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Berserk Miscellaneous / Stuff that reminds you of BERSERK
« on: January 15, 2002, 02:23:48 PM »
The two great strengths of BERSERK for me are: 1) Just great, great characters. Guts, Casca, Griffith headline of course, but you also have Judeau, Puck, Pippin, Corkus, Zodd, Skull Knight, the mysterious God Hand (as much as Miura owes Clive Barker a check for them) ... 2) the brutal reality of its material, demons notwithstanding ... the main characters seem so real, the harshness and cruelty of the world reflect that of the Middle Ages.

My question would be for all: what media out there (film, TV, books, manga/comics, computer games) reminds you of BERSERK? Can anything match up to it?

For films, stuff that comes to mind are BRAVEHEART for its tremendous battle scenes (though not for much else); GLADIATOR for its superb hero & villain, and the brutality of its fight scenes; a Hong Kong film called BULLET IN THE HEAD for its pure intensity; another HK film called FULL CONTACT for the grittiness and savagery of the fight sequences, and also sexual tension between hero and villain; another HK wuxia film called THE BLADE, for the pure darkness of its world and the wild emotional desperation of its battles. Of all these, THE BLADE is my favorite ... definitely one to check out for any BERSERK fan. It's available on VHS and VCD in any Chinatown, and also from

Books: the classic Chinese novel OUTLAWS OF THE MARSH (SHUI HU ZHAN) or WATER MARGIN, for its dark and unforgiving view of the world and the violence of its heroes. The books that made think up this thread, however, are the SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series by George R.R. Martin: A GAME OF THRONES, A CLASH OF KINGS, and A STORM OF SWORDS. Because they're a series, they can hope to give as much time to their characters and storyline as BERSERK can. They're set in a fantasy medieval world and just like BERSERK, they have hulking brutes who swing outsized swords, incest of all kinds, brutal torture, major characters getting vital body parts sliced off and/or killed, betrayal by the boatload, moral ambiguities all over the place, underage sex ... most importantly, they also have both the great characterizations and tough, unbending realness that makes BERSERK special. These are available at any bookstore around or @

Anyone else read these, or have any suggestions?

Character Cove / Treatment of Casca in the manga **SPOILERS**
« on: January 14, 2002, 06:50:56 PM »
Just saw the BERSERK manga for the first time @ a great Japanese bookstore here in NYC. My only acquaintance beforehand was with the excellent anime series and reading updates on the Internet.

Was flipping through all the volumes and saw some stuff that basically turned my stomach and kept me from buying them all on the spot ... hell, from buying any at all. And that was the treatment of my favorite character, Casca.

I'm referring to two scenes in particular: The first is Wild's attack on the Hawks and his capture of Casca. This is a scene straight out of hentai, as he strips her and proceeds to threaten rape with a comedically monstrous tongue. She just seemed to be frozen and whimper. I was pretty disgusted by this ... it had zero purpose beyond simply playing the exploitation card to sell books to perverts.

The second scene, and the deal-breaker for me, was Femto's rape of Casca during the Eclipse. The way this was drawn and presented really made me want to throw the book across the room. This is a key plot point and a major turning point for all of the characters. It's a brutal rape that represents the ultimate in savage betrayal, the final sin that makes Griffith ultimately irredeemable (at least in my eyes ... apparently not in some other folks'). This scene is drawn like something out of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS. Instead of Casca's mental anguish and the horror of the moment, we get her being humiliated in several different positions from many angles, going on for at least 3 pages. Miura doesn't seem to understand that rape is NOT PORNOGRAPHY. This scene really sickened me and at this point I've pretty much decided not to purchase any BERSERK manga, whereas before I was ready and willing to plunk down $84 for all 21 volumes.

Now, I'm not a Mormon or something like that. I have no problem with seeing Casca naked in situations like when she and Guts make love (which I thought was drawn quite respectfully). I don't even have a major problem seeing Casca naked and in danger of being raped in her current state, because that was the world back then and now and when someone's trying to rape you, your clothes are probably going to get ripped (not that I'm exactly ecstatic about this, either ... I don't like it at all). What I DO have a problem with is Miura repeatedly humiliating Casca, a character whom he mostly otherwise draws with great humanity and creativity, for the sole purpose of violent exploitative perversion. Compare the openly pornographic treatment of Casca's rape with Guts' rape by Donovan (another scene I saw for the first time). We see pretty explicit stuff, and both Donovan and lil Guts naked. But we don't get Guts flashed from all angles, with every nook and cranny of his body on display, like some goddamn child porn flick. Miura shows us the brutality and horror of the moment, and once this is done, moves on. That's the way to handle that kind of situation in an explicit but yet non-exploitative manner. But when Casca's in danger ... he seems to forget all restraint and plays exclusively to the rubber raincoat crowd. I've lost a whole lot of respect for him and the manga itself.

I'm not saying that BERSERK is now worthless. I plan on keeping up with the storyline and seeing how it all plays out, and also to contribute to this board. I love the anime and Miura's writing and creativity are still high in my eyes. But I sure as hell am not going to support the manga with my money while stuff like what I mentioned above is being drawn.

I'm venting right now, but I'd be interested in what other people thought when they saw those scenes in the manga. Did anyone else have a similar reaction to mine?

Character Cove / Mozgus ... huh????
« on: January 18, 2002, 07:41:53 AM »
Hello folks,

Can't find any translations for Vol. 20-21 yet that can explain this: what the hell is Lord Mozgus, anyway? What's up with the frozen face, and how does he get the power to transform himself and his sick little crew into the equivalent of Apostles? Did he indeed sell out to the God Hand, under the guise of angels? And what the heck was that tide of black that killed all the people in the Tower?


Shootin' the Breeze / A BERSERK Star Wars ...
« on: May 21, 2002, 11:59:30 AM »
What if Miura had been put in charge of the Star Wars series? How would he have written it?

A few changes I can think of:

The Emperor would be a demon walking around with his brain exposed, and would have tentacles with which to rape passersby.

The Tusken Raiders would have done more than just knock Luke unconscious. "You got pretty lips, boy ..."

Anakin Skywalker would be a LOT prettier and have flowing white hair. All those tortured romance scenes in AOTC would have been eliminated ... do you really think he would take "no" from Padme?  ;)

When the monster in the arena raked Padme's costume --- breasts, baby.  :o

When the Emperor said to Luke, "Strike me down and join the Dark Side ...", it would have all been over at "Strike me---"

Just a few ... anyone else have ideas?

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