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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 356
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:23:18 PM »

Character Cove / Re: How old do you think the characters in Berserk are?
« on: February 03, 2016, 11:41:02 AM »

Character Cove / Re: Each Character in one word
« on: December 02, 2015, 10:28:32 AM »
Guts: Homo Viator

Griffith: Unhuman

Casca: Distant

Puck: Pure

Ivarela: Unnecessary

Isidro: Monkey

Schierke: Untimely mature

Farnese: Fragile

Serpico: Servant

Magnifico: Fool

Roderick: Prince charming

Judeau: Good guy

Pippin: Tank

Corkus: Scum

Gaston: Trustful

The Godhand: Archangels

Zodd: Noble demon

Rickert: Leonardo da Vinci

Erica: Hearty

Luca: Leader

Sonia: Joanne d'Arc

Mule: Gentlemanly

Pope: Doting

Meh, one word was not enough sometimes...

You mention Griffith having control over his elbows, but remember the scene in volume 12 when he gets up from the lake after crashing. He looks at his elbow, and lifts his arm... and the forearm stays pointing down.

I always thought it is obvious, that he broke his arm while falling from the wagon. We can see a bone protruding from his arm, and even - as you see closer - the flexion is slightly over his elbow. He laughed hysterically, because he realized that now he cannot even crawl (inter alia, apart from realizing of being shitty parody of his former self).

Sorry about long discussion, but I am nearly sure, what injuries Griffith had, and how he could've deal with them. I watched third part of anime exactly week before my anatomy exams, and started manga slightly before. I had fun analyzing which injuries would make you move like Griffith, and talk about them with my bro, who's also studying medicine and watched Berserk :>



I kinda cling to the idea, that there were previous God Hands, and that they were killed. It was giving me hope for seeing Femto and his fellow demons dead at the end of the series, without need of some fetched, unbelievable situation to occur (like Guts Avatar Of Good, or intervention of Four Kings). Before I came up to a conclusion, that 4/5 angels were God Hands, I thought that Femto is immortal in typical, demonic way - you can destroy his temporary body, but his soul will come back to abyss and wait to be incorporated in a mortal body again, with no virtual harm for him.

It would be awful  :sad:

Speculation Nation / Re: Charlotte, Griffith, and the snowdrop
« on: September 14, 2015, 07:55:28 AM »
Only thing that comes to my head while reading snowdrop scenes - Griffith jumping out of the window to pick a flower, then climbing up on the tree, then leaving again, with nothing but a "YOLO" on his mind, and guards watching him with WTF from behind the hedge.

But overall topic is indeed interesting.

Judo told that he couldn't. He told also that it's his own opinion and that he's not a doctor.

Look, that tendons Griffith got cut off, was - taking in concern way he was able to crawl and visible scars - tendons of muscles of hands and Achilles tendons in legs. He wasn't able to move his wrists and fingers, nor grab anything (muscles of hand destroyed), and he wasn't able to stand unsupported on his own legs (Achilles tendon cut off). I didn't see scars on his body nor effects on way he was moving his limbs suggesting that also more proximal tendons were destroyed. Griffith clearly had abilities of bending and straightening his elbows and knees, so I have basis to claim that his muscles there were just atrophic, not destroyed, and that they could be rebuild. Torturer had cut what he had cut just to prevent Griffith's escape on his own (King would be dissatisfied, very dissatisfied...), not to make a ragdoll out of him.

I think that purely phisically he could bounce back. Taking in concern way he was able to move after tortures, he could be able to walk (slowly and carefully) with his ankles reinforced in kind of top-boots. He could get some stiff glove to apply on a hand, helping him with wielding a sword, or - at least - a weapon to apply on a hand itself. But it wasn't a problem - I agree with Walter and Aazealh, that main problem with Griffith was in his broken mind, not body. Griffith gone through experiences of loneliness, humiliation, pain and helplessness so severe, that they would throw most people into complete madness. Griffith went out of them in relatively good condition, but later experiences of pity from his subordinates and perspective of being an unwanted burden for them have taken last pieces of hope from him. If building his position from a level of young, cunning, strong, handsome man took him years, how long would it take to rebuild it as a cripple outlaw?

Good question.

