any advice that is required. Mainly in charge of administration of the guild.

Acting Leader
An individual with strengths both game and relations. This individual will lead most campaigns. This position can be elected, or, if the members are too shy, the Farseer can appoint him/her.

The Backbone of the government for our guild. Only governors can be nominated/appointed into these positions. The Tribunal consists of 10 individuals that represent various aspects of the game and the guild activities. They are divided into 3 main specializations:

War Chiefs
Blacksmiths and Merchants
The Warchiefs consists of the General, The Raid Commander, The Minister of Security

The Principals consists of the Elder Mage, Secret Society, Soldiers, Clerics and Administrator of Quests.

The Blacksmiths and Merchants consists of a representative for Blacksmiths, and one for Merchants/Tradesmen.

Are the leaders of each dividing faction as the Guild increases in size, enrollment and fortunes. They command every legion of 40 individuals (including him/herself).

Consists of Captain (Party Leader), Veteran (Advanced Soldier), Soldier, Senior Blacksmith, Blacksmith, Merchant and Apprentice. Everyone starts off as an apprentice and learns a particular skill/career from the Captain/Veterans of their interest. Successfull merchants can advance directly to governor status if they can gather the riches and individuals to do so.

The Expansion Process
Initially, we will fill up the first 40 spaces to allow for the creation of the first guild. Then, the next guild is setup for every 10 members. The leader of each newly formed guild will be created by the 2nd highest commanding individual from the original guild. Only 5 members of the original 40 of any sub-guild will leave to form the new guilds. Once 6 guilds have been reached (1 original, 5 sub), any further guilds will branch out from the longest standing sub-guild, and again, the process repeats with the 5 most highest ranking individuals from that guild, which upon creation of the new guild, the leader will automatically become a governor.

The Alliance process. Each guild is allied with the guilds they create, not whom they are associated with.

The oldest guild will take over the castle, then, the next castle will be taken by the next longest standing guild. However, rotations and changes in operating the castles may occur to maximize the benefits of certain sub-guilds. E.g. Blacksmiths and Merchants would most benefit from the taxes from Castle operations, therefore, they may have priority over getting castle control, to maximize the Guild's warchest. However, if at anytime, there is an abuse of the system (whereby improper spending of funds is evident), their priviledges will be revoked.

Hero Status
Band of Hawks is an extremely flexible and versatile guild. It allows both casual and hardcore gamers to enjoy the aspects of being part of a guild in Lineage II. However, hardcore gamers get some addes benefits, both of intrinsic and extrinsic value. For example:

Special Rank, Assignments and Duties within the Battle Field.
Personalized Guild Permissions and Access
Protection from lower level characters in seige battle
Automatic Captain Status in Seige Battle
Depending on the level and strength of your character in the game, you can possible earn your way to Governor if you become very successful. However, to advance any further in the tree to get into the Tribunal, you will require some leadership skills.
You will be deployed regardless of what political ranking you may have, in important and critical missions such as the primary protection of the leader or other important figures such as governors or the tribunal.

The various titles associated to the Hero Status are unique. They will differ depending on what your character excels in. Each title is unique to its hero.

Recruitment Requirements
There are almost virtually no requirements needed to join the Band of Hawks. We are open to casual and hardcore gamers, of any race, gender and age. However, there are some things we'd like you to follow through, and that would be:

You must play your gender. (e.g. If you are a male, you must play a male figure, etc)
You only get one chance at being a Hawk, if you leave, you cannot come back.
You cannot multi-clan while being in our clan.

As a member of the Band of Hawks, you will have full access to play with other individuals within our guild. Furthermore, depending on the rank you are within the guild, you will have increased permissions. Everyone starts off at the "just-know" basis when they are an apprentice, however, as you advance, more and more of the guild activites will be revealed. This is required to ensure and to test the loyalty and trust of the members in this guild. Also, your BBS permissions will increase too, you will be allowed into areas where you may not have been originally allowed in and have more posting options such as a lower post flood control time compared to foreign members.

Below is a general guideline of behavior for a typical member in the Band of Hawks. Rules are ever changing and adapting to the guild's unique character.

You must play your gender. (e.g. If you are a male, you must play a male figure, etc)

You only get one chance at being a Hawk, if you leave, you cannot come back.

You cannot multi-clan while being in our clan.

Discrimination/Racism will not be tolerated, you will get the boot immediately if such evidence is uncoverd.

You must practice good logic, maturity and manners.

You cannot player kill whites/purples. You may kill reds. *There are certain circumstances where you will given the chance to kill white/purple, but these will be assigned.

