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Character Cove / Guts and Corkus's relationship/interactions
« on: January 29, 2014, 01:19:09 AM »
hey I am new to this board and a fairly new Berserk fan in general (only been a regular fan for a about ba year), this manga is awesome and I'm glad I finally got to be involved here. I spent quit a lot of time browsing on here before I started topic of my own and I am pretty sure this hasn't been discussed just yet (or at least I didn't see alot of it in my searches) and I was wondering about the special dynamics of Guts and Corkus from the band of the hawk/falcon days. It is really interesting how these two interacted. Corkus was such a hater and I know some people in the berserk fan base disliked how he was rude to Guts, but I personally liked that aspect about him. I feel that he was one of the few characters that treated him with the level of responsibility a normal person would after he returned after his yearlong absence from the band after Griffith got captured. Unlike most of the other band that not only excused his absence but welcomed him with open arms.

What I found truly amazing about this dynamic between Guts and Corkus was that, even when Corkus was telling Guts off he never got angry or physical with Corkus (and there were times in manga/anime that I thought Guts would have but did not) and even seemed to value his opinion and consider his critisms seriously. I think Guts was one of the few hawks that took Corkus seriously. And though not explicitly stated, Guts seems to remember Corkus fondly in addition to his fondness for the band of the hawk as a whole.

I am very amazed at the clever and subtle way Miura depicts the interactions between these two, Corkus was so aggressive with Guts at times but he walked away unscathed and even boasted how he would love to get into a fight with Guts, even though Corkus would ultimately be terrified if Guts ever came after him for real. All throughout the anime and manga I was always on edge thinking that Corkus was going to cross the line and infuraqte Guts like Casca did at one point after the three year jump in the early manga, but it never happened.

What is everyone’s take on Guts and Corkus's relationship? Does anyone else fined it as fascinating and cleverly rendered as I do?

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