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Current Episodes / Re: Episode 346
« on: August 23, 2016, 07:12:31 PM »
Looks like Miura might be throwing us a Yoda curve ball from Empire Strikes Back. 'Oh sure, I'll take you to Yoda, just have dinner with me first while I see what type of person you are.'  It's not suprising, considering Miura's admiration for Star Wars.

Ged even hinted at this in the first meeting when he cautioned Guts to not be impatient, that it would reflect poorly to the King.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 8
« on: August 21, 2016, 11:42:06 PM »
]Was it just me or was ep. 8´s sound engendering again broken an all levels?
The last few eps. were more pleasant to listen to and the low amount of music throughout this show is just sad... This is someone´s job! .... i am getting the feeling that they are only using remixes or unused movie music. These were my original 2 cents.

Yep, this is my feeling too. I've seen improvements but I've noticed very little original music, and when it happens it's inappropriate as hell most of the time. Episode 4 was best as far as this went in my opinion.  A whole lot of heavy metal remixes of the movie songs, and just weird power metal chords that feel like a fourteen year old chose them.  If the music and sound had been significantly better, I have a feeling I'd have been more tolerant of this, but it's just such a shitty rushed job at what should be the bare minimum that gets me. I mean, c'mon! Delay the release for a couple weeks if you have to, but don't serve us garbage.

At least with the movies, changes seemed polished and intentional. This just feels like people didn't know what they were doing.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series : Episode 8
« on: August 19, 2016, 03:38:27 PM »
One thing stupid was Farnese beating two of the Holy Iron Chain Knight with her sword in it's scabbard for 2min. I didn't get that.

Agreed. The weird things they focus on...

Overall it was a decent episode. Pretty faithful to the manga and the sound effects have all improved. The music was still pretty slapped together and recycled, and the fights looked pretty cheap. And what the hell was going on in that torture chamber? Was there no budget to animate?

Shootin' the Breeze / Re: New member here!
« on: August 19, 2016, 12:57:42 PM »
Welcome to the community. Take your time, use the search tool for questions as we've had some deep discussions on many questions, and be prepared to back up any speculation or fan theory. Enjoy!

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: BERSERK Reunion (2017)
« on: August 18, 2016, 06:13:01 PM »

Post production will take a couple months at least. It will be finished editing first, then we'll move into Color Correction, Visual effects, Sound Design and music composition.

Its release will be a festival release first before it's publicly available online anywhere, as most festival require an exclusive engagement to premiere movies. Some won't even accept a movie if it's not a world premiere. After it does the festival run, it'll be on YouTube and Vimeo. I do think that donors will get a chance at a sneak preview of it though through a private link.

That's a wrap! We just finished principle photography and aside from a few pick ups here and there, we are moving into editing, music and VFX on 'The Replacement.'  It went phenomenally, I really love everything we got. I'll be posting set photos soon as well as a teaser. 

Thanks again Skull Knighters for all your support!  I'll keep you all posted!

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: August 09, 2016, 10:33:17 PM »
Yeah, good luck with that.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk Musou (PS3, PS4, PC)
« on: August 09, 2016, 05:27:18 AM »
I wouldn't be surprised to find old band of the Hawk and new, plus some of Guts's party. I'd be excited if Ganishka, the Count, and Silat were included too as PCs. I'd be incredibly surprised if the God Hand were in this outside of cut scenes.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 6
« on: August 08, 2016, 02:10:13 PM »
Would any viewer have any reason to suspect that this is Casca's baby?  Actually lets back up. Would anyone even suspect she ever had a baby based on any of the animations?

It's such an important plot point, and it's completely overlooked. Griffith will be incarnated with the baby, and most viewers will be confused as to why we care that this slug monster was involved. And what the hell is it, and why is it protecting Casca.

Other glaring plot holes:
-where did the beherit that Guts has come from (unless you are counting the old anime as canon in this series)
-How is Guts surviving all these massive injuries (whoops we forgot that Puck is a mobile healing machine)

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: August 08, 2016, 02:02:12 PM »
Not saying this video has no merit, but I think we posted some pretty good in-depth analyses of why this anime sucks on this very forum...

