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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: April 20, 2018, 05:30:21 AM »
I don't know about you guys but Guts still carrying around what was described by Schierke as a very serious spiritual as well as physical wound

There are two wounds. One on the chest, one on the back.

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 18, 2018, 05:20:16 PM »
Diablo (Diablo 2 was a great game, though I would rank some of Blizzards other games higher if they were listed)

Rock n' Roll Racing remains the best thing they've done. :badbone:

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 17, 2018, 06:37:22 PM »
I'm proud and somewhat amazed I was about to get into and through Infinite Space on your and Aaz's recommendation because it is so incredibly long, involved and intricate when you get into the nitty gritty (being on DS helped since I could play in bed at night). I even convinced my dad to play it through. Great game on many levels.

No game has ever been more deserving of a remake.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 356
« on: April 16, 2018, 04:55:10 PM »
Thanks for the heads-up! That one's going to attract collectors. :guts:

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: New here!
« on: April 15, 2018, 06:48:41 PM »
Welcome Iluvatar!

Alright, so for starters, here is the full version of the prophecy, correctly translated:

"When the sun will have died five times, a red lake will appear at the west of the city with a name both new and ancient, and it will be the sign that the fifth angel is born. The angel shall be a Falcon of Darkness. Both master of the sinful black sheep and king of the blind white sheep. The one who shall bring an age of darkness upon the world."

Notice that the Falcon of Light is not referenced here. This prophecy is specifically about the Falcon of Darkness.

I know Griffith/Femto is both, but my questions are...Who "created" this prophesy? I mean, did the Holy See write it?

We don't know who created the prophecy, but it predates the Holy See as far as we understand. We know that because Schierke quotes the prophecy when she's first introduced (while gathering intelligence on Griffith), indicating that it is known among magic users.

I know they confused the Hawk of Darkness with Guts, but if they make the connections and realize Griffith is the Hawk of Darkness, would they be against him?

The Holy Iron Chain Knights (led by Farnese) mistook Guts for the Falcon of Darkness, but that was long ago. I guess in theory, yes, if the Holy See had known Griffith was really the Falcon of Darkness the prophecy warns against, they might have opposed him. But things have worked out very differently. Griffith was recognized as their prophesized savior and has been acting as such. It seems pretty clear by now that the Holy See as a religion was part of a long-term scheme to benefit the God Hand and their master (the Idea of Evil). And at the current point of the story, it's not clear whatever leadership they had still exists aside from the Pontiff (who's completely enraptured by Griffith).

I don't know why but the brand reminds me of the Holy See logo.

Yes, the resemblance isn't coincidental. Walter first connected those dots over 15 years ago.

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 12, 2018, 04:31:11 PM »
I think this raises a good point that I sort of alluded to with my reference to Nioh but I'm totally considering clones and games "in-the-style-of" as well. I know that could make things murkier, but of course I'm considering Shovel Knight as part of my love for Mega-Man, naturally.

Haha, then it's more like genres, which makes it much murkier indeed. :ganishka:

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 12, 2018, 06:59:08 AM »
[And I really should really replay PoE with the DLC, before the launch of PoE2]

Same... Started the DLC a while back but didn't get very far before losing interest.

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 11, 2018, 09:37:30 PM »
So, yeah, all my favorite series are dead.
Except Doom and DMC, because DMCV will be announced at E3 [BELIEVE!]
...and System Shock, if they don't run with the money.

It's not really a series, but the spirit of the Infinity Engine lives on! Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny, Torment: Tides of Numenera...

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 11, 2018, 07:02:17 PM »
Another honorable mention goes to the Legacy of Kain series. Blood Omen, Soul Reaver and the final mash up of both series Defiance. Shouldn't be forgotten. The writer for that series, Amy Henning, went to work on another great series, the Uncharted games.

Hennig's work is commendable but she didn't write the story of the original Legacy of Kain game (the most memorable one by far IMO). She started as a writer and director on Soul Reaver, which was only retroactively made into a Legacy of Kain sequel (it had started as an unrelated project).

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: April 11, 2018, 06:37:55 PM »
Since it's the first time Miura has done 5 episodes in a row in a long time, does that mean that he'll keep releasing a episode each month from now on? :???:

It hasn't been that long. Six episodes were released in a row in late 2015. Then we had four in a row in 2016, four in a row in 2017, and the current run.

But it would also mean that in order to keep that pace in 2019, he would have to release 8 episodes, which has not been done in over a decade.

