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I know this has probably been answered before but I couldn't find the thread. Can someone explain to me why people say the Golden Age Arc is the pinnacle of Berserk's storyline? I've seen people even go as far as saying it starts to suck after it.  I thought the arc was amazing but I actually like the Mozgus arc better. Aside from just jumping on the bandwagon and letting other people's opinions influence their appreciation of the story, do they just not understand the purpose for certain changes in the dynamic of the story? I know a lot of people say it is too lighthearted now that schierke and isidro are on the team, but I think it's pretty inevitable that the story is going to become extremely dark again. Overall, I just don't understand these people's complaints...

There are only a few series I have read in my life that I believe come anywhere close the quality of Berserk. Vagabond is one, and the other is called Vinland Saga. It is a historical manga like Vagabond, which focuses on the lifestyle of vikings, rise of Cnut the Great to power and the politics related, and the development of the protagonist  from being a young boy that is living and driven solely by revenge to a man with dreams of creating a land with peace. If you enjoy or know European history you will get extra enjoyment from this series. I must add that it is extremely brutal and gore-filled at times because it has to authentically convey how things were  back then. For example, village pillaging and the murder of children and women will occasionally be seen, but I think an avid Berserk reader can handle this sort of thing. A lot of the tones it gives off will remind you of Berserk, only more historical and without the supernatural elements. The art is also at the same level as that of Berserk and Vagabond.

I HIGHLY recommend anyone that found what I said above interesting to give the story a chance. I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't think a lot of you would enjoy it. The story has recently been serialized in English volume format (4 volumes are currently out and they are all hardcover books), so if you want to get into it now you can easily stock up on them. French versions were serialized a while before the English, so Aaz can take his pick at whichever he wants.

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