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Berserk Miscellaneous / Death Battle: Guts vs Nightmare
« on: April 08, 2015, 04:25:30 PM »

Here we have the epic battle between our one and only Guts vs Soul Caliber's "Nightmare".

This is a video you don't want to miss, and while the hosts get one or two very small details wrong, they did his lore and his character justice!

Creation Station / Berserk + Personal Artwork
« on: February 19, 2012, 11:03:17 PM »
Greetings! I haven't posted that much, and what I am about to post won't amount to much either, but it is still a submission none the less!
Artwork is my passion, and naturally as soon as I read the manga I was heavily inspired to make a scratchboard of Guts.
Scratchboard lends itself wonderfully to Muria's style, and so the result was better than I anticipated. I made this as a gift for my boyfriend (the one who got me into Berserk in the first place)
I can't seem to post the image directly in this post, so here's a link to it at my deviantART page:
It's not that much, but it's better than nothing!
I hope to make a painting of Guts sometime this week, so I hope to update you with my artwork as it continues.

Shootin' the Breeze / New to Skull Knight!
« on: February 14, 2012, 06:23:59 PM »
Greetings, fellow Berserk fans!
My name is Jackolyn, I'm from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; and my boyfriend was the one who introduced me to Berserk about a year ago now.
Personally, I think he's spoiled me, as Berserk was my first manga (and the 90's anime was my first as well) and everything I have tried to read or watch since has got nothing on Berserk.
My favourite character is Guts and every time I re-read he gets more and more bad ass.
My favourite arc should come as no surprise, it's the Golden Age arc, and Eclipse. The Black Swordsman arc is also pretty damn epic, but nothing (in my opinion) can top the first major story.

I'm not sure how often I'll be posting, if anything I may just be lurking around in the background reading up on the latest news and discussions; but I am studying Fine Arts in University and so (if I ever find the time to do personal artwork again) I will be sure to post some Berserk fan-art whenever I can get around to making some.
If you would like to view my deviantART page you can find it here:
I must say, I am simply thrilled to have found an active Berserk community online, and I look forward to meeting you all!  :guts:

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