No doubt, and the analysis has been great here. It was just interesting to see a deeper dive with visual comparisons of the directors previous work. It's so odd that they picked a guy of his background to do this. He's not an amateur (surprisingly), he just does bright little wacky comedy series mostly. It's bizarre.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk Musou (PS3, PS4, PC)
« on: August 06, 2016, 03:50:52 AM »
Looks fun. Sounds great that we're getting a black swordsman arc in here. I wonder how many characters we'll have by the end? Dynasty Warriors often had two dozen or so. Silat would be great, as would the new or the old Hawks. Or even the Tudor Generals.

Kinda doubting we'll get Shiva though.  :guts:

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 6
« on: August 06, 2016, 03:43:24 AM »
This one was really a mixed bag for me. There were some parts that felt like decent adaptations. Most of the Farnese, Serpico and Mozgus stuff felt like a good adaptation. There were some small cuts, like Mozgus's story about the nun, but nothing that felt like a horrible abridgment. The early Nina stuff was also pretty decent. until it got to the orgy...

What the hell happened here? Why is evey one a clone stamp, and an obvious one at that. Why is the music here one guy with a bongo? Is no one at this orgy moaning? Isn't it like 60 people going at it? I get that they would abridge a sex scene but this is ridiculous. And when she gives him the soup, a finger just appears in his mouth. We skip him eating it. And who knows what that shadow is supposed to be falling into the cauldron. And when slan shows up, did anyone else notice how the old man cultist with the bird staff just slides in as a static layer ON A CLIFF into the right side of frame?  What the hell? Not to mention the disjointed pushing of Joachim off a cliff within 3 seconds, despite him being nowhere near a cliff. And then every male cultist is not only a clone, but has no genetalia at all. Why not just use shadows or clever camera framing? Why show a fully lit crotch with nothing there? It's sloppy and distracting.

But we have plenty of time for a crazy camera angle spanking scene that goes on for ages. I really don't know who this thing is for. Perverts? If so why rush past the orgy. Action fans? Then why have all the action take place off screen? The fans? if so it's schizophrenic between being incredibly faithful to garbage.

An my God, the pacing is a mess here. Why does the camera feel like it's operated by a crack head who can't settle on anything? Thee are at least four shots where it quick pans over stuff and cuts away before any human can register what's happening. Farnese in the mess hall, THe bird torturer without his mask. The cultist getting possesed. The entire Orgy sequence. It feels like a shitty editor met a guy who just discovered camera movement.

THe Skull Knight scene wasn't horrible, but it did cut the whole fish in the water of the moon light metaphor, which is pretty iconic. Instead he just tells us, somethings going to happen and maybe your brand can help you. And apparently he's made of chrome now.

I'm trying not to bitch too much because it was 'mostly' faithful. But it was just handled in such a crappy way. I really hate to imagine what the battle between the Goat and Guts is going to look like.

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: August 01, 2016, 08:21:45 PM »
Someone posted a pretty good in depth analysis of what's wrong going wrong with the anime:

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: August 01, 2016, 08:18:24 PM »
Good idea! I agree, that'd be pretty cool to see.

This could be especially cool with all the water imagery used in the series. The ship could literally sail through layers. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 5
« on: July 31, 2016, 02:35:01 PM »
This is a perplexing remark coming from someone who identifies as a cinephile. What Studio 4°C did with the movies was terrible because the director "made it his own" in the stupidest way possible, and showed that he neither understood nor respected the original material. He just butchered the story and characters and brought nothing to the table on a cinematographic and directorial level, outside of a couple scenes like the opening castle fight of movie 1. So being faithful to the manga is a must. But the point of having an animated adaptation is for it to be animated. If it's mostly going to be the camera panning over stating shots (check out that wacky camera work when the Bakiraka appear :ganishka:), then we don't need it. That's what people are complaining about here.

If it's those wonky camera pans over still frames like the Bakiraka one you mentioned, then yeah I'm in agreement: they look cheap and desperate to evoke something. Most of those are done so fast the mind can't take in what they're trying to do. The shot of the rebels running down from the cliff in the last episode was a particular offender of this.

But lately they have only been doing this type of bad 'animation' of stills a couple times per episode. The remainder of the episode felt pretty faithful, as well as animated (with the exception of the torture scene). It had it's problems like a tasteless scene with Luca and Jerome, repeated models for the wheel zombies, and the above mentioned bakiraka shot.

