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Just sharing

No. 440 - 144,000 YEN <Limited 77 Pieces> This version has the attachment of Guts mantle (is removable) and the attachment of 2 pcs of evil spirit parts (Big & Small)
No. 441 - 138,000 YEN <Limited 22 Pieces> This version has the removable mantle part of the Guts, however there is no attachment of 2 pcs of evil spirit parts.
No. 442 - 128,000 YEN <Limited 11 Pieces> This version do not have Guts mantle and no attachment of two evil spirit parts.


Product Information

ART OF WAR (20th Anniversary Product)

A completely different taste and volume of the detail product “Guts & Casca”.
The idea of the reproduction of this high quality level of model comes from “Winter Journey”- Berserk Volume 23/ Chapters of the Falcon of the Millennium Empire Arc. “The Winter Journey” .

This development of the product is a complete new modeling with a new and detailed interpretation as 20th Anniversary Product. The product itself has overwhelming volume.
This is the first time, ART OF WAR was able to reproduce the diorama base product of “Guts & Casca” in 1/6 scale. Also, this Guts has more volume in his body than the past release of 1/6 scale of “Guts: The Black Swordsman”.
The fighting Guts who is always protecting Casca is reproduced together where there are lots of representation of damages in the sword and the armor. Not only the color, the reproduction itself has so much detail representation and the modeling part is arranged carefully to develop 20th Anniversary product.
If the comparison is made between the dragon layer between from our customer's purchase, even the volume of the dragon slayer has been increased than the previous products. Guts arm is reproduced with more thickness as “20th Anniversary Model”.

Casca is developed as the complete new modeling together with Guts. Also, the moment and presence of the evil spirits coming from all sides makes the battle scene even more real. This is a perfect piece of product which shows our history of dedication of representing detailed model since the past years. You are able to fully enjoy the world of berserk with this fabuluos statues.

The representation of the wet soil on the ground is done by the resins with the addition of image of the dried leaves on the floor. The evil spirits comes out from many sides of the base part as the bubble. You are able to enjoy full detail part in 360°angle. This product is physological description of each character and the perfect composition of balance where you can enjoy every artistic angle.


Armored Berserk- Skull Helmet Version (Iron Rust Version)*with red crystal eye parts present!!!

Limited Manufacture to 10 pcs only!!!

We will offer 1,000 points present to the customers settling the full payment until August 23rd!!!

Few pcs remaining in stock!!!Please hurry up!!

Please kindly understand that we will not attach the red crystal eye parts in the eyeball of the Armored Berserk. However, we will send the crystal eye parts.

Birth of Berserker (Originated from Volume 26- “Armored Berserk”)
Inheritance of Skull Helmet from Skull Knight will be the birth of Berserker.

Product Description

With the master of Schierke, an old friend of Skull Knight, due to enormous power the fetish of the Skull head is changed to a strong Skull helmet armor. This helmet is passed on to Guts who has been injured and is at the end stage of life. This scene is when the skull helmet armor is pass on to Guts which is the important armor that connects Geiseric and the Skull Knight. Guts wearing the skull knight armor are a protector, with the insertion of the armor in his body; his part of the body is changed and brings a major turning point in his life. After this, Guts is changed into “Berserker” which has gently increased his combat capability.

We were planning in the production of the Berserk 20th Anniversary with Skull Knight face model since the beginning, however, we were unable to bring the balance in the armor for this modeling. With a long planning and the time, we finally are able to reproduce this master piece.

Modeling & Painting

The modeling of the item is the turning points of Guts as a Berserker, where the body part of armor is taken from “Berserk 2015”. The skull helmet is a complete new modeling with a greatly improved mantle which shows strongest part of the turning point. In order to match the skull helmet with the body part, we have been repeatedly working with the modeling of this item for more than one and half year. Finally, we are able to present a complete modeling which looks exactly same and quite real. In the original appearance of scene, Skull head face is almost not seen. Therefore, it was difficult for in the modeling of the three dimensional models of Skull head image. This was done by modeling Guts wolf face several times. Finally, with many failure attempts in modeling the head part, we were able to reach to bring the exact original scene of manga in product.

