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Hey guys,

Great to be here :)

I purchased this in Japan, back in 2009. Since I've had it, it's been sitting in the box and it has never been taken out of it (outside of the time that the store clerk actually removed it from the box).

Even when I took photos of it, I did not remove it from the box, and any contact that I had with the figurines was after I had washed my hands and even then I did not allow my fingers to touch the figurine because I want to keep it as pristine as possible.

I have never seen one of these on sale anywhere - I am wondering how much this would be worth, or if it's one of those things that never really appreciated in value / or anybody wants.

I am even happy to sell it, but I don't even know where to begin, as I have no idea what this would even cost.

I would love your input on what you think this is worth (or if someone wants to buy it, I actually live in Australia so happy to discuss that also).

Here are some photos:

PS: The following image is from the art of war website, please note I have NOT taken my one out of the box and it has remained sealed shut for the past 8 years :)

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