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Anime Asylum / 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 1
« on: July 01, 2016, 01:31:20 PM »
And it's out!

Note: Looks like there is a 1 week holdback for free users.

Berserk Merchandise / [Official]: Art of War - Statue Request Thread
« on: March 02, 2013, 05:51:56 PM »
Hey all.

If any of you have been keeping up with the recent Void/Griffith diorama thread, you have probably noticed that we are all pretty damn upset about the constant remakes and inflated prices that AOW is offering.  Please look through that thread to get up to speed.

The main thing I would like to bring your attention to is this:

Quote from: Art of War
We have received some customers request ask us to re-create new scenes and new characters, that is what we always want to do. However, as we have done some sub characters in the past which we believe you already knew them, the result is that they were not sold well and brought us very big lost. Our situation is not good these years, and we may never release a product over 100 pieces again. We have to be careful about planning new things, even if we want to, we will not do if we are not sure it can be sold out safely. Therefore we really thank you for giving the space in your forum, and if you can convener 50 people to ask for the same character or the same scene, it will be a really useful voice for us to do as you wish. That is a power which can only be recalled by your customers.

So this is where we can try to do this.  Now we've had 2 "AOW wish" thread before, and even one of them was started by AOW themselves (yup, they posted on this forum years back).

AOW thread
Recent thread

Without getting the topic derailed, can we try and suggest realistic / probable suggestions that we can convince AOW to make?  I will start the list off with some ideas that I want, and will tally them up if you agree.  If you suggest another statue, I will add it to the list as well.

1 - holding his weapon

2 - in the arms of the female demon before his death
1 - at the ball with women around his arms

4 - with Guts, on top of castle wall, hugging during Mozgus fight
2 - with Griffith, being protected by his cape on top of Hill of Swords
2 - with Moonlight Child, holding him
3 - with Guts applying fairy dust on his wounds after 100 Man Fight
2 - with Guts spirit of the berserker armor (dog) eating & raping her
1 - with Guts hugging her before 100 man fight under tree

1 - with Rickert
1 - with Godot
1 - with Casca

1 - with Casca, holding her or taking care of her
1 - with Guts, nude on top riding dragon slayer

3 - with Skull Knight, something sweet
3 - with Schierke, something sweet like the color picture in volume 25, where they are sewing something together

2 - sitting on the chair, petting his dog
3 - vs Guts, on top being impaled

1 - sitting on his throne on top of a pile of skulls in Wyndham, from volume 27

God Hand
1 - new set (1/10 scale or higher)

2 - forging Guts' sword (think sparks)

2 - childhood Griffith piling corpses to castle
1 - with Guts, standing on his sword
1 - as Femto, raping Casca
1 - atop Zodd apostle form

3 - spirit of the berserker armor (dog)
5 - vs Griffith in snow, Golden Age
1 - slaying his arm with Borkoff in front of Griffith and Casca
1 - new berserker armor pose
1 - new black swordsman pose aiming or shooting hand canon

2 - playing his instrument in the forest, by his campfire, while Sonia listens, in volume 29

3 - with Casca, on the horse in the eclipse
3 - with Casca, on top of her dying by the flogs

2 - human form
3 - apostle form

Mozgus Disciples
5 - any or all of them (for a set of all of them, i could deal with 1/15 scale)

1 - action pose, swinging his hammer
1 - holding a keg of beer and or cup

2 - vs Tapasa, gracefully evading punches from the Tapasa
1 - action pose, jumping around

1 - young Rickert with Pippin
1 - present day Rickert with Erica

3 - apostle form
2 - with Jill, in a sweet pose, hugging or something similar

1 - with Sonia, sitting together on the docks with all the birds surrounding them
1 - with Farnese, casting a spell
2 - riding Guts' back over the shoulder during Berserker form
7 - with Farnese & Casca, casting a spell on the tree stump while they watch amazed, color picture in volume 27
2 - with Flora and earth golems (plus the tree house)
1 - at the front door of the tree house looking at the band, volume 24 chap 4 p 11
1 - with Isidro, Isma, Puck, and Evarella looking onwards

1 - Serpico vs Kelpie, in front of church in the rain
2 - with Farnese, something sweet

1 - riding the back of Irvine's apostle form

1 - with Black Dogs, on horse, holding dead bodies

Please contribute and/or agree with any of the statues above.  And of course, let's try to avoid solo Guts, Griffith, Zodd, and SK if possible.  Thanks!

Buying / Selling / New Buying / Selling / Trading Sub-Forum
« on: October 19, 2012, 05:48:43 PM »
Hey happy Berserk collectors!

We started a sub-forum for all topics related to buying/selling/trading, so we can keep the main forum most focused on the discussion of new merchandise (including statues, custom kits, etc), sharing pictures of our collections, and so forth.

I'll be moving older selling/buying threads over to this forum as the days go by.

Happy hunting! :guts:

Berserk Merchandise / 1:1 scale replica of Guts DRAGON SLAYER!!!
« on: September 11, 2012, 01:08:22 AM »
Well folks.  Men, women, and children alike.  It's been a long time since Master James created a life-size Berserk replica...