This dark rusty color version is an image of the Eclipse.

● The Armored Berserk – in dark red tone for the first time!
This time, the armor of the berserk is painted in a dark red tone--"Iron Rust" Image.
The rusty repainting has completely changed the image of the product.

● Dark tones express the intricate the iron look.
Red colors are used boldly this time including on every parts of the armor. All the details of the statue, including the rusty look, the skull's head, and the armor are hand polished by our skillful artisans in Japan. The photographs are only able to depict in a small way the real beauty of the actual product.

The whole items express comparative images of Armored Berserk, which persists top quality of statue of ART OF WAR.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 7
« on: August 14, 2016, 07:43:33 PM »
I love this episode! Guts is portrayed more powerful than previous episodes!  There is an aura of invincibility and unstoppable force. No mercy, slash all! Love it! Great partnership between isidro and puck. The last scene is the best with Guts rushing to save Casca

Hmmm another version LINK

With frame

Lol! I didnt notice that. Probably had a hard-on/orgasm looking and admiring his collections  :carcus:

Came across photos of armored berserk on taiwan forum. Hope the owner dont mind me posting it here

I was hoping for a new epic statue/diorama. :sad:
I agree the painting/effect look very good!

More info about the trophy from AoW website
ZODD head is the trophy victory commemorate product to Guts and Skull Knight. “Bone” means, in the battlefield, ZODD has killed many enemies in which only remains the bone, which means the bone is the “Trophy victory commemorate product”.

"Huge Scale Product with large parts "

We have been releasing the “ZODD” figure for a several times. However, for the first time, we try to present a conventional art features with lots of presentation of hair. This expression is the beast version of ZODD in three dimensional images. During the production time, we tried to bring the features of trophy of real animals; however, as the product is ZODD, therefore, we were unable to put animal’s hair in it as the image. Therefore, in order to bring the real form of ZODD, our artisans have spent a lot time in bringing the real image of ZODD.

The ZODD itself is a huge product; therefore, it is quite difficult to produce a large scale product. Our company decided to make a trophy of “ZODD” by putting much effort in the detail expression of ZODD. This time, we have invested much in the detail expression of ZODD. In the modeling of the product, in order to bring the representation of the realness in the ZODD, our artisans try to put one by one hair image attachment in the face of the ZODD. We present our customers with a huge and better appreciation of art of berserk in this product.


Unit Price   100,000 〜110,000 JPY (depends on choosing an option)
Attachments   bone parts, serial number nameplate
Maximum Manufacture   Limited Manufacture to 30 pcs (including all versions)
Serial Number   No. 1- No. 30
Full Size   ZODD Size: (L) 28.5 X (B) 27.5 X (D) 39 cm (without base); Base Size: (L)38 X (B) 30.3 X (W) 17 cm (wooden base)
Materials   Polystone, wooden base, etc.
Estimated Delivery Date   around October, 2016
Total Weight   Net Weight: 4.5 kg
Originated & Manufactured   ART OF WAR
Released Date   July 19th, 2016!!
Copy Right   @ Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Repaint Service for P & D Customer   Available until August 10th, 2016
Cautions   We do not accept refund, return or cancellations of the item.


To commemorate the launch of berserk anime, we offered the discount of 20,000 JPY in the new release. The actual unit price of the product is 120,000 JPY, 122,000 JPY, 126,000 JPY and 130,000 JPY. We have already disocunted the price in the unit price of the product. Please kindly understand that the discount of 20,000 JPY will be available until July 24th, JPT

There will be no discount and will be change in the unit price after July 24th. The price will changed to 120,000 JPY, 122,000 JPY, 126,000 JPY and 130,000 JPY respectively. Therefore, please hurry up!!

Trophy (with attach of bone)*bloody + non-bloody version

There are four options for this product, please kindly check the options carefully before purchase of the product.
The bloody and non-bloody version refers to the addition of blood or no blood to the attached bones.


