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Video Games / El Shaddai
« on: July 11, 2012, 04:15:15 AM »
Picked up this game on a whim even though I have 10 or more games (my brother sent) that I haven't started playing as yet.

2 hours into the game and the visuals range from gorgeous to trippy in some stages. Oh yeah, I dig the music too.

Here's a trailer for the game -

Here's a look at a short yet ambient tracked, pretty looking stage - and

I'm having a lot of fun with it (NOTE - not a pro-gamer/ active gamer like most on here). I'm sure it resembles other games in terms of the main character's attacks like God Of War but works for me cos I haven't played any of the GOW games.

Anyone else play this yet?

Shootin' the Breeze / Formula 1 racing
« on: July 10, 2012, 02:09:05 PM »
Anyone else follow the sport? Favorite Constructor's teams/ drivers over the years?

Been watching the sport since late 97. Back home we'd get the BBC commentary which's regarded as the best, even today. Since I moved here I watched races on Speed, but they weren't always aired Live. Nascar's more important, a sport (whose popularity) I don't get - fair enough. But that's when I noticed how much I missed listening to those Brits on the mic. I still look out for and get the BBC version and have been collecting races from prior years as well.

I used to be a big fan of M. Schumacher during his days with Ferrari and still am with his stint with Brawn's Mercedes. Kimi, Hamilton, Alonso are close favorites as well but I don't want to kill the topic with 1 big post.

Let's discuss!

Video Games / All Sega/Nintendo/Nec fullsets for sale
« on: July 07, 2012, 02:58:37 PM »

You'll probably see this once in a lifetime: 22 fullsets sold at once!

1) All games ever released on Nintendo home systems, from Famicom to Gamecube!

2) All games ever released on Sega systems!

3) All games ever released on NEC systems, ALL FACTORY SEALED!

Price:   EUR 999,999.99


Shootin' the Breeze / Dating ... online?
« on: July 05, 2012, 08:34:55 PM »
What do you guys think? Ever tried dating sites ... any luck or bad stories from it? Share if you feel comfy sharing.

I'm considering hitting up OKCupid to see what it's all about, I mean I hear a lot about the place so why not. I fear I may not have the time to invest in being active on there though, but I'm open to it. Curiosity will burn this cat one way or the other haha who knows, or maybe it won't. I remember seeing ads for eHarmony with a free weekend thing, maybe last year and decided to try it out. Little did I didn't realize it entailed filling out 15/20 pages worth of information before you could do anything like searches n what not, so I never got around finishing making the account and trying it.

I personally don't have a huge circle of friends and the probability or chances for me to meet other girls is lessened because of that. So just to sort of meet someone online and then obviously take it from there IRL is what I think I'm looking for (I say I think because I truly haven't given it a lotta thought, just came to me as I was typing ...).

I know a majority of the folk on here have cats ... o_0 careful gents and women!

A common parasite that can lurk in the cat litter box may cause undetected brain changes in women that make them more prone to suicide, according to an international study.

Scientists have long known that pregnant women infected with the toxoplasma gondii parasite -- spread through cat feces, undercooked meat or unwashed vegetables -- could risk still birth or brain damage if transmitted to an unborn infant.

But a new study of more than 45,000 women in Denmark shows changes in their own brains after being infected by the common parasite.
The study, authored by University of Maryland School of Medicine psychiatrist and suicide neuroimmunology expert Dr. Teodor T. Postolache, was published online today in the Archives of General Psychiatry.

The study found that women infected with T. gondii were one and a half times more likely to attempt suicide than those who were not infected. As the level of antibodies in the blood rose, so did the suicide risk. The relative risk was even higher for violent suicide attempts.

"We can't say with certainty that T. gondii caused the women to try to kill themselves, but we did find a predictive association between the infection and suicide attempts later in life that warrants additional studies," said Postolache, who is director of the university's Mood and Anxiety Program and is a senior consultant on suicide prevention.

"There is still a lot we don't know," he told "We need a larger cohort and need a better understanding of the vulnerabilities that certain people have to the parasite."

Suicide is a global public health problem. An estimated 10 million attempt suicide and 1 million are successful, according to Postlache's work.
More than 60 million men, women, and children in the United States carry the toxoplasma parasite, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but very few have symptoms.

Toxoplasmosis is considered one of the "neglected parasitic infections," a group of five parasitic diseases that have been targeted by CDC for public health action.

About one-third of the world is exposed to T. gondii, and most never experience symptoms and therefore don't know they have been infected. When humans ingest the parasite, the organism spreads from the intestine to the muscles and the brain.

