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Buying / Selling / Re: [FS] AOW Statues
« on: March 11, 2018, 05:48:12 PM »
Houma locus european version is sold. Thanks to the buyer  :slan:

Arrived in perfect condition in a very short amount of time. Thanks so much!

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
« on: June 04, 2005, 03:22:06 AM »
PPS: I utterly disagree with you TS, and I've been thinking about making a big post to point out every gross flaw of the movie, but I'm too lazy at the moment. Ah yeah, and in reply to Wah Wah Wah, I actually liked some parts of Episode 3, but I'm with Griffith as far as saying that Episode 1 was better. Jar Jar sucked, but not that much. Just trying to redeem myself since nir085 has been checking my account as a Guest for the past 3 days. :-X
Hahaha. Sorry if I creeped you out or whatever by doing that, but just take it as a compliment (because I occasionally check your post list to get the BERSERK news quickly, instead of browsing through tons of commentary). Over the little SW argument we had, though.

Sir, I am a rather idiotic newbie as well, and that review does not make you Roger fucking Ebert...
That is good news. [Not being Ebert] is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Although he has rated it as highly as I have, now that you mention him.

What I want to know is why anyone would want to watch these things when the LOTR trilogy is out there...hell, even Advent Children looks to be a cinematic masterpiece in comparison.† For that matter, that live action Eva movie will probably be superior if Keanu shows up in Bill & Ted gear and
George Carlin plays Gendo Ikari...

I can't say that comparing just any fiction movie side-by-side is ...normal. Your post is nearly reminiscient of one of those "Superman vs. Gadtzu" threads.

The main character has close to no depth anyway. ::)
1.) mean, but good-natured, slave worker on a desert planet
2.) honorable knight
3.) confused lover(/honorable knight)
4.) traitor for what he believes is a good cause
5.) 98% evil
6.) the SW equivalent of an angel

If I say so it's because it's true, obviously. :)
That doesn't make too much sense seeing as how 5 out of 5 considered it to be helpful...

And what's someone like me exactly? A superior being whose exceptional mind prevents from saying bullshit? ??? I thought you said you wouldn't take stuff personally. :-\
I'm not judging anyone here nor am I taking things personally: what I meant was that you're ridiculously and unjustifiably full of yourself and small-minded...when it comes to perspectives on things [fiction, in particular] you aren't obsessively dependent on. Being a hypocrite about the personally thing for a second here, since you've obviously done the same: you're not a superior being either (take note of the bluntness).

Sorry, I'm not going to waste my time writing anything substantial about this movie, because there's nothing substantial to discuss about it. It's as plainly bad as the sky is blue, there's no point in me explaining why to hopeless fans in denial; basically, if you have to ask, you'll never know. Like I said, if you're a fan of Star Wars and shit, it's high times, so go ahead and roll in it.
I'm curious to see how long you can hold out from saying "Star Wars is (expletive) bad" again. Still, I do agree with this post of yours, so I'll stop and just enjoy.

Well. Uh. I appreciate the quick response time, at least.

I don't hate it, I'm not just a Prequel hater or whatever lame defense people are using to dispute my opinion; it's just a bad movie, end of story. And I'm not going to rationalize that fact away just because it's "Star Wars." It's just kinda ridiculous to see, you know?
You should rationalize something, instead of just saying "it flat out sucks" whenever you feel the whim.

Also, what is this big whine about, "OMG, you believe in your opinions!" Yeah, because I have valid reasons to have them, that's why I don't pussyfoot around; everyone should give it a try sometime. Maybe it's so offensive in this case because deep down all you Ep. III defenders know I'm right. 8)
Your undeserved ego is what is really offensive. That added on to the fact that you constitute every other quote saying the same thing. It's OK if you don't like it. Some people can't understand the beauty of something no matter how good it is. But saying "it's just bad" can do better.

Can't beat me, I've got the high ground. ;D
No one seems to be impartial around here, so you're right: you have got the high ground. We've basically reached a stalemate, where both of us are too full of ourselves to give in, so I'll be the first to concede.

It would be good story-telling.
It would be short-sighted and the main character would have much less depth.

No offense dude, and nothing personal, but it's quite bad. :-\
No, it's not. But "if you say so". It's perfectly understandable how someone like you would feel that way, however =).