:beast: First --- the Berserker helmet.
:SK: Second --- the Skullknight helmet.
:femto: Third --- the Femto helmet.
:badbone: Fourth --- the Skullknight Sword & Shield (which was never carried through due to lack of demand or interest... but still possible if there are enough people!!! HOLLA IF INTERESTED)

Now, I present to you what I'm sure almost EVERYONE HERE WOULD BE INTERESTED IN...


IncantatioN has been the one corresponding with James on this, so major props to IncantatioN for moving this project forward.  We all love you mang!  And seeing how this is, YOU KNOW this bad boy is gonna be as accurate and true to form as God Hand intended it!

Here are some initial pictures, and a note from James:

Here is a set of pics in the process.  I started with the middle of the sword.  You can see me cut it out of wood and then I added texture to it with bondo.  I gave it an aged and hammered metal effect like on the first sword you sent me.  I really like the look.  It will probably look better to you when it's all one color.

Updates to follow.

And of course, if you are interested, please say "fuck yes" below.  A tally of people interested will help determine how much the price will be for each sword.


Whoever gets the first viewing should post a thread with their review of it, and we can all jump in there and post our own reviews.

Well, let me just state... I know this movie is going to be a hit or miss with Berserk fans.  This movie is NOT the 100% most accurate adaptation in the world, by no means.  But I'm from the school of thought, where I see this Saga Project as a supplement way to enjoy my Berserk.  And to me, it's a great fucking supplement. :serpico:

Though far from perfect, in short... I loved it!!!  I smiled, I laughed, I got pretty emotional in certain parts... it was an excellent excellent 70+ minutes.  The character designs look great in motion, and after they flash forward a few years, I really dig Casca's look.  The voice acting was top notch, except I'm not really a fan of Carcus's new voice.  The action scenes are really intense and fluid (minus one scene which I will get to later).  The scenery is gorgeous.  As for character development, we barely get to know any of the other Hawk soldiers besides Griffith and Guts, and a bit of Casca.  The story really focuses on the main two.  I feel young Guts and young Griffith were developed well, but in the latter half of the movie when they are older it felt a bit rushed.  However, the fountain scene with the big 3 and Charlotte was really nice.  I have a feeling movie 2 will have a ton of Casca though, and the audience will finally get to know her more.  I'm looking forward to that!

I do have some gripes though, and the main one being the pacing in certain scenes.  My biggest disappointment came during Zodd/Guts fight scene.  Honestly, I felt the '97 anime did it better.  The '97 anime just made the scene feel more intense.  This new version, half of the scene is done with a voiceover over it, so it really lessens the impact.  It just went by too quick.

My other major complaint is about the music.  It's fine for some parts, but it's just distracting and random in other parts.  It doesn't hold a candle to Hirasawa.  And I gotta say (and I'm sure many will agree on this), Hirasawa is soooo soooo integral to the Berserk world.  I really do miss his music playing in the background.  I want my "Earth," "Guts," and "Beherit"!  :ubik:

But overall... though there are shortcomings, and though the movie & story would have benefitted by SO MUCH MORE if they just extended it by 10-15 minutes... I'm really happy!!!  And I just have this gut feeling, that movie 2 and 3 are only going to get better and better!!!

Yuppers!  My order from CD Japan just shipped!!!  1-4 days, fedex!!!  Can't wait!!!!!  :serpico: :guts: :carcus: :slan: :casca: :iva: :farnese: :isidro: :schierke:


*Bluray has a "First Addition Limited Pressing" which comes with Guts/Griffith Ball point pens, bonus CD, and an exclusive slip case cover with original art by Miura!

UPDATE, GOT IT!  Pics below!

Some deets...
- Yes, the bluray disc works in a US PS3 (and all others that share the same region).  Unsure if it is 100% region free though.
- There are 4 audio tracks (all Japanese) and 1 subtitle track (Japanese subs).
- There are 2 special features.  One is just all the voice actor clips on their youtube channel.  The other is a 3:40 second montage of Movie 2!!!  It's pretty much all Doldrey fight scenes.  The CG looks excellent in these clips!
- The booklet comes with a whole bunch of images/sketches/production shots.  I took a few pictures just to give you an idea.
- The slipcase is definitely a nice touch and a MUCH better cover to the movie than the original cover.
- The soundtrack inside is just 3 tracks, and two of them are really just excerpts/highlights from the official soundtrack.  Only one of them is interesting and it's an acoustic guitar take on some of the songs.
- The pens are pens.

Berserk Merchandise / New 2012 "Guts DX" Figure, by Banpresto
« on: March 04, 2012, 04:04:00 AM »
Walter just pointed out to me, that on the official Berserk twitter, they posted a picture of a new "Guts DX" figure by Banpresto.  Release date will be around the June 23rd, along with the release of the 2nd movie in Japan.

For those that don't remember, this is the OLD Banpresto figure from many years back, lol!

