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Current Episodes / Episode 340
« on: September 21, 2015, 07:50:09 AM »
Title: 暗闘 - The Combat in the Darkness/The Secret Feud (not sure)


Rakshas finds Rickert; his new mask still has three eyes, but has some feather-like pattern on each of them. :rakshas:

Rickert shoots Rakshas with his crossbow, but most of the shots are dodged.

One of the shots hits Rakshas' mask. Rickert: "Got it!" (やった!)

Rakshas: "I should've said it before... That's not where my head is."

Rickert says something about the swine apostle guy that he and Guts met back at the blacksmith's.

Rakshas: "I will kill the Falcon by my own hand someday." (私何時か殺したい鷹をこの手で。Not sure what he means here :???:)

Silat suddenly attacks Rakshas, referring to Rakshas as "The Joyful Murderer"(快楽殺人者).

Silat has a fierce combat with Rakshas and successfully leaves a long scratch on his face.

Rakshas: "As an arrogant son of the chieftain... You're not someone I could take lightly."

Silat: "My arrogance was torn when that guy (Guts) crushed my nose bridge... I've grown a lot after that fight with him."

The two Tapasa guys fire a cannonball at Rakshas. Successfully hit. The two Tapasa guys fill the fire extinguisher with burning oil and fire it at Rakshas.

Rickert refers to Rakshas as "戦魔". (A name for Griffith's apostle soldiers, though Rakshas still hasn't show his apostle form so far.)

Rakshas grabs a horse to the sky, tears it into half, and uses the horse's blood to douse the flame that covered his body.

As the fire is spreading, Erica goes out of the shelter so as to save the city from fire.

Luca calls Erica to save her from danger, but Erica is already captured and lifted to the sky by Rakshas. :magni:

Rickert: "Ericaaa!!"

Episode #341 will be published in Young Animal #21 (23rd October).

Manga Mausoleum / Color Pages that aren't included in MBR volumes
« on: July 22, 2013, 08:53:42 AM »

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