A very concise argument.
Glad you agree; I was, after all, putting down two people with that statement(s).

I'm in agreement with this. How hard is it to have a frustrated character who doesn't come off as a whiny bitch?
It wouldn't be hard at all: it would just be boring.

On another note, was I the only one who preferred the lightsaber battles in the original trilogy to those of episodes 1-3?
Well, you should be! :'(Someday, you will be!

Think they'll make a burnt Anakin figure?

They already have:

Darth Vader is basically the biggest pussy in the universe now, yeah, and he killed some kids too, what a badass. Maybe he molested them first to be extra cool.
*shrugs* Still makes him more honorable/moral than Guts; there's no way you'll agree, but it's true. It's not like he only killed Jedi kids, though...

Anyways, here's my lengthy review:

It may offend some of those on this thread, especially the ones who say "ALL new SW is CRAP because I say so and my opinion is right (if you disagree, you're WRONG!!!!!)". But oh well.

I'd be happy to argue with any of you, as long as it doesn't become personal.

Most [anime fans] here should watch it just because they will get a kick out of one of the character's names  :D (hint: Shang Tsung).

Blade 3, Elektra and the upcoming Darkstakers movies are three examples.
What is this "Darkstakers" you speak of? Are you referring to the Nightstalkers group in the Blade movie/comic book series? Because of the poor reception at the box office (from Blade 3), David S. Goyer hasn't even officially announced the production of such a movie; he is waiting for the DVD sales of the Blade 3/-pak to make that decision. And looking at the fact that fans of the movies and general audiences detested that group (or at least the movie's wrong portrayal of them), it's not likely to be made. Just like that "Storm" movie the X-Men folk thought about a while ago will probably not be made.

Also, Elektra is neither a sequel nor a spin-off. It's true that, chronologically speaking, the movie does take place after the Daredevil movie, but it shouldn't be considered as part of the Daredevil movie's not like a single reference was even made to Daredevil, after all. Unless you consider "I died once" to be one of them.

Ps, how come they are so stupid that they are even trying to make this movie.
Um, they're "stupid" for several reasons, actually. For one, she's part of that "Marvel Knights" category - the other Marvel Knights including Daredevil, The Punisher, Blade, and Ghost Rider, who apparently have their own movies/fanbase, however niche they may be - so it's not like Marvel made a movie about a random supporting character in Daredevil. Just like The Punisher was born within the pages of Spider-man, Elektra was born in the pages of Daredevil (I'm pretty sure?).

You should (still) be complaining about a non-Selina Kyle Catwoman movie, Singer leaving the X-Men franchise to work on another Superman movie, or any of the other ridiculous spin-offs Marvel (or DC) are planning on doing for movies that weren't that great in the first place. I wasn't looking too forward to Elektra myself, maybe that's why I got a good movie. Sure the end result was a surprisingly calming feeling as opposed to an overdramatic cliffhanger feeling like most other noteworthy Marvel films, but I'm fine with that.

Expect worse than Elektra in the future. Way worse.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Manga Recomendations
« on: January 23, 2005, 03:02:46 AM »

they have BRII 1 and 2
Oh, nice find with the Blitz Royale, thanks. I must say that I'm pretty surprised it's available there, but not at Sasuga Book/Amazon Japan/

Guess I was wrong about Koushun Takami writing it, though, so don't expect the writing to be that great.  Then again, it's pretty hard to judge the writing considering how it's not likely to be translated in english and there are no translations on the net that I'm aware of. The art is really lame and goofy, based on some sample pages I've seen too.

and after I posted about the novel I found this, I think it's the 2nd novel but i'm not sure:
It's just the first. Also, take a look at the subject: "Subject: Contemporary Literature and Literary Criticism"; I don't know what that means, or "Vol. 2" for that matter, but just disregard it. The page count alone is off (my Viz novel measures up to the 600s). Enlarging the cover alone will show you that it's only Battle Royale . Either way, there is no other BR novel translated in english and it's pretty unlikely that a translation for a book. It's possible, however, that it is a supplementary/"tie-in" book, as I know there are a bunch of supplementary DVDs/books for both movies.

thanks for the help.
No problem.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Manga Recomendations
« on: January 23, 2005, 02:29:12 AM »
I heard somewhere that Koushun Takami died while making the 2nd movie and his son finished it. must be a lie.
Takami's the author of the manga and the he's neither a screenwriter nor a director. The person you're thinking of is Kinji Fukasaku and yes, he did die sometime during the second movie's work and his son Kenta Fukasaku took over, explaining why the second movie was so disappointing (or so I've heard).

