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Search turned up nothing, though its possible I missed it.

Friend sent me a link of a band (therein Highlord) that has made quite an obvious Berserk homage.

For those who cannot stomach metal/(or understand European "Fishmaster" grunting) here are the lyrics.

this world man's destiny is controlled
By some transcendental entity or law
At least man knows that he has no control
Over his own will

On the day the hawk fell
You saw your love betrayed
A new order to enslave the world
And for you a new battle to fight

We are the darkness, your own race
We taste the flesh of your comrades
No, I won't surrender
Your heart is ours, your blood is ours
The brand will grant you no escape

Angels or demons? Apostles of death

Bloody trails veil my dreams
By the sword of the Berserk
But I know I will be free
From the demons that hunt my soul

On the road you walk in silence
There's only darkness by your side
The roots of evil grow and thrive
In the world that mankind's created
The traitor was your brother
Once he led you to the stars
Now you wield your sword in battle
Just to claim your vengeance in blood


The world has been damned, do we have to die?


We have only one chance
Fighting or dying
In this burning hell called earth
Last son of the hand of God
Traitor of love...
You married hate to my soul...

"I am the flesh....
Ambrosia for the immortal ones"
Come into my flame...
My violent desire
"You tear apart...
The human pleasure from it's cradle"
I order your ruin...
Killer of passions...
"Better death
Than your damned fire"
I devour your essence...
On your body my perversion
"Better the sword
Than your claws on my breast"
Settle your mortal senses
To my cruel will...

Video Games / Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations
« on: October 25, 2007, 04:54:59 AM »
Felt it was somewhat obligatory with a namesake to keep up.
Asides from Aazealh, I have no idea who on SK is keeping up with the PW/Gyakuten Saiban series, but the third and (final) Phoenix Wright title was just released in America. I got my pre-order picked up tonight, and sadly I won't get to play it till I get back to finishing the 4th trial in JFA. Nice to know that this returns to 5 cases, which is what I assume the original GBA game had.

Anyways, feel free to chime in if you'll be playing it.

Speculation Nation / The struggle with Causality
« on: March 16, 2007, 03:28:39 PM »
Excuse me if this has been mentioned in depth, I did a quick search for a few pages and only found bits and pieces of what I wanted to discuss. Anyways, kind of got a spark in an idea this morning, I was thinking about the current "struggles" that involve Guts and Skull Knight and the "fish" metaphor. Now it's obvious (well, at least to my notion at this point) Causality isn't something that can be completely destroyed or anything of the sort, and imo at best Skull Knight and Guts are becoming new variables within it that have potential to distort the -intended- flow of the spiral.

But what I ask is to what degree have they really been successful? Skull Knight saves Guts and Casca during the Eclipse, but it is Guts and Casca's premature son  that becomes a device of sorts at Albion (correct me if I'm wrong here) for the incarnation ceremony, which might not have been completely possible had their child hadn't followed them to the tower (namely Casca). Is it possible that this is still within the intent of the Idea and/or Causality, or can it be that Guts and Skull Knight are considered an unknown factor and still adapted as some new variable? Also, as the topic says, if they "have" made progress, what, if any, do you feel shows this specifically?

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