I think he/she could be some kind of an ancient sorcerer, craving for an answer "Why is world such an evil place?". Seeking for an answer, he/she learned how to descend into deeper layers of the world (kinda like Flora and Schierke), where evil creatures lived. Hoping for meeting with the very source of whole the evil, he descended deep, deep into realm of ideas, deeper than other sorcerers, deeper than interstice, so deep, that not a single soul was around, only darkness (whoa, I floated. sorry for this little fanfic). And that darkness spoke out, and answered his question. Having this knowledge, he stayed in the abyss. And as he went out, he was not a human anymore.

Clearer: A mage didn't need any ceremony. His magic abilities let him travel into Abyss on his own, and then IoE done rest. He even could be Void himself, though taking in concern that previous 4/5 God Hands probably got killed during disaster in Gaiseric's capital, I don't think so.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: What Would You Ask Miura?
« on: April 15, 2015, 02:50:12 PM »
We know (approximately) how old is Guts. Than - how old are Griffith and Casca? Or who is the oldest and who is the youngest (at last).

Character Cove / Re: Love in Berserk (Guts and Casca and others)
« on: April 09, 2015, 08:59:47 AM »
I, on the other hand, think that cured Casca will not seek revenge. She didn't find out during the Eclipse, that it was Griffith who sentenced her and all of her friends to die (note that even Guts had to spent some time stabbing fist altar to realize this. And God Hand told him about that straightly while Casca was busy fighting with apostles). She could have suspicions about it, it could be haunting her and she'll surely try to ask Guts about it.

But I don't see Guts telling her about it. Why? Because:

1. He knows how much Griffith meant to her before. He's really Casca's paternal figure. Guts could fear that revealing to Casca what he had done will throw her into breakdown.
2. He knows how hatred to Griffith ruined his own life and sanity. I'm sure he'd do a lot to get rid of  :beast: and obsession of killing Griffith in general.
3. He knows that "he always realizes that [he had something precious], when he already loses it". Guts would not want to take Casca with him to kill Griffith. Even if she'll be more than happy with that idea, even if she'll skill up to be better swordsman than Roderic and Serpico altogether - Guts would rather keep her safe in Elfhelm than allow her to follow him to his doom. It's because he loves her.

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Did Griffith really send Sonia to kill Schierke?
« on: March 29, 2015, 04:07:39 PM »
So... case closed?
Yup. I started to fear that something's very wrong with me. :>

Manga Mausoleum / Did Griffith really send Sonia to kill Schierke?
« on: March 27, 2015, 02:06:10 PM »
I stumbled upon that theory at Reddit.

What's actually the truth? I see no logic in sending exactly Sonia on such a mission, though on Reddit everyone seem to believe that Griffith is indeed that, um... unconventional?

Speculation Nation / Re: Giants and the world of Berserk
« on: January 26, 2015, 11:42:20 AM »
I think that Miura portrayed fantasy quasi-medieval times quite rightly in case of involving fantasy elements into it. He created world medieval people believed to live in - not clearly fable-like, but huge and mysterious for a man who knows only his town and neighborhood. It's not D&D, where presence of elves, dwarfs and magic items is as obvious, as presence of beetroots on your field - it's world of unproven phenomenons, some of which people explained to be caused by magic, evil spirits, fate - but those explanations were still just conjectures, which adapted better (and became local legend which people believed in) or worse (and ended up as fables). In actual medieval times people didn't believe in magic or monsters uncritically - they knew, for example, that tales about boogeyman and elves were created to discipline children, but - on the other hand - believed that old hag from nearby forest was a witch and could cast curses.

I can see situation, in which people in Midland tell to each other: "Far, far away, there is a land where giants live" - and saying that, they think "Midland is normal, but I believe that distant lands are different, full of magic and phenomenons unknown for me". In real world those people would be rather unsatisfied with the reality  :slan:, though in Berserk it actually turns out truth - far, far away there was a country ruled by Grunbeld, populated by giants. Same thing with Puck - itinerant jugglers were taken by normal medieval person like magicians a bit, so presence of an elf among them also fits perfectly - so as presence of a monkey (unknown, exotic creature normal man never saw before) or talking parrot.

To illustrate whole thing better, recall when Farnese told about thin layer of the world. People in Berserk didn't believe in whole fantasy stuff for sure, but they felt that there is something out there, hidden from their gaze; in darkness, distant lands, deep under the see. They had feeling about that part of world, but didn't want to confront it - so it stayed in the field of legends.

I'm aware of vagueness of this post, but I hope that you'll get what I meant.

