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Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Close encounters with a celebrity
« on: June 26, 2015, 12:09:03 PM »
I met Linnea Quigley (Trash from Return of the Living Dead) at Dragoncon 2 years ago. Then again when she came through a haunt I was working that same year! A close friend got a signed picture from her, a shot similar to this (nsfw): edit: I can't seem to spoiler this image but you might know it, its the iconic "get naked in the graveyard" scene haha

Video Games / Re: Dark Souls III
« on: June 19, 2015, 12:07:13 PM »
WOW. I guess all my recent practice with the greatsword will be useless!

However that beast is still great fun in Dark Souls 2. That's exactly what my first character centered around (her name was Casca, I'm lame). I only retired it to take up Dual Axe Power Stance which eventually led to the Vanquisher's Seal.

Really can't articulate how excited I am for this game, easily the best reveal at E3 for me. I've had my issues with From in the past and concerning Bloodborne but damn the games are too good! It'll be a welcome addition (i hope) with the new combat 'arts'.

Side note: I introduced my twin bro to the movies, told him the series may have inspired the Souls series. He was interested and watched them, now he's obsessed and owns more volumes than I. But I just linked him this article, maybe I'll post an update :)

Video Games / Re: Games to look forward to!
« on: June 03, 2015, 01:41:16 PM »
Fallout 4 trailer went live:
I'll keep my fingers crossed but not incredibly impressed with the trailer honestly.
Aesthetically, the world looks so much better with color but that's been possible for a minute.
I did like the urban looking scenes though, it'd be nice to see a lively world actually FULL of folks.

Character Cove / Re: Berserk Moms
« on: June 01, 2015, 01:42:52 PM »
Is Rosine a Berserk Mom?
I'm not sure if making pseudo-Apostles counts as child rearing but the effort going into the 'elves' seemed quite enormous.
There was a cocooning period and an 'emergence chamber,' all of this being very different from how other pseudo-Apostles are created. Is this in any way a valid stretch?

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies to look forward to
« on: June 01, 2015, 01:32:57 PM »
I don't even know what to say about Kung Fury. I thought I was watching the trailer and 30 minutes later, it was over.
Equal parts wonderfully awful visual effects (why isn't 80's lightning used more often?) and strangely engaging acting. Never looked away but I can't say I remember more than a couple one liners. The spine joke stands out in particular at the moment.

I'll probably watch it again soon seeing as it's pretty short. I couldn't help but think of Jason Eisener's Hobo with a Shotgun the whole time. This probably influenced my opinion of the movie but I love Eisener's crappy work and it was only for the better.

I loved how Thor was portrayed, both in his bro-ness and how he kinda drops into the setting.

Video Games / Re: Sui Generis / ExAnima (now on Steam!)
« on: May 02, 2015, 02:40:45 PM »
So ExAnima released on Steam. This has sorta opened a recent wave of communication from the devs. At this point, co-op is a priority as it will add the most value to the current game. PvP is definitely possible but would rely on 0 latency to perform well. They'll add it but it'd be best saved for LANs if possible. However, you aren't trying to kill each other in co-op so it works out great. Still waiting for ETA. But it will probably be wildly entertaining with a friend.

The first skill system will be implemented in a week. It will cover some basic combat techniques, some of which have been innate since day 1. That means you will start without any combat experience and will need to train to learn even to parry. 

Steam Community is pretty bent about the game right now. It's a hard game no matter your level of skill but I think it's fun, rewarding, and most of all engaging. Seeing it in action always helps get an idea so streams might be suggested. Actually playing it is rather intense or even overwhelming at times.

Video Games / Re: Sui Generis / ExAnima
« on: April 20, 2015, 03:05:39 PM »
A new patch was released yesterday. They are getting ready to finally implement the skill system and expand the dungeon beyond it's current 3 levels.
The arena mode will be somewhat revamped as well, they plan for all arena stuff to be in the overworld.

Whenever it releases (end of april), they'll issue steam codes around. I'll receive two and already have a DRM-free copy as well. But hell, you get two games for $15 right now from their website and guaranteed steam code.

