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Creation Station / Perler Beads
« on: May 24, 2013, 03:38:29 AM »
So here are some things I have been working on that I felt like sharing. They are pixel art versions of some of the Berserk characters in Perler bead form.

All credit for the Pixel Art these were made from goes to this guy:

The biggest problem I had with these was the limited color choices for beads. As seen in all of them I am missing a shade or two that would have made them much better, but sadly there is no bead in that shade. I plan to do Zodd in his human form and Femto next.

Here is Guts as the Black Swordsman:

Guts under the influence of the Berserkers Armor:

Griffith as Commander of the Band of the Hawk:

And finally the Beherit:

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