Speculation Nation / Re: Sacrifice as sacrificer?
« on: January 01, 2015, 11:22:57 PM »
Indeed I meant this to be more thought exercise than precognition of Guts' beherit use. Moreover I was curious if some proves pro and con I didn't notice were included in manga. I also think that Guts is still carrying beherit to it's user rather than being user himself.

PS I don't see Rickert as a hypothetical beherit user. Beherit users were usually... rather distinctive. Determinated. Obsesive. A bit creepy. Not reconciled with the world, somehow... maladjusted. Rickert is everything but maladjusted. He's strong, as physically as mentally, he knows his value and his place in the world. He's calm and full of harmony. And he's happy, in that certain simple way I bet no one among present demons used to be. I can't see him in any situation which could bring him to the edge of despair necessary to activate a beherit. Even Erica's death (or other harm) would not lead him to that strong feelings imo.

Rather than Rickert I could picture Farnese or Charlotte as Guts' beherit's users. Charlotte lives on one big mystification, center of which is Griffith. If Griffith decide to give up playing her Prince Charming, her world would just fall apart, and at least this makes her potential beherit user. Farnese is in slightly better position, because her whole world doesn't recline on one thing (lie furthermore), but she seems still weak enough to break as something would undermine her freshly acquired confidence. She fears the world, and she lacks inner harmony - they're also aggravating factors.

Speculation Nation / Sacrifice as sacrificer?
« on: December 26, 2014, 08:15:57 PM »
Reading various discussions about Berserk, I stumbled on divagations about Guts sacrificing his team. I think it's not very possible (apostle Guts? lol, nope), but what with cured Casca? Or - purely theoretically - anybody with the brand? Is it even possible to sacrifice other people while being a sacrifice yourself?

To me it seems rather not very likely, since apostles and other daemos are "blessed ones" in Berserk cosmology, and sacrifices are "damned ones", but I found no virtual proves for that thesis in manga. What's your opinion in that case?

Speculation Nation / Re: What if Griffith plan to kill God?
« on: December 12, 2014, 11:09:53 AM »
If you look it from that point of view, there is nothing to speculate. Everything is preplanned and we just enjoying the show - there must be something which will flip upside down everything  :beast:

Not really. Griffith is like a dog to IoE's. He's "bred" from specific bloodlines of people, probably with certain personal traits, he's properly "trained" by specific events in his whole life, and THIS (not some deterministic nature of the world) makes him perfectly predictable for god. He won't do anything against will of god, just as your dog (still separate being you cannot control in 100%) won't do anything against you. Griffith instinctively desires, what IoE planned. That's all.

Speculation Nation / Re: What if Griffith plan to kill God?
« on: December 11, 2014, 08:56:35 PM »
Maybe what Idea of Evil planning goes against Griffith own thoughts?

You appear not to understand one very important thing - Griffith, as human and as Femto, is a composition (is it a good word...? you know what I mean) of IoE. In "non-canonical" (aw yiss...) ep 83, god himself told Griffith, how he was blending bloodlines and flexing events to make Griffith a person he is now. God knows Griffith's psychology hundred times better than anyone else (including Griffith), and he is sure (so am I), that Griffith's ambitions and plans are and will always be convergent with his masterplan.

Character Cove / Re: The Moonlight Boy
« on: November 18, 2014, 01:59:07 PM »
Moonlight Boy is pretty much enigmatic to me.

It seems like the blemish of evil (fucked up look and so) disappeared as Femto incarnated into child's body. What is he now than? "Pure" Guts & Casca's son, no longer tainted? Still his abilities are far from normal kid's ones (flying, or connecting with berserker's armour). Some form Griffith takes to meet Guts? Rather nope, I find no reason for Griffith to making trips to Guts and Casca now... though it seems that MB occurs only when Griffith's part of story ends, and he's free to do as he wish (ergo, he possibly could utilize this time to travel to his "parents"). Anyway, if that was true, Casca's and Guts' brands would display that fact (they was insensitive to the presence of the child, I guess, but not to the presence of Griffith).
There is also a theory that Griffith sometimes releases MB (losing temporarily his body), but what business would Griffith have into giving MB these short glimpses of freedom? Child clearly has his own free will - why does he even returns to his oppressor? And why is his former ugly look gone? It would be logic if body was constantly under Griffith's control (he'd be able to hide blemish of evil), which is impossible (because of the reason I put on formerly).