:guts: :serpico: :griffnotevil: :casca: :slan: :ubik: UPDATE 11/29/11: ALBUMS AVAILABLE NOW :guts: :serpico: :griffnotevil: :casca: :slan: :ubik:

Hey folks.

Most of you know me as that one crazy & obsessed Berserk collector that has no life outside from his precious little Berserk statues and kits!!!  Well, that's a pretty accurate description actually! =P  But, there IS something else that I have an immense passion for: music.  I've been writing and producing music since I was a pubescent kid.  Over the years, I've put out a number of CDs, but it wasn't til 2011, when my friend and I (we are known as Magnetic North) collaborated with fellow New Yorker, Taiyo Na, signed to a major hip hop label in Japan!  Crazy sheeeeyittt!

Well, after working on this album for several years, we are releasing "Home:Word" in Japan and domestically this November.  The Japanese album will be in stores nationwide on the 23rd, but for those that live in Japan, you can already purchase the album on iTunes!

Home:Word [Japan Edition]

So far, in just under 1 week of being released on iTunes, our album has already hit number 3 on the iTunes hip hop charts!!!  Pretty surreal.  Additionally, several months ago (back in April), one of our singles hit number 2 for a week on the iTunes hip hop charts as well.  I don't know what the future has in store, but my bandmates and I can only hope for the best.  It would be an absolute DREAM to tour in Japan.  Like honest to God Hand, A DREAM!  We are humbled by the support so far!

So, for any SK'ers that live in Japan, if you like what you hear, please spread our music as much as you can.  Whether it's through iTunes or Amazon or Tower, please let your friends know!

For all non-Japanese residents, of course, we will be releasing the album here too, on the 29th.

Home:Word [Deluxe Edition]
Available on CD and on iTunes

And for some quick links to check out our work:
Home:Word Album Press Release
Lyric Video of our song "Fukushima"
Music Video for our song "Summertime" (this one is kinda old now)
*We will be releasing a new music video for our song "Home:Word" by the end of the month.  I can't wait for this one to be done!

And finally our other pages:

Thanks for reading (and listening!)

PS Try to guess which one is me. :casca:

Berserk Merchandise / AOW: New Berserk Anime Project / Special Offers
« on: November 12, 2011, 06:28:40 PM »
I guess we all missed this.  I didn't get an email about it either, but I just saw it on their website.  The sale started today, November 12th, but since Japan is ahead of us these items went live several hours ago.

Anyhow... look:

Some pretty good deals there on the old statues, like the Armored Berserk one...  For charity, I totally understand, and I can get behind it.  But otherwise, I do think like it's a little unorthodox to re-release such old statues out of the blue like this...

But yup, there are a few statues still left...

Code No. 016: Femto/ *Sold out/ Unit Price 15,800 YEN

Code No. 31: Zodd with wings/ *Sold out/ Unit Price 14,800 YEN

Code No. 66: Boscone Statue (with blood effects)/ Limited to 1 piece/ Unit Price 25,000 YEN

Code No. 70: Black Swordsman: Attack Form (with blood effects)/ *Sold out/ Unit Price 25,000 YEN

Code No. 75: The Skull Knight Horse Riding Figure (Normal)/ *Sold out/ Unit Price 30,000 YEN

Code No. 84: Black Swordsman: MAGUN (with blood effects)/ *Sold out/ Unit Price 23,000 YEN

Code No. 90: Grunberd (with blood effects)/ Limited to 1 piece/ Unit Price 35,000 YEN

Code No. 98: Armored Berserk (with blood effects)/ *Sold out/ Unit Price 30,000 YEN

Code No. 192: Guts & Zodd desperate attack/ Limited to only 2 pieces/ Unit Price 43,000 YEN

Code No. 202: "Houma" Locus (Single statue)/ Limited to only 3 pieces/ Unit Price 28,000 YEN

Code No. 203: "Houma" Zodd (Single statue)/ Limited to only 1 piece/ Unit Price 25,000 YEN

Well, in light of Incantation's RIPOFF ALERT THREAD, I figure I should speak up about someone too.

His info

Name: Keiyo Tsukayama (sometimes referred to as K or Kenzaki)
Website/blog: aka [hasn't updated in a year]
Address: I know his old one, which is in Baltimore, but has since moved to a new address in Baltimore (or near it)
Phone number: [will post this if it comes to it]

His girlfriend's info
Name: Jackie aka RukawaGF
Phone number: [will post this if it comes to it]
Website/blog: [still active]
Cosplay Profile: [lots of pictures of her]

I was introduced to this guy by fellow sk'er Maiku.  I've met Maiku before (in person), and we talk on AIM/gchat a lot.  Maiku is trustworthy, and I don't hold him against this, because Keiyo has also strung Maiku along for a ride over the years.  Keiyo has owed him tons of merchandise, but since Maiku and Keiyo are "friends" in real life (they used to go to anime conventions together and so forth), and because Maiku also lives nearby Keiyo, Maiku was FINALLY able to meet up with him and get his goods.  So Keiyo did finally come through for him, 5 years after the fact.  What a great friend Keiyo is... finally coming through for a "friend" 5 years down the road.  Stand up fellow, ain't he?

