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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 343
« on: December 30, 2015, 03:01:53 AM »
The new witch's name in Japanese is モルダ, so... Molda I guess. I imagine we'll get confirmation of the spelling in volume 39.

That's interesting to know!  :guts: Thanks Aazealh :D Molder, Molda, or as Walter has pointed out, Morda, it seems that whatever her final name is, it wont be far from what we have speculated, and thank guys for your thoughts!

Another interesting point that I wanted to point out concerning this episode was something that the witches have pointed out

The three witches seem to imply that witches solely exist on the island, and that could bring out an interesting point on what exactly are the witches (if they're humans with power or more in lines the same race as elfs or mythical entities). I'm interested to see if Flora was originally an inhabitant of the island and if she was, a little more back story with her character and Schierke (as Schierke doesn't know much of the island herself as Puck does).

One could guess that witches are really human, I mean Farnese could learn the abilities to be a witch, but Flora also stated that Schierke was a child from the forest, implying that she doesn't have human parents maybe? Well I guess this is in the realms of speculation and we wont know for sure until Summer perhaps  :troll:

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Newcomer's Thoughts on Berserk as a Series
« on: December 30, 2015, 02:44:25 AM »
Guts doesn't have a special ability to "resist fate." In fact, he was crucial to Griffith becoming a member of the God Hand. Like SK, Guts' existence in the interstice gives him an opportunity to disrupt events at specific moments, that's it. And he's extremely good at surviving because he's "been evading death since birth."

Aside from the point of Puck being any part of the Elf King, Guts' ability to fight death has always seemed too unnatural, even his birth, but that I guess could have been all due to fate (his sacrifice).

This is beginning to be a pretty unhealthy habit of yours. Fairy Tale began in 2006. Berserk has been running for 25 years. Why do you think there's any similarity to these two series in terms of how they evolve? Maybe we should just treat Berserk like Berserk? I don't see the value in comparing its hiatuses or overall production with other series. Berserk is a one-man show: Kentarou Miura's. He wasn't involved in those other series. How are they relevant?

Well the comparison I made with Guyver was more in lines with the progression of the story, and the possibility of the series losing ground and perhaps eventually getting dropped (or something happening before the story ends, preventing the series from ever finishing). The comparison with Fairy Tale was just a concern that I brought up where Berserk's dark tone could possibly change to a completely different one, that's more for fan service (more light hearted, like in Fairy Tale, where that series is for a younger and broader audience base). The comparisons I use are to create analogies for certain instances and not a complete/exact profile of Berserk in general.

In the future, please try to be concise with your thoughts. It takes time to read through these posts and respond comprehensively. Anyway, I'm moving them to a separate thread. This discussion has long outgrown the Current Episodes section.

I appreciate your responses and for correcting my post  :serpico:
Thank you Walter! I'll post another point that I have in mind in the current episode thread if you're interesting in checking that out :)

Manga Mausoleum / Re: Newcomer's Thoughts on Berserk as a Series
« on: December 30, 2015, 12:27:37 AM »
Hello Apollyon Necron and welcome to our community.
I'm not sure your post really fits in this thread because it's not related to the episode at all, but I figure I'll just answer the points you bring up here.

I apologize for talking about the summary of the series right here, you're right! :D I'll make sure to navigate the forums better and see where things fit. On this episode though, I predict that Puck might be the elf king where he couldn't use his powers away from the island (which would explain why he was kinda weak and it could help create some sort of emphasis for his character), not that I have anything to base this claim on, just shooting a dart in the dark :slan:
But Miura would probably not do this as it would seem to random that the Elf King accidentally met and followed Guts, unless Guts was chosen by the fairy himself to fight the God Hand (which could account for how Guts is able to resist fate and how he's able to fight death).

But a more plausible and serious analysis on what could happen in the future chapters could either be one or two things, Puck is an honorable character that has a major role to play on the island or that nobody will remember Puck once Guts and team make contact with the residence of the island. What you think? (of course this is off the record and just fun speculation)

Wait, are you talking about the manga being canceled? Because that's not going to ever happen. Why would it? It's been very successful over the past 25 years.