There is a new image teaser with cross bones. Maybe skullknight vs zodd diorama?

A guts + schierke figure will be nice to have

Berserk Merchandise / AoW Complete berserk new modelling - July 2016
« on: July 03, 2016, 12:51:58 AM »
Dear Customers,

We hereby inform you that we will be releasing a complete berserk new modeling on July, 2016.
We hope you will be excited to purchase the new release.

Thank you very much for your support to ART OF WAR.

Best Regards,


Product Description

This statue is from the scene in Berserk volume 35, Fantasia Arc, Elf Island Chapter.
Guts is wearing the Berserk armor, and squatting on the bow of the Tentacle Ship.The stereoscopic bow makes this statue more powerful.The Berserk armor show that Guts has already lost his self-control.The left eye is painted in bright red color like fire in Guts heart, and as same as Mr. Miura shows in the comic.Blood expression on the Berserk armor and the mantle perfectly shows the intensive battle Guts faced.

Repaint Version

Our artisans have carefully painted the item bringing the grade up painting to the item. In order to meet the request of many customers, we have released a black repainting version of "Berserk- Tentacle Ship". We have painted the armor of the Berserk as the matte tecture of black. It looks exactly like the gun metal color.

In addition, the base portion of the product is changed to the iron rust red color. The combination of the black matte color and the iron rust red color has changed the image of the product. We have also added the crystal eye color- white and yellow gold in the pupil of the Skull head. You are able to choose the crystal eye color.

AoW 419 / 420 Armored Berserk: Skull Helmet Version (with red crystal eye)

Limited quantity available! Take hurry!

Pre-order ends on June 14th, 2016!!

Re-release of Armored Berserk:Skull Helmet Version*Bloody Repainting (with red crystal eye parts present)*Last 5 pcs. It is the same product of No.416, we will be able to offer the crystal eye parts with this item.

We will put the two red crystals in the package of the item. Please kindly understand that we will not attach the red crystal in the eye ball of the Armored Berserk. We suggest our customers to put the red crystal eye by yourself.

To the customers who has already purchased this item, we will be able to offer with the parts of two red crystal eyes. Please kindly contact us before June 3rd, if you wish us to put the two red crystals separately in a package.

Berserk Merchandise / AoW 417 Spinning Cannon Slice 2016
« on: May 12, 2016, 02:13:56 AM »

Tentacles Battle Diorama base with Guts armor released for the first time!

We bring the real feeling of manga in form of this product.

Do not miss in purchasing this fabuluos Guts statue (with huge diorama base)

July Berserk Anime Commemorative Product- Limited Manufacture to 35 pcs

Guts- the Spinning Cannon Slice 1/6 scale*Bloody Splatter Version with the significant diorama remodeling

In 2014, based on the requests after the launch of the item “Guts-the Spinning Cannon Slice”,we decided to remodel its armor with unique and huge diorama base.

Guts- Spinning Cannon Slice 2016- Limited Edition I*with bloody splatter version (a complete new modeling)

You are able to check the sharpness and volume in the armor of Guts.The color and the eye part is completely changed than the previous version.

There is attachment of a huge tentacle base with the two tentacles creatures fully wounded in the base part.

Estimated Delivery Date: around end of August- beginning of September, 2016.

The Spinning Cannon Slice is a combined movement of a blow of Guts’ sword Dragon Slayer and the cannon that bears on his left arm. The sculpture refers to the scene where Guts uses this skill against the tentacle monsters of the ghost ship in one of the last arcs of the manga.
Product Description:Overwhelming scale of Tentacles Battle Diorama

This statue is from the battle scene in Berserk volume 35, Fantasia Arc, Elf Island Chapter. Guts is wearing the Berserk armor, and squatting on the bow of the Tentacle Ship. he stereoscopic bow makes this statue more powerful. The Berserk armor show that Guts has already lost his self-control. The framework of the hands of the tentacles extending like a magic looks dynamic in the base of Guts. It is the series of “Cannon Slice” where you are fully able to enjoy the reproduce work. The overwhelming volume of the tentacles and the guts itself can be felt in this product. The fresh blood is flowing from the tentacles feels the realism in the battle. You will be fascinated more by the movement of the cannon slice of Guts.This version has more blpod flowing in the base part. Also, there is addition of blood in the mantle part in Limited Edition I.

