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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: March 20, 2018, 06:09:01 PM »
You better give him a hug Miura or I am gonna be pissed :zodd:. Man's been through so much... just a tiny bit of happiness would mean so much for both (and us) :sad:.

Really emotional episode!

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 347
« on: September 27, 2016, 05:07:17 PM »
I think the emaciated creature might be a dog also. In the first pics of it chained to the coffin it looks horse-like, but in the pic on the bottom left when the flying figures are attacking and it shows the creature from behind it looks like a dog to me. It looks like it has a dog's tail and it's stance is more dog-like, like it's protecting the coffin. I wonder if the animal is supposed to represent Guts. It looks like it might either have a lame left front leg or be missing part of it. Anyway, VERY interesting stuff! :ubik:
Maybe it changes forms according the circumstances (her perspective of things). I believe it represents Guts (I mean it is kinda obvious I guess), dragging/protecting her around, we've seen it. I actually didn't notice the leg :), very good observation.

Creation Station / Re: GummySkull's colors and fanart
« on: September 23, 2016, 10:39:08 PM »
Both are done great and with taste!

Your previous avatar by the way was really cool, I'm sad to see it's gone :(.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 346
« on: September 07, 2016, 01:31:20 PM »
Interesting ideas, but I don't really see why Ubik would specifically want to target Guts and Casca. He finds Guts amusing, but hasn't really displayed any singular interest in him like Slan has. If Ubik were to make an appearance on Skellig, I imagine it would would likely be more of a full-scale attack on the island's inhabitants, rather than just mucking with an insignificant sacrifice for funsies.

Well, they are branded as sacrifice, and the way I described it he happens to be there (it's a wild speculation, because we know very little in general about the God Hand), because of the (Walter explained it much better than me :() terrible nightmare that was the eclipse and which will be the catalist to make his appearance possible (I did't meant it to sound like Ubik is purposefully trying to hunt them). Which can lead to some kind of assault on the island through the Corridor of Dreams while they are healing Casca for example. The other more obvious choice is through the World Spiral Tree.

Puck doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who had been searching for Guts all along. I think it happened like it appears -- he simply crossed paths with Guts and together they eventually became wrapped up in each other's travels, as companions.

I guess my attempt at trying to be funny or half serious was bad :(.

Alternatively, I think it's possible we'll get some further explanation of what SK meant in Vol 14 when he said that perhaps Guts has a connection with the elves. Perhaps  the Sovereign of the Flower Storm knows all about Guts and his travels. There are of course many examples of Guts being watched over by elves, from Chich, to the elf dust Judo procured, to Puck. These could all be coincidences, but it may also have been the Sovereign's influence. While that may sound farfetched right now, it's clear that Miura is setting the Sovereign up to represent a great, transcendental power. A great display of that power would be to connect some of those dots for us.

Great points :).

I don't think that the restoration process is going to be done at this very moment. As you said, it's pretty crowded in that room, and I expect the restoration will be an intimate affair. As for Guts' party, I don't think they'll need to be treated to a magic light show to learn what happened between Guts, Casca and Griffith. I think they'll simply be told. Or maybe there's some other method that will be employed (magic light show).

Magic light show :). Yes, it probably can be looked as something like that :P. The problem with being told for is, that it is not very good way of teling a story. I believe that if Guts/Miura had the desire to do so, they would've done until now (it's not like there were no chances, it's just too personal for Guts and he likes to keep things like that for himself most of the time). Getting Guts company the chance to experience partly what happened to him and his girl (considering the eclipse will probably be shown to us as well again, while Casca is being restored), is a good way to do 2 things at the same time that feels suitable. But then again, it will be weird as well, due to the fact most of these people to sane Casca are unknown (probably, because we don't know what is going through her mind) and they might be an obstacle or intrusive to the process. I do think though, even if they are present it still can pack a good punch and be intimate and personal.

That is a deliciously creepy image, even if I still I have a hard time believing it will come to pass. I do like your idea though -- that the darkness within Casca is what would allow one of the God Hand to (partially) manifest, even in the presence of the otherwise inhospitable environment of Elfhelm.

Thank you for putting the explanation that I had on my mind in a much more clear and (hopefuly) understandable way :) (not only the darkness, all the negative emotions she has and ran away from).