Yeah you're right, I don't ever see Berserk getting dropped at this point (I was mostly focusing though on the haitus), but the fear that the hiatus could discourage some new audience could contribute to the series losing some support, but generally speaking the fan base will still grow and even if the haitus periods were to continue indefinitely after this, many fans would still follow the series (like it was seen in the past). I was considering the possibility because of another series that I'm following as well, Guyver is really old and is ongoing as well, but after its anime release in 2005, Guyver went back to a really small fan base with little support (which the possibility of the series getting dropped is pretty likely). Although Guyver and Berserk share some similar qualities (old series, the authors are in their 50's, with long hiatus periods in their manga), I guess they're still pretty different, because at the time of Guyver's anime release (which was meant to help the manga), it was during a time where anime in general was not as large as it was today, and from the reputation that Berserk has built up, like you said makes its cancellation very unlikely. I guess I was open to that unlikely possibility because I was comparing apples and oranges.

You can't sum up the "vision" of a work of art with a laundry list of the references the author's mentioned in interviews as casual sources of inspiration (among which Evil Dead is not, by the way). That's just not how it works. Berserk is far more than that.

No comment there, I agree and thank you for clarifying and correcting that point (I often get caught up in references because sometimes they help in making good predictions where events in the series might go, but Berserk is far too unique, even with some references and easter eggs that it has included).

Guts and Casca are still human. Guts has also mellowed out quite a while ago, and it's a process that we saw take place over the course of many volumes.

He has chosen to place Casca's well-being above his desire for revenge a long, long time ago. That's why he decided to travel to Elfhelm in the first place (in volume 22). That's why he allowed these new companions to join him. You seem to view that as a problem, but it's really a strength for him. Had he dropped everything for revenge, he'd have died a long time ago. Conversely, his friends will eventually prove essential in helping him defeat his enemies. Because, while it has been put aside, the issue of revenge hasn't been dealt with yet, and it will come up again. But will it ever obnubilate his thinking like it once did? Thankfully no.

The name of the character you refer to is The Beast of Darkness. That is the only name it is given in the manga. Please don't use made-up names for it or any other characters. And yes, the Beast of Darkness basically told Guts that he can't keep it at bay forever, and that it will lie in wait until the inevitable dangers Guts continuously encounters precipitate their deaths. Adding that then, Guts will succumb to it. However that's not foreshadowing anything. It's wishful thinking on the part of Guts' darkest side, his pulsion to wallow in misery, hatred and self-destruction. If it were to come true, Guts would probably not live very long.

I think that when the manga starts, Guts is at his darkest hour. Meeting Puck is the beginning of his recovery, and that particular journey led the two of them directly where they are now: in Puck's home. Most people tend to forget that it's not just Casca who was traumatized by the Eclipse. Guts has been as well (that's what led to the creation of the Beast of Darkness). And just like her, he will eventually need to heal those wounds.

That being said, I don't think it's warranted at all to say the series has veered from its original vision, something you made clear you don't have a good appreciation of. Guts has always been pictured as a complex character, even in the very beginning. And he's evolved over the course of the series, which is normal and expected. It would rather be a problem if he hadn't changed at all. Besides, he's the same where it counts: cutting down his enemies. Now regarding the series itself, I feel like its "darker aspects" are often exaggerated by some people. Certainly it features dark themes and gruesome scenes, but those were never all there was, and they're still very much in there. It's just that the series has also had to evolve and widen in scope as it grew. It couldn't just repeat itself, right? If Berserk were just 38 volumes of Guts fighting apostles one on one, it'd be lame. So that has nothing to do with reaching a larger audience and everything to do with being a high quality story.

Great way to sum up that point! I kind of liked his vicious personality, kind of like Wolverine where Guts' evil side had made him something worse than the demons and apostles fighting him, but as you have pointed out that would have gotten old. Buts as you have mentioned, Guts is still kick ass where it matters most! And you've actually done a great job in tying up that point with the point about the originality of this series, where Miura has a larger vision for the series [It seems to have been somewhat a work in progress since this was Miura's first major work when it barely started off, with some changes seen as it progressed in retrospect]. One question though, do you ever think Miura might shy away from killing off important characters in the future? My opinion would be that it might happen again but with a different spin to it (not following the same formula) where it wouldn't be a repeat of the eclipse where important characters died a senseless death, but I believe that there could be a possibility where a few characters might die due to self sacrifice or something more honorable. I apologize if I make it seem like I am depreciating how the story has progressed, but honestly speaking I admit that I couldn't have thought any other way for Miura to develop the story any better than compared to how it has already been presented.  :guts: Although I have reread the series multiple of times, I acknowledge that the series has evolved but for the better as you have pointed out! Its just that I was afraid that Beserk might have evolved so much that it could have eventually in the future turned out to be similar to the series Fairy Tale (not saying that Berserk currently is anywhere near it by a long shot) which I'm not saying is a bad thing, just that comparing how Beserk had started out originally, it would have drastically changed the theme of the story where some key elements that made the series great for me (one of which was the lingering possibility that any character could die senseless death) that is to say that the story was truly unpredictable, with also seeing Guts' resilience shining through any horrible and dark obstacle. I guess I was too caught up on the dark aspects of Berserk that I forgot that plot development was more variable, and richer too, without having to resort to dark themes every single time and I guess Miura is doing so purposely, which is an amazing feat (able to change the mood of the story without it feeling lacking great content)
(many anime series that I could remember that have started out controversial and dark at first then evolved to a more friendlier tone, in my opinion have often lost their touch in making the story creative and dynamic because some fans would have a difficult time following the dark themes (such as an important character dying) and complaints from fans could cause the author to compromise, or that light hearted series are often easier to write which could cause the series to lose its depth and turn into something bland, which obviously isn't the case with Berserk, just a fear that I had but you helped me clarify and flush this out more!)