Previous research on rodents shows that the parasite can reside in multiple brain structures, including the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex, which are responsible for emotional and behavioral regulation.

Rat Study Showed Parasite Changes the Brain

A 2011 study on rats infected by the parasite showed that their fear of cats disappeared. Instead, the parts of their brains associated with sexual arousal were activated. Researchers theorized that the mind-manipulating T. gondii ensures that the parasite will reach and reproduce in the gut of a cat, which it depends upon for its survival.

"The parasite does actually alter the brain of its host," Stanford University study co-author Patrick House told last year. "The fact that a parasite can get into an organism, target its brain, stay there without killing the host and alter the circuitry of the brain -- we've seen this is insects and fungi, but it's the first time we've seen it in a mammalian host."

It was this and other research that led Postolache to investigate the relationship between the parasite and biological changes in the brain that might lead to suicide. He was also intrigued by studies on allergies and research that showed a connection between toxoplasmosis and schizophrenia.

"I was interested in the neuron aspects of suicide and intrigued by low-grade activation in patients who attempted suicide, as well as victims," he said. "Other studies had looked at the brain and suicide risk and impulsivity. The next question was, what could be the triggers that perpetuate this level of heightened activation in the brain?"

Postolache collaborated with Danish, German and Swedish researchers, using the Danish Cause of Death Register, which logs the causes of all deaths, including suicide. The Danish National Hospital Register was also a source of medical histories on those subjects.

They analyzed data from women who gave birth between 1992 and 1995 and whose babies were screened for T. gondii antibodies. It takes three months for antibodies to develop in babies, so when they were present, it meant their mothers had been infected.

The scientists then cross-checked the death registry to see if these women later killed themselves. They used psychiatric records to rule out women with histories of mental illness.

Postolache said there were limitations to the study and further research is needed, particularly with a larger subject group.

Dr. J. John Mann, a psychiatrist from Columbia University, said Postolache's research mirrors his work in the field of suicidal behavior.

"The relationship of the brain to the immune system is more complex than it may appear," said Mann. "The brain regulates the stress response system, which impacts the immune response."

Scientists already know that steroids like cortisone can affect the immune response. Some antibodies whose goal is to kill off cancer can also affect the brain. Oftentimes the first symptom of pancreatic cancer is depression, he said.

Research also shows that streptococcus bacteria can trigger obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in some children. Sydenham's chorea, the loss of motor control that can occur after acute rheumatic fever, may also be an immune response affecting the brain, according to Mann.

Maryland researcher Postolache suspects that some individuals have a predisposition to these neurological changes.

He speculates that the parasite may disrupt neurological pathways in those who are vulnerable, so that projections of fear and depression from the amygdala are not tempered or controlled by the "braking" function of the prefrontal cortex.

But, Postolache warns that even if a direct cause were found, no antibiotics for T. gondii yet exist and it could be a decade before effective vaccines or other agents that might stop the neurological damage are developed.

Right now, the most effective weapon against T. gondii is education about handwashing, the proper cooking of food, and not using a knife exposed to raw meat on cooked meat.

He also cautions against trendy food production techniques that let animals roam free. "The risk of infection could go up," he said, "and increase the rate of toxoplasmosis."

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Song covers better than the original
« on: June 17, 2012, 01:43:11 PM »
Post em here with your opinions on em and such. Don't wanna kill the thread with a big post, so my first addition is -

Johnny Cash's version of NIN's Hurt.

Apart from the melancholic video, Cash's voice fits the lyric in the best way ever. I don't know if anyone could top his version of the song. And, that video is just ... :judo:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Repeat viewings
« on: June 15, 2012, 01:34:21 PM »
So I'm one of those guys who'll go to the theater and watch the movie again, for different reasons depending on the movie or the experience.

What about you?

If you have, what movie(s) did you go for?

From recent memory I've watched -

The Dark Knight (midnight screening was in IMAX and the 3something AM show right after was in regular format only cos I didn't get tickets for the next IMAX show heh)
2001: A Space Odyssey (limited weekend screening a few months ago at IFC, I went back to back on both nights)

I think there's more but I can't recall at the moment, I know I've gone again for something heh. I'll be hitting up Prometheus again at Lincoln Center, this time for a seat in the middle, center/ back row.

I picked Option 1.