Here's anoter thing that came to mind yesterday after I posted, something very obvious that I neglected. I - as many other members here probably - did read the suggestions to determining Casca's resolve to joining Guts (after she is cured) on his quest to be their child. But for some weird reason didn't think that actually the Moonlight Boy might turn to be the factor that brings Casca back to her sanity (and kick some God Hand ass :P). It will be a very heartwarming image - all three of them embrace each other when Casca accepts the reality/reasoning of what happened. I think the chance of this occuring is very big (not gonna give numbers :P), he was always protecting and helping her mother and father and it will be a very fitting conclusion for Casca's current and at the same time further development.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 346
« on: September 06, 2016, 07:13:01 PM »
I'm gonna bring back the focus on the current developments or the ones that are near to come.

I was thinking how crowded is the throne room/area - which is appropriate considering the visitors (most probably a rare occasion in the everyday life of the Skellig's citizens), so everyone is curious/eager to see what is this fuss all about. There will be (probably) a short introductory and explanatory aspect (like why Danan acted so secretly, maybe the departure of Puck - that was talked about on the previous page - will be disclosed/was due to him finding the "Dark Beast" clothed in black from the elfin prophecy :P), before we get to Guts verbally state his wish towards the the elf ruler.

Those thoughts lead to; In my mind I was imagining the procces of curing to be more intimate - Guts, Casca, The ruler of the Elves - due to the circumstances of how personal and painful the Eclipse was. I also remember reading a very nice suggestions of how it will be done (similar to therapy) on the forums here as well and with which I agree. But - if my memory serves me right - it is given (to the community) that the party Guts gathered will/have to learn what happened with him in the past at some point and that point will be here on the Island. So do you think that this means all of them will witness the tragedy/massacre that transpired, do you think the Ruler will sent away his citizens and then proceed, or seclude/isolate the party in another specific area? I can see ourselves left with those 2 options, and as much as I expected an intimate journey to the  mind of Casca, story wise and development wise it will be smart (and natural) if the whole party witness it (though, to me it will be weirdly disturbing feeling, like peeping into someones mind without his/her consent, or even as a simple side viewer). Of course, Miura can totaly (and will probably) surprise us with something entirely new :).

Another thing that was on my mind while I was thinking about all of this is the potential God Hand intrusion (something speculated before). How can such a thing be incorporated in the current advancement of the story. If it happens, how would that be reasonable and fitting. Which member would show up and how exactly. I think generally speaking if something of this caliber transpired, it's only logical to occur after Casca is cured. But then again, an interesting idea came to mind. Earlier in the episodes, something called/translated Corridor of Dreams was mentioned as a mean of helping/healing Casca. We all know or can deduce which God Hand member have the ability to play around with memories/dreams. Our little friend Ubik did so (and quite possible was part of the mass dream about the Falcon of Light) in the past. I have to point out that in these cases we see him operate (in both of them), he did so during certain events (I think it's far fetched to dig towards Guts Beherit specifically at the moment, but I'm gonna just mention it so you know I have that in mind). Of course the situation in the world now is different. If I'm to draw parallels, in Qliphoth Slan manifested herself due to the place, her desire and all the preceding events. Right now Guts is on a safe ground lessening the chances of God Hand showing up (at least at first glance). So my explantion/speculation for that to appear is Casca being healed. While they are in the Corridor of Dreams, looking for Casca's sanity between different mirror outlooks of her shattered mind, experiencing bits and pieces of her life, thoughts, memories, they will inevitable face the eclipse once again. Passing through that moment of her's, I imagine Ubik being drawn like a still painting in the background that detects what is going on and creepily manifest from the still image of the past into a lively present one. I can see him being manipulative towards Casca (making things worse in general) in attempts to convince her to forever stay in her "happy little island where her mind was hiding/she found piece" for example. One problem I can see is how will Guts be fighting there without his sword - I mean I see the process being more spiritual - in the mind - and lacking any actual physical sensations. Another one is, it's Berserk, and I think the way I put things together might contain a little bit too much esoteric stuff :D.

So what do you think guys?

p.s. Long (for my standards) posts are hard for me, excuses any inaccuracies of all kinds (I did try to clean stuff up, it took a lot of time to formulate my thoughts :().

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 346
« on: August 24, 2016, 07:02:32 PM »
The character and name of Puck dates back to way before that play. He's a character from folklore, which is where Miura gets most of his inspiration from.
I meant the character in the comedy not the creature itself :) (maybe I wrote it wrong). I only looked the generalized description - mischievous, servent of the king, etc - but I don't know the story (as I said). It's not all that important just curiosity.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 346
« on: August 24, 2016, 03:23:19 PM »
What an insane episode :)! Thank you for the translation.

Miura is going nuts with his art. The amount of work put into his drawings is amazing. I like a lot how much he is stays true/traditional to the creatures design. I've got a great vibe from "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (which I haven't red :(), and maybe some inspirations from it (in particular the many different paintings inspired by the comedy).

