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Current Episodes / Episode 345
« on: July 21, 2016, 08:19:08 AM »
Title: 大導師 - Great Gurus

Speculation Nation / Casca's wishes
« on: June 26, 2016, 01:40:06 PM »
Hello everybody.

 I am a big fan of berserk since the first time I read it near 20 years ago.
 I wants your opinion about a theory that I thinking from some weeks.

So since guts leave the band of the hawk, skull knight  :SK: always be use to announce the switch in the scenario line (it could be in two different way the fist is after his apparition they active the change or/and what he say (prophetic or oblivious says or discussion) could change the story after like : "you couldn’t protect her and takes your revenge" announce his new trip to bands). So the last dialogist apparition he make on the beach when he say "what you wishes for may not be what she wishes for" make me the same trouble guts'. Guts wishes are clear  :griffnotevil: taking back Casca sanity  :casca: and take his revenge to Griffith by killing him  :rickert:. Why Casca would not wishes for that. When it suddenly became clear. Since she comes back from the eclipse her single human normal reaction was with her child (she became a mother) she feel him and want to protect him. I am sure she feel him when they meet the new Griffith at the swords hill, and knows that he was the vessel of Griffith new body. So she may wants to take revenge  :rickert: but not Killing her son. She may want to do a kind of exorcism  :mozgus: for sanding back femto to astral word and take back her son. Guts have to go in astral world to take a full revenge indeed. :void: :ubik: :slan: :femto:

This make a big different in story line of Guts band’s because for an exorcism you need time and overpower the enemy so you couldn’t do it in a melee wars but more in a infiltration mode like the Julius kill or Griffith exfiltrate.

A notice about the demon child (whose name also Guts  :sad: in the alternative future if Griffith refuse to sacrifice his band, so we know “only” in this alternative future he don't make anything bad  :griffnotevil:). At the beginning, I don't know if Guts Jr. was Guts (corrupt by femto) or Griffith son. Now it is clear within this alternative future.  Because in this alternative future Griffith won't be able to make normally sex  :ganishka:(he trying but it was pathetic) and I don't see Casca rapping (or abuse) him.
Do you notice how the child of the moon, grow up between his 1st and 2nd apparition. Maybe because he was nearest from the elf island (so he could be an adult in real word and peraps the father of chicchi).


Thank you for your feeling about why I says.


P.S.: To finish with a berserklejerk  :ubik: (but not really) within the number of French people here (I am also French with problem on writing). You nearly could open a sub-forum in french.

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