News & Not News / French Senate passes Armenian genocide law
« on: January 24, 2012, 05:05:33 PM »

The French Senate has approved a controversial bill that makes it a criminal offence to deny that genocide was committed by Ottoman Turks against Armenians during World War I. Armenia says up to 1.5 million people died in 1915-16 as the Ottoman empire split. Turkey rejects the term genocide and says the number was much smaller.

The measure will now be sent to President Sarkozy for final approval.

The bill's passage in the lower house caused major tensions with Turkey. Ankara froze ties with France after the vote last month and promised further measures if the Senate backed the proposal. In the event the Senate approved the bill by 127 votes to 86. The BBC's correspondent in Istanbul, Jonathan Head, says stronger Turkish measures could include the withdrawal of ambassadors and creating more barriers to French businesses in Turkey.

In the first reaction from Ankara, Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin condemned the bill.

"The decision made by the Senate is a great injustice and shows total lack of respect for Turkey," he told the CNN-Turk television channel.

The Turkish embassy in Paris warned that if President Sarkozy approved the bill, the damage done to relations between the two countries would be permanent. "France is in the process of losing a strategic partner," Turkish embassy spokesman, Engin Solakoglu, told AFP news agency.

Armenia described the vote as "historic".

"This day will be written in gold not only in the history of friendship between the Armenian and French peoples, but also in the annals of the history of the protection of human rights worldwide," said Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian, in a statement carried by AFP.

Free speech

The Turkish government argues that judging what happened to the Armenian community in eastern Turkey in 1915-16 should be left to historians, and that the French law will restrict freedom of speech. Turkish officials acknowledge that atrocities were committed but argue that there was no systematic attempt to destroy the Armenian people - and that many innocent Muslim Turks also died in the turmoil of the events, in the middle of World War I.

France formally recognised the killings as genocide in 2001, one of more than 20 countries which have done so. The current bill means that anyone denying the deaths were genocide would face a jail term and a fine of 45,000 euros (£29,000; $58,000).

The bill was put forward by President Sarkozy's UMP party. France has half a million citizens of Armenian descent, and correspondents say their votes may be important in this year's presidential elections. Ahead of the vote, a spokesman for the French foreign ministry called for "calm," saying Turkey was a partner and a very important ally of France.

One of my colleagues at work is Armenian and was glad this was passed. My colleague indicated there was a systematic denial about the incident even by the US Government because of the incentive behind keeping Turkey happy. The genocide's recognized by a little more than 20 countries, but passing it as law is a bit tricky like the article mentions. If this passes, French-Turkish business/ trade relations will fall, setting their relationship back by decades. Plus, the issue of free speech since it's more than a formal acknowledgement.

What's your thought on this?

■□■ Berserk iPhone Case "Brand" (for iPhone 4/ 4S) ■□■ 
We are pleased to introduce you to our "Berserk iPhone Case". Pre-order starts from December 14.

This Berserk iPhone case is compatible with both the iPhone 4 and 4S.

The bleeding Brand in the darkness is just like a symbol of Berserk. And we chose a ripple pattern to represent the imagery of the Eclipse. The slim-fit hard case protects your iPhone from scratches and fingerprints. We believe you will enjoy the stylish design.

Code No. 258: Berserk iPhone Case "Brand" (for iPhone 4/ 4S)
Unit Price: 2,500 Yen (tax excluded) (about US$ 32/ €24)
Material: Polycarbonate
Size: 60 mm (W) x 116 mm (H) x 10 mm (D)
Color: Black
Estimated release time: the end of December or January 2012
Made in Japan
■□■ Beherit 2012 Version  ■□■ 
For the Beherit 2012 Version, we used a high-quality red braided leather cord. "Egg of the King" and "Shoku" are just like two living creatures. You will be surprised at how the latest Beherit is being made in great detail.
Code No. 255: Beherit Exclusive Version: "Egg of the King" + "Shoku"  (Red braided leather cord with clasp)
Unit Price: 5,600 Yen (tax excluded) (about US$ 72/ €53)
Size: approx. 40mm/ Length of leather cord: 50 cm (19.7 in)
Material: Polystone, leather, metal fitting
Estimated release time: the end of January or early February 2012

Code No. 256: "Beherit: Egg of the King"- 2012 Version (Red braided leather cord without clasp)
Unit Price: 2,800 Yen (tax excluded) (about US$ 36/ €26)
Length of leather cord: 67 cm (26.4 in)

Code No. 257: "Beherit: Shoku"- 2012 Version (Red braided leather cord without clasp)
Unit Price: 2,800 Yen (tax excluded) (about US$ 36/ €26)
Length of leather cord: 67 cm (26.4 in)

iPhone only ... BLEEHHHHH!!