I apologize for my long points Aazealh :P But I sincerely appreciate your in depth response and corrections to all of my points! I'll put in a bit more thought and corrections to my future responses next time  :griffnotevil:

Manga Mausoleum / Newcomer's Thoughts on Berserk as a Series
« on: December 29, 2015, 07:52:54 AM »
Thank you Heiji, Aazealh, Walter, Griffith and everyone for your contributions and for making this place very entertaining and stimulating for fan who are really interested in in-depth analysis of the series and everything else related!  :ubik:

Just a long time viewer of the page that finally decided to create a profile :x

As for my 2 cents, I honestly feel that the haitus was because of the new berserk anime that's coming out and miura is playing a bigger role on that one (sort of the logical conclusion, but may not be the only reason). If it is because of that I don't really care for the hiatus, the anime and its sales will help berserk continue and I feel like in a year or so it will go back to a monthly issue, because think about it, if the series gets more popular and more people order the manga issues then demand for the manga will increase and it will help prevent the series from possibly canceling (which would be unlikely without the anime and promotion, but the anime and promotion help insure berserk's success)

As for my view on how the series has progressed so far, I'm really interested on how Guts has developed his relationship with his new companions and we are presented with new characters to add on that variety. I don't know what was Miura's original vision for this series, at first I thought it would be similar to Go Nagai's Violence Jack with some elements from the Evil Dead (and other films), European Folklore and world events (as he has suggested in some of his interviews), with some plot elements relating to Pygmalio and Guin Saga. Although many of these elements are still present, I feel that Guts is becoming a little bit too emotionally attached with everyone, which I'm not stating that he has gone soft or weak, or that's a bad thing (its expected with how events have shaped), he's actually more skilled now than he was ever before. His demeanor as seen when he was observing the island from a distance was full of hope and I honestly believe that thinks that he and Casca will regain their humanity, but his byronic or anti-hero nature seems to have toned down a bit as he is more social now, or at least he's capable of relying on others. Don't get me wrong, Guts still takes risks, but his attachment for others has caused him to look for Farnese (even though it was for her usefulness) but still her life, as well as her brother's, Schierke's and everyone else's, Guts seems like he would harm himself in order to protect them. Where I find conflict with his personality is that although Guts has developed, his unwavering vengeance towards Griffith is still present, but as it was seen earlier in the manga, he knew that the lives of his new companions would be at risk if he decided to fight Zodd after they defeated Ganishka, which means that the lives of his comrades matter more to him than his own personal vendetta in my opinion. In Volume 2, Guts is seen crying after defeating the Count and what his daughter said to him, which was at the time during the peak of his insanity so no matter how evil Guts seems to be his good side will always trump his dark side... on that point, I remember that his hell hound side saying at one point that Guts had gained control of his powers, and it later said that it would come back, perhaps foreshadowing the possibility that in some point in the future, Guts may sitcom to his evil side due to something tragic.

Well the main point of me bringing up Guts' development and his growing attachment was because I was worrying the possibility that Miura may have veered away from his original vision in respect to Berserk's darker aspects and perhaps the popularity to a larger audience may have influenced that. I actually like Berserk presently, but I treat it differently than the earlier chapters and story, and I'm not saying that darker stories are better than all other stories, but when I was reading the darker stories they actually made me feel like I was in a roller coaster ride where some parts are fun, other parts are nauseating, while others are  :magni: where unlike other popular mangas, Berserk forces the reader to read it objectively or else they might not appreciate the full scope of its content (I apologize if you're having a hard time following me, usually I don't do well expressing my emotions or feelings). IDK, what do you guys think? and I apologize for any inconsistencies in my thinking, sometimes I type too fast for my own good :carcus:

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