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How so?

I'd assumed the Moonlight Child was the fetus that teleported into existence and saved Casca from the heretics that tried to rape her.

That would add teleportation to the list of Moon Light child/ Griffith's powers.

Another point is the constant public relations battle Griffith has been fighting since his return. He has to appear as the penultimate saviour of the people. What better way to appear a hero than doing it in a public arena at the heartland of the continent, involving several human armies? He can achieve many ends in Wyndham, not only through victory over his opponent, but by gaining even more favor among the general populace.

This explanation is the most plausible, in my opinion; Griffith chose not to kill Ganishka for P.R. reasons.Of course had he had the Pope's blessing before the encounter, it wouldn't be necessary.

Edit (I meant this to be part of the original post):

Ganishka's power is to turn his body into mist, or surround his body with mist, thus Griffith's sword could not cut him. 

I've never seen Ganishka turn his body into mist (only surround his body by it) and the look of fear on his face certainly suggested he could've been killed at that very moment. If not, he wouldn't have surrendered.

As for Griffith sharing an identity/body with the Moonlight just a whole new bunch of powers available to him...

Character Cove / Since being reborn, what are Griffith's powers/limitations?
« on: September 28, 2007, 05:24:19 AM »
Aright, so Griffith is reborn. But he appears to be (much) more more than the human Griffith he was the first time around.

Since coming back, Griffith has:

avoided harm from a barrage of arrows at close range-without dodging or getting hit.

summoned the wind to extinguish Ganishka's flame (which begs the question: Why Ganishka is still breathing? Couldn't Griffith just stab him once the flames were gone?)

All of these powers and much more are within the scope of the Godhand's powers, but does Griffith reborn have all of the powers of a Godhand?

Character Cove / Re: Griffith's point of view.
« on: September 28, 2007, 03:52:45 AM »
Looking at the story from Griffith's point of view we have a man born with at the lowest social class who looks at the life and power that the royalty and aristocrats have and makes it his goal to reach the highest level of royalty and get his own kingdom.

Then guts decides to leave him and shatters his confidence at the same time.  Griffith shaken slips up and seeks comfort with the princess and is imprisoned and tortured.
Griffith was the one who stated he could only respect one who follows one's own dream regardless of what it meant for him. As for seeking comfort in the bed of the princess...Well, that was just dumb. You don't throw away your dream for a little comfort (especially not with the princess). And you don't risk the foreseeable consequences harming yourself and comrades. I still cannot comprehend that decision (Griffith sleeping with the princess).

Maybe while he is being tortured at first he wonders if guts will rescue him the way he rescued guts so many times.

Its been awhile since I've read the earlier Berserk chapters, were the rescues really so lopsided?

Then he sees guts take the last thing he had left...the respect loyalty and admiration of the hawks and casca.
No. Griffith's stupidity (sleeping with the princess) caused his at that point tortured, hideous condition (and therefore), the loss of admiration from the Hawks, and the Hawks' destruction. He was well on the way to the thrown before the touching the princess.
Didn't they agree to risk losing their life by following me into this war in the first place?
"Risk" is the key word. As in there is a chance they'd survive. I don't think any of the Hawks would have agreed to die outright for Griffith. You could say that even given the Eclipse there was a chance for survival-since two people did survive, but that wasn't Griffith's intent.

That brings me to something I'd always thought about, and  was brought up here by Carmilla: the Hawks loyalty to Griffith. No doubt they were loyal to Griffith; he was charismatic, good looking, a talented fighter and strategist. He was on his way to the top, and when he got there, they'd be better off too. Or so they thought. Carcas expressed a desire to one day be a land owner. From the looks of things, the Hawks were loyal to Griffith because of his aforementioned attributes and/or because he could leave them living better than they would be otherwise.

About the rape of Casca. Firstly, I am against rape (theres a tough position to take, lol). However, I think I know why Griffith raped her; she was the only woman he respected/loved enough to have his son/self. IT HAD TO BE HER. Whether she wanted it or not.

Honestly, with the utter ease with which Griffith humbled Ganishka earlier, I don't think it'll take much more than a episode or two for him to utterly humble and defeat him again, as soon as Griffith has managed to set the appropriate stage.

Agreed. Hell, I'm not sure why Griffith didn't end Ganishka back in 283. Griffith said "Certainly my sword cannot reach you". (Page 13) I'm like "C'mon! Ganishka is like 4ft away tops!" It just looks like a way to lengthen the fight.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 290
« on: September 27, 2007, 09:36:10 PM »
Quick Try at Coloring

Great job. Guts sure spends a lot of time on the mend. I'd hope while the Elf King is restoring Casca's mind he heals guts body...At least somewhat.

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