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Shootin' the Breeze / Grail and I Got Married!
« on: November 16, 2014, 04:15:57 AM »

Yesterday, Grail and I finally tied the knot! We went to San Francisco City Hall with our wonderful families, got our marriage license, had a ceremony, and then BOOM! We became an official a married couple! I cannot describe just how happy I am. The instant the judge said "I now pronounce you husband and wife," I felt overcome with emotion.

I'm especially happy to share this with you, because Grail and I first met here on SKnet. We've been a couple for almost 5 years and throughout this whole time, Berserk and have always been part of our daily conversations. This crazy manga is our favorite thing ever and we talk about it constantly. :guts: I feel so incredibly grateful to be spending the rest of my life with somebody who shares my obsession for Berserk!

So, thanks Walter, for starting this forum and allowing so many different people to come together. Especially me and my new wife! <3 <3 <3

P.S. Grail I need a new avatar. Please start on that ASAP. Thank you ;)

Shootin' the Breeze / IT HURTS!! - A Comic by Gobolatula
« on: December 28, 2013, 03:42:39 PM »

I'm not a big fan of "self promotion" and stuff like that (I'm super dumb and shy), but since I consider this community very dear to me, I wanted to share with you guys what I've been up to for the last half a year. It's a comic called IT HURTS!! and it updates Mondays / Wednesdays / Fridays.


It's about a silly boy riddled with depression and anxiety named Pasqualo and how he finds his first love, a mysterious yet super kind girl named Aurora. Pasqualo also has lots of friends, including his best friend Allison who's a dirty little munchkin and Tubsy who's a chilled out big fat dude. Over time, strange and crazy things start happening and before you know it, the whole world changes.


Please give it a shot. Pretty please. I know the swearing and dirty humor can be a bit much, and the art is shoddy at best, but It's my hope to capture what it was like for me growing up as a little scumbag with all my potty-mouthed dirty friends. Behind all the crudeness, there was always a lot of humanity and great companionship.

Please let me know what you think<3<3<3

Creation Station / Exclusive Episode Previews
« on: April 01, 2013, 10:12:03 AM »
Check it out, guys! Exclusive new Berserk content is revealed in this video!!

<a href=";amp;hl=en_US&amp;amp;rel=0" target="_blank" class="new_win">;amp;hl=en_US&amp;amp;rel=0</a>

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Classic Anime
« on: August 04, 2012, 11:33:52 PM »
Recently, I've been re-watching a lot of old Ranma 1/2 episodes. I've seen the whole series, all the movies, the OVAs, and just a few days ago I saw the new OVA they put out. This series has a special place in my heart, since it was one of the first anime I watched. I totally ate up all that romance stuff and still consider Ranma & Akane to be my favorite anime couple. Though it's frustrating as hell sitting through ten billion episodes of the same stuff. They argue, they make up, they *almost* admit they like each other, then they don't. Still, there's a handful of awesome, funny, and sweet episodes I've been going back and watching. I don't think I'd ever sit through the entire series again. I think that's both Rumiko Takahashi's fault and reason for her success: the tendency to DRAAG OUUUT the plot / romance. Ugh.

Then I just now finished the first episode of Urusei Yatsura. I liked it quite a bit, but I'm weary of dedicating my time to yet another one of Takahashi's long things. I used to blast through these long anime series when I was younger, but now... Eh, not so much. Though I do fucking LOVE this song:

I've been getting into Dr. Slump bigtime. As a huge fan of early Dragonball, this stuff really does the trick for me. Unfortunately, my Japanese isn't as great as I'd like it to be and only a few episodes have been subtitled in English. I really think that Toriyama was at his best here. Just wacky funny nonsense. Luckily the manga is available, so I've been reading that.

Feel free to reminisce about some old school anime, folks!



Wait, what??
YOU HEARD ME! I am giving away my Complete (so far) Dark Horse Berserk manga collection to the person who creates the funniest Berserk-related fan art.

Gobs, you fucking idiot, aren't you a huge Berserk fan? Won't this mean you'll be without your Berserk manga?
This isn't the first time I've had to re-buy my entire collection! I've let my friends "borrow" my manga volumes many many times! I know, I'm really stupid!

Seriously, why are you doing this?
Because I feel like doing something nice, I feel like throwing more money at my favorite series, and most of all, I really hope this contest generates a shitload of funny fan art.

But, I'm a huge fan too and I already bought and own the entire manga series.
Well good! If you're anything like me, I'm sure you have a friend who you've been DYING to show this series. Here's your chance. How cool (or absolutely insane) would it be to go up to that friend and say, "You know that series I told you I think you'd really love? Here it is. All yours."

Well fuck you, I'm just gonna sell your volumes on eBay.
You can do whatever the hell you want with these. They're yours. These 35 volumes are in decent condition, though a few of the later volumes are missing the mini-posters inside. (I cut them out to put on my wall). There's a little bit of wear on these. So, if you want to draw me a really good and really funny Berserk picture in order to sell these used Berserk volumes, you dick, then I guess go ahead.

