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Buying / Selling / [FS] AOW Berserk Statues
« on: November 03, 2017, 12:41:06 AM »

Up for sale, a few statues from my Berserk - Art of War collection.  If interested, please PM and Ill be glad to email photos or answer questions. For some reason I am having a hard time adding photos... I will post once I figure it out :)
I am hoping to get what was retail for all(or make a reasonable offer, but for Guts and casca as the exception(taking offers).  If in the USA, ill be glad to cover the shipping cost if using paypal with no fees.  I am the original owner, but for Griffith which I bought from Bains couple years back.  All are in perfect condition with art box.  I unfortunately do not have the original shipper boxes.  I do have many photos so let me know if you would like to see.  For now I have posted the link to the AOW page.


1. ——SOLD—- Griffith: Hawk Soldier 2012 Version —- SOLD—

2. —SOLD— X'mas 2012 Commemorative Guts & Casca /1:10 Scale- Red Version —SOLD—

3. —Skull Knight Birth Ceremony Chapter 1/10 Scale—sold—

4. Nosferatu Zodd *2013 Version

Buying / Selling / FS - AOW statues
« on: July 08, 2013, 02:17:15 AM »
I am selling three of my statues. I am posting links to the AOW page for each to show cost etc. I am looking to get what I paid for them(cost plus AOW shipping) but I will ship to you free if in US. All are in like new condition. Any questions feel free to ask. Thx!

1. X'mas 2012 Commemorative Guts & Casca /1:10 Scale- Red Version *Sold Out!!
2.  Guts: The Battle for Doldrey/ 1:10 scale *Sold Out!!
3.  ZODD 3 * sold out


Thx, knecht

Berserk Merchandise / Eclipse - void & Griffith 2013
« on: February 27, 2013, 03:50:04 AM »

-Eclipse- Void & Griffith 2013 version
Code No. 312 / Unit Price 47,400YEN (Tax excluded)

Pre-order item
Limited to only 50 pieces
Estimate Delivery date: May or June 2013

-Eclipse- Void & Griffith 2013 version

Follow the release of Femto: The Birth and Guts & Casca figures last year, we are glad to announce our newest product, Void & Griffith figure set to accompany the chapter Eclipse from Berserk Manga volume 12.

Eclipse is one of the most important chapters in the entire Berserk Manga saga, and it can be seen as a watershed for the whole story. In the Griffith & Void figure set we created this time, Void points to the Castle with his skinny finger and Griffith, who is in deep despair about his partners, friends, and even his own dreams, looks at the castle motionless though we can feel the stormy agitation in his heart. All forebode the beginning of the gEclipseh.

Product Features

Following our previous release of the God Hand set product, this time we re-created the original scene from the manga with improved details.

-A perfect reproduction for Eclipse-

Arrange this 3-part set of Void, Griffith and the castle to form a complete reproduction of the original manga scene, or just display the figures as you like.

-Perfection is in the Details-

We are constantly striving to perfect our products and to re-create the most beautiful figures possible. Therefore, we never stop in our efforts to pursue perfection in the details.
In the Void & Griffith figure set, you will see that the scarlet Beherit in Griffithfs left hand is bathed in blood. It is because when Griffith tries to kill himself, the blood flows down from his left shoulder and wakes up his Beherit. It is never easy to re-create all the elements in one scene, but we always try to do it better. When you see Void standing on the sacrificial altar made up of hundreds of human faces and he points to the Castle which is out of Griffithfs reach, you can almost heard his alluring voice saying "If the castle is the most radiant thing in your eyes..."

**360-degree product image rotation

Please click this link

**Product images in detail
Please click this link


*Installment Plans*
We offer two installment plans for this item.
Installment Plan One: pay in three months, three times
First payment: 23,700 Yen in 15 business days after the pre-order reserved
Second payment: 23,700 Yen before April 20th
Third payment: the shipping cost around May or June, 2013

Installment Plan Two: pay in four months, four times
First payment: 15,800 Yen in 7 business days after the pre-order reserved
Second payment: 15,800 Yen before April 8th
Third payment: 15,800 Yen before May 8th
Forth payment: the shipping cost around the early June, 2013

If you would like to use an installment plan for your payment, please feel free to contact us after you pre-order the item. For your convenience, we accept Credit Cards, Wire Transfers and PayPal.

* Please Note *
We do not accept cancellations in any case once the payment has been made, so please consider carefully before purchasing this item.

-Eclipse- Void & Griffith 2013 version
*This release may be cancelled according to the pre-order condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Quantities: limited to 50 sets all over the world
Special Attachment: "Eclipse" marked Black acrylic resin show plate *only for the pre-orders before March 16th.
Set on the black plate:W355xD250xH205
Void: W250xD130xH200
Griffith: W95xD95xH75
The Castle: W120xD100xH190
Black acrylic resin show plate: W355xD250xH5
Void: 1500g
The Castle: 1000g
Material: Polystone
Serial Number Nameplate (No. 1~ )
Originated & Manufactured by ART OF WAR
Estimate Delivery date: May or June 2013

Shipping and handling charges will be billed separately once the items are ready for shipping before the release date.

Area 1 (Asia)- NA
Area 2 (USA, Canada, & Australia)- NA
Area 3 (EU Countries)- NA
Area 4 (South America)- NA

*Image only.
Image shown may differ from actual product appearance. Thank you for understanding.

© Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha

Please input quantity then click ORDER

Buying / Selling / [FS] ZODD Senma (with Muzguz)
« on: February 19, 2013, 03:10:31 AM »
ZODD Senma (with Muzguz)

price: $700.00 usd. This will also cover the paypal fee and shipping. Will ship the same as AOW-two box packaging with foam corner guards for three inch protection during shipping.

on ebay, but I would prefer to sell this here if interested.  PM with any questions, thx

Berserk Merchandise / Berserk Zodd III Art of War- cheap$$$ open for link..
« on: November 20, 2012, 11:38:09 PM »
Guys ad girls check this out. I just picked this up off amazon.
Berserk Zodd III Art of War  for 250$. wow!! great price.

wanted to give a heads up if anyone wants to make a purchase. 19 left after my purchase. yay!!

Creation Station / Black Swordsman Cosplay in the Works..
« on: November 09, 2012, 11:17:57 PM »
Here is my Black Swordsman Cosplay progression. This will be my first making of the sorts for any cosplay. I have never worked with these kind of materials in this way before, so its taking some time. I am not near finished, but wanted to put up what I have so far. The armor is from aluminum sheets as well the sword. Using real leather straps, chains, rivets and pins.
You are more than welcome to leave feedback, another reason Im posting is to get ideas. thx

Hello everyone. I just made my first Art of War statue purchase :guts:. I have a few figures i got off ebay new over the last few months, but I now have a new level of expectations in figure/statue purchases.  I came across in the search for these statues. Everyone I have spoke with here has provided great help and friendship, more than I imagined. Skullknight rocks for sure!! After long due and searching, I decided to make my first purchase from Art of war due to the great customer service Mr. Chichu Huang provided. He was very quick to respond and provided great detail discussing all info beyond what I expected.

My purchase: Guts: The Battle for Doldrey/ 1:10 scale

price was very high from what i wanted my first purchase to be, but I was wanting to get some feedback from you all who have purchased this for yourself. How do you like it? Was it worth it? any details you want to provide..

Thank you, Knecht

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