Meh, I would be grateful if somebody has some reasonable theory about what is Moonlight Boy now...

No doubt that Puck will be very curious about sane Casca's person, and buzz around her a lot - at least in first hour after her recovery :>

But I see some space for Serpico here - mainly because last times he is surprisingly abandoned and meaningless as a character. He only fights, and sometimes stares at Farnese, who seems to completely forget about him. I imply no romantic relation between Casca and him, but he looks (and acts) mostly alike Judeau or Griffith, who were past Casca's best friends, so she'll feel most familiar with him - I bet Casca would feel uneasy with other girls, which also puts Serpico in favor to become most trusted member of a party to her, if it comes to Casca trying to make new friends. It would be also good opportunity to make Serpico - Farnese relationship more clear; maybe seeing Casca's relationship with Guts Serpico will decide to tell Farnese truth about being her brother, and find himself some other goal in life, or maybe he'll try to regain her affection, using the fact that Guts no longer needs a babysitter for Casca.

On the other hand we've got Farnese, who I think will try to get to know Casca better - not only because she will want to know the woman Guts fell in love with, but simply because she spent with her more time than anyone from the party (except from Guts and Puck), and seeing sane Casca will be like seeing her baby learning to speak :P

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 337
« on: September 26, 2014, 05:03:26 AM »
Dat armour on the teaparty.

Speculation Nation / Re: How do you think Berserk will end?
« on: July 11, 2014, 05:52:14 AM »
There is no basis for that assumption. The only reason Casca thought about staying with Griffith instead of going with Guts was because Griffith was a broken man and he clinged to her. That's not what she wanted to do
Ofc that's not what she wanted to do. Taking care of your bed-ridden grandmother is also not what you want to do. It's your duty with respect to a person who formerly was taking care of you - you remember days when she was your teacher, trustee and guardian, when she was stronger and wiser than you, and you just can't leave her when she needs your help. It's comparable with what Casca had to feel. I read manga enough times to reason, that there was no moment in which Casca says or thinks that since now Griffith means for her no more than Corcus. She claims that her feelings were "empty", because they were unable to fulfill and she realised, that she clinged to them in vain, not because they were fake. Her feelings for Guts had a ground to grow on, so she developed them quickly in a short time, but notice that even during the rescue trip in Wyndham, after Casca expressed  her love for Guts, she was jealous as princess hinted that Griffith slept with her. Women really don't have one slot for a guy they love (especially that Casca really wasn't thinking about Griffith as her potential partner that times, what you know ofc - but it doesn't mean that all her feelings for him disappeared). 

Also, Rickert's case is completely different, and his motivation to be in Falconia isn't what you seem to think it is.
I think that he took Erica to the safest place he could. What you supposed that I thought? I wanted to refer to the fact that Rickert was unable to hate Griffith, because he hadn't seen the slaughter of BoH - he knew what happened, but he didn't "felt" that.

But beyond that, Griffith's current position as a supernatural ruler of a supernatural city in a supernatural world makes it completely clear that something abnormal happened to him
Hm, that's an argument I can't deny. :> You won, I overthought.

Very simply put, by the time the Eclipse occurred, it can be confidently said that Casca loved Guts and that she didn't love Griffith.
I simply don't agree, let's move on, because it won't change even as I'll read manga five times more. Casca didn't tell or show it on any page of manga, so I feel justified.

Instead of guessing what the characters feel
So what the speculation section was made for...?
You can just read what they say and think, and it'll be all clear to you.
OK, in chapters 61 and 62 Casca tells how empty and meaningless her feelings for Griffith were, and that she's weary with it. Somewhere in the manga is also something like "When Griffith lost for the first time, I should have been thinking about him and focus on him, but my eyes were fasten on Guts", but this one in turn shows the fact that she was affected by the fact that Guts left in any way, because before she wasn't even aware that he means to her more than generic soldier. And not sure if you noticed, departure (permanent) of somebody is more serious thing than being beaten in gentlemanly duel. Try to imagine what she'd do if Griffith wanted to leave without a word. Moreover, read the second half of the chapter 66, and see how Casca gives a shit about whole thing with princess... Moreover, there's one pic where she directly claims that she still worships Griffith. I know that I'm new, but that doesn't mean that I read manga once and slapdash.

To be honest, I can't find any page on which Casca denies her feelings for Griffith. You can post them if you want to help me...