In the base part, the two bodies of the tentacles monsters is produced thoroughly. All the modeling of the parts such as the detail like eyes and mouth are done properly bringing the real feeling in the battle. From the open wound, there is a liquid flow of the vividly ominous blood bringing the image of the overwhelming movement of the Spinning cannon Slice. Literally, looking from 360 degree and from all sides, you will be impressed with this art work.

Guts modeling, coloring and full renewal

Based on the customers’ requests on the questionnaires about the modeling of the item, we try to reproduce the armor of Guts bringing the image of powerfulness. In comparison to the previous version, the thickness and sharpness of the armor can be seen clearly from the image of Guts. Please pay attention to the volume of Guts. Furthermore, there is a complete change in the whole armor, mantle and the color of Guts armor. With the addition of the huge and unique diorama base, we present a complete modeling of the item.

Berserk (The Tentacle Ship) (Product Number: No. 336 & No.335), in Volume 35, it is a continuous scene after “Guts-The Spinning Cannon Slice”. Therefore, we like to recommend purchasing this new release to those customers who has already purchased “Berserk-The Tentacle Ship”. You are able to fully enjoy the scene of Volume 35 by collecting this favuluos statues.

To commemorate the launch of anime on July, ART OF WAR decided to offer this special coupon

Start of Anime of Berserk from July onwards!!
Due to the anime commemorate product, to those customer, who has purchased “Guts- the Spinning Cannon Slice 1/6 scale” from ART OF WAR's homepage, we would like to offer 10,000 JPY coupon code discount through e-mail.
Coupon Contents: To those customers who have purchased the item (No. 342, No. 343 & No. 344) from the homepage of ART OF WAR.
Coupon is valid: until May 31st, 2016 (JPT)
We will be sending e-mails to the customers separately. (If in case, you do not receive an e-mail with the coupon code, please kindly inform us about it). Thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation.
Installment Plans

Plan A:
First Payment: 46,500 JPY + 1,860 JPY (4% of 46,500 JPY as a PayPal charge) in 7 days after the confirmation of pre-order.
Second Payment: 46,500 JPY + 1,860 JPY (4% of 46,500 JPY as a PayPal charge) in 30 days after the confirmation of pre-order.
Third Payment: 47,000JPY + 1,860 JPY (4% of 47,000 JPY as a PayPal charge) in 60 days after the confirmation of pre-order.

Plan B:
First Payment: 70,000 JPY + 2,800 JPY (4% of 70,000 JPY as a PayPal charge) in 7 days after the confirmation of pre-order.
Second Payment: 70,000 JPY + 2,800 JPY (4% of 70,000 JPY as a PayPal charge) in 30 days after the confirmation of pre-order.

I came across this forum with alot of pictures. Wow! i am impress. Does the colour look like that in person? It looks more beautiful

Hi akebobo, what do you think of this figure is it worrh 152000 yen

Don't chop me bro

This just my opinion. Well if you compare to 20th anniversary 2015ver. The armor is darker/ black for this ver. 2015ver is like silver color. The mantle is more majestic. Skull helmet looks amazingly similar to the picture too. I think is an amazing figure. I preordered it.

About 9 pieces on the japan site and 4 pieces on international site unsold. They going to be sold as repaints shortly.

Yep yep its episode/volume 26 page 188

Hmmm 1st time a 20th anniversary item not sold out. Maybe the skullface helmet not that attractive?

2 Pieces Left. Please take hurry!!!

I think this figure will look extremely cool in total dark armour. Going to be sold out! Last i checked left 6 pieces. Hurry!

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