Shootin' the Breeze / Local foods
« on: December 02, 2011, 07:55:18 PM »
From where you live currently - post pictures or descriptions of typical/ unique local food (including deserts) around you. Don't be shy, post! Looking forward to seeing some real cool things to check out ^_^ ... we've got members on here from all over, so it'll be fun.

NYC has a bit to offer and here's some of the unique stuff ... DirectDK I'm looking at you to recommend some local eats :beast:

The battle of the best Pastrami sandwich is between Katz and Carnegie ...

Katz -

Carnegie -

I had the pastrami sandwich at Carnegie before Thanksgiving and the pastrami is a lot softer than Katz, BUT Katz wins in my book just on overall taste and bite.

Artichoke pizza ... right after a disappointing Nader Sadek show, we hit up Artichoke and it was my first time there. Flawless. I can't remember the last time my eyes kinda rolled back as I mumbled how good something tasted. I didn't expect it to be SO good. I need to try their other slices like the crab slice.

Here's an article on them -

I've tried Lombardi's (they first pizza joint in NYC per the Guinness Book) and I really like Vezzo's. I've yet to try out Grimaldi's though.

Gray's Papaya for hot-dogs ...

Waffle Truck guys ... people flock to wherever they are, they send out tweets (!/waffletruck/) and there's always a line >_<'

Arepa lady!
Roosevelt Ave. nr. 78th St., Jackson Heights
Maria Piedad Cano might be New York’s most revered street vendor. She’s a Chowhound cult favorite, a former lawyer and judge, she says, and, most telling, the subject of a MySpace page that forecasts the likelihood that she’ll be appearing at her regular spot each weekend. Her presence is iffy and weather-dependent; she winters in her native Colombia and reassumes her curbside position in spring, but only on Friday and Saturday nights and generally after ten o’clock. And for a former officer of the court, the once-permit-challenged corn-cake specialist hasn’t always been a stickler for the letter of the law: When asked by why she works the graveyard shift, she replied, “Because there are fewer police walking around.” Still, faithful fans make the pilgrimage for her specialty: two types of ethereal Colombian arepas, brushed with margarine and griddled until brown and crispy. The arepa de queso is thicker and smaller, its soft insides infiltrated with melted cheese. The flatter, wider one, arepa de choclo, is made with a different corn batter and folded over salty grated cheese. There are skewered sausages and denser, smaller arepitas, too, but they’re not what’s earned the mild-mannered sidewalk chef her infatuated following, or the nickname “Sainted Arepa Lady.”

Rice To Riches for the best rice pudding in Manhattan ... THE BEST ... I love this place because of the tons of witty comments like "No Skinny Bitches Allowed" at the door, "Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts", etc.

53rd and 6th Halal Cart guy ... massive following, big lines at 2 AM on weekdays even ... their hot sauce is pretty good, I enjoy it actually, it's made my friends sweat.

Pomme Frites ... french fries in 3 sizes and a whole lot of good dipping sauces to go with!

Go Go Curry for Japanese curry ... versus Curry-Ya for their limited time only baked Japanese Curry ... hmmmm ... I rate Go Go Curry higher but both places are unique and must-haves.

Go Go Curry -

Curry-Ya -

Berserk Merchandise / [ART OF WAR] Griffith 2011 Version
« on: October 24, 2011, 12:44:29 PM »
Received a newsletter over the weekend.


■□■ Griffith 2011 Ver. ■□■ 

We are proud to introduce you to our latest project, “Griffith 2011 Ver.”.

Priority pre-orders will start at 12:00 p.m., October 27 (Thu) (for loyal customers only).


This is Art of War's first Griffith bust, 1:6 scale. There are two versions.

We believe our complex paint job will allow you to enjoy different images of Griffith.

■ Code No. 251 Griffith 2011 Ver.- Exclusive Version 1 (Red Mantle)
Limited to 50 pieces

【Armor】 Silver + Purple gradation

【Mantle】 Inside: Dark red/ Outside: White with dust effects

Unit price: 40,000 Yen (tax excluded) (about US$ 524/ €377)
Attachment: Flag of the Band of the Hawks (H: 36cm) (approx.), serial number nameplate.

*Installment Plan*
You are also able to settle the payment on an installment plan (2 installments (20,000 Yen x 2) + shipping cost).