When Casca thought about staying behind to care for him, she certainly didn't see him as a "noble hero" or a "savior", and definitely not as her "master".
I think that posting my bed-ridden grandma metaphor here once more is not necessary...

That reads almost like gibberish. Degraded by causality?
I'm sorry for this one, I'm not native english speaker and have relatively little contact with the language. BTW, that's why my syntax appears nasty sometimes, and why I usually use past simple as I write about past, even if construction of the sentence requires other form - it's the most similar to the only past form I have in my native language.

That wasn't because he didn't want to, he just couldn't.
I know, and find nothing precluding in any of my posts.

Oh and the Demon Child's feelings aren't Griffith's. The two remain separate despite inhabiting the same body, so it's more parasitic from what we've seen so far. Similarly, you talk at length about Griffith's feelings (or absence of) and what he wants or doesn't want, but that's mostly baseless. We don't have that kind of window into his mind.
What do you think about analyzing one's behavior and speculating about feelings? I thought this part of forum was made to do this...

And the way he's been behaving since his incarnation was also in a large part to achieve a greater plan, don't forget that.
Once more - when did I write anything precluding?

For example, you speak of Griffith simply cherishing his memories of friendship with Guts while he was imprisoned in the Tower of Rebirth, while Griffith actually went insane at that time and developed a hatred for him
Argh, why you try to persuade me again that I wrote something I didn't? I wrote "he started to be reconciled with setback of his dream, and cherish his memories of friendship with Guts" and let's keep it in original form, without decorating it with adverbs of our choice, ok?

I don't claim that cherishing memories about friendship excludes hatred to an object, or madness of a subject. I recommend listening of Rammstein's "Mutter" - it describes combination of love, hatred and obsession perfectly. And very accurately in the reference to Griffith's situation.

Lastly, about Guts not wanting to go to Griffith with Casca (even sane) at his side... That remains to be seen.
Guts said "Why did I always realize it, when I already lost it..." enough times to think twice, I think.

I don't believe he'd want to reiterate that experience.
Easy, he's Femto for only 3-4 years, and he still conquers his kingdom. Wait till he'd be the king for couple of years, and would be unable to get any satisfaction from his lifelong dream...

Sonia's dream? What dream?

Chapter 250 page 17. I find recommending me re-reading manga a little improper in the face of this...

We've been waiting for Casca to come back for a long time now. To have that denied would be ridiculous. But beyond that, Guts has been struggling to keep going, to not lose himself in his revenge, and that's an even bigger danger now that he wears the Berserk's armor.
It's true. But, on the other hand - was whole introducing into life of BoH ridiculous? Was Gaston's stories about his shop and Judeau's about his troupe in vain? Perhaps. Or were they in the story to make us sympathize with Hawks, and to bring us more pain during the eclipse? Similar thing could be with Casca - to show all struggling with hellhound as desperate clinging to nothing but an illusion. It would be a bit too long, but nothing is impossible. Not sure if you noticed, but there's a moment in which hellhound teases Guts, that Casca's not what he wants really - his only real goal is vengeance, and taking care of Casca is just caressing wounds that Griffith inflicted him. I won't be surprised if Casca - for example - would resist as Hanafubuku will try to take her to sanity (like Skull Knight said - she will not want to become aware of what happened to her), and Guts would make his last farewell to his former love and comrades, to fulfill his destiny and come back to face Griffith last time. It's also what he wants, and the choice between Griffith and Casca was difficult to him though. It won't be shitty plot development imo.

At the end I could also refer to our good old crippled Griffith situation - Casca is for Guts now the same thing Griffith was to Casca than - shell of her former, wonderful self. Guts also doesn't want to wipe retarded Casca's ass - he lives on a hope of restoring her mind, but he also simply found it cruel to leave this shell alone to die. Does he love her still? I think he loves her (to be painfully accurate - her retarded form, not an idea of her former self) similarly to how Casca loved crippled Griffith.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: July 08, 2014, 11:39:15 AM »
He's going to the legendary leader of the world's foremost healing experts. I'd say that's pretty good.
Yes, it's awesome, but he pounced on it like drowning man, and Miura didn't show us any other Guts' try to find another way. I meant he found one idea and treated it like his only hope. It's not quite natural.

