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Video Games / Playstation Home
« on: December 13, 2008, 01:57:04 AM »
*Rant warning*

Okay, yesterday it finally became open for all to beta test (stupidly requiring even those of us who already had the beta to have to redownload all of the areas) and the problems that I noticed while first testing it only seemed to be amplified.  First off its a nice concept but it is boring, the arcade games are lame and only one person can be at a machine at a time so you have to wait your turn, bowling is only fun for a little while same for pool.  I was lucky enough that because I was a tester for it while the beta was closed that I was able to get free clothing from the mall but I went to my wardrobe and was unable to find any of the clothing I bought. For all the graphical capabilities that the PS3 has my mii looks WAAAY more like me, and the one black guy default model that I had to make look like me looked like a burnt out crackhead with a wrinkly forehead, crows feet and afro.  Then there's the xbox live-esque racism, I was in the Central Plaza and all it took was some guy to see a group of black avatars (and the personal security that he had from anonymity) to start dropping n-bombs and accusing us of stealing our PS3's.  Yesterday while in the mall (very sparse) a group of guys with headsets surround this girl and actually start hitting on her because her avatar is attractive, so a pixelated avatar is all it took for idiots to start flirting with her.  Then the guy leading the group of idiots and is interrupted because another guy walks in front of him and sits down in between him and her, the girl seemed to be amused by the attention from the start and the bickering that started after the newcomer came didn't bother her in the least, all the while I'm just imagining how much more chaos would be occuring if we were allowed to fight one another on Home.  The one positive is that its fun to randomly start dancing with a bunch of virtual strangers (texting mosh pit occasionally) but I can do that in real life with a greater selection of dances, too.

All in all with the free time I'll have from winter break along with owning Resistance 2, there's little reason for me to play an app that has a community that makes high school look like a gathering of esteemed dignitaries.


News & Not News / Alleged bigfoot corpse recovered
« on: August 15, 2008, 02:58:02 AM »

It has been on a lot of news networks but it sounds suspicious.  A press conference open only to press members with credentials will be held tomorrow at noon pt.

News & Not News / Edgar Mitchell UFO interview
« on: July 26, 2008, 12:13:08 AM »
Well I've got one thread that talks about the LHC and the possible Doomsday scenarios and now I decided to open another (possibly controversial one) about Dr. Edgar Mitchell's UFO disclosure interview on July 23, 2008. This isn't just some hick either, this is the sixth man to step foot on the moon, who admits that the earth has been visited and that he has been briefed on alien contacts, its interesting and although he is 77 he doesn't sound senile, whether or not what he says is true is up to your own judgement.  Like to hear your thoughts on it and here's the link to the interview:


News & Not News / Activation of the LHC
« on: July 22, 2008, 04:00:33 AM »
Don't know how popular of a subject this'll be, but I've been following the developments of the Large Hadron Collider as well as the fear based lawsuits against it.  For those who don't know, the LHC is a powerful machine meant to accelerate TeV protons at speeds nearing the speed of light.  These protons are to collide with one another in order to recreate a small big bang (that's an oxymoron for ya) for a fraction of a microsecond, but long enough to catch a glimpse of the hypothetical Higgs-boson, which is the particle said to have given elementary particles mass.  The discovery of which would revolutionize physics possibly allowing for the standard model and Einstein's theory to merge forming the so called "theory of everything".

The machine is super powerful and the collision of the particles would produce energy equivalent to 14 trillion electron volts, the heat of the particles colliding will be one trillion degrees, or 10,000 times hotter than the sun.  The fear is that the experiment could cause phenomena such as micro blackholes and strangelets which could gobble up the earth, which has led some to call the machine the "doomsday device".

It is set to run at full power in 16 days....

Well, I say fire the damn thing already!   

I did a search and didn't fight a topic quite like this and to elaborate I mean that if Casca's mental state returns to normal and if she remembers somethings from being nearly retarded, do you think if she remembers Guts nearly raping her that she'll grudge/hate or maybe not trust him the same way.

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