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Speculation Nation / Skull Knight = The Flower Storm King
« on: April 03, 2013, 01:40:13 AM »
Now that I got your attention through the title, let me explain my points before you start finding contradictions in order to destroy me :P lol!
PS: I apologize in advance if this theory has already been discussed. I'm new on the site.

Ever since the revelation in chapter 331 about the Flower Storm King (FSK) having an avatar, this piece of evidence is in my opinion the missing link that explains just who exactly the Skullknight (SK) is. I will go through the evidence piece by piece in order paint a picture of what exactly the story behind the famous SK could be like if this theory ends up being true.

1)   The first piece of evidence that caught my attention and pointed to SK being the FSK’s avatar was in volume 18 when Puck meets SK for the first time. After the usual awesome SK speech, Puck makes a very peculiar remark saying that, “Maybe I imagined it but that guy he kind of felt like an elf”. Why would Puck say that if it wasn’t a sort of hint towards anything? Or is it just a translation error done by Dark Horse Manga? Definitely something to consider.

2)   SK’s friendship with the Forest Witch was interesting and a bit questionable. How exactly are they connected to each other and how did they meet? In the last few pages of volume 27, Schierke states that Elfhelm is home to not only elves but to magicians as well. Is it possible that the Forest Witch met and was friends with the FSK during a time when both of them were on the island? Another thing worth noting is that after the group finish talking about magicians and magic users on the island, it shifts to a panel of SK just standing on top of a rock. Is this a foreshadowing of some kind? A lot of “what ifs” but still a possibility to consider.

3)   Another possible piece of evidence to consider is in the beginning of volume 28 when SK tells Guts and Schierke about the FSK. He tells them about how the FSK has the power to bring back Casca’s lost memories. SK not only tells them about this but he promises them that the FSK has this power. Why would he promise such a huge thing if he isn’t talking about himself? The only other possible explanation for this is that he must be very VERY close to the FSK. A possibility but still very flimsy in terms of promises that don’t involve his doing especially when he said the exact phrase, “You have my word”. Very decisive promise if you ask me.

4)   Another piece of information that must be discussed is the fact that SK used to be a man. This fact was stated during the conversation between SK and the Forest Witch (volume 24). Her precise words were, “I want to believe the heart of a man still remains within you”. This could be easily countered by the fact that we know that magicians live in Elfhelm. So is it possible that the FSK is actually a very powerful magician who once donned the famous Berserker armor? After all, it was SK in volume 28 that told Guts that the armor could consume his humanity if he is not able to tame the OD that dwells within the armor. The FSK once owning the armor and losing his humanity would also explain why Puck never knew about the FSK in the first place (end of volume 27). The FSK is probably disfigured in a way that he now has to hide himself from the public and uses his magic to control his SK avatar. Oh and before you point out the contradiction of, “but IronBerserk, you stated in your first point that SK could be an elf due to Pucks statement, so how could he be a disfigured magician?” Well I’m sure the FSK’s power is very fairy like in quality, he’s probably surrounded by helper fairies every day, and just maybe it was the fairies with their magic that saved him from being consumed completely by the Berserker armor?

5)   The final obvious piece of evidence is the fact that Slan in volume 26 calls the SK “majesty”. There are only really two kings we know about that she could possibly be referring to. That is either King Gaiseric or FSK. I’m going to go with FSK because King Gaiseric just seems like too much of an easy option. Yeah I know that there isn’t much proof on this one, but hey, I’m sticking with it. LOL!

I know there is a lot of “maybe’s” in this theory but hey give me a break here, I’m working only with what I have :P But there is one more contradiction that must be dealt with before I put this crazy theory to rest, and that is the contradiction of if SK is the FSK then who the heck is King Gaiseric and how does he fit in with all of this? Well my very awesome friends, let me tell you all a made up little story that should put all that to rest.

The History of the Flower Storm King: In the distant past during the period when people lived within “the reason of time” (SK: volume 28), there lived a King called Gaiseric who reunited all the warring kingdoms into one empire. This was an empire united by many factions including astral world beings such as elves (Schierke: volume 24, “Long ago it was quite natural to believe in the existence of elves. But with the spread of the doctrine of the Holy See, of one universal world view, those who can see them have dwindled. So many of the elves who can no longer interact with humans have faded away to some place in the astral world.”). King Gaiseric was a powerful and inspiring leader. Many followed him and befriended him including the FSK and the Forest Witch. However, something went horribly wrong and in order for King Gaiseric to survive his own demise, he sacrificed his entire kingdom (the most important thing in his life) in order to escape death. He became the first Godhand known as Void (notice the skull similarities between Void and Gaiseric) and thus the age within “the reason of time” had ended. FSK and the Forest Witch vowed vengeance upon him. FSK donned the Berserker armor which he and the Forest Witch created in order to defeat and fight on equal grounds with the person he once considered a friend. Unfortunately the armor fueled by his need for revenge consumed him and FSK was saved at the last second thanks to the help of his fairies and the Forest Witch. FSK was now unrecognizable due to the armors consuming powers and he was forced to not only hide his own body from view, but he had to use his magic to control an avatar known as the SK. He decided to keep the appearance of a Skullknight as a reminder of his old friend Gaiseric and became the man who Gaiseric should have been. However, this appearance was a huge draw back since he was now unable to use magic up close against his enemies. SK with his horse and sword would have to do the trick. He has ever since then been unable to defeat or make an impact against his enemies forces.

There you go, the possible (and most likely wrong) story of the FSK summarized in one big paragraph. The reason I chose to create a story like this specifically is because throughout Berserk, Guts and SK are continuously compared to each other. I had to create a story that mirrored that of Guts’ and his fight against his old friend Griffith. As you guys may have most likely noticed, Guts is slowly becoming the man that Griffith was supposed to be. He inspires people around him, he is a role model to all his friends, and he also knows in the importance of having friends and people you can trust. Something that Griffith failed in doing. I created a story similar to this one because FSK becomes the ruler that Gaiseric was supposed to be. He fights on the side of good and he is a caring king (or at least I hope he is, lol). That is why he wears and is the SK. It is a reminder and symbolism to what should have been.

So, do you guys agree with this theory of the Flower Storm King and Skull Knight being one, or is it all a bit too complicated? Or do you think this is all just insane and I need to shut up? LOL, I’m willing to take any criticism :P Please find contradictions. I’m sure I must have missed something?

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