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Character Cove / Berserk and Major Arcana
« on: September 16, 2016, 11:15:34 AM »
First of all, this is not a post claiming that Miura used any Major Arcana inspiration in creating his characters. I just though that considering the flexibility and broadness of the cards as well as the large cast of characters, it would be possible to run the cast of Berserk through the Major Arcana, the 22 most recognisable cards in a tarot deck, and create a series. This topic was discussed once before on this site back in 2003, but in the years since, Miura has introduced and expanded on so many characters I thought it might be worth revisiting.

This is actually one half of a task, with the second being potentially creating artworks of these cards. Drawing is a passion of mine, but being a busy university student, I canít promise Iíll be getting onto this as soon as the comparisons get nailed down. Of course if any arty people here (and there are a lot of you) think these would make a fun exercise theyíre welcome to try it out as well.

A few notes before we start!

1:   Itís important to note that tarot cards generally carry a wide range of interpretations. Differences sources will tell you different traits. However there is a key universal theme underlying every source that Iíve tried to extract. If anybody more experienced in Major Arcana notices Iíve misinterpreted a card, please let me know!

2:   Tarot Cards have both an Ďuprightí and a Ďreversedí orientation, each with different interpretations (reversed is typically more negative). Iíve chosen to purely rely on the more default, upright positions for my comparisons.

3:    The structure Iíll be using for this post is listing the number and name of the card, and then including a few keywords that summarise the card. Iíll then describe any justification I have for assigning a character into that specific slot.

4:    Some of these may be empty. Itís not my intention to force any characters into roles I donít think they fit well enough. If you guys have any suggestions on these (or a better replacement for one I did fill), post it! Otherwise, I guess we can sit around and wait for Miura to introduce a more fitting character.

5:    There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana! This is a lot of info to dump in front of everyone in one go. So Iíll limit this OP to the first 5 in the sequence, and we'll work from there.

Right thatís about it, letís get started!

0. The Fool
Innocence, New beginnings, Potential

Our very first introduction to the world of Berserk (besides some hot demon action) is the chance meeting between Guts and Puck. Meeting Puck can very well be described as a new beginning for Guts, as it starts him on the road to redemption by introducing a conscience and voice of reason that had been lacking in his life since the Eclipse. This also ties into the innocence and optimism of Puckís character. Chestnut jokes aside, Iíve chosen to delegate The Fool to him.

1. The Magician
Skill, Logic, Intellect

As well as the keywords I mentioned, the Magician is said to be ďthe bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity." The magician hosts innocence and purity just like The Fool, but this is backed up by worldly experience and knowledge. There is also a link to the four primordial elements and their relationship to the mind, body, heart and soul. I feel that Schierke fits this description well enough.

2. The High Priestess
Intuition, Higher powers, Mystery

The High Priestess is often described as ďThe guardian of the unconsciousĒ, and is used to represent wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. Flora is a strong contender for this card, being a prominent provider of understanding and knowledge to the main characters as well as invoking a great deal of serenity and mystery in her appearance.

3. The Empress
Fertility, Nature, Femininity, Abundance

Originally, I had Danan rolling in my head for the High Priestess, but once I read deeper into this card how could I possibly resist? Deeply associated with the mystical realm of angels and faeries, the empress depicts a connection to Mother Earth and life. This card also shows a deep connection to femininity, and the beauty, creativity, sensuality and fertility that comes with it. I guess weíll need to wait for those new episodes to see how well that all aligns with her too. 

4. The Emperorv2
Authority, Structure, Foundation
(I had this card formerly as Godot. Cyrus Jong and HearTes have proposed a better fit. Thanks for your suggestions guys!)

The Emperor is the male counterpart to the Empress, focused on structural stability and wisdom learned from life experience, a much harsher and more authoritative teacher than the Empress, but with the same compassion hidden beneath. The Skull Knight is one of the most influential mentors in the story, one of the only characters who can aid Guts as a fellow struggler. Opposing the God hand for millennia. He takes what he has learned of his enemies and causality (a rigid structure he holds in high regard), and passes it on to the next generation.