Haha, you're exaggerating a bit, we got 9 episodes in 2010. :slan:

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 11, 2018, 08:06:24 AM »
See, my hellish threads make you discover parts of you that you didn't even realize were there! Or, they're just confounding. But there has to be something or someone else you'd follow that way. Perhaps doing it by series is what's making it strange to you, as opposed to a creator or developer. I know you've praised Rockstar highly in the past when they were nailing every project, and Capcom usually does good work. Come to think of it, Mario and Zelda are basically synonymous with "Nintendo" for that matter. Maybe if you came at it from the developer on down your preferences would be more apparent.

Yeah, maybe... Although I think I'm just more focused on individual titles in general.

Whenever I make a topic, 2nd most on BTW (though maybe not if we counted some specialized admin accounts =), this is my inspiration:

:ganishka: Man these were good.

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 10, 2018, 07:44:43 PM »
See, you had the answers all along! :guts: Also, the 5 votes was just an arbitrary number to give you some choices but not too much that you didn't need to make any or would dilute the poll. I just happened to include five at the top myself but like I said Resident Evil could rightfully be there for me since I just don't seem to skip them. =)

Haha, I don't know if I'd really rate them like that though, would have to think about it. I mean I gave examples, but I've also played practically all Resident Evil games too, all GTA games and so on. And I think I'd very deliberately not include the Souls series in my list, as I feel it doesn't/didn't renew itself enough for that.

Also, I added Castlevania and Metroid to the poll and will do the same for other worthy suggestions (you can also change your votes any time).

Ah well, what the hell, I've added some votes for these and thrown one in for RE to round it up. (BTW Revelations 2 is pretty good aside from the ending)
Still, Zelda and Mario are the only two series that are truly must-buys for me I think. I'd never really thought about it before I guess, but nothing really compares.

Yeah, but YMMV, it's up to you basically, I just went with how I "felt" more than anything and didn't include series where one or two games were among my favorites, but I don't necessarily expect that level again or even want more (if they did Mass Effect 4 with Shepard though it'd be there =). But hell, I could see a scenario where even a single title's sequel would do that for somebody. It's mostly about what theoretically would be a "must play" for you, and that's different for everybody, even among their "favorites." So, it can admittedly be kind of a vague and awkward question, or as simple as just naming your favorite franchises.

Haha, I would say I'm a pretty big Mass Effect fan but somehow it's also not really a series I'd list here. Geez, I never should have gotten involved in this hellish thread. :ganishka:

Creation Station / Re: A gift for a friend
« on: April 10, 2018, 05:34:30 PM »
Hi Auria,

Looks good, you're clearly very talented.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: April 10, 2018, 08:50:52 AM »
Its from me ;) so its true.

Nice, thanks for the info Heiji!

See, I told you guys not to always be so hasty to draw conclusions about the release schedule...

Video Games / Re: Favorite Video Games (Series)
« on: April 09, 2018, 08:38:15 PM »
I've played a lot of games from most of these series, but I somehow have a hard time naming 5 "favorites" among your list. First choice is easy enough: Zelda. Second would be Mario. But after that? Ehhhh hard to say. The Castlevania and Metroid series could have been in third place but they're not listed, and Castlevania is objectively a dead series now while Metroid hasn't been on a hot streak recently.

As for the rest, there's many I have enjoyed, like Assassin's Creed or the Souls series, but I guess not enough or not long enough to earn a spot on such a list. It would be different if we were talking individual games, but we're not and that's the point, right?

Video Games / Re: What Are You Playing?
« on: April 06, 2018, 06:26:20 PM »
The only titles I skipped were RTS games, arcade-only titles and games I've already played and have no interest in replaying. Needless to say, the list is quite long, but I'm having a lot of fun working my way through it. :serpico:

You should at least play through Dune II: The Battle for Arrakis (first real RTS as we define them), Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Red Alert, and Warcraft 2 and 3 (especially as a WoW fan). Oh and before all of these you should play Populous. Just add them to the list. :iva:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: April 01, 2018, 04:17:08 PM »
I was hoping the movie would be great but was afraid thatís how itíd end up. What a shame.
Yeah, that's kinda what I expected--it just looked like the Hunger Games with video games and 80s/90s references

I haven't seen the Hunger Games but my guess would be that RPO's plot is actually much less grim/serious than that. The main villain is basically portrayed as an inept moron, which allows a few funny scenes but also makes the "high stakes" of the movie a lot less believable. That stuff would be fine for a kids' movie, but RPO is otherwise aimed at an older audience and the combination makes for an odd dissonance at times. I feel it's best to see it as a mindless, fun romp and nothing more.

While I'm at it, I also recently saw Annihilation, which is a better-than-average sci-fi movie starring Natalie Portman. Recommended for fans of the genre.

