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Vagabond / Custom Vagabond Young and Old
« on: July 11, 2013, 04:35:32 AM »
Hello guys This will be my 1st time sharing my finish product of Custom 1/6 Vagabond. It takes me 4months to finish rooting the Head of both Musashi. remodeled the face, rooted and repaint it.

-HS (from Kai studio) please support original it is blood and sweat of the artist.
-TTM body
-Custom Clothes

Hello There I want to share our Latest Work Not As Great as Kyekye(my Idol :guts:) But Here it goes. soon 2nd paint job will be added and more blood and we will change the Cape too; much longer and wired one to make it flow gracefully. 100% fully armored sculpted Except the Head.
Ill add more pictures soon.

Brought to you by:

Hello there I'm a big fan of berserk from the philippines. Sad to say its rare to find Any berserk Action figure or statue here in my country and even if I found one I'm sure I can't afford to get one(anyone care to donate :ubik:). Anyway this is my attempt on making a Berserk prototype action figure, Hope your be gentle to me.
- Guts Fully armored Wolf Version(berserk)-Complete
- Zodd the immortal(human)-Complete
- Guts Fully Armored Wolf version(controlled)-HOTTOYS
- Guts Fully armored Skull version
- Skeleton Knight with horse
Drawing board:
- Guts Fully Armored Wolf Version(berserk) redone
- Zodd The Immortal(demon)???
- Griffith with horse

info: base on this figure
-95%fully resculpt
-dragon slayer sword 100%

prototype silver

final version

More photos on this video:



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