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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 278
« on: August 08, 2006, 08:25:39 AM »
I think its safe to assume Guts is KO'd after the collision on Zodd.

Well, Zodd just doesn't have proper seatbelts installed for Guts.  :zodd: 
heh. :troll:

but as for what is next....i'm just hoping that we at least get to see Roderick's warboat in this episode....

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 277
« on: July 27, 2006, 11:20:58 PM »

Hey guys thx for the episode!!  ;D

Although i personally think it is unwise for the general to attack head on with the remaining forces(even if he is stronger).... maybe its not the real ganishka? could it be some magic?

like farnese's father said... an 'illusion'?

or maybe i am completely off...

and i guess i cant help but say really was an illusion!! :guts:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 277
« on: July 25, 2006, 09:58:30 PM »
I'm going to be an asshole and predict an utter letdown in comparison to the hype.  Guts hangs on to Zodd, Zodd gets out of water.  Ganishka has blown his load, so he dissappears and leaves his army to finish the fight(and they get raped as usual, daka suck).  Then Guts and crew walk off looking for the ship but they have trouble finding it so it takes 10 pages. When they do find it, half of it is on fire and the other half is lodged up a dead Makara's ass.  And just to make things worse, Skull Knight appears at the end of the episode and tells them he was drunk when he mentioned that thing about Casca getting cured, so it was bullshit. 

LOL! If that doesnt make you guys need to loosen up...only a couple more days, we have waited this long, whats 2 more days?

Hey Mike, I would have never guessed that skull knight drinks, lol.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 277
« on: July 25, 2006, 07:04:50 AM »
Now that I really think about it, the human bullet could very well be a person's nickname...say like the Black swordsman? My guess would be that zodd was as fast as a bullet...or maybe he was in the circus...

Many theorys could change in an instant. I guess, all we can do is wait and see...

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 277
« on: July 24, 2006, 10:14:54 AM »
Flashback anyone? But yeah, this is the biggest buildup ever. The preview's crazy this time around, I love this shot.

I have a big feeling that we are all about to learn something new about zodd's past.... :zodd:
as for the preview...could very well be a memory or a dream...

Speculation Nation / Re: Berserk on a motion picture?!?!?
« on: July 11, 2006, 06:00:18 AM »
Outside the manga, opera could be one of the only mediums to properly represent Berserk.  Come on, think about it, the tragedy, the drama, the extravagant costumes and detailed sets!

I'd would love to see the opera trying to pull off the eclipse... with all the feelings and emotions...especially Guts cutting off his arm...while trying to stop griffith...although the singing could paint a better picture...

In my opinion i think that the eclipse has many realistic features that are too unreal (difference of the berserk world from ours)and yet capable of true scenarios(betrayel, dreams, hopes, fear and so on). The singing in my opinion would change everyones personality, attitude,...well its just i cant picture guts singing if he has so much rage...

i believe that it should be left for an OVA ... but thats just me...

edited* man im tired...need more sleep, sorry for the mix up.*

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Adventures in YouTube
« on: June 24, 2006, 11:41:37 PM »
was brilliant. The perfect family movie.

That commandments one wasn't bad, but this one.... wheeeeeeres jackie?

hmm, i think he looks more like an orangotang....heh, but great try... :troll:

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: How did you get into Berserk?
« on: June 24, 2006, 10:47:41 PM »
oh jeez... lets see... around 1998-99 I played sword of the berserk it was a fun game for hack and slash...then 2001 i watched Berserk not even noticing the relation until i finished the first episode...i went back to re play Guts' rage on the dc and finished the rest of the berserk... and ive been online obsessed with the world of berserk...not until 2003 that i found this site... but even then i didnt register... i got episode 4-26 and then through out time i downloaded the rest...and ive been buy all the mangas from this little book shop that sells manga and anime 2 blocks from my house...and will i guess its been easy to be a berserk least for me...and ive joined here about end of the summer of 05...and now its been almost a year since ive been registered... :serpico:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 276
« on: June 24, 2006, 09:05:00 PM »
What do you mean by capital? Vritannis isn't the capital of anything, although it's an important city. Also, by destroying Vritannis and the armies massed there Ganishka would deal a fatal blow to his enemies.

By capital I mean through power not national capital... I meant Important key city. Although if Ganishka thinks he could eliminate the huge forces of the holy see alliance I'm sure he has more stuff up his sleeve...I dont think he would send in every thing at once...But I guess we're gonna have to wait and see.

It's magic obviously, but I don't see how it could not be Ganishka... That doesn't mean he is physically there though.