And I was wondering, is there a 2nd novel to go with the movie and manga? because I havenít seen any.
There's a BRII novel...ization. But that's about it, unfortunately. And no, Takami himself has nothing to do with BRII. There's supposedly a sequel manga to BR called "Blitz Royale" that is supposed to be written by Takami, but I sure can't find it anywhere on the web.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Manga Recomendations
« on: January 22, 2005, 11:51:54 PM »
and is the battle royale manga as good as the novel?
It's much better than the movie in my opinion, however, if you've started out with the movie then you may get a little bit sick of the dramatization (the flashbacks), in which case the novel would still be the best among the three. But, unlike the movie, the manga has plenty of similarities to the novel.

So, yeah: if you enjoyed the novel and would like to go into greater depth with illustrations, check out the manga, as it's still written by the same guy (Koushun Takami) who wrote the novel (and the sequel manga: Blitz Royale). I have the first 7 volumes and it's amazing.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
« on: January 07, 2005, 08:59:11 PM »
The Jedi Holocaust and the destruction of the Old Republic  ::) ...

(and yes, that counts because Emperor Palpatine was the one who ordered it for the sake of the Empire)

Also the near destruction of Yavin 4, the dissolution of the Senate, lots of stuff in EU too (examples include: a temple of children being massacred and Palpatine being a racist against non-humans)...and they're only three movies, so it's not like Lucas spent all of his budget on creating foul Sith deeds [for the OT].

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Olivier is gone
« on: January 07, 2005, 05:34:19 AM »
Whatever I was going to say would be only be paraphrasing some of the above and my begging wouldn't be the deciding factor in bringing him back... I'll just say thank you (a lot), that the only people who thought PL belonged in this forum didn't belong here themselves (a small number, I'm guessing, but I really didn't notice any who felt that way), and I hope you will reconsider now that that sideshow freak has departed.

(I know I'm late, but Olivier does deserve tribute from every semi-active member here, right?)

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
« on: January 07, 2005, 05:25:40 AM »
You forgot Kevin Smith   :-\

... >:( >:( >:(

It's not a rumor by the way, Sparnage; there has been actual talk, not just rumors, about SW (EU) living on through a TV series...but I'm sure not expecting much. I can recall reading some stuff from, maybe and other sites as well.

Hopefully Lucas will choose to delve into important matters in the EU timeline or the actual timeline that the movies couldn't cover, like Shadows of the Empire, Palpatine's origin, Sifo-Dyas, Vader's apparition meeting Leia, etc.

If you're not absolutely bent on getting a highly overpriced statue simply to get that "ultra-rare/expensive collector's" feeling, then I recommend starting off your statue/merchandise collection with this PVC statue or diorama.

No, it does not compare to real statues, that goes without saying, but the statues that go in the hundreds and thousands are probably aimed more towards the older BERSERK fans who have money to pay for houses and such...

I'm not trying to discourage you,  only pointing out that you could buy this entire page (minus the cases) and more for the price you are willing to pay for one of those statues.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Battle Royal
« on: December 29, 2004, 07:17:40 PM »
The manga was 10x better than the movie and the novel was a 100,000x better (than the movie).

I will never forgive Fukasaku for screwing up Kiriyama's role in the movie.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Blade Trinity
« on: December 21, 2004, 09:03:38 PM »
Only seen the Hellsing Anime and that was enough to put me off wasting time with the Manga.
My God, yes. What an overrated show. What an overrated Count.

If you let go of the details, then even the Berserk anime can be entertaining.

Precisely. All anime adaptations have plot fallacies galore, but who cares as long as its entertaining? And the anime is very entertaining, despite the confusion it creates.

Anyways, someone should get on I'll just agree with Oltobaz in order to do that:
Let's see...Hellsing is ok, but the Blade movies are much better, in my opinion. Why would some compare Berserk and Hellsing is beyond me...
Agreed ;D.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Egg of the king.
« on: December 21, 2004, 08:46:17 PM »

Wasn't it referred to as crimson in color. :-\
Oh right, Volume 5. Can't believe I forgot that.

