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Site & Forum News / Re: Like SKnet? Donate to Help Us Become Even Greater
« on: October 01, 2016, 05:24:27 PM »

My name is Jeni and this is my first post on this site!
As many of you here people, I too as a fan of Berserk, want to support this helpful site and the people who help to make it, so it can became greater.
So I want donate and to show my gratitude to Puella for all her work but if it possible with specific goal-I want to donate as much as can for translating the Miura's interview in the newest berserk guidebook(the 14 pages),and for convenience reasons I prefer to donate by PayPal a single donation at beginning of each month until we reach the goal.
 So I wanted to know if you can set up this goal and how much needed for accomplish her.
English isn't my native language so because of it I avoided until now to post here, so sorry if this post have any grammar mistakes.

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