Now for me, I have never met Keiyo.  However, we used to chat on the phone for many hours, as well as on AIM.  There would be times we were talk about Berserk, statues, kits, and so forth once a week, for months straight.  He was actually very knowledgable in the figure / hobby world.  He had a lot of inside information and connections (supposedly).  He knew the names of each sculptor at Art of War, and he knew which sculptor sculpted which statue.  It was interesting info, and it made me trust him more.

Basically, he was an expert.  Like, he really knew his shit, dating to kits and figures 20 years old.  And he always boasted about his connections.  And since, I got into hobby collecting in early 2000, I was missing a backlog of 10 years of Berserk kits.  He said he could get a lot of these kits for me, through various collector friends he had.  So naturally, I took the bait.

His story, was similar to Oliver's, in the sense Keiyo kept telling me "My friend has your kits, he'll ship them out to you soon, but he's been busy".  Over and over again "Yes, he's in the middle of moving so his stuff is in storage, so he can't get to your kits right now, but when he does, he'll ship them to you".  Similar stories each time, rinsed and repeated.  And sure enough, Keiyo just stopped responded to me.

But it wasn't just me and Maiku that got ripped off.  Check this out...  There was this ebay account back in 2005, "rasputins_ghost1976" who was selling a TONS of anime resin statues (by the hundreds).  Epoch, Kaiyodo, Volks, EVERYTHING.  And for a few months, they were getting all positive feedbacks.  Suddenly, after selling a huge chunk of auctions, for rare statues, for a shit ton of money... ALL OF THEM RECEIVED NEGATIVE FEEDBACKS, and none of the auction winners got their merch.  People were ranting in statue forums everywhere about this account.  Also, fellow sk'er EndLeSS8 warned me about them (as I was about to bid on one of their auctions), because EndLeSS8 exchanged a few emails with them and felt like something was shady.  So because of his advice, I decided not to buy.  Good looking out.

Turns out, EndleSS8 forwarded me an email exchange he had with rasputins_ghost1976 (email name was Lester Romero), and his email address was... wait for it... .  So naturally, I brought this up with Keiyo.  BTW, this whole scam happened during the time I started to get to know Keiyo (via phone/AIM).  Keiyo told me, that ebay account was linked to one of his colleagues, that did indeed scam a whole bunch of people, took all the money from the ebay auctions, and framed Keiyo and others for it.  Essentially, Keiyo profusely denied his involvement in it, and has since cut ties with him.  Seeing how much we were chatting at the time, and how I honestly felt like we were friends, and that we had a mutual friend, Maiku, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, as that is what friends do...

Later in 2005, Keiyo asked me to sell some stuff for him on  I wish I didn't do this, but thankfully, it seemed like everyone got their stuff.  But that is the last time I would ever do something like that for someone else.  He had a few AOW statues that he wanted my help to get rid of.  You can see the thread HERE.  Fellow sk'ers Rhombad and -rob- purchased stuff from him, and both of them had complications with him.  It took them a long time to get their merch, but they finally did get them.  Looking back, I find it interesting that whenever he sells/trades stuff, he does it "through a friend".  In this case, me being the "friend".

BTW, Rhombad, if you have anything to add about your transactions with him, please let me know.

Also, Tirade, I believe you have done some Trading Card transactions with him too, right?  If you have any info about your experience, please share.

Finally, I did some more research earlier this year.  So, in 2005, his paypal address was: .  That email is debunked now, however, another email tied to that paypal account still works.  I filed a paypal claim against all these transactions, and then I received an email from that other email tied to the account.  I won't release his info, because he was actually a big help to me.  AND GUESS WHAT, here's what he wrote to me:

"How are you doing mate?  You do seem to be quite annoyed and I feel you.  When I was younger, unfortunately I was idiot enough to allow my so-called friend, Keiyo to use my Paypal account.  He since screwed me quite badly and owes me money for a certain incident.  I have not spoken to him in over 5-6 years"

Well look at that.  ANOTHER "friend" Keiyo fucked over.  Keiyo Tsukayama... class act, huh?

Anyhow, it was after this paypal claim, where I was finally about to get a hold of Keiyo, and where he sent me $500 of the $1500 he owes me.  FUNNY THING, the paypal account that sent me the $500 wasn't his either.  It was his friend's.  I wonder if I should warn that account holder of Keiyo's history of screwing over friends.

After I received that $500, Keiyo called me, and had the NERVE to chat with me, like nothing was wrong.  "Oh hey Derek, long time.  How you been?  How's the music going?  Enjoying New York?"  BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Anyhow, I'm going to keep trying to get my money back.  And I'll keep hassling him until I do.  And hopefully, one day, Keiyo Tsukayama will grow some balls and restore some honor to his dirty deceitful life.