This particular painting by Edward Robert Hughes, hits home on Danan :) (there is flute in there as well):

Btw, this is probably talked about a long time ago (I'm pretty sure), but does Puck from the comedy count as inspiration for our little elf in Berserk as well?

One more thing, I red the whole thread, but I have to ask this: Is Danan 100% the ruler?

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: July 30, 2016, 12:27:46 AM »
Since we're on that topic though, there are two things everyone should wonder about. The first is obvious: what will happen to the Sea Horse? Assuming there is another way to leave the island (like by traveling through the World Spiral Tree's branches like the Moonlight Boy does), would it make sense for Roderick to abandon his ship on Skellig and leave it in his men's hands? The second is obvious as well but people never mention it: what about the merrows? Miura has used the confrontation with the Sea God to introduce us to Isma and to her people, the merrows. That wasn't done for no reason, and the fact they're still around means they have a role to play. So what is that role? Will they help defend the island against a threat coming from the sea? Will they accompany the group on a return trip (by sea) and encounter trouble on the way? Food for thought.

I think it will be/might be a cool/neat idea if we have the chance to experience a travel through the World Spiral Tree's branches with the Sea Horse floating/flying through it imbued by magic (ofc.). Maybe a little bit too far off for a fantasy and it goes into the sci-fi direction, but in terms of visual presentation it can potentially create amazing vistas (a lonely ship gracefully drifting into the night sky, while full moon illuminates the crew on the deck and thousand little stars glitter distorted by the luminescent matter of the tree's essence). Also, I can imagine the insides of the tree's branches surroundings have their own (hm, how should I put it), laws, like an entirely different world with it's flora and fauna (ok, I guess this part is a bit too much, at least some of it :D). That would be a nice/natural development and good new location to be revealed/presented to us as well, before we get to/reach Falconia.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: July 22, 2016, 02:45:37 PM »
There's not much to see, but here is a link to one occurrence where I talked about it. And thank you for the praise, I appreciate it. :SK:

It was a great read (the whole thread). If anyone missed it I recomend cheking it out.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: July 21, 2016, 09:57:18 PM »
Hmm. I'm not particularly convinced. The girls just both have black hair, that's a very light connexion. Unless it's stated directly in the manga, I would assume they're not blood relatives.

There is something between them, like how Cucca, always reacts to her (a type of scolding). I guess its more a feeling than something in particular I can extract from what we know thus far :).

I've speculated about a possible appearance from one of them before. Who knows?
I'd love to read it if you have a direction link :), thanks. Also have to say you are probably single handedly the most informative and interesting person I've ever red commenting and talking about Berserk. Just to throw (some praise :P) it out there, I'm sure you hear that often, but I'm new here and I think it's ok to say it (I've been reading the forum for a quite some time and appreciate all the people's thoughts and views).

Are you accusing me of victim blaming Guts for what happened? Anyway, it was just a manner of speaking. :guts:
I don't know maybe I misunderstood :(. I mean, I'm sure there exist people who might find Guts is guilty for all that transpired after he left. Anyway my bad.

I proposed they all show up! :slan: :ubik: :void:  :femto: 
Haha :).

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: July 21, 2016, 09:10:16 PM »
Actually, as Aaz pointed out with Casca, it was Guts misunderstanding of Griffith that took us down this road.

Not trying to sway off topic, but wasn't Griffith's inability to co-op with the fact that his (best) friend wanted to find his own desteny/path and he had problem accepting that reality/fact? So instead of putting his egocentric self and weird sense of possession behind and keeping focus on his goal, he let his guard down and that is what lead us down this road (he himself, not Guts choice)? Also, I get that the point of mentioning this is the different kind of understanding Guts and Casca had about Griffith at that time, not trying to be p(r)icky and out of context.

Yep! Very curious to hear about some ancient history now. Hope the old folks will be in the mood for tale-telling. :carcus:
Myabe the Elf King will share more info about that, as there is a chance he himself witnessed it (maybe the guru's did so themself, who knows).

It made impression to me how Danan is keeping her eyes shut all the time, some of the gurus do the same. Myabe they open them only on special occasions like Gedflynn earlier, not sure if there is more to it.
Also I think some of the guru's might have a relative connection to the Cucca's friends and she herself is related to Molda/Morda (sisters?) as they share a familiar sibling characteristics.

Do you think guys it is plausible we see a confrontation with some of the God Hand on the island (I know right, just a hunch)?


Thanks for the translation!

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