Okay, count me in. What are the rules?
1) Create a funny drawing that has to do with the manga Berserk. It can be anything: a comic, a painting, a sketch, anything.
2) You have to be at least 18 years old. POST IT IN THIS THREAD. You CAN have multiple entries. Draw as much as you want!
3) If you live outside the USA, you'll have to pay for shipping. Sorry?

When is the deadline?

As soon as there are at least 20 different entries AND 10 different serious contributors. Now

Again, I am completely serious. So spread the word. Start drawing shit. Go.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Rise of the Planet of the Apes
« on: August 13, 2011, 11:56:35 PM »
Last night, me and Grail saw the new Planet of the Apes movie. It was really. Really. REALLY. GOOD. Anyone else here see it? Yeah, it was great, wasn't it?

When I saw the trailer, I had an idea that it would probably be *kinda* good. But I was surprised at just how much I was enjoying it. They really did a fantastic job with all the various apes. Andy Serkis is some kind of ape genius.

The story of the main ape character, Caesar, is so heart-wrenching. You really end up full-on rooting for him.

I want to see this movie again real soon.

Creation Station / Gobby's Magical Musical Adventure!
« on: April 30, 2011, 06:12:57 PM »
So, I've been getting back into music in a lot of different ways. I recently got a new MIDI setup.

ALSO, I've been teaching myself how to DJ. I made this one for you guys. A non-stop 30 minute Susumu Hirasawa mix. Let me know what you think:

This is perfect for when you're hanging out with your Japanese synth pop aficionado friends.

Shootin' the Breeze / Stupid Stuff We Really Want
« on: April 23, 2011, 03:41:19 PM »
I don't think I can go another day without buying this

I'm a huge sucker for little figurines. And I'm insanely crazy about Panty & Stocking. I need help.

How about you guys? Show us some dumb stuff you want.

Creation Station / Berserk - The Never Ending Wacky Comic
« on: April 20, 2011, 12:12:44 AM »
Here's what we're gonna do, guys.

We'll all take turns drawing from 1-5 or so comic panels and keep on continuing this story. Be funny and I'll give you lots of cool points. Feel free to draw, no matter what medium you use or what skill level you have. You can get super detailed or add color or anything. Don't shit on the previous contributor's work. For example, let's say one panel Puck says "OH MY GOD I CAN GROW A GIANT MUSCLE ARM," don't draw your panel having Puck say, "Nevermind!" This is all about "YES, AND ___."

I'll start off.

Creation Station / Help me make a custom Berserk iPhone case!
« on: February 15, 2011, 09:35:24 PM »

This is harder than I thought!

I've been trying to find a good picture to use to make a custom Berserk iPhone case. I've been having lots and lots of trouble. See, I've been looking through all of Lith's beautiful colors and various pieces of official art and uh... I'm drawing a blank.

I'd love to have a color image including post-Berserker armor Guts (without the helmet). I'd like it to be an image that takes up the whole area. Also, I've been thinking of maybe a group shot if possible.

Here's the template I'm using:

And here's the site I'm doing it through:

Any help or picture suggestions or even attempts would be welcome! Please help!

 :serpico: :guts: :casca: :farnese: :isidro: :schierke: :magni:

Current Episodes / Episode 317
« on: November 09, 2010, 11:17:59 AM »
Title: 満月(2) - Full moon (2)

Oh, man... I can't wait...

Berserk Miscellaneous / How do you cope with publication breaks?
« on: May 11, 2010, 05:11:38 PM »
How do you deal with the longer gaps between new episode releases? What do you do to satisfy your need for a Berserk fix?

We all miss Berserk when it's not in Young Animal. Some get anxiously upset over the publication breaks, and some brush it off.

My hope with this thread is for us to share our "Berserk Break" activities, to perhaps prevent people from bitching or getting generally discouraged in new episode threads.

Now, please, in this thread, be respectful of Miura and his process. Also, I'd like this to be not so much a "venting" thread, but something positive we all can look at to go, "Oh, right. These breaks aren't so bad."

Anyway, here's what I usually do during breaks in publication. I brought this up in the 312 thread.

Me, personally, I reread previous episodes / entire chunks of story in no particular order, picking apart in my brain how they relate to the current story arc and where the characters are all at.

This board is actually a great place for a steady stream of new Berserk, whether it's fan art / general creative works, merchandise, story discussion, and the ultimate news and eventual discussion of new episodes...

When you're aching for new Berserk, just know you're not alone. And chill.

Berserk Merchandise / Gobolatula's House of Deals!
« on: February 26, 2010, 06:12:33 PM »
I need yo' money BAD.

Hey, guys. First off, I'm selling my BOX OF WAR. As you probably already know, that's the box set of ALL SIX American released DVDs. I figure most of you already own this brilliant series, but for those of you who don't, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!

I'll give this away for $40.

And as a bonus, I'll throw in THIS GUY:

I have more Berserk stuff to sell, more to come later. Let me know if you're interested. PM me!

