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Speculation Nation / Recent Events & Themes of Berserk
« on: May 11, 2002, 03:03:35 PM »
The overall theme of Berserk could probably be summed up best as "free will vs. fate." the question of the day, then, is how do recent events shape "the message" of Berserk, & how will that effect the plot of the manga? if you ask me (& i know everyone craves my opinion like fremen crave sand on Arrakis, but hear me out anyway), i'd say that berserk used to be all about free will, & that you had to earn everything that you wanted, that is, you had to earn your dreams with your own hands rather than magic. this was reinforced by a lot of things, which have pretty much all been discussed & are fairly apparent (though i'm always curious to hear alternate opinions). HOWEVER, in recent chapters, we've been treated to a far more supernatural, or "fantastic" version of the berserk world. now, with chapters 199-201, we've seen Guts & co. essentially fraternizing with the enemy. up till now, Guts has rejected, in many ways, all the supernatural elements of his world. now he seems to be at least tenatively accepting aide from a couple of witches. does this signify a change in the overall theme of the manga? in otherwords, does it herald the ultimate futility of free will in the battle with fate? it would certainly seem so.

Current Episodes / Episode 187
« on: September 26, 2001, 01:06:16 PM »
we have what some would call a failure to communicate, so here's my feeble effort to remedy the situation. it's kinda half-assed, since i'm lazy, so bear with me.

OK, so...

Guts is heading towards Elfhelm (I think that's how it's called?... strange... anyway, according to Puck, it's an utopia located on an island in the western ocean... so we'll _finally_ see the ocean in Berserk... I was waiting for that) and is protecting Casca by fighting specters on a daily basis.
But being with Casca also reminds him of his life among the Hawk Soldiers, and Puck is worried about him...

In one of Guts' dreams, a beast appears, surrounded by flames, and talks to him.
"Why aren't you chasing Griffith? Casca is nothing more than "remains", now, so how would she be more important than him? She matters to you only because she's a "wound" left to you by Griffith. You need her so that you can still feel that "pain"."
The beast bites Casca's neck.
"By doing so, you'll be more and more connected with Griffith... That's what you're wishing for."

Guts wakes up. An Incubus was responsible for that dream. "That's not true... That can't be true."

Please keep in mind that I haven't seen the episode yet... There may be some mistakes, and the "quotes" aren't quotes but paraphrases.

that's oliver's summary of chapter 187 [187th Episode  Millennium Falcon Part  Chapter of the Holy-Evil War Chronicle  Winter Journey (1)], for those of you just tuning in.


 to further summarize the posts from mk II, as it shall be known:

oh dear, the angst of the situation!

i don't like angst, i like violence!


... you know, i really thought i'd be able to make more than 3 pseudo witty comments that pertain to 187, but there were really only those 3 topics to quip on, at least so far as berserk goes. oh well. talk amongst yourselves.

Berserk Miscellaneous / MWA HA HA
« on: September 12, 2001, 02:13:30 PM »
ok, now i'm happy. just wanted to show off my mad ownership skills.

Berserk Miscellaneous / puzzling isbn #'s
« on: January 02, 2002, 11:40:33 AM »
i might have mentioned that i started working at a bookstore recently (thus the sharp decline in posting). well, it occured to me recently that i could not only buy berserk for really cheap due to my company discount, but that i could actually AFFORD to do so, now that i've been working for awhile (& have been getting some hugely wiggedy overtime hours). so, i tried yesterday to do a search for the isbn's on the company's computer, as published on BSOM. now, it's got limited access to the internet (the programs are restrictive & tampering with them/deleting them would probably get me in trouble, plus there's no spare time for such things), so i can, in theory, access & order EVERY book in print, so long as there's an isbn #. now, assuming my bookstore'scomputer is not just fucked up (which nobody at work could confirm or deny for lack of experience in placing international orders, other than knowing it could be done), does anybody know what the correct isbn numbers for berserk are? or if the earlier volumes are still in print? or if the isbn numbers have changed? etc. any help would be appreciated.

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