You shall have a social life outside this game. If you become too addicted to this game, and it becomes evident that you are losing your sanity, your relationships, your work, etc, you will be placed in a detox/rehab program where you will be ignored till you find your life again. Again, we want responsible gamers, not freak shows.

If you try to sabotage, you will be thrown out immediately.
Furthermore, the chance of sabotage is close to nil.

Individuals are given an oppurtunity at the beginning of each campaign to follow through or to withdraw, if you follow through but do not make the commitment, you will be warned. You have 10 life lines for such warnings, if they are all used up, you will get the boot. If you cannot commit due to a power failure, emergency, poor planning, etc, then it's okay, but if it's because you're chicken, you're gone.

For little things such as spam, annoyance, pestering other guilds, making a fool out of yourself, chickening out of a campaign, you will get warnings. When you have accumulated 10 warnings, you get the boot.

If you perform a disgusting crime, such as hate practice, racism, discrimination, sabotage, multi-clanning, etc, you will be banned immediately.

If it is a diplomatic situation that is complex in nature, you will be tried in our court system, with the Tribunal as the jury and the Farseer and Acting Leader as the judges. You will have to provide your own legal defence to support your case, or you can support yourself, but the weight of your word will not hold as strong.

These policies are enstated to ensure the maximum enjoyment for the members of the guild. Any attempt to destroy that and you will be punished accordingly.


Register at our forums @ Then proceed to the Registration Office and read the notice at the top.

Shootin' the Breeze / Anyone playing Lineage 2 JOB?
« on: February 24, 2004, 01:03:22 AM »
I'm over on server 3 of the Japanese open beta. Anyone else playing?

Shootin' the Breeze / Mule Clearance #3
« on: October 01, 2003, 07:11:03 PM »
D2: Lod USEast Stuff I'd like to rid of:

Id'd Stuff
[01] 3 x Chanceguards (29, 34, 37) for 2 prubies
[02] 3 x String of Ears (8/13/10,6/13/10,8/13/12) for 6 prubies
[03] 18 Life +1 Def and 17 Life for 2 pruby
[04] 17 Life sc for 1 pruby
[05] 17 Life sc and 17 Life +22 Def sc for 3 pruby
[06] 19 Life +18 Def sc for 2 pruby
[07] 2 Max Dmg +14 AR for 2 pruby
[08] +1 Cold Skill +5 Dex Sorc GC for 12 sols
[09] +1 Barb Masteries +27 Life GC for 15 sols
[10] 16/203 Ravens for 8 prubies
[11] 16/226 Ravens for 9 prubies
[12] 19/167 Ravens for 9 prubies
[13] Dwarf Star for 5 prubies
[14] Atma's Scarab for 12 prubies
[15] Mara's Kladeioscope 27 for 18 sols
[16] Baranar's Star for 15 prubies
[17] Waterwalks 49 for 8 prubies

Unid Stuff
[18] 1 x Unid Guardian Angel for 6 sols
[19] Unid Thunder God's for 10 prubies
[20] Unid Thunder God's for 10 prubies
[21] Unid Jalal's Mane for 10 prubies

First come first serve. I take sols or prubies on items, but I prefer you to give me what is indicated on their price tags. Buy 5 or more of the item packs (combo items such as the strings and chance count as 1 item) and get 20% off sum total.

I will be able to make the trades today (in about 2 hours from now), and also on Friday and the weekend. If by next week you do not claim the items, they are up for grabs again. Ciao!

Shootin' the Breeze / YOOOOO!!! WASSSSSUPPPPP
« on: September 23, 2003, 06:06:23 PM »


Shootin' the Breeze / Anyone Watch Pride or UFC?
« on: June 07, 2003, 06:31:58 PM »
Good Lord, Vitor looked in great shape, but man, wtf is with that mop he had over his head?

Laffs at Chuck Liddell, I knew Chuck sucked, he always connects with those wild shots that had no momentum in them (since he's always moving back). He's simply not aggressive enuff and his counters aren't that great.

Did you see Matt Lindland? Hahahahah, that was hilarious :P

Shootin' the Breeze / Trance/Techno Anyone?
« on: May 30, 2003, 03:24:31 PM »
Hiya, was wondering if anyone was interested into listening to trance genre of music. If so, I highly suggest you buy an album by 4 Strings called Believe. It's breathtaking. Let it Rain and Diving are my favorite songs in the album.

Speculation Nation / Concerning Rituals
« on: April 30, 2003, 01:27:06 AM »
Was wondering, what if, by chance, that Griffith got his head cut-off during the ritual. Actually, this goes for other Beherit related rituals. What if the subject was terminated before the ritual could be completed, would that mean the ritual would seize and the Beherit would vanish, or would the Beherit still be kept circulating? Just curious, thats all.

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