Which reminds me of some idea I had a while ago. Remember Rakshas' infiltration in Wyndham? Although this is pure speculation, if Ganishka's really just projecting himself through the fog in Vritannis but stayed over there physically, he could be forced to abandon his supervision of the Vritannis battle if someone were to come for his head where it actually is. To cool not to mention, even if unlikely.  :SK:
thats what I am thinking...hmm... :schierke:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 276
« on: June 24, 2006, 08:01:39 AM »
Anyway, I suspected it might be some sort of hindu monster,  something with a big mouth...gah,  though he is big and fat which you dont see to much in hindu deities.  Smething with lost of teeth and spikes is the best bet though.
on the next episode....(dbz style) ganishka goes super saijin 3!!! and transforms with the moonlight's power and his baboon tale (just adding on to a joke)

I'm done.

hmmm,  do we know that this isnt GANISHKA's apostle form?  Where does it say it is not?  Though I suppose all apostles have a solid physical form perhaps,  though its not as if the size transfer to apostle form makes logical sense anyway.

I remember seeing ganishka in his human(ish) form when trying to 'fondle' with princess charlotte.

To think Ganishka would fight a battle himself just to take over a capital city with many high officer personel present.
Although i personally think it is unwise for the general to attack head on with the remaining forces(even if he is stronger).... maybe its not the real ganishka? could it be some magic?

like farnese's father said... an 'illusion'?

or maybe i am completely off...

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 276
« on: June 22, 2006, 07:28:15 AM »
THX for the episode Aaz and mystery japanese hero!!!

do u think that zodd will turn into his human(ish) form and Guts and co. save zodd....? just a thought... what a crew that would be...the apostle, the witch and the berserker armor....hehe... :guts:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Transformers the movie in 2006
« on: June 10, 2006, 07:36:58 PM »
here is the actual teaser site....and exactly what is the 24 day countdown for? the preview? or an updated site?

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: FIFA World Cup 2006
« on: June 10, 2006, 05:05:49 PM »
We should just bomb all the countries in our group. If we can't beat them in soccer, we should humble them somehow, right?

you should have also put "drop off food after wards and take their oil"....hehe... damn that bush....

any who, GO MEXICO!!!! GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Your Berserk reading habits?
« on: June 04, 2006, 09:06:52 PM »
hmm, at least i know im not alone when it comes to mood music w/ berserk...i listen to a bunch....although i like to listen to somethin a little hard when the guts goes berserk....say....mudvayne, seven dust, soulfly, and korn....haha...maybe foo fighers, opeth, some manson....

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Post Wacky Images
« on: June 04, 2006, 08:51:53 PM »
i feel like im hoggin the i'll just watch what every one puts on here...

ps. happy late easter....

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Post Wacky Images
« on: June 04, 2006, 08:31:38 PM »
that last one is badass^....i almost feel scared to laugh  :isidro:

You would think they would, at the very least, put skeleton knight...

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: Post Wacky Images
« on: June 04, 2006, 08:20:12 PM »

haha.... :serpico:

Berserk Merchandise / Re: Your own Dragonslayer
« on: June 01, 2006, 10:51:41 PM »
Well, 120 cm is a standard size for a longsword. The one Guts used was quite longer. Not even talking about thickness.

oh yus by far.....his old swords were still pretty huge especially compared with a great battle sword.....

Character Cove / Re: The Moonlight Boy
« on: June 01, 2006, 10:19:28 PM »
If the kid is indeed the Demon Child, cleansed of the taint Femto had inflicted him while abusing Casca, then how come did Griffith protect her compulsively when Guts fought Zodd on the hill, and why did he think of the Demon Child (referring to his own feelings) then and while watching the fight?

I like to think that the demon child has 2 dads and a mom....but thats just me...

Berserk Merchandise / Re: Your own Dragonslayer
« on: June 01, 2006, 10:05:35 PM »
Nice find. The overall shape resembles it, but it's a bit on the short side... 47" = 120 cm.

almost 4 ft...3.9 ft but it was as close as i could find....everything long isnt as the claymores they are very flexible to take a better impact...not like guts sword where he takes the bounce impact in his wrists...

Berserk Merchandise / Re: Your own Dragonslayer
« on: June 01, 2006, 09:22:11 PM »
check out this sword

its pretty close to one of guts' old swords
although i think the makers are retired...

Creation Station / Re: Lady Winde's Art Thread
« on: May 29, 2006, 06:23:32 AM »
Wow, that looks really good.  And as for feeling shy, you certainly have no reason to be. :serpico:

or does she? :guts: hehehe............jk hmmm

...I have no idea what you're talkin' about.  perhaps quote it?


Speculation Nation / Re: Berserk on a motion picture?!?!?
« on: May 21, 2006, 04:54:44 PM »
beef up eric bana and i think we got an ok guts....halle berry is a popular choice so ill stick to that one for casca...Kris Kristofferson for godo.... griffith is the hardest man to pick a guy to lead that role...

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