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Video Games / Exanima (early access)
« on: April 17, 2015, 02:08:59 PM »
Exanima has been released on Steam!
Check out this new trailer:

Sui Generis / Exanima are being developed in tandem by an indie studio, Bare Mettle Entertainment. Low fantasy setting with a unique physics engine which really brings the game to life. It boasts a pretty steep learning curve due to it's interesting control scheme; this makes it very engaging while every fight feels personal.
My personal favorite is the lighting, it's pretty awesome.

Exanima is a rogue-like dungeon experience to hold Kickstarter backers over until the full, open-world release of Sui Generis. It provides a near complete experience except for the overworld and a resurrection mechanic that will be unique to the main character. I've been playing the combat demo for over a year and the dungeon crawler alpha was released a few months ago. Currently, it's extremely close to a full release of Exanima which will be on Steam as well as offered from their website DRM-free (

Here you can see some armor variants, there are no numbers behind armor. Protection is based off coverage and material which means an unguarded face suffers full damage while a lightly protected region would only partially absorb/redistribute damage. The shape and weight of your weapon are very important, as are the forces you impart with your body. Armor stacks meaningfully so you can wear under clothes, padded gambeson, chain tunic, plated mail and various other pieces to accent your coverage.

More images:

Last but not least, here's some overworld:

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