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Hi everyone! I am one of the organizers of the Berserk fanzine, "Awakening to a Nightmare." :griffnotevil:

 The zine is a collaborative artbook showcasing the artworks of over 25+ artists! We organized this zine because of our wish to contribute back to the amazing Berserk fandom, to correct its lack of fan merchandise, and general lack of its presence at conventions.

The preorders for the zine are now officially live! If you're interested you can check out the details on our Tumblr blog here: and preorder it on our online store here:!

We have been working on it for more than half a year now and we're excited for it to finally be released!

Here are some preview photos of the zine so far:

All of the details are available on our blog and order information on our store, but I will be happy to answer any questions and comments here. Thank you very much for looking!

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