Hehe, that word filter is great by the way; I give thanks to whoever implemented it (I'm assuming it's Aazealh).

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Egg of the king.
« on: December 21, 2004, 07:24:37 AM »
I just leave my crying Beherit in my room...but people have asked me about it and I just tell them it's a souvenir my friend bought me from Japan; being a part of its mythology. They believe me, since no one in real life has seen the BERSERK anime to its completion [I say anime because we don't know if red is the color of Griffith's Beherit (or do we?)].

I'd never wear one in public, though, not just because I have a fanboy persecution complex, but because I don't feel like attracting the attention of the kind of people who ask for scans on here (and yes, that kind of thing has happened to me; like a couple years ago when I wore a DBZ shirt and a bunch of kids in a restaurant started spitting and yelling at me enthusiastically about Goku...).

Just the whole thing about seeing *drinks sake* just turnes me off to the reading his posts thing.
I agree....what the hell...

Site & Forum News / Re: New Icons
« on: December 07, 2004, 12:47:36 AM »
It sure is. One of them even forces me to conform to color [avatars].

By the way, which card lineup did the Locus image come from?

Berserk Merchandise / Re: True or false?
« on: December 06, 2004, 08:03:56 PM »
Thanks everyone. While sifting through that guy's other items, I found another (last) issue of legitimacy I was unsure of:

I know there's an exclusive Boscogne bloody mini but doesn't that include his chestplate being bloody too? That's what it looked like on AOW's site anyways.

Berserk Merchandise / True or false?
« on: December 05, 2004, 03:52:10 AM »
I was just looking around on e-bay for rare BERSERK stuff when I came across this right here being auctioned for $0.99.

My question, to collectors, is if this and the other seller's items are legitimate. $0.99 seems like a really low price to pay for something that would be part of an exclusive minis set...and I couldn't find that on Art of War's site, though it did turn up more than once on Yahoo!Japan, so I'm confused. (And yes, people have sold limited edition figures for ridiculously low prices on ebay, not even Yahoo!Japan before; that's how I got my Guts Danzai Hen PVC for $15 ;D)

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Berserk web backround
« on: December 01, 2004, 06:32:54 PM »
I've decided that I have been Procrastinating creating a web site(for the sole purpose of learing HTML) for far too long.† But I have now reached a snag, I would like to have a berserk page of my website but I would like to have a dark toned(dark grey almost black) berserk themed Backround image.(perferably small in size)
As fitting as a dark-toned layout/background image would be for the focus of your site, it may not give the surfer anything new to look at, as there is already a high percentage of BERSERK sites with such a tone. I'm not at all suggesting that you should make it hip or sunshine-y...just take a look around the Miura side of the net before settling on any web environment for your URL.

Also it would be helpful to know what would be good to have on the page.(I was thinking mostly berserk links. Like to the Official Berserk corner of YA, here, and the like.)
If popularity is one of your goals, then why not go for this approach ;D:
BERSERK sites to visit:'s BBS
Kuroi Kenshi's fate
Nightfall Berserk

BERSERK sites not to visit:
TheHawks (I'm not giving you the link)
Yong's page (I'm not giving you the link)

Webmasters' tools (site resources):
(insert links here)

Aside from links, why don't you create [BBS] signatures too? It looks like you've already got a nice handle on it, if that isn't 10-4's work that you're using.

This is in addition to basic fan site necessities like profiles/why I created a BERSERK site/anime vs. manga/etc. (and for a profiles section you should avoid paragraph brevity to attain more uniqueness).

Or when you say "mostly berserk links" do you mean that you want to create a website directory only? The main problem with that is that it wouldn't exactly be big :-\...A website directory is something that would work fine for a series like, well, any series that has a lot of fansites to organize, but amongst a small community of devout fans, then no offense, but you may end up spending more time on getting your site googled than actually working on your page. If that's your goal, however, then by all means go for it.
I am simply learning from various HTML tutorials I find in google. ;D
Unless you're concentrating on creating on a very information-oriented website (which wouldn't stand out because of this site..), then you're going to want to learn more than HTML. CSS and Adobe Photoshop at the minimum. Dreamweaver, Flash, and Adobe Premiere even may also be helpful to you, but that's really farther down the line. I'm not exactly an expert in any of these elements myself (only a slow beginner), so I won't be able to give you better advice than others - I just know these are the tools you need to pick up. should try to get the advice of someone who's actually made a BERSERK page.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: My own speculations ...
« on: November 30, 2004, 08:38:36 PM »
Also, this has nothing to do with Italians, and Xechano isn't Italian.

