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Manga Mausoleum / Newcomer's Thoughts on Berserk as a Series
« on: December 29, 2015, 07:52:54 AM »
Thank you Heiji, Aazealh, Walter, Griffith and everyone for your contributions and for making this place very entertaining and stimulating for fan who are really interested in in-depth analysis of the series and everything else related!  :ubik:

Just a long time viewer of the page that finally decided to create a profile :x

As for my 2 cents, I honestly feel that the haitus was because of the new berserk anime that's coming out and miura is playing a bigger role on that one (sort of the logical conclusion, but may not be the only reason). If it is because of that I don't really care for the hiatus, the anime and its sales will help berserk continue and I feel like in a year or so it will go back to a monthly issue, because think about it, if the series gets more popular and more people order the manga issues then demand for the manga will increase and it will help prevent the series from possibly canceling (which would be unlikely without the anime and promotion, but the anime and promotion help insure berserk's success)

As for my view on how the series has progressed so far, I'm really interested on how Guts has developed his relationship with his new companions and we are presented with new characters to add on that variety. I don't know what was Miura's original vision for this series, at first I thought it would be similar to Go Nagai's Violence Jack with some elements from the Evil Dead (and other films), European Folklore and world events (as he has suggested in some of his interviews), with some plot elements relating to Pygmalio and Guin Saga. Although many of these elements are still present, I feel that Guts is becoming a little bit too emotionally attached with everyone, which I'm not stating that he has gone soft or weak, or that's a bad thing (its expected with how events have shaped), he's actually more skilled now than he was ever before. His demeanor as seen when he was observing the island from a distance was full of hope and I honestly believe that thinks that he and Casca will regain their humanity, but his byronic or anti-hero nature seems to have toned down a bit as he is more social now, or at least he's capable of relying on others. Don't get me wrong, Guts still takes risks, but his attachment for others has caused him to look for Farnese (even though it was for her usefulness) but still her life, as well as her brother's, Schierke's and everyone else's, Guts seems like he would harm himself in order to protect them. Where I find conflict with his personality is that although Guts has developed, his unwavering vengeance towards Griffith is still present, but as it was seen earlier in the manga, he knew that the lives of his new companions would be at risk if he decided to fight Zodd after they defeated Ganishka, which means that the lives of his comrades matter more to him than his own personal vendetta in my opinion. In Volume 2, Guts is seen crying after defeating the Count and what his daughter said to him, which was at the time during the peak of his insanity so no matter how evil Guts seems to be his good side will always trump his dark side... on that point, I remember that his hell hound side saying at one point that Guts had gained control of his powers, and it later said that it would come back, perhaps foreshadowing the possibility that in some point in the future, Guts may sitcom to his evil side due to something tragic.

Well the main point of me bringing up Guts' development and his growing attachment was because I was worrying the possibility that Miura may have veered away from his original vision in respect to Berserk's darker aspects and perhaps the popularity to a larger audience may have influenced that. I actually like Berserk presently, but I treat it differently than the earlier chapters and story, and I'm not saying that darker stories are better than all other stories, but when I was reading the darker stories they actually made me feel like I was in a roller coaster ride where some parts are fun, other parts are nauseating, while others are  :magni: where unlike other popular mangas, Berserk forces the reader to read it objectively or else they might not appreciate the full scope of its content (I apologize if you're having a hard time following me, usually I don't do well expressing my emotions or feelings). IDK, what do you guys think? and I apologize for any inconsistencies in my thinking, sometimes I type too fast for my own good :carcus:

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