■ Code No. 252 Griffith 2011 Ver.- Exclusive Version 2 (Blue Mantle)
Limited to 100 pieces

【Armor】 Silver + Blue gradation

【Mantle】 Inside: Dark blue/ Outside: White + Blue

Unit price: 38,000 Yen (tax excluded) (about US$ 497/ €358)
Attachment: Serial number nameplate (Please note: This version does not include the flag.)

*Installment Plan*
You are also able to settle the payment on an installment plan (2 installments (19,000 Yen x 2) + shipping cost).


Size: 22cm (W) x 35.5cm (H) x 22cm (D) (1:6 scale/ base included)
Griffith size: 12.5cm (H) (head to body) *The visor is moveable.
Material: Polystone, metal, and wood (the sword)
Estimated release time: the end of January- February, 2012


Priority pre-orders will start at 12:00 p.m., October 27 (Thu) (Japanese time).

Who's buying this!?

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Your music player(s)
« on: October 20, 2011, 03:02:47 PM »
What do you guys use to play your music at home? Listen to it on your laptop speakers/ computer speakers/ iPod dock/ etc.?

I'm trying to zero in on something for myself soon, can't pick what I want yet. Since moving on from my Sony Discman, I picked up a 160 GB iPod 2 years ago and listen to it on my headphones when I travel. At home, for my vinyl I use an Ion Profile LP Player. I use my laptop for my CDs but I'm looking to change that with probably a stand-alone CD player with/ without iPod integration. I'm happy with the performance of my OE2 Bose headphones, so I need to check their Wave systems to see if the punch is the same or if the bass output is more, like those Dr. Dre Headphones (eeehhh lame).

So yeah, post your set-up, take pictures if you like!

Video Games / Do you use special controllers for specific games?
« on: October 09, 2011, 03:21:55 PM »
So, playing the new Formula 1 game got me thinking "maybe I need to pick up a steering wheel control" or something on those grounds. I'm sure some gamers have added controllers like some games can have guns (like old school Nintendo games?).

What extra hardware/ gaming gear to you guys have for special games perhaps? ^_^

Video Games / Does a lot of gaming affect you ...
« on: August 18, 2011, 02:52:52 PM »
... or has it already affected you in any way?

Recently I picked up a Caanoo and I've been playing a lot of NES, SNES, Nestron games. The last games I played actively were Duke Nukem 3D and Quake 2 about a decade ago. Studying and work left me no time for games, but I've tried to make a good effort recently. Since getting the Caanoo, I've been playing games at home or when I travel.

Yesterday I played Contra in the subway for 40 minutes and got out. I noticed my vision blur around everything, I couldn't see facial features (of the people I walked past) clearly and it took like 3/4 minutes to get my vision back to normal (after a lot of funny squinting hehe). I'm not sure if the disorientation was because I wasn't used to gaming all this while and suddenly got into it actively or whether it was normal to have after looking into a small screen constantly. I haven't had this problem with marathon movie/ anime/ tv series watches.

I have a case of Myopia, I don't wear glasses and the number I have is around the 1.00 range in both my eyes. I've never needed to wear glasses per say, but I'm contemplating it. Nothing sits on my phat long wonky nose.

Share your experiences!

Shootin' the Breeze / Conventions 2011
« on: August 03, 2011, 04:15:17 AM »
I remember seeing a topic last year about conventions in general, and here's one for 2011! I was at Otakon this past weekend and here are some pictures from it. I scored less pictures because I'm usually shy about it and this year my close pal wasn't able to come, so I was too shy to approach most of the people I wanted pictures of >_<' (gggaaaahhhh) ...

BTW - tons of pictures, sorry! I dunno how to put them as attachments >_>'

FATTY (20 pounds heavier) with the Gundam

Jalapeno Cheese bread ... mmmhhmmmmm ... don't get it in Manhattan

Video Games / GP2X Caanoo
« on: August 01, 2011, 02:07:16 PM »
I was chatting up with a guy at a booth this weekend over game music (Dealers Room at Otakon) and didn't realize he had a store in Manhattan. So I asked about consoles (and what not) and discussed how I needed something that would allow SNES, NES, NEO GEO compatible consoles. He recommended the Caanoo and said it was not only reliable but also a step ahead of other alternatives.

Does anyone else have any experience with a GP2X Caanoo?