Schierke didn't dive into Guts' consciousness, she rescued it from the raging fire of the Berserk armor's Od (that's what she dove into). She saw some of his memories along the way because they were what fueled the fire. You're clearly not understanding the processes involved here.
Thanks, I didn't know it before. :>

About mandragora apostle - yes, I mistook it too. I thought Balzac has been treating his wife with usual mandrake - a plant, not a part of that apostle. You are right.

Speculation Nation / Re: How do you think Berserk will end?
« on: July 08, 2014, 11:14:31 AM »
As I told before, I have several certain theses about ending. Maybe they wouldn't be very innovatory, but I'm quite sure about all of them, and I wanted to create kind of summation about everything we know:
1. Griffith would be defeated - in this way of another. He could be degraded by his people, whose collective consciousness will change, by Guts, by his own inner problems, by the causalty. The ending would be very disappointing, if Femto come out of it sickeningly inviolable, as ever. And, like I said somewhere before, whole part of manga after defeating Ganishka would be in vain.
2. Demon child will play most important role in Guts/Griffith conflict - for his whole life, Griffith wanted to get rid of his feelings, because they were only burden to him during his way to the castle - on the other hand, achieving his dream surely kept him satisfied. Now, as Femto, his wish came true and his heart is frozen. He bears no regrets, but is he still capable of being happy or satisfied? I think not. He would be crowned, he would marry a princess, he would rule the greatest kingdom of humankind ever from the godlike castle, and he would take no satisfaction from it, because of his own wish. Besides, he lives as a God Hand still very short, and he behaves mostly human way - that's why he saved the princess, why he plays with Sonia and create all this show with bowing to the pope and farewell-rites. Griffith always wanted to be a good guy, a noble knight from a fairytale, and  even after becoming a daemon (a deamon who could solve all problems with war and interregnum by force) he still waits for the satisfaction he used to get from being a heroic Griffith White Hawk. That's why he didn't descended into material world in clearly godlike form - he wanted to play into being his old self, and he wanted his old self to achieve a kingdom as he wished and live happily ever after.
But it's impossible. He would get it and still feel nothing - just like his dream was in vain. But wait, there ARE feelings he has - only feelings he can feel now and will be able to feel evermore - daemon child's love for Guts and Casca. I find this situation comparable to one when Griffith was alone in the cell of Tower of Rebirth - he started to be reconciled with setback of his dream, and cherish his memories of friendship with Guts. It's also justification to why Griffith and Guts will meet again - I find and idea of Falconia attacking Skellig not so convincing, so like Guts hitting the road back just to kill his nemesis - he promised to take care of Casca, and no matter if he will cure her or not, I think he won't take a risk of trying to kill Femto with Casca by his side. He would have too much to lose. But Griffith pursuing the only thing that could make him feel happy now is other case.
3. Sonia will join Schierke as they meet next time - it's nearly certain, taking in concern Sonia's dream about owl and kite playing in the forest. Sonia is seeress, and I believe her dreams mean a lot. It's also big chance that she'll find out who Griffith really is, or... insult at him after his wedding with Charlotte. Sonia is great character, very dynamic and unpredictible, and I think she still have some important role to play in Berserk.
4. Somebody will use Guts' Beherit, and it won't be Guts - it won't be Guts, because he is already sacrificed, and on the other hand, he would have to sacrifice Casca who is also already sacrificed. I think of somebody relatively unaware of whole thing with Beherits - like Isma, Charlotte, Sonia... Also Farnese seems likely to do this to me.

I also wish Casca to be cured, but unfortunately I'm not sure of it. It will be tragic, seeing Guts' reaction to her inability to come back to reality, but on the other hand Berserk is very little stirring last times, and it could be way to set it back on the proper, depressing and hard track of how it used to be before Millennium Falcon Arc.

Speculation Nation / Re: Do you think Casca will be cured soon?
« on: July 02, 2014, 05:52:45 AM »
Hm, reading this topic I get an awkward  feeling, that Guts could do better trying to find a cure for Casca;
1. If Schierke has no problem with diving into Guts' consciousness, why doesn't she try to dive into Casca's? It's possible everywhere, not only on Skellig.
2. Remember Sword of Berserk's plot - canonic, written by Miura? In this game Casca had a glimpse of consciousness, because she ate/assimilated in other way, I don't remember, the mandrake. Now I think why didn't Guts cling to that idea, which would be perfect temporary cure for Casca, keeping her lucid and sane during the way to Skellig - their adventure would be safer, faster, and less Beast of Darkness-stimulating.

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