Creation Station / Gobolatula's Wacky Berserk Art
« on: October 01, 2009, 08:57:16 PM »
I have been having a terrible time drawing Guts' Berserker armor. This is one of my attempts. After a while of toiling, I just gave up and started doodling Schierke, Griffith, and some other stuff.

Sorry for the poor quality.

Does anyone have any pointers on drawing the berserker armor, or even just armor in general?

Speculation Nation / ASSUMING the mystery child IS Griffith
« on: February 20, 2009, 09:44:14 PM »
Of course, none of us can 100% prove who or what the mystery child is... His appearance is an obvious cross between Guts and Casca. As in, their kid. We know that the demon child merged with Griffith's vessel (the Beherit apostle).

LET'S JUST ASSUME for a moment that the mystery child IS Griffith.

What if?

If Griffith was flown in by Zodd to take form as the mystery child, what motives would he have? If Griffith claims that Guts is "beneath his notice," "an insignificant squirming sacrifice," and that he is free from his attachment to Guts, what purpose would observing him and his group serve?

Is it simply the Demon Child within Griffith longing for his parents (as Skull Knight said he would)? Is it Griffith's own will to see how much Guts has progressed? Is it just to check out the armor and see Guts in action?

What of the connection between the mystery child and the child made of light that appeared before Guts while he was fighting those "alligator monsters" telling him to STOP before he killed his friends? If that was indeed the mystery child who was indeed Griffith, then why?

A lot of questions, but what do you guys think?

There is no doubt in my mind that Skull Knight is aware of the crazy crap that's going on with Griffith's army and Ganishka.

What I'm wondering is: Where is he? Will he take advantage of this situation? Will he just be a casual observer?

He seems to only show up when there are few around, save for the time he was fighting for Flora out of their friendship. Plus, there are many, MANY strong apostles around that would want him dead. Plus, the fifth God Hand, Griffith.

What are your thoughts?

Creation Station / Berserk Crossovers
« on: October 09, 2008, 06:29:04 PM »
Topic explains it all. Let's get some crossovers going, guys!

Casca accidentally forgot how to use a sword. So now she's weilding a magnifying glass solving mysteries with the Scooby Doo Detective Agency!

One day, it suddenly dawned on Schierke that her quest with Guts and the gang was horribly depressing. So now she's a chef's apprentice's apprentice!!!

Since Johnny Marr bailed on Morrissey for being a silly goose, Griffith chose to follow his NEW DREAM: taking over on the guitar for the late 80's best English indie pop bands!

Encyclopedia: Q&A / Changes from Episode to Volume
« on: September 12, 2008, 06:15:41 AM »
I've read here and there that there's changes here and there from episode to volume. For example, Griffith's "I can never forgive you" line when Guts puts his hand on his shoulder before The Eclipse... Random dialogue changes... The omission of the episode where Griffith meets The Idea...

Is there a list of these changes? Or could there be a list put together?

Speculation Nation / Why doesn't Griffith kill Guts? (and other stuff)
« on: August 05, 2008, 09:32:24 PM »
It reminds me of Scott Evil telling Dr. Evil just to shoot Austin Powers when he has the chance.

The reincarnated Griffith was right in front of Guts (or near him) twice. He had the opportunity to just kill him right then and there. I mean, Guts is "The Black Swordsman," the guys who tons of apostles hate, because he's' been killing them and messing things up for them. Why wouldn't Griffith see Guts as a threat? Does he just think he's beneath him and not worth dealing with? I mean, Griffith sent his goons to kill Flora, even though she wasn't directly assaulting Griffith's army. Guts and his group are becoming stronger and stronger. There's no doubt in my mind that Griffith knows this. I mean, he was chilling on his horse looking at Guts after him and Zodd Falcon Punch'd Ganishka between the eyes. He's gotta know about the new armor and everything.

Is Griffith not killing Guts because perhaps there's a small part of him that yearns to feel close to him (or perhaps the little fetus' feelings)? Or is he just being a stubborn cunt and refusing to believe Guts is worth killing?

On another note, what if the king of Elfhelm can't fix up Casca? What then? Obviously, something's gotta come out of this long voyage to Elfhelm. There's got to be some huge payoff after a trillion volumes of Guts and his group heading there.

I'm just saying, if that happened, what would happen (other than Guts eating Puck)?

Berserk Miscellaneous / What is the pronunciation of "Schierke"?
« on: July 08, 2008, 08:21:11 PM »
Okay, I've searched this forum and googled like a muhmugga and so far, no absolutely correct answers.

What I do know is "Schierke" is a German name. In the PS2 cutscenes in Japanese they say, "Shiruke" like.. "Shee-roo-keh."

I did some half-assed research on German pronunciation pages and haven't got a complete answer there, either. So far, I know the "Sch" is just like "Sh" and the "ie" is just like "ee." So put 'em together and we get "shee"... said like "she" when you refer to a girl in english.

All that's left is Schierke.

Let's do this thang.

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