Copying from the website -

Caanoo White/ Black

CPU: ARM9E 533MHz + 3D GPU
RAM: 128MB
NAND: 128MB For OS Only all other software/ports/games will need to run off of SD/SDHC
External Memory Slot: SD/SDHC (Currently tested to 32GB when SDXC comes out possibly higher then 32GB)
Display: 3.5" LCD 320*240
Fun Factors: Vibration Motor/ G Sensor
Dimension: 146(w) X 70(h) X18.5 (d) in mm
Weight: 136g
OS: Linux
Game/OS: Open Platform (Linux Based with Gui)
Video: MPEG4, MPEG, Xvid, Divx, Avi
Audio: OGG, WAV, MP3
Photo/Pictures: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
E-Book: TXT
Network: WiFi via dongle sold seperately
USB-Host (USB 2.0 USB On The Go)
Battery: Internal 1850mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

EDIT: Just added the specs on the edit.

Offtopic - I ventured into the Gamer's room for the first time at the convention because King Of Fighters was there and was surprised, glad to play with an XBox (I think) controller with a joy-stick and 6 buttons, as if I were playing an arcade, only sitting down. I definitely need to get me one of those! If it's been around a while, you can pretty much tell how bad of a noob I am when it comes to tech used in the past decade haha.

Buying / Selling / RIPOFF ALERT: Zoliv/ Olivier Brion from France
« on: July 20, 2011, 06:21:25 PM »
This concerns a member on the board (rather past member) whose information is below –

Paypal + Correspondence Email Address:
UPDATED Paypal information -
Alais: On the board he used to go by the name ‘Zoliv’
Residence Address: 52, rue d'Allonville, Résidence "L'ISARD", 44000 NANTES, FRANCE.

Here's a bit of the history around it -

Back in August last year, I showed interest on the board for the Berserker bust (Sold Out at the time), and made payment for the SK bust. Zoliv reached out to me indicating that he was selling both busts and asked if it would be ok if I bought them directly from him. James was kind enough to account my payment for the SK bust toward the Femto bust, and I went with what Zoliv had.

On December 07, 2010 - Zoliv and I struck a deal where he sold me the following:

Casca Hawk Soldier
Griffith Hawk Soldier
Griffith Millenium Falcon
Guts & Darka
Houma Locus

He confirmed that he shipped it to me on the 14th, which was fine. The packages were received safe and sound.

Between December and January he's also asked me to send him Euros as a favor, and he'd send the same amounts back to me. He indicated he had issues at his job or health and needed help with the money. He would pay me back the money at the end of the month when his Credit Card cycle would end, which was fine by me. I obliged and he did send the moneys back to me. (This does not relate directly to the matter at hand, but I’m mentioning it to account for any interaction with him.)

He had a few other statues he wished to sell and this is what we worked out on Jan 07, 2011 (prices included, I know they’re high >_<’):

Guts On Horse 1/10 (Bloody version) : 1500€
Guts 20th Anniversary (Europa version) : 1000€
Kiretsu (Europa version) : 700€
Armored Berserk & Fire Dragon : 550€
Guts Attack Form : 300€
Boscone Exclusive II : 200€
Skullknight On Horse 1/10 (Limited version) : 1750€

I sent him 1045.20€ on Jan 08 as a first installment.

On Jan 10 he added Zodd I (Bloody With Wings) : 350€ to his sale list and I included it as part of my purchase.

Pursuant to this, I sent him 4160€ on Jan 13 and I made my final payment of the pending balance of 1150€ on Jan 29. Total 6355€.

I’d like to add here that all moneys sent to him were sent as a GIFT. I contacted Paypal back in April and they said they were liable for nothing because the transaction was not classified under the appropriate section. When sending amounts as a GIFT, the person receiving the funds does not get hit with any charge. The downside is that it’s under the Personal tab and no claims of fraud can be made once the transaction’s complete on both sides. I sent him the moneys as a GIFT because I had dealt with him before in the same way, and there was no problem at the time. I also usually bear the expense of a few dollars at my end, for the benefit of the other individual.

I was supposed to leave for India mid-February and he suggested he would wait on shipping the statues to me because it was best if I was in town. This was fine by me. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go. I let him know on Feb 11 that my plans were cancelled and that he could ship them to me as soon as he got the chance to. On Feb 11 his email to me said "I will send them when I can during the two next weeks. I will do different packages and give you the tracking numbers when I can."

After that, I did not hear from him. Prior to this, he would get back to me within a day or two at most.

Then on Feb 23, he sent me some Euros that he wanted me to Paypal back to him with no mention of shipping my packages. He ended his email with “PS : for the packages, I'm sorry but I won't have the time before next week >_<”. I sent him the Euros back, as per his request and also asked him about whether he had shipped my packages on not. Email reminders were sent to him on Feb 23, March 11, March 22, March 27, April 06, April 10, and April 12 asking whether he shipped it or not.