Anime Asylum / Berserk TV series Bluray BOX Set (Japan)
« on: August 24, 2011, 04:03:18 PM »
Not confirmed yet, but seems likely:

I've been following this site lately because of the new Kenshin OVA Bluray set that comes out today.  Apparently, sometimes Japanese BD anime includes English subtitles, so there may be a chance with Berserk, but who knows?  Anyways, if there are subs, I'll definitely pick it up!


SK'ers, James has completed another Berserk masterpiece!!!  He has really poured his soul into all these amazing life size Berserk replicas.  We truly are lucky to have such a talented soul making Berserk collectibles for us that aren't available anywhere else.  So if you're interested in one, please holla at me or James directly (many of you probably know his info by now).  Don't let such great talent go to waste, or worse yet, slip through our fingers!

Price: $350 each or $600 for the pair.
Shipping: $95 in the US, and case by case for overseas.

And if this does well... then... DRAGON SLAYER IS NEXT.  Ya get me? :ubik:

Do it.  DO IT NOW.  :SK:

Hey folks.

One lucky and dedicated son of a gun on this board is the proud owner of a COMPLETELY CUSTOM FIT, FULL BODY, RESIN/FIBERGLASS :SK: ARMOR.  And before you jump to conclusions, it's not me!  I'll let him reveal himself if he so chooses.

James Perkins, the same guy behind all the lovely lifesize Berserk helmets that are STILL AVAILABLE (well the Berserker one is sold out, but the Femto and the Skullknight helmets are still for sale!), has been steadily working on this masterpiece this past year.  You can check out photos and work-in-progress shots in THIS THREAD in the Creation Station forum.

However, when he finishes the costume, he will be selling a limited quantity of the SKULLKNIGHT SHIELD AND SWORD.  That's what this thread is all about!!!

Just like his helmets, he's curious to know how many would be interested in partaking in this wonderful project!  I, for one, am definitely getting one!!!  I absolutely love James' work and his attention to detail is always outstanding.  His likeness of Skullknight's head is already beyond my wildest fantasies, I'm so happy to now be able to put his sword and shield next to him.  Anyhoo!  If y'all are interested, please reply to the thread and voice your thoughts!  Thanks =).

Finally, here are some teaser shots down below.  For many many more photos of the entire costume, you can view a full web gallery here:

[And seriously, y'all need to jump on the Skullknight helmet that James so brilliantly created.  That replica right there is like the king of all replicas, hands down!!!]

Creation Station / Skullknight Full Size Costume
« on: June 17, 2011, 04:43:50 AM »
Hey folks.

One lucky and dedicated son of a gun on this board is the proud owner of a COMPLETELY CUSTOM FIT, FULL BODY, RESIN/FIBERGLASS :SK: ARMOR.  And before you jump to conclusions, it's not me!  I'll let him reveal himself if he so chooses.

James Perkins, the same guy behind all the lovely lifesize Berserk helmets that are STILL AVAILABLE (well the Berserker one is sold out, but the Femto and the Skullknight helmets are still for sale!), has been steadily working on this masterpiece this past year.

And now, James is making limited quantities of the SKULLKNIGHT SHIELD AND SWORD for those that are interested.  For information on that, you can go to this sister thread in the Berserk merchandise forum.

And finally, some teaser shots down below.  For many many more photos, you can view a full web gallery here:

Berserk Merchandise / 1:1 scale replica of Femto Helmet!!!
« on: June 04, 2010, 05:21:47 AM »

The price for this Femto replica is $475 + $45 shipping.  Deposit is $250.  PM me for details!

11.17.10 UPDATE 2 Okay, here are the lighting shots.  I couldn't really take good pictures of it.  It's just too dark for my camera to pick up.  But you can get a sense.  It's just the cavernous space, when lit up, makes for a really spooky image.  It's more ghostly, and you can imagine Griffith's eyes just popping out at any given moment.  Talk about a chick magnet to have around the house huh?

11.17.10 UPDATE 1 DONE AND DONE!  JAMES HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!  You really need to see this in person to really appreciate it, but the paint job and colors of the helmet + base are really spot on.  This is a really difficult piece to photograph, but I took these pictures in natural light to best give you an idea of what it looks like.  What a nice set, ey?!  (Also, on a side note, the pictures of the lighting inside the helmet is VERY HAUNTING.  It's not dark in my apartment yet, so I will have to take pics of that later, but of the 3 helmets thus far, I think the lighting of this one works the best!  I'll try my best to capture it on camera but it really must be seen in person!)

The packaging was great too.  Given the shape of this helmet, it's very secure to ship, so those overseas buyers should fear nothing.

I really hope people out there who like what they see to get it on the project and become an owner of one of these bad boys.  James poured blood sweat and other bodily fluids into these helmets, and it'll be very difficult for him to keep going if no one is taking a bite.  Don't you want to see Golden Age helmets next?!?!? :slan:

Note: I just talked to James about this, and if you are a buyer and you prefer to have a glossy coating on the helmet, then James is more than willing to do that for you, at no extra charge!  Everyone's happy!