It's by no means amazing quality, but it has improved significantly since it started, and in the areas we'd been griping about. The art is much better, the music isn't as awful (bland but not distractingly bad), we have varied sound effects, and they seem to be following the manga faithfully with some minor exceptions (nothing as egregious as omitting the bonfire of dreams). Maybe the early episodes have lowered the bar for me, but I've gone from loathing this to being a bit more optimistic for the end. We'll see though.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 5
« on: July 30, 2016, 04:54:13 PM »
Another pretty solid episode. I still have some issues with some of the production value from time to time, but I'm seeing some major improvement.  Same with the music and sound effects. It all seems more polished, almost as if they were working on the early episodes right up until delivery time, but had a little time cushion to continue to refine these last couple. No more CLANG, less power metal sound track. Less bad CGI. And for the most part a very faithful adaptation, with minor omissions of side characters or a line or two. The type of thing that should be expected from an adaptation. Most of the shots are even direct compositions from the manga. It's a little fast paced, but I'd take that over cutting content.

I don't quite get the criticisms I've been hearing that this anime is 'merely' recreating the manga panel for panel with the same dialogue.  Isn't this a good thing? It feels much stronger, I remember criticisms of the movies prior to this for diverting from the manga by quite a bit in composition and content. So which is it that we want? A faithful adaptation , or a director who makes it his own.

So far I vastly prefer the last two episodes and the second one. The ham fisted attempt to squash the black swordsman into two episodes feels like a massive failure without any emotion or connection to the Golden age. Guts was just going through the motions. This latest stuff actually feels like Berserk.

I really hope that when this comes out on Blu Ray to release an uncensored version, they retool the sound track and effects of the earlier episodes to feel more polished like the latest ones. We'll see though.

Anime Asylum / Re: New Berserk Anime for 2016
« on: July 23, 2016, 05:28:16 AM »
You know the first thing i noticed in episode 1 was the horrible music composition and ( i know, no shit) i really have no clue why they didnt just keep hirasawa susumu as the music guy like the rest of the series. I also want to know where to fid the song he did for berserk (Hai o)

THe music is one of the most distracting parts about it. It's so terrible for the first 3 episodes.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 4
« on: July 23, 2016, 03:32:53 AM »
You're aware a full month passes between the Eclipse and the time Guts leaves Godot's place, right? It makes no sense whatsoever for an apostle to just keep the knife in like that, not to mention the fact it means he never returned to his human form... And it's also in the wrong eye. Maybe it's an homage to the Eclipse, but I'm pretty sure the viewer is supposed to assume Guts just threw the knife.

I was not aware that it was a full month, but now that you mention it that sounds about right. Between the recovery, birth of the child cutting up fish and creation of armor and arm...

However, I think the anime is doing it's own thing and timeline. Which sucks, but as long as it's internally consistent, whatever. Mainly I just thought it a clever detail to remember for such a minor apostle. It's cetrtaily not brilliant, as it falls apart with any scrutiny at all.

And again, Guts is killing low rent apostles like it isn't anything at all. This is supposed to be a STRUGGLE.

Anime Asylum / Re: 2016 Berserk TV series: Episode 4
« on: July 22, 2016, 05:42:30 PM »
Best episode yet. Had good pacing and excellent character development. I didn't mind the animation at all except maybe some of the sloppy flashback stuff (but it's stylistic so whatever).

They brought Godo back without explanation but I'm fine with it. If you've seen the 97 anime it works fine. They nailed the scene. One of the most pivotal ones in the series at Godo's death bed. The scene in the cave is great too. Done perfectly with the ghosts of the falcons and the Beast.

The stuff with Mozgus was great too. And I'm kind of fine with the way they decided to censor it. It was stylistic and looked intentional. And man that breaking wheel. Yowch!

And lastly, they mostly fixed one of my greatest gripes so far. The music was actually pretty appropriate throughout! We didn't have power metal throughout! It was as brooding as you'd want a dark series to be.

It's a shame that we didn't have the best build up to this episode, but if they continue like this one, count me on board. The series is definitely on a budget, but I can overlook small stuff if you do the content justice, and I felt like this one did the trick.

Small side note: I like how the chicken apostle still had the knife in it's eye that Judeau had thrown. A nice touch

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: July 22, 2016, 03:37:12 PM »

Yes, one of the things I really liked about this episode is how despite the invaluable experience and incommensurable knowledge of the gurus compared to a guy like Guts, he is still relevant because he was at the heart of it all. He was in the trenches and witnessed the events first hand. He personally knew the mysterious big bad guy before he was what he is. Just like Rickert's past with Griffith is what allowed him to see through the bullshit and slap him in the face, Guts' past and experience makes him a man who counts, even when faced with people who should dwarf him in that regard. I really, greatly appreciate that. I think Miura's a genius to have constructed the scene and the discussion that way.