He replied on April 13 indicating he was answering to all my emails, he wasn’t sure why I never received it, he was in the hospital and wasn’t able to send the packages.

His response surprised me because I knew he was going back and forth with a friend of mine and he never mentioned the hospital to that person. I confronted him about it. There was no reply for a week and I sent another reminder. He replied saying he was going to be in the hospital for a month and will send the packages out when he gets out. In my email reply, I gave him more than a month, up till May 31 to either refund all moneys or send the packages out with tracking information, by that date.

On May 27 he wrote to me saying “I am going to search some packages tomorrow I think so I may send them on saturday or at the beginning of next week (so, I won't have to move the statues with me XD)”. He indicated he was going to move into a new home and was in debt of 15,000 Euros as a result of being in the hospital. I replied asking for the tracking information or a confirmation on a possible ship date.
On June 06 he replied saying “Yes, I am in the middle of my move but I have been able to send half of the statues. I will give you the tracking numbers when I will find the papers which are in one of the packages XD”.

Consequently, emails were sent to him on June 13, June 15, June 22, June 23, June 24, June 29, July 01, July 08, July 10, July 13, July 15, July 17 and July 20 (today) with no response from him. I requested for the tracking information and a ship date.

Thanks to the awesome support and help of 3 individuals on the forum, I have 3 possible addresses for him at the moment. EDIT: The one address which Olivier himself admitted to be residing at is listed above.

Starting the end of the week I’m going to send out mails via courier to those addresses maybe twice a week or so for a month or so. I tried those numbers and unfortunately it kept ringing on me back in April. I’ll see if I can call em over the weekend. I just wanted to let everyone on the board know of this ordeal so you can stay away from any deals or dealings with this individual, or at least be aware of how he’s handled my transaction. I’m also hoping he realizes the topic exists (either by a Google search of his name or lurking the board or by my courier’d letters) and there is some positive outcome to it. There’s also the risk of the obvious negative outcome from this, but the damage has already been done at this point.

If anyone has suggestions that can help, please feel free to post about it or PM or email me, however you prefer. Again, I'd like to thank those 3 board members for all their help and patience. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: I've removed his real name + Paypal address from the topic (on 08/15/2011).
EDIT 2: I've added his real name + Paypal address + Residence address back to the post (on 09/07/2011).
EDIT 3: I've added Olivier's new Paypal address (on 10/24/2014).

Shootin' the Breeze / How was your day?
« on: March 15, 2011, 07:44:16 PM »
This is a casual thread where you could post about how your day went, something eventful that you managed to do, etc.

Usual crummy day at work that got a bit interesting when I hit up a Jamaican cuisine place for lunch. I often find myself ordering more than I can eat when I visit new fast food joints, and got this appetizer with Cod fish in addition to 3 other things. The Cod fish box wasn't closed properly and most of the fish oil spilled on my trousers :puck:. Remedy - scrubbed some wet tissues on it. Then someone suggested I put powder (because of the oil stain)

... and I used it without noticing it was Johnson's Baby powder ... so now I smell like a baby (smelly) diaper or something.

Shootin' the Breeze / Cool websites
« on: March 10, 2011, 02:54:48 PM »
Use this space to post about any cool sites/ blogs you check from time to time for games/ information/ etc.

After I watched The Social Network back in Jan, I did a bit of digging on the founders of FB and learnt of Saverin's investment in a cool project.

Kind of reminds me of Minority Report! Check this out ...

New York City -!/New_York_City
Pink Floyd -!/Pink_Floyd
Vagabond -!/Vagabond_%28manga%29
Berserk -!/Berserk_%28manga%29

The other cool sites I check on and off is and :carcus:

Vagabond / Vagabond art on your electronics ...
« on: March 02, 2011, 12:58:10 AM »
Last week when I saw Gob's topic on a Berserk skin, I wanted to get one made too ... I couldn't hold back on the urge to get a Vagabond one done for my phone. The decals came in this evening and ...

You can't see much of the front in terms of detail, but it's SO awesome! I'm so glad with the way it turned out. Here's another picture without the flash ...

I had so many pictures to make it with but shut my mind and settled for these two. I'm sure I missed out on a lot of better ideas, but I'll settle for this ^_^ *coughfornowcough*

Shootin' the Breeze / The "I just bought" thread
« on: February 22, 2011, 01:35:09 AM »
Yep yep, post away and discuss ^_^

Last week our office's vacuum cleaner broke down (must've been 7-8 years old) and I scouted the interwebz for a new commercial one. Found one off Best Buy, and decided to pick one up for myself as well. One link after the other I got to Dyson's site and fell in love with the DC35, picked it up and it was delivered this evening.