Video Games / Re: Sui Generis / ExAnima
« on: April 18, 2015, 06:11:51 PM »
Cautiously optimistic for Numenera, the art style is really attractive though (:

Well I suppose I only described half the controls which would be strange. I think the system really shines when you can harmonize your footwork with the cursor. There are many subtle implications of this design, such as adopting different fighing stances to better suit the situation. Combining dashes and turns to deliver powerful blows, sometimes capable of flooring the opponent.
All attacks are done by holding LMB and a magic system, Thaumaturgy, will be bound to RMB. Thaumaturgy isn't implemented yet but it's close. They are mostly support spells but can be used in different ways. Recently the devs prototyped jumping which led to Body Thaumaturgy augmented "super jumping". You too can now defy gravity like SK.

this shows some overworld play and a Displacement thaumaturgy and two applications. They have hinted that Displacement will allow for quick swap between items, but you only start with one innate Thaumaturgic ability.
This is a shot at the final expert arena combatant.

I was day one for Sui Generis, the original project. The most basic design philosophy is to create immersion, which I think they do quite well when everything is in motion.

Video Games / Re: Sui Generis / ExAnima
« on: April 18, 2015, 01:58:01 PM »
I would lean more heavily to Baldur's Gate and even that's a stretch. The devs are fond of the Ultima series and it's influence has been in hinting.
Admittedly, the game is not for everyone. Many have been turned off by the control schemes (exploration, combat) which you need to juggle in the dungeon crawler. The primary complaint is movement which is WASD and relative to your cursor. So W is always "Advance Step" while S is always "Retreat Step." Effectively the system allows you to step in any direction, dashing uses the same principles.
This gets confusing with changing player perspectives. I could go on but I don't think it helps to throw out all the games weaknesses when it does so much right. What would make you interested in an isometric-RPG? Is there any pre-established fondness for the genre?

Video Games / Re: Star Wars Battlefront
« on: April 17, 2015, 07:10:03 PM »
Thanks for sharing this! Completely forgot a teaser was due soon, hopefully we are not let down on ANY Star Wars creations this year :)
Really looking forward to this. However I agree with the first commenter, if it's just a Star Wars themed Battlefield then I'll be pretty sore.

Video Games / Exanima (early access)
« on: April 17, 2015, 02:08:59 PM »
Exanima has been released on Steam!
Check out this new trailer:

Sui Generis / Exanima are being developed in tandem by an indie studio, Bare Mettle Entertainment. Low fantasy setting with a unique physics engine which really brings the game to life. It boasts a pretty steep learning curve due to it's interesting control scheme; this makes it very engaging while every fight feels personal.
My personal favorite is the lighting, it's pretty awesome.

Exanima is a rogue-like dungeon experience to hold Kickstarter backers over until the full, open-world release of Sui Generis. It provides a near complete experience except for the overworld and a resurrection mechanic that will be unique to the main character. I've been playing the combat demo for over a year and the dungeon crawler alpha was released a few months ago. Currently, it's extremely close to a full release of Exanima which will be on Steam as well as offered from their website DRM-free (

Here you can see some armor variants, there are no numbers behind armor. Protection is based off coverage and material which means an unguarded face suffers full damage while a lightly protected region would only partially absorb/redistribute damage. The shape and weight of your weapon are very important, as are the forces you impart with your body. Armor stacks meaningfully so you can wear under clothes, padded gambeson, chain tunic, plated mail and various other pieces to accent your coverage.

More images:

Last but not least, here's some overworld:

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: April 15, 2015, 04:08:12 PM »
Hello. I've been playing a neat indie game called ExAnima, which is the prelude to a Kickstarter game, Sui Generis.

Wait, what?

So the kicker here is that the developers sorta ran through their Kickstarter funds (about $250,000) and missed their deadline of May 2014. So this game is a smaller rogue-like version that gives everyone a taste of the full game. It's confined to a dungeon about 20 years before the full game which will be based in an open world. Lots of criticisms have been leveled at the team because they want to make a unique and immersive experience. Anyways, enough about that and onto the game.

It's an isometric RPG with a physics driven engine; everything has been designed and programmed by their lead programmer, Madoc. Everything is persistent. Dead bodies stay where they are (unless moved) and begin to rot; necromancers need physical bodies to resurrect. Combat is visceral and engaging, easy to learn but difficult to master. Thaumaturgy (magic) has scientific rules which are intrinsic to furthering your character's understanding, thus mastery. And there's a lot more going on than what I've mentioned.

Edit: This is another video that shows off some Arena combat

If anyone is interested, you can check out more on their website:

Other than this game, I've been playing MH4U on my New 3DS. It's incredible.

Hey all! New to the forums but been reading Berserk for a few years now. Excited to finally break in and cut my "horn" :zodd:
Just committed to a monthly pledge to support such a great cause!

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