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Berserk Merchandise / Max Factory/Berserk collaboration Limited Figma
« on: July 13, 2012, 05:25:03 AM »
Limited Guts Figma with vol. 37 as a special promotion collaboration with Max Factory:

I'm sure details are in the book of how to order 1, I don't think they're giving away a figma for buying a tankoban...unless it's a special edition that actually cost something like 4000 yen.

Thinking this might be it shown @ Wonderfest?

The moment we've all been waiting for, Battle for Doldrey Guts ver. Kolektakon.  Preorders open tonight @ 18:00.  Enjoy:

Berserk Merchandise / Banpresto Berserk figures upcoming prototypes
« on: June 01, 2012, 03:33:14 PM »
Some prototypes from GA for upcoming Banpresto Berserk stuff:

Berserk Merchandise / New kits from Wonderfestival 2012
« on: February 13, 2012, 12:50:15 AM »
Supposedly limited to 15 for a 1/12 Guts Action figure:

On yahoo auctions if anyone is interested:

Berserk Merchandise / Upcoming Griffith Figma
« on: February 12, 2012, 04:55:14 AM »
Probably should have its own thread (saw the unpainted pictures from the Guts figma thread) is Griffith from Wonderfestival:

Hi All;
      Mods, if this topic is not helpful or inappropriate, please feel free to remove, I am just trying to help others here acquire merchandise easier if possible.  I'm relatively new here @ skullknight but have been around the block in the collection scene for awhile now and have established many connections across the world to acquire collectibles (essential as we all know here collecting berserk figures even).  I'm a moderator at some of the other forums for collectibles and I have a friend in Tokyo that acts as a proxy/deputy service for Yahoo auctions or any local events.  He is dependable, fair, fast, and low cost....perfect combination for us trying to buy in Japan heh.  Here is information about his services:


-  Goal of this service is to provide professional service for a low fair cost to purchase collectables/goods limited to distribution within Japan.
-  The main focus of this service will be purchasing items from Yahoo Auctions Japan,,, and other online sites.  Other services that require transportation or additional resources outside of buying over the internet (special events/promotions) will be considered on a case by case basis within the capabilities of the proxy with varying costs pending.
-  I have been an active member for over a year on Arlong Park forums with multiple successful transactions with forum members already to establish a trust relationship.  The proxy is a close friend of mine that lives in Tokyo that would like to offer his time to run a small side service.  All transactions (since payment will be sent directly to him via paypal) will be backed by myself to make sure members are comfortable with their purchases.  I am confident members will find this service a pleasant and easy experience as we go forward.
-  To facilitate the payment terms, paypal will be used for all transactions.  It is recommended that the payments be sent as a personal transaction so the fees will be minimal and the option to pay the fees by the buyer is available during the time of payment.  You may choose to pay for the transaction via normal means (purchasing goods/services) but the extra fees incurred will be the responsibility of the buyer.
-  There are no hidden charges.  Commission is set to 400 yen for anything 3000 yen and under, 700 yen for any purchases between 3001 yen and 9999 yen. and 10% for anything 10,000 yen and over.  Commission is calculated from daily total purchase per shop/seller.  For example, if you purchase product A at 2000 yen, product B at 5000 yen, and product C at 1000 yen from the same seller on the same day….the commission is based on 8000 yen (700 yen total).  If you purchase product A at 5000 yen from seller X and product B from seller Y on the same day, the commission is calculated separately as 700 yen x2 = 1400 yen.  Commission is calculated from the total price inclusive of fees to get the item to the proxy domestically (e.g.  item is 3000 yen, shipping domestically is 700 yen, bank transfer fee is 240 yen…commission would be calculated from 3940 yen).  
- Buyer is responsible for all fees associated with the purchase (bank transfer fees, credit card payment fees, taxes--if applicable, domestic shipping charges, cash on delivery charges, etc) as well as the international shipping charges outside of Japan.
-  All merchandise will be sent via Japan Post.  This means the choices for shipping are small packet SAL, SAL Parcel, and EMS.  
Small packet SAL is limited to item(s) that fit within a certain dimension (length + width + height less than or equal to 90cm) and weigh less than 2kg.  There is no insurance and lead times are anywhere from 2-5 weeks generally depending on parts of the world.  There is the option of registration (tracking) for 410 yen extra and 6000 yen of insurance is provided in case of loss.  
SAL Parcel is limited to item(s) that fit within a certain dimension also but it is much larger (length +2*(height + width) less than or equal to 3 meters or 2 meters pending on delivery zone) and has a weight limit of 30kg.  This can be fully insured for any amount for a small fractional fee as well as registration (tracking).  Lead time is also 2-5 weeks generally depending on parts of the world.
EMS is in general the most expensive option (sometimes it's a toss up for price between SAL parcel and EMS depending on weight) and of course the advantage is speed.  You can send anything (it has a very huge size limit) up to 30kg and it should reach anywhere in the world within 2-5 business days minus customs.  It comes with 20,000 yen of insurance automatically and is trackable.  Additional insurance can be purchased.
-  The proxy and myself are not responsible for any loss/damage through the mailing system.  If the packages are insured for a certain amount, we can of course help file the proper paperwork needed for a claim for the post office to reimburse the insured.  Packages can also be declared to the customer's liking to gain favorable entry upon customs.
-  A 60% deposit will be needed up front for the transaction to protect the proxy's interest in ordering the goods online as most things in Japan are not returnable/refundable.  For auctions, 60% deposit of the maximum desired bid will be required up front before the bidding work.  Of course, if the auction is lost, the money will be fully refunded.
- All auctions will be approached by a maximum bid strategy.  This means you will let the proxy know the maximum bid and that is the bid the proxy will bid on the item.  On Yahoo Auctions, time extension is almost always enabled for all items so any last minute "snipe" bids under 5 minutes will just extend the auction by another 5 last minute bidding really isn't much of a strategy in general.  Hence the general practice of putting down the maximum bid at the beginning.
-  If there are specialized requests for auctions which require either 1)  extensive searching 2)specified times to monitor auctions or other extraneous work....this can incur extra fees pending on the complexity of the request.  Asking questions on the auctions to the seller on behalf of the buyer is of course free of charge.
-The balance of the item (remaining 40%, domestic shipping fees, auction related fees like bank transfer/credit card fees if they apply)/shipping address/shipping method/customs declaration request is due upon arrival of the item to the proxy's residence (paying in multiple transactions makes no difference on paypal if you choose to use personal payment since it always takes the same percentage so it's the same fees no matter how many payments you make).  Pictures will be taken to show you the goods when requesting for the remaining payment.  After the balance is received, it will enter the packing phase where the proxy will secure the product into adequate packaging for international shipping.  Picture of the packed box will be sent to the customer along with the finalized shipping estimate prior to delivery.  When payment of the international shipping charge is made, the package will be shipped promptly with tracking numbers (if available) provided.
- Special packing and repacking of goods (taking things out of original box to repack to save space etc) can be requested.  If the repacking involves excessive work, additional fees may apply.  The proxy can hold all goods for 3 weeks to combine shipments with other items the customer may wish to procure for combined shipments.
- If you have any concerns/worries….please let the proxy know!  The proxy is not a collector and will just act as a link between you and Yahoo Auctions.  So if you have special preferences on packaging, buying, asking questions etc (if excessive, additional fees may incur)….please discuss this with the proxy.  PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT HE’D KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE IN MIND FOR SPECIAL PROCESSING OF ANY KIND.
-  Other than that, I hope this service will benefit everyone in this community and open up more options in the hobby we all enjoy.  Should any situation arise outside these rules, it will be dealt with common sense and we reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.  Thanks you for your interest.