Right, thatís all for now. I canít wait to get started on the rest when Iím next free. Some of these cards fit characters/events to a T (The Devil, The Tower, Justice), while others might prove to be real head scratchers. Hopefully his turns out to be a fun little activity. Let me know if you agree/disagree with what Iíve posted so far and thanks for reading :)

Character Cove / What was Ubik doing during Conviction?
« on: August 30, 2016, 03:13:54 PM »
Hi everyone! I had a short trawl through the archives and didnít see this question posed before. Although the subject matter is quite old at this point. It concerns our favourite Danny Devito Hellraiser and his conspicuous absence in a time when all his cohorts were working hard on the material world.

During the Conviction arc we see evidence of each of the Godhand members manipulating events to create the stage for Griffithís rebirth. The way each member was used in shaping Albion into the perfect storm of chaos reaffirmed many key themes of each member.

For example, early into the arc we see communities abandoning their villages for refuge in Albion. The cause of this mass exodus is a deadly plague sweeping through Midland, which we soon discover is intrinsically linked to the Godhand Conrad.

Thanks to Conradís efforts, Albion is now swarming with more people than it can properly care for. But the combined efforts of Void and Slan add even more tension to the mix. The camps are a battleground between the doctrine of the Holy See and the growing Heretical cults. During the Heretic orgy we see direct evidence that Slan is tied to this faction. Manifesting an avatar in the smoke just as Conrad had appeared in a swarm of rats in the plagueĖstricken towns.

Sadly, at this point in the theory we delve further in speculation. High up in the Tower of Conviction, Inquisitor Mozgus tells Farnese of the sage imprisoned in the tower who called upon an angel. Nowadays, the theory of the wise man and Gaiseric eventually leading to the rivalry between Void and the Skullknight is one of the most popular around. And so Iíll bounce off that and say that if Void is the wise man described in Mozgusí tale, then it stands to reason that he would have been a high ranking figure in the faith that would become the Holy See (because Mozgus is not the sort to share legends belonging to another faith). We also have the well-known similarities between the Holy See and the brand to back this up. Therefore, the Holy Iron Chain knights and the Holy See, and their part in the destruction of Albion, can be traced back to the machinations of Void.

So Griffith needs some groundwork laid down for his reincarnation. The desire for ďThe Falcon of LightĒ must ring in the minds of thousands. So in a once in a millennium event, Conrad assembles a mass of sacrifices while Void and Slan push their unknowing peons into one another, creating an atmosphere of misery so powerful that evil spirits congeal from the dead in time for a worldly reflection of the Eclipse to begin.

So where was Ubik during all of this? If any aspect of the Albion disaster was his doing, Miura was not nearly as quick to show it as he did the others. Perhaps he could be credited for creating the ďkeyĒ of the event, the egg apostle. But the apostle states he was visited by ďangelsĒ suggesting it was the same collaborative effort seen in all other sacrifices. It could have been that Ubik was dealing on an international scale, arranging the Kushan invasion that had begun to sweep through Midland at that time. But this also doesnít hold much water. The more we learned about Ganishka, the less likely it was that he had or needed any nudging to embark on his quest.

Posts have been dedicated to what exactly Ubikís forte is, with the general consensus being human minds and temptation through trickery. After all, during both the Count and Griffithís ceremony, Ubik is the one who digs through the persons memories. Ubiks reintroduction during the World Transformation is equally opaque, appearing hidden in a page of creatures lifted from Hieronymus Boschís Garden of Earthly Delights. Walter analysed the possible interpretations of this scene in his thread (

So, if Ubik can be assumed to be the most Psychological of the Godhand. Then it could be possible that he was responsible for the mass dream of the Falcon of Light; that gave the people of the Midland a collective wish to hold onto and eventually bring into being. Thinking about it now itís the one answer I find the most satisfying. But I have some problems with it. For one, the act of a species-wide dream feels closer to the power of the Idea of Evil itself.

If anyone has some other Ubik-sized holes they noticed during Conviction, or just other general notes on his character please post it! And let me know if you think the mass dream sounds suitably up his alley.

Current Episodes / Episode 344
« on: June 22, 2016, 12:01:48 PM »
Title: Witch Village

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