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I just got volume 6 of the golden age arc in the mail the other day and started reading it (really good volume by the way) and I am currently reading the section of the volume where Casca and Guts fall off the cliff and into the water and Guts dicovers that Casca has a fever and he tries to take care of her. It plays out almost exactly as it did in the movie and reading the manga version for the first time made me wonder, would Guts have gone to such lengths to care for any other memember of band in the same situation? I mean granted since the men in the band would be sick for a very different reason then what Caasca was suffering from (since they are men) but if Guts had been in the exact same situation with one of of his men, would he have gone as far as he to care for them as he did with Casca?

I mean, I know at this point in the story Guts has no feelings for Casca (except how annoying he finds her) so he did not go to such lengths for her because he was in love with her. But he still went pretty far considering he not really like her very much. would have he had done the same if one of the men would have dragged down a cliff and he found they could not scale back up it because they were sick with a fever? Or do think he would have been less inclined to go to such lengths for other hawks? Some how I don't see Guts stripping a fellow hawk memeber down to their skin and warming him with his body heat like he would have Casca.

Manga Mausoleum / Manga character designs
« on: July 11, 2014, 08:46:12 PM »
I wanted to talk about the character designs of the manga and how it has changed over the span of the manga. And I just want to make a few observations. I am still prett6y early on in the manga reading but these are my observations.

One is Guts, I think how he is drawn has changed the most over the span of the series. I think he is being drawn in a way that makes him more like a typical hero then how he looked before. Guts had a rugged almost average joe kind of look to him when the series first started. I am not saying he is ugly (though I am sure  had grow into those ears of his when he was younger) But is was certainly not a pretty boy. I am impressed with how dedicated Miura is at drawing all of Guts scars (and he has quite a few) all the time. Other artists would not be as dedicated. Also I think his ears look less pointy a bit smaller.

Farnese I think Miura made her more plain looking over the course of the manga. I thought she was very pretty at first with her long hair and even after ward. Was this done to make Farnese look plainer on purpose so as not to out shine Casca?

As for Casca since she has lost hwer mind I notice She has gotten prettier and slimmer. In the manga when she was still a warrior she is boyish looking and kind of butch and no one opther then Guts thinks she is attractive (excepet random baddies who want to ream her). She had fairly tiny breasts and now it seems her boobs are bigger and more full then she was when she was a warrior. Also people tend to decribe her a being a beauty (like Luca) when she never seemed to be like that before. Actually when I saw the movies and some of the anime (especially the anime) they made her look so pretty. Why? Casca is supposed to be a butch warrior?


Manga Mausoleum / Adonis...collateral damage?
« on: May 16, 2014, 08:52:42 PM »
I was just reading the manga version of this and I was just wondering, when Griffith sent Guts to kill Julius did Griffith intend for him to be killed too along with his father or was Adonis trully just collateral damage? Griffith wanted Julius out of the way but did include his son as well, I know it was not offical but I think Julius intended for Adonis to marry Charlotte when he was older and Griffith was aiming to put himself as her suiter. So I was wondering did Griffith some how factor in Guts tendacies that he might have been killed as well? I mean Guts is headrly mister stealth guy. I assumed the reason Griffith sent Guts to kill Julius (instead of someone more nimble and stealth like) because he trusted him the most...but did he have an ulterior motive that Guts would probably kill anything that got in his way as well?

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