I agree, this was one of the coolest and most unexpected things. And it just fits so naturally. It's easy to think that Guts is kind of this mere human who's swept up into this insanely big cosmic power struggle in this world among demi-gods, witches and wizards and entire kingdoms. But he was there at the very beginning with the Big Bad. So was Casca. They were the only survivors to his birth and have more inside knowledge than most. Hell, while the gurus have probably studied apostles and God Hand in books and visions, Guts has been interacting with them directly for years. He can tell them first hand what works and doesn't. And the Brand itself might present a unique opportunity for them. He and Casca are probably the only living people with these connections to the astral world. Whether they continue to have significance after the world merge remains to be seen.

Current Episodes / Re: Episode 345
« on: July 21, 2016, 07:39:58 PM »
Thanks a ton Aaz and Puella! Lot's of deep stuff to digest here. It seems like the World Tree was always a thing and that the spiritual trees were just keeping it contained and the astral world at bay. Witches like Flora were guardians, who also harnassed the strange properties of it into magic, like some type of nature magic based Scientists. Pretty cool actually, and it explains why magic users are so rare; they apparently can only be found near these trees, because the trees influence their power and knowledge of magic.

I'm not totally clear on 'The road of Elves' vs 'The Road of dragons' but what I gather is that the astral world naturally has some small overlaps from time to time, and this explains the reare sightings of elves and other astral creatures, especially in a nature areas like the woods (basically explaining superstition in this world).  The road of Dragons is contained at all times by the Tree, but the Beherit can open a gate to it.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but if both the roads are related or go to a similar place, does this have implications on whether the God Hand and IOE, and nature magic and astral creatures like trolls might be related after all through this World Tree? This is a bit unclear to me.

I love the idea that Falconia is in the eye of a storm created by the World Tree. A very cool concept indeed.

I wonder if a character could use the world tree to take a direct road to the vortex of souls and confront the Idea of Evil. It sounds like an unnecessarily big move to me, but perhaps if they could do something to it (even just distract it, say by a group of powerful magic users), the God hand might be at a disadvantage or less powerful.

Lots of cools stuff here. Lots of possibilities. I'm sure we'll learn more as we go.

Berserk Miscellaneous / Re: Berserk Musou (PS3, PS4, PC)
« on: July 19, 2016, 01:57:14 PM »
Yeah, this is looking more and more fun. Pretty solid graphics too.

I'm really hoping there's more variety for enemies though.

See here's the thing about this for me...Isn't Griffith in a human body?  Similar to Jesus Christ who was simultaneously completely human and completely divine.  Jesus had the full human existential experience while being a deity.   That's why I refer to Griffith/Femto as separate entities -  because Femto(God) does not possess a human body while Griffith(Jesus) does indeed - essentially two parts of the same being.  I may be reading into this incorrectly, but with Griffith being a prophesized mesiah I thought the parallel couldn't be ignored.

I used to have this misconception too... But nothing in the series really bears this out.  It's likely that your own culture is influencing the way you're interpreting it. The current Griffith is Femto in a human suit. That's it. There's no Jekell and Hyde thing going on where personalities are changing, or where one is evil and the other is not. Femto is just clever and playing the hero and into everyone's hopes. If you read his parts again, you'll notice that at best he's simply distant and untouchable in personality. Magnificent to the point of being inhuman. Never outwardly friendly, more just polite. He's a devil in angel's clothes.

They're all still indubitably evil though. That's a defining trait for each of them.

I do think buttonmasher has a nuanced point on whether or not the Apostles are capital E 'Evil.'  Some undoubtedly are such as Wyald, and the Snake Baron. They seem like sadists who do all they do for the enjoyment of screams and others suffering. But we've also seen apostles help fallen human soldiers while they fought Ganishka, get angry at the death of human comrades, and rescue refugees from astral creatures. The relationship between Irvine and Sonia seems to bear this out.

By their very nature, they all have done unforgivable things to become an Apostle. But I don't think Miura is painting with so broad a brush to preclude a level of redemption for some of them. And that's not me wanting it to be true, we see the hinting of this throughout the series. And this may be related to the resolution we see between Griffith and Guts. I'm not expecting forgiveness or apology, but like all things Miura has done so far, there will probably be a bittersweet component to it.

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