11.3.10 UPDATE New base pics!

10.29.10 UPDATE Here are the first pics of the paintjob!!!  This is just the base coat of the helmet.  James said it appears lighter than the pictures show.  He tried to take some pics with flash but then it looked too light.  Rest assured, Aaz gave James PANTONE color codes to make sure Femto is the most accurate color.  Good ol' Aaz!  And keep in mind, these first few pics are very basic.  No detailing, or shadowing, or anything has been done to any of the folds, edges, etc etc.

10.21.10 UPDATE Due to this new base, the price for the replica has gone up $75 (from $400), so the total is now $475 + $45 shipping.  Originally, it was just going to stand up by the back tail of the helmet.  But this new face/eclipse base adds more work/paint.  Deposit is $250.  Hope y'all that are on the fence will jump over soon. :ubik:  Also, the idea of the lighting is to have a UV black light inside the head and James will paint the inside with a UV paint that will reflect and glow.  It should be pretty sweet.  James reused the circle platform from SK and just smoothed it out to hold everything and he'll put the switch on the back like the Berserker and the battery underneath.  Yes, all 3 helmets (Guts, SK, and this one) are level at the same height.

9.29.10 UPDATE - Here's a video of the base, before it is smoothed!

9.10.10 UPDATE - The original concept of the base isn't going to be able to balance the helmet as originally planned, so James is sculpting a stylistic rod, like how we did with the thorns for the SK helmet, except this time it'll be a tower of faces, ala Eclipse.

7.1.10 UPDATE - James finished the mold and is hoping to take a few preorder/deposits to help him with the initial costs of materials and so forth.  Of course, there are no painted pictures of the final product yet, so most of you may not want to preorder without that, but I'm sure some of you are quite familiar with the quality of work that James has done in the past so are willing to put in a deposit right now.  And of course, the sooner you put in the deposit, the sooner you will get the replica!

James is looking at 8-12 weeks to finish the first run of helmets (so still a while away), and the preorder deposit is $225.  Fully refundable of course.

To place a preorder, PM me and I will give you his paypal address.  Some of you might already have it from previous purchases, so feel free just to contact him directly too!

Thanks all!

1. DirectDK - Fully Paid
2. Bruhaha69 - Fully Paid
3. Turkitage - Fully Paid
4. Ckd5989 - Fully Paid
5. Incantation - Fully Paid
6. Master of the Obvious - Fully Paid
7. Indio - Deposit Paid
8. Chimaera - Fully Paid
9. Bashar - Fully Paid

1. DirectDK
2. Zoliv
3. Turkitage
4. Maiku
5. Bruhaha69
6. The Beast of Darkness
7. Ckd5989
8. Chimaera

Quote from: First pictures uploaded 6.4.10
6.4.10, Here are the early progress shots of the Femto replica which we all desire and love! :ubik:  James mentioned that this helmet will be raised and stand at the same height as the previous helmets, so the 3 will look like a set match made in heaven.  I believe it!  (He also mentioned to excuse his 2d drawing skills :slan:)

*Note, the human face is NOT part of the helmet.

Thoughts so far?! :void:

Berserk Merchandise / 1:1 scale replica of Griffith OR Femto Helmet!!!
« on: April 26, 2010, 12:28:03 AM »

James is ready to start on the next one, and we're trying to figure out which helmet to tackle next.  Preferences anyone?

Buying / Selling / Anyone got a Guts Magun statue for sale?
« on: January 21, 2010, 03:18:40 AM »
Hi all,

This is a weird request!  But I am looking to buy a Guts Magun, normal or limited edition, mint or broken!!!  Anything will suffice.  I see some on ebay but I'm hoping to spend a little less.  If anyone has one for sale, that would be fantastic!  Please PM me!  Thank ya. :guts:

Berserk Merchandise / Ikea Display Case, $19.99, Tuesday, Dec 29th ONLY!
« on: December 28, 2009, 03:38:58 PM »

Hey all, just letting you know the popular Detolf display case (white only) is on sale for only $19.99.  Only on Tuesday, Dec 29th.  Just thought I'd share for those that want to stock up!

Berserk Merchandise / Super Awesome BERSERK Gashapons!!!
« on: June 25, 2009, 08:34:43 PM »
This is the SWEETNESS!!!

They don't come in a set, like most gashapon, you have to trade 'em to collect them all.  But most likely, there will be people on ebay selling complete sets.  Very cool!

They are available for pre-order on these sites:


Berserk Merchandise / 1:1 scale replica of Skull Knight Helmet!!!
« on: June 16, 2009, 08:24:58 PM »

James would like to start receiving deposits now, because it'll help him buy all the materials.  So if you're one of the "yes" people, please prepare for your payment.  Thanks!

For just the head suspended on a good, thick, clear acrylic rod and circular base and glowing eyes will be $365. plus $35.00 shipping.  For the head with glowing eyes and spiked collar suspended on the clear acrylic rod and circular base will be $525.00 with $75.00 shipping.

THORNS ($25): The thorns around the base/rod are optional.  They cannot be molded so they are built on a case by case basis, from scratch, and it's very time consuming.  The price for custom thorns is $25.