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Re: Movies you've recently watched
« on: March 31, 2018, 10:02:20 PM »
Went to see Ready Player One a couple days ago. It's got some nice visuals and some cool references for those of us over 30, but I wasn't blown away. The plot in particular is the movie's weakest point.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: March 23, 2018, 11:24:22 PM »
What if itís a parallel cover to Volume 20? Only this time with a brighter aesthetic and Casca wearing her dress. Instead of holding the winged baby, she would be holding her heart covered in thorns. And instead of her eyes being closed, they are slightly open as if she were awakening from a sleep.

Yeah the idea of a mirror cover crossed my mind. That'd be cool, although a new one would be neat as well.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: March 23, 2018, 06:52:08 PM »

Walter was right on the money. Miura's comment is: She talks. The heroine talks for the first time in 22 years. (˚▽˚)

Or maybe that's all projection and it'll all be so much simpler than what's going to be happening with Casca and Guts that spending too much time on it will just detract.

No, I agree with you. I've said so many times before: I believe Casca's restoration will fundamentally alter the group dynamics, and everyone will be affected to some extent. Farnese most of all, of course, but not only. I think it's also time Serpico gets out of his funk, for example.

I'm already beginning to imagine what the vol 40 cover is going to look like...

I for one would like it to be Casca in that dress. After so long, she deserves it.

I'm also curious to see if this extends to her time as "Elaine" as well, but it wasn't clear to me if she was recalling everything from then

This is based on the Korean version, so I can't guarantee the accuracy, but she says her memories are vague around the time she fell asleep in a way that could mean she doesn't remember what happened immediately after (i.e. her giving birth). I think that's worth keeping in mind, in addition to Walter's excellent point just above.

Speculation Nation / Re: A different beginning(?)
« on: March 23, 2018, 12:37:34 PM »
i was asking myself if it would have been better for Berserk to start directly from The Golden Age, skipping the black swordsman's first three numbers.

No, it wouldn't have been better. The Black Swordsman arc lays out the foundation for the entire series. It explains every core concept in Berserk. It also gives the reader a reason to care about the character of Guts and the world he lives in.

Without those initial episode we would have never know who Griffith was, instead when it is presented to us in his Human form as a teenager we arleady know hežs gonna mess things up.

That's the point. You know the result, but not how things ended up that way.

Doesn't this spoiler us the GINORMOUS  plotwist that the eclipse is?

No. The point of the Eclipse was never to be a surprise plot twist. Berserk just isn't that kind of story.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:27:49 AM »
it was great to have the old Casca back unburdened by everything, even for a little while.

Yeah, and I found great joy in the little things. Like how she speaks, for example. She talks like Guts, straightforwardly, without using honorifics. She tells the girls to just call her Casca (no "san" or what have you) and says she wants to call them like that as well. These details mean a lot to me, they make me even more eager to see her back in action.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: March 21, 2018, 08:04:52 PM »
Also, everyone is talking about how good Casca looks in that dress (and she does!) but what do you think she thinks about it, exactly? Obviously she's not all like "omg it's beautiful I love it" but do you think that maybe she doesn't outright hate it, either? I think she would have protested much more strongly if she did. To me she to be more mixed/conflicted about it than anything, but I'm not sure.

I don't think she hates it, it's just not the kind of attire she's most comfortable with. But obviously given the situation this isn't a big deal to her.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 355
« on: March 21, 2018, 07:27:27 PM »
[...] I'm impressed how Miura was able to shake up a moment of which we've spent decades imagining every possible permutation, and to make it truly jarring and harrowing in an unexpected way (hyper detailed gross Griff bod, comin' atcha! =).

That big page spread of Griffith lying in his cell is definitely the most intriguing part of the episode to me. It's interesting because one could view it as superfluous: Casca could see Guts surrounded by the scenery of the Eclipse, then cut to her screaming. But Miura chose to insert that specific shot in-between, as if maybe to show the reader that she's not just screaming at Guts, but because (some of?) her traumatic memories have resurfaced.

The choice of that specific moment makes me wonder if there's a chronological thing going on, aside from the Eclipse trigger with Guts. Is she going to go through the Wyald fight, the struggles against the apostles, the rape by Femto and then her child's tragic birth? Or has it all come back already? Or will it be slower, more progressive? Hard to say at this point. Anyway, seeing this picture of Griffith did bring to my mind this panel of Casca, from right after she sees him in that state. Looking at it, I think it's hard to dispute that this specific shot of him is an appropriate "beginning" for her trauma.

It'll also be interesting to get Guts' POV, effective choice to isolate him this episode, and I hope we see his side of that walk before the scream, even if it's not likely to make us feel any better about the whole thing.

Yeah, I've been thinking it'd be nice if the next episode were to open with that or really just feature it as some point. While his ponderous walk looks ominous in this episode, it might be very different from his perspective, i.e. bracing himself, lost in thought with his hopes and doubts, or even fighting back tears, who knows?

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