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Character Cove / Guts VS Zodd 3
« on: December 17, 2016, 02:31:28 PM »
Guts and Zodd rivalry is one of the best thing about Berserk imo. They had 2 duels and both are interesting.
The first one in the Golden age and the 2nd one in Hawk of The Millennium Empire arc.
It seems like Zodd was holding back in both fights, but even tho Guts managed to wound him in both fights anyway.
The second fight he almost broke Zodd's sword then Zodd pulled a random sword from the hill of swords. Guts kicked a random sword and wounded Zodd too.
The 2nd fight was REALLY REALLY AMAZING to me, (I hope the 2017 anime do it well...) Anyway, Guts never defeated Zodd in his apostle form in both fights.

I think Zodd does want to fight Guts one more time, and it seems like the 3rd time Zodd won't go easy, and he will release his full power. After Guts and Zodd teamed together to kill Ganishka. Zodd said he will fight Guts again in a ''duel''.

Now after Guts became lot stronger than before, and he now has the Berserker armor, I think in a 3rd duel between Guts and Zodd. Guts would win.

About Berserker armor Guts VS Apostle Zodd, do you think Guts is now able to kill Zodd?

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