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New fan, and first time poster, here!

Last month I read the manga over the course of a week (planning to do a second, more in depth, read soon). I didn't listen to only one album/playlist/track while reading through it, but I did listen to one in particular over all others: Overkill's The Years of Decay from 1989.

I think they fit quite well together. The cover art looks like the sort of demonic altar I'd expect to see in the manga. Musically, they nail the atmosphere of Berserk's world; dark, pessimistic, and violent. I think lyrically, they manage to inadvertently express a lot of the worst thoughts and feelings that Guts ends up experiencing. In my mind, the manga and the album evoke images/sounds of the other.

I've been a metal fan far longer than I've been a Berserk fan, though, so it's possible I'm just unconsciously insisting on the undue importance of my musical preferences. :troll:

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