Inquiry Sheet:

Japanimation Proxy Order Form:

Customer information:


E-mail Address:

Forum handle/forum (e.g. sensui from apforums):

Merchandise Information:

Item(s) description/Quantity:

Link to item online (if available):

Price of item/maximum bid price for yahoo auctions:

Special instructions/request (may incur charges pending on complexity):

Please send this form along with all inquiries/questions to:

Thanks so much for your interest in our service.

I work closely with him and I drafted the terms myself....but simply in summary:

-  No hidden fees
-  What you pay is the item, domestic shipping (from seller to him in Japan) if applicable, money transfer/credit card fees (imposed by banks or yahoo auctions), and his commission.
-  Commission is easy, 1-3000 yen = 400 yen, 3001-9999 yen = 700 yen, and anything over 10,000 yen is 10%.

I hope this helps you guys out....once again mods, if this is inappropriate in any way, please feel free to remove.  I just figured since there is a sticky about running a berserk search on yahoo auctions, this maybe something to help people out here without being subject to ridiculous fees like the bigger proxy services charge.

Berserk Merchandise / Request/Search for some Berserk Statues
« on: October 11, 2011, 05:49:16 PM »
     Late to the Berserk collecting scene (been a collector for a few years but have "specialized" in other series like Dragonball and One Piece), nice to see a healthy community for awesome figures/statues for Berserk alive here (and thanks to the mods/admins for completing my registration).  I'm looking for some statues currently (mainly from AOW) and would like to see if anyone knows where to obtain or are selling these pieces:

Guts Band of the Hawke on Horse (original 1/10 statue), preferably bloody (
Guts and Darka ( (Thanks Mike Mike)
Guts The 100 Man Killer  (  (thanks wenjamin)
Guts Berserker Crocodile Base (
Guts Armored Berserk w/ green Beherit (  (thanks Mike Mike)
Guts Fire Dragon (
Headlong Guts sitting on rock (similar to fire dragon, but much bigger) (
(thanks wenjamin!)

Thanks for everyone's help.  I am all caught up on the collection (and more along the way haha)......Look forward to future releases of Guts statues.   :guts:

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