Two speeds, regular and Max. Cordless. Lithium battery charged. Runs for 15 minutes on regular speed and 7-8 minutes on Max. The sound Max speed makes is <3. The last vacuum cleaner I bought was 4ish years ago, a standard Dirt Devil which kinda lost it's way recently, poor fella. I'll keep her as backup.  

News & Not News / Robots to get their own internet
« on: February 09, 2011, 02:52:03 PM »

Robots could soon have an equivalent of the internet and Wikipedia.

European scientists have embarked on a project to let robots share and store what they discover about the world.

Called RoboEarth it will be a place that robots can upload data to when they master a task, and ask for help in carrying out new ones.

Researchers behind it hope it will allow robots to come into service more quickly, armed with a growing library of knowledge about their human masters.

Share plan

The idea behind RoboEarth is to develop methods that help robots encode, exchange and re-use knowledge, said RoboEarth researcher Dr Markus Waibel from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

"Most current robots see the world their own way and there's very little standardisation going on," he said. Most researchers using robots typically develop their own way for that machine to build up a corpus of data about the world.

This, said Dr Waibel, made it very difficult for roboticists to share knowledge or for the field to advance rapidly because everyone started off solving the same problems.

By contrast, RoboEarth hopes to start showing how the information that robots discover about the world can be defined so any other robot can find it and use it.

RoboEarth will be a communication system and a database, he said.

In the database will be maps of places that robots work, descriptions of objects they encounter and instructions for how to complete distinct actions.

The human equivalent would be Wikipedia, said Dr Waibel.

"Wikipedia is something that humans use to share knowledge, that everyone can edit, contribute knowledge to and access," he said. "Something like that does not exist for robots."

It would be great, he said, if a robot could enter a location that it had never visited before, consult RoboEarth to learn about that place and the objects and tasks in it and then quickly get to work.

While other projects are working on standardising the way robots sense the world and encode the information they find, RoboEarth tries to go further.

"The key is allowing robots to share knowledge," said Dr Waibel. "That's really new."

RoboEarth is likely to become a tool for the growing number of service and domestic robots that many expect to become a feature in homes in coming decades.

Dr Waibel said it would be a place that would teach robots about the objects that fill the human world and their relationships to each other.

For instance, he said, RoboEarth could help a robot understand what is meant when it is asked to set the table and what objects are required for that task to be completed.

The EU-funded project has about 35 researchers working on it and hopes to demonstrate how the system might work by the end of its four-year duration.

Early work has resulted in a way to download descriptions of tasks that are then executed by a robot. Improved maps of locations can also be uploaded.

A system such as RoboEarth was going to be essential, said Dr Waibel, if robots were going to become truly useful to humans.

Skynet :femto:

Movies, TV, Books & Music / Movies you've recently watched
« on: November 14, 2010, 01:42:51 PM »
Couldn't find a topic for this, but merge if I missed it :magni:

Yesterday was an all day lazy bones movie day ...

Ils - I'd read good things about the movie, and it disappointed just a bit. But, the concept was pretty good. The movie has a young couple who have newly moved into a house in the woods. Late at night, they suspect someone's broken in and go downstairs to investigate. The end is what you're looking for to churn up a surprise.

How I Ended This Summer - I've always wanted to live in the Arctic for a few months, and this movie just makes me want to go even more. 2 men (a younger chap, Danilov, who's up at the station for just this season and an older chap, Gulybin, who's been at the station for years) are in charge of a weather station in the Arctic, taking readings and reporting them on a daily basis. Danilov is given bad news via a radio message which changes the dynamics of story. Danilov hides the news for his own reasons of fear of how Gulybin would react and things pick up.

Reign Of Assassins - Surprisingly decent even though you see a typical poster and a typical story-line. Fight scenes aren't over-drawn, it's character driven, and the story pans out pretty good.

Enter The Void - I don't smoke pot but this movie gives me an idea of what's going on in the heads of people who do, that's 1 facet of the story (initially in the movie) but it's a lot more complex than that sort of like a drama/ thriller. The director Gasper Noe (also made Irreversible) nails this trippy movie to the wall leaving the viewer feel like it's a 5 hour movie and you're trapped in the mind + soul of the protagonist, seeing things from his point of view. The soundtrack's brooding, the directing's fascinating, characters feel real and if you like confusing movies, this is one for you.

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