LATEST PICS *uploaded 10.27.09

VIDEO *uploaded 10.27.09*

List of "yes" and "maybe", shall we?  Who's interested!??!!

1. DirectDK - FULLY PAID!
2. Bruhaha69 - FULLY PAID!
3. Master of the Obvious - FULLY PAID!
4. Ckd5989 - FULLY PAID!
5. MGallagher - FULLY PAID!
6. HiTReza - FULLY PAID!
7. Maiku - FULLY PAID!
8. Turkitage - FULLY PAID!
9. Aazealh - FULLY PAID!
10. Redha - FULLY PAID!
11. CollectionBD
12. Fusiongt - FULLY PAID!
13. Zoliv - FULLY PAID!
14. Chimaera - FULLY PAID!
15. The Beast of Darkness - FULLY PAID!
16. IncantatioN - FULLY PAID!
17. Gnomeking

1. Yesmilord
2. Nirvana
3. Grovel
4. Portgas
5. Guitarist52692
6. Genome

All Sold Out.  30 / 30.  :beast:

Thank you to ALL that made this project possible!!!  James and I are so thrilled people responded the way they did.  I hope everyone that participated and that bought a helmet is 100% satisfied.  Let's make the same happen for the Skullknight helmet too!  :SK:

List of owners:
1. DirectDK
2. Bruhaha69
3. Nirvana
4. Cucu4coco
5. Lithrael
6. Maiku
7. Grovel
8. HITreza
9. Fusiongt
10. The Beast of Darkness
11. Wenjamin
12. Bashar
13. Wahaib
14. DenishWang2001
15. MarkG
16. Indio
17. Kodam
18. Hozer
19. Ebay Buyer
20. Ebay Buyer
21. Turkitage
22. Manjou
23. Houngim
24. Ckd5989
25. Shautieh
26. CWalls
27. Ryuu
28. TheBrandedMan
29. Zoliv
30. Chimaera

Here are the latest shots and video, 5/21/09!

1900 x 1200 version



Ok, fellow Berserk fans!  Some may have recalled I hinted at a cool new collectible/project a few weeks back... Well!  I am here now to tell you all about it, and you're gonna dig it! :guts:

A few months ago I met someone who builds replicas of various props from TV shows, namely the Sci-Fi show, Battlestar Galactica (any fans on the boards???).  For those that don't know, BSG is one KICK-ASS show and easily my favorite tv drama ever.  I highly recommend it to everyone, even if you don't like sci-fi stuff (it doesn't even feel like a sci-fi show anyways).

But back to that someone... his name is James Perkins and he had sculpted several 1:1 scale replicas of the various helmets from BSG.  They. Are. Amazing.  This guy is one talented sculptor, and not only that, he molds/casts and paints as well.  Truly a rare find!  I recently received his last cylon centurion replica and was BLOWN AWAY.  Here are some pics of what it looks like, and also a video I filmed of it last night.

Reference Shot


Finished Pics

In-Progress Pics

Cylon Centurion
Viper Pilot

Where am I going with this???  Well, naturally, A BERSERKER HELMET REPLICA!!!  I discussed a commission with him and he is beyond ecstatic to work on it!  He even went out on his own accord and got a hold of the DVDs and manga, and has already dove in the story.  In fact, he is a new fan. :serpico:

In regards to the design, well there are 2 types of Berserker helmets in my mind.  The realistic one (like the one on cover 31), and the pumped up crazy one.  Hehe.  I'm more inclined to go for the latter, because it's more what we are used to seeing, I really like the Z-shaped glowing red eyes, and I just feel like it's more interesting to look at.  What do you all think?

As far as reference photos go, if anyone has any GOOD ones they can lead me to, that'll be awesome.  For now, since it'll be very useful for James to have a 3D model to use as a reference, I will be mailing him the 1/8 Berserker kit by Headlong.  For those that don't know, this is what it looks like:

Painted up shots HERE

To me, this looks like the most accurate helmet, so I think it'll be best to use this as the reference.  Again, if anyone else has suggestions, please share them with us.

He is ready to start sculpting the helmet at anytime, but of course, it's only worth it if there are other people who are interested.  He can make anywhere from 20-30 per mold (and he says not to worry about loss of detail in the later casts).  The final product will be made of high quality fiberglass (better than resin of course), and be 1:1 scale.  For this particular helmet, he can also customize the eyes to glow red!  As you can see from the centurion replica video, he has experience with lighting as well.  Can you just imagine how AWESOME this will be?!?!

Moreover, he will assemble the replica and paint it all himself!!!  According to him, if we get between 10-15 orders, he can finish assembling/painting all of them within 6-8 weeks AFTER the mold is done.

So of course, the question you guys are probably wondering is HOW MUCH?  If we get 15 people to go in on this, then it'll be roughly $475 each.  If we get even more than 15, then the price will go down.  But seriuosly... $475, my friends?  That is an amazing price for a custom sculpted life-size Berserk replica, fully painted and all!

He's not asking for any down payments, but if he's going to start sculpting, he'll need to know the general interest of the community.  I told him I'm sure that there are several collectors here that would be interested, so don't make me out to be a liar! =P

Lastly, I have a feeling this is going to turn out to be SWEEEEET.  Meaning, after this one is done, we can move on to a Griffith/Femto helmet replica, or maybe even a Skullknight replica.  Can you imagine the awesomenessssss???!

So, who's in?!

Got an email from them stating that all "now-on-sale" items will have free shipping HANDLING during the above dates.  I'm assuming that means everything in stock, but not sure...  Anyone going to take a bite?

Berserk Merchandise / Art of War - Griffith Statue 1/6
« on: March 07, 2008, 06:34:13 AM »
Well here it is guys and gals:

A new pic, courtesy of Masato (

Email from AOW
Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you our latest item, Griffith, which is ART OF WAR’s first 1/6 scale statue.

Originated from the Berserk comics, Chapter 282, the scene when Griffith, as leader of the new Hawk soldiers, and Ganishka who was leading the Kushans to invade the Midland confronting each other has been recreated by this item.

Quality of this item is no doubt the highest among the products ART OF WAR has released so far because we have shifted our production line to a smaller-scaled factory.

Limited manufacture to 100 units only. Price per unit is 75,000 JAPANESE YEN.

Pre-order taking starts at: 11:00am, 14 March (Japanese time)

75,000 yen!!!!  Good lawd!!

Video Games / Mario Strikers... who's "skullnight"?!
« on: January 18, 2008, 06:46:30 AM »
Yo yo!  I was playing Mario Strikers online today (like I practically do every night), and I noticed the number 1 ranked player for the day was "skullnight" with no "k".  Are you by chance a member of the forum?  If so, and are reading this, let's exchange friend codes and play!  I ain't no nub, trust me. :guts:

I was going to post this in my thread, but I just decided to make a new one for this.  I think it's cool enough to merit it's own thread!!! :ganishka:

Anyways,  for those that don't know, I currently work at Media Blasters, the American company that licensed the Berserk anime in the States.  One of my colleagues, Anna Yamamoto, is the very one who designed the Guts and Griffith plush toys that were released in stores several years back!  What you see down below is the retail version of Guts, the original prototype of Guts, and a custom Zoddo plush that she made and gave to me on my birthday!!!  She made me giddier than a 13 year old boy going through puberty!

As the pictures show, the original prototype of Guts is significantly larger than the retail version.  Of course, being that the prototype was hand sewed by the masterful Anna herself, there is a lot more detail and precision when comparing it to the retail version.  The material is also sturdier and of higher quality.  I still can't believe she gave it to me!  After only working there for a few months, I saw it sitting behind her desk, and I noticed that something looked different about it.  That's when she told me it was the ORIGINAL design prototype she made before they were mass produced.  She knew I was a big Berserk fan, so she offered it to me!  She also autographed the cape!  What a cool friend =).

Then, a few months later, she surprised me with the GREATEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER.  A custom Zodd plush toy, with wings!!!  The quality of the piece is just amazing.  Everything was done by hand, from the etching on the wings, to the claws, to the horn, to the hoofs...  The arms and legs are jointed so it's fully posable, and the tail contains some sort of wire inside so the tail can be shaped too!  The nose and hoofs are leather and the eyes are a nice spooky red just like Zodd is.  Although in all honesty, this plush toy is more adorable than anything else!

Enjoy the pics and naughtiness!  I got carried away with the poses, sorry. :guts:

Oh, and sorry Zodd...  Hope I don't embarrass ya. :zodd:

In light of the recent thread that Maiku started, we have some good news!  Hopefully...

AOW has sent emails to their customers with a fairly lengthly questionnaire and survey.  Unlike most surveys, this one actually had some pretty good topics of discussion and it looks like they are aware of people's complaints.

They asked stuff like preferred scale, and pose type (standing, struggling, horse, etc), but the TWO most notable ones are:

- what characters do you want to see as statues
- what scenarios would you like us to reproduce

I hope that all of you, (even those that don't even collect!!) will take some time to fill it out and start telling them HOW MUCH we would like to see NEWER CHARACTERS.  Less Guts, less Griffith, Less Zodd, more Serpico, Schierke, Erica, Sonia, Casca, Roshinu, Mozgus, Mozgus Disciples, Azan, etc etc.  This is our chance!

And for scenarios, these are the ones that I'm thinking of to submit.  I'm gonna take my time and think of some more too, but for now, the first few that came to mind:

- Serpico vs the Kelpie: The scene where Serpico fights the water creature Kelpie in front of the church in the pouring rain.
- Schierke and Sonia: The scene where they are sitting together on the docks with all the birds surrounding them. Beautiful!!!
- The Reuniting Of Guts and Casca, Mozgus-saga: The scene where Guts finally meets Casca again and holds her close to his body on top of the castle ruins...
- The Hundred Man Fight: The scene where Guts slays 100 men when he was a Hawk Soldier.  I think a cool diorama will be him resting against the tree holding his sword, with dead bodies all around him...

Let's go at them at full force, folks!

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