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So this came up the other day and I realized that I'm not actually 100% clear on it. Is the Eclipse the name for the sacrificial ceremony that Apostles go through, or is that reserved for only God Hand members? I've called the event in volume 3 "The Count's Eclipse" for years but I'm realizing now that maybe it's different for Apostles.

The most prominent piece of evidence that comes to mind is the prediction of the Holy See that Farnese speaks of at the beginning of Conviction. She specifically mentions the sun dying five times, which suggests that the Eclipse was seen worldwide, or at least regionally. Rickert also sees the Eclipse and comments on it from outside. If this happened every time an Apostle was born then not only would the sun have died more than five times, but that would be a whole lot of solar eclipses. They'd be a fairly normal phenomenon.

So I ask you, if "Eclipse" isn't the name for the ceremony that normal Apostles go through, then what is it called? Has it been given a specific name? If it has, I can't think of where or when that happens.

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