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Hello Berserker friends!
I'm starting a new custom build for Skull knight

Previously, I tested him on my old Steed (borrowed from Nazgul from LOTR)

Skull Knight is too big and the horse has short neck/Legs than it should.
It won't look right - proportion-wise, but I want to try anyways.

So I've started building the armor parts in 3D

Still WIP, and I'm running 2 projects at the same time.. Will try to update every weekend -ish.

After taking a break for a couple of week, I started working on the New Berserker armor version.

For the head, now he is older than Black armor period, so his face got longer with partial white hair. Also this time, his body won't show much skin, so I'm gonna focus more on the motion range and pose-ability. My goal is to get the crouched sitting pose like the statue image in the middle. Color scheme will be a little more blue than black knight armor.
I want to add LED light up in the helmet, but I'm not sure if there will be room for it ..

To maximize the articulation range, I'm cutting some surface parts from the base body. Now he can do the sitting pose while touching the ground with one hand.

New face sculpt with more aged face (WIP). I'm also using the duplicated back head parts from the 1st one with some modification. I came up with a new way of making better eyeball for 1/6 scale figure as well :)

After measuring the face/head, I made a simple structure of head armor and adding shape using epoxy clay.
Also checking the size to the head as I build it.
It will be recast in resin after the shape is complete :)

I'll try to update the WIP once a week (like last time), but my job can go crazy anytime, so I can't guarantee it..

Creation Station / 1/6 Berserk Guts custom figure WIP
« on: January 05, 2012, 10:36:49 AM »
Originally I was posting on other forum, but I'll be posting here also since I'm a member here as well (and this is dedicated to berserk)

This is combining old Dragon's 12" figure and new Hot Toys muscular body + some of my modification and detailing.

First, I got lazy and modified the HT head to get the facial expression I want (instead of new head sculpt..). If I don't like it, I'll go back and make a new head sculpt..
This one, I'm trying to get more realistic feel.
I shaved the hair and carved out the mouth, and put the teeth in for the test. It looks like it can work.

Also saving the Anime head came with Dragon, but adding joint for head joint (shape will be modified later)

This is armor fitting test. Most armor parts can be used without too much effort! Left side mechanical arm and shoulder armor need some modification to fit better. Also some shapes of leather parts need some tweaks as well.
IMO, already looking much better than old Dragon version!!!

To fit the left mechanical arm, I had to cut off a portion of base body arm..
The HT muscular body arm is slightly thicker than Dragon's arm, so I had to extend out the metal frame to fit it.

Tried the Dragon's original head. That need some work.. but that's low priority for now.

And this is another test shot with new head.

Quick pose shot with his sword.. Man.. without hair and face paint, he looks like Charlton Heston!

Gave him some hair. Now looks less like Charlton Heston and more like Guts!
That hair took me all day! Anime hair is hard to do!

Another shot with his bad-a*s sword!!

I've ordered some leather and tools to upgrade his leather parts.
I'm also scratch-building his crossbow attachment now. I'll post images when it's done. :D

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