I know it has nothing to do with Italians; I was just pointing out a coincidence, not claiming that anyone here was a racist. I thought Xechnao was Italian because I've heard people say before that he is from Italy.

You guys please don't interfere, it's an argument between Olivier and PL, and you obviously don't understand it, nor know enough about it.

You don't know what you're talking about, so you'd better just stop posting about it.

Xechnao isn't "Italian" btw, he just lives there for now. He tries to keep his origin secret for some reason, but my take on it is Greek for now ;).

I sure don't feel like bashing anybody on his English after reading that; feel free to apologetically apologize again.

Yeah, how about you stop trying to sound cool?
I wasn't trying to sound cool, only trying to fill someone in (though I shouldn't have tried to do so) but it was a shameless, impulsive, and ignorance-filled thing for me to do; not to mention the fact that I was interfering in something that wasn't my affair in the first place. But like I already mentioned, (relatively) new members can read old posts excluding some deleted posts, of course, so I thought I knew a little of what was going on...but I'll be quiet now; not my business in the first place. But going away from this issue for some time, if you don't mind answering, what part of my english was so bad?

And your blog paradiselost, well must be one of the funniest thing i read on Berserk.
He is an entertaining guy :) and that, if nothing else, I can say with a clean conscience.

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: My own speculations ...
« on: November 30, 2004, 05:48:30 AM »
anyone wanna tell me the story behind this guy?

Does anyone wanna give me the backstory though?

(Board membership time doesn't really matter much anyways, in my opinion, if you've read as many threads as stop feeling arrogant about being registered for a longer period of time, people.)

I apologize very apologetically in advance if I beat someone to this response or if y'all* felt I didn't have the right to delve into this openly; I know how some of y'all* can be.

I just know everyone seems to hate his guts and he seems to be an outright idiot...
Other people that should be persistently ridiculed with no mercy include those parasites who just AIM around quoting the most meaningless two words of someone's post before stacking pages upon pages of useless, perhaps even deplorably disgusting, "information" on top of each other.
*Post and "you'll" edited (I typed a lot and meant to say "you all", so y'know...)

>Rakshas siding with the "good" guys
>Some (significant) neo-BotH members having a change of heart
>The final battle between Guts and Griffith transcending so many laws of fiction and reality that only certain members of this board will be able to decipher (fully) - in other words, no traditional extended 5 chapter scream->slice->ultimate hidden super move kind of fight
>The revelation of all the Godhand's pasts (I wouldn't be surprised if Slann's past was reminiscient of Mitsuko Souma's 8) )
>Miura hiring an inker
>More Godhand/neo-BotH merchandise (action figures in particular)
>Official BERSERK food (like imitation flesh† :D)
>More artbooks (in english, too)
>(more on topic now...) Guts vs. Casca, where Casca has the advantage
>lost/sidestories (a la Chapter 83)
>Miura connecting his world to our world historically
>More arcs, or at least chapters, after the M.F. arc

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Greatest game ever
« on: November 17, 2004, 06:09:05 AM »
Snake II. An old cell-phone game, but addictive in the same style that Tetris is.

2nd Place for me would be Super Mario Bros 1. A fun addictive game. But I could never pass that game when I was 5 years old. :'(
The same goes for me. That was mostly due to those vertical fireball pillars moving around in clockwise fashion and the time limits. I remember I got to the last level once even with those hindrances and my ephemeral hopes got crushed when I kept going in "circles".

The original Double Dragon game which came out for the Sega Master system was pretty cool too but sadly again I was too young to pass that game dam those last levels agaisn't the boss enemies were fucking hard. >:(
Didn't a Double Dragon game come out for the NES in which you could play co-op missions? (Perhaps I should be able to deduce that with the knowledge of the title alone.) I vaguely remember a game like that, but that game, in my opinion, represented the joys of NES gaming: frequent co-op options. Rampage, TMNT II, etc. and later versions of those titles became memorable, to me, because of that reason. If only there was